holiday markets, wreaths, hair, more wreaths.


here are few photos from the holiday market at union square. we went last saturday. that’s one of my favorite places to walk through in the winter. it feels more and more crowded each year, but still, the best holiday market in the city.  here is a post from our first winter being married wandering through the market together. my oh my how much has happened since that saturday so many years ago at the market!

looking through these photos makes me wonder if i have a thing for holiday wreaths? i’m not even posting all the wreath photos i took. i don’t know. i go through phases and right now i’m in a wreath phase.

a few other things that happened over the weekend worth noting: we cooked a lot. and by we, i mean *i* and josh as my sous chef! i know, how things are changing over here! we watched some of the aol web series on new york city ballet. it’s a series worth checking out if you haven’t yet. and i knocked something off my bucket list and changed up my hair color. my friend aubrey was in town and since she’s the only person i’d trust to do this, we went ahead a did it.  i’m excited to be a blonde for a little while. and for a change. it feels good.

these photos were taken with the Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR, which we use for both full HD video and stills. my shirt is an old nanette lepore find from anthropologie and jacket from zara.




^^^maybe it’s from years and years of the nutcracker being my life every october-december, but i can’t pass one up on the street without taking a photo. especially if it’s life sized!^^^

saturday4 saturday6 saturday11

^^^and winter pears, man. the best!^^^


^^^blonde! aubrey, i love it so much. you’re the best.^^^

saturday12^^^what’s this? more wreaths? surprise!^^^

hope you’re having a great holiday season so far! merry christmas!

  1. ryan

    I’d love to hear you talk more about growing up in the dance world. We have our 4 year old in ballet right now and are thinking of signing her up for the Nutcracker “workshop” this year.

  2. Sinead

    What a change! The colour is fab. I’m also naturally a brunette and I’ve dyed my hair first bright red and then jet black in the past. It’s fun to experiment with different colours :-)

  3. Jess

    More hair pics please!!

  4. Megan

    I didn’t see that coming AT ALL, but it looks amaaaaazing, although I was loving the old hair too. Super cool you can rock both and have fun with your new, fresh, superpretty look! Can’t wait to see more pics :D

  5. mindy

    loooove your hair!!! and i too watched the ballet series. i am not into dance very much, but someone posted the link & i got hooked. watched it all!!

  6. Mallory

    Blonde! I went blonde a couple of years ago and LOVED it. But our financial situation changed, and i could no longer keep up with it’s cost. I want to go back so much!

  7. Ana

    I absolutely love your hair!!!

  8. not a big fan of your new hair color….love you much more in dark hair!!!!

  9. Tugce

    With that frilly top and your new hair colour, you look like a Victorian porcelain doll or the Ice Queen <3 you look wonderful really!

  10. L E A

    Can’t wait to see more pics of your new hair ! It’s quite radical, but i think it must be pretty on you ! ps: i just love your blog, life seems to be amazing on the Us… it makes me smile !

  11. Lauren

    SEPARATE POST ON YOUR HAIR PLEASE … with photos! you look amazing.

  12. Iva

    Gorgeous! The modern, rock version of Marie-Antoinette.

  13. Alicia

    Ah, I love switching up the hair–so fun lady!! Miss you! x

  14. alyssa

    I love it! You look like Emma Stone (who I think is very pretty)!

  15. Cassandra

    I’m so nervous about dying my hair but you may have just inspired me! You can seriously rock any look!

  16. Crista

    these photos are gorgeous….

  17. your hair!! i LOVE it! i wish i could pull this off. you look amazing!

  18. Etheline

    Good for you–that color looks great with the bold lip and your dark brows. I love the small clothing shout outs you’ve been adding at the end of posts. I can only imagine how many ppl ask about your threads- you have great style. Kill 476 birds with one stone:)

  19. Kelly

    I absolutely love these shots and it is amazing to look and see – your are now a fantastic photographer!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  20. Wren

    You look fantastic! Blond definitely suits you! I, too, love wreaths, except I don’t think a “hanukkah wreath” would go over well in my house. I just admire from a distance :)

  21. christen

    Whoa, Nelly! You look incredible with that color! And you are so brave!

  22. erin

    Hi Naomi.
    I’ve followed you on Instagram forever and often look in on the blog to see your pictures because they make me happy. Your photos are full of light and paint a beautiful picture of your life.

    Today is my birthday. And I am thankful to be alive.

    Three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am a young mom with 3 kids. I love to write. I enjoy creating things and finding beauty in my world and arranging it around me and my life, both in my home and others homes.

    My husband and I have struggled to make ends meet at times and especially the last few years. I have also struggled with seeing people waiting with their “hands out” for someone to hand them $$ to paint a picture, or make a film, or start a company. Because I just want to have enough money to get my monthly meds. And feed my kids. And replace completely worn out shoes for my 9 year old.

    Maybe I need to be louder and appeal to people in the limelight with connections or money or influence. It seems like that is all people have to do lately.

    You won’t lose me as a follower because I like what you put out there for me to see. I did lose a little more faith in humanity as I read your recent post and the backing it received. There are a lot of people that need help and don’t know how to ask for it or who to ask. There are a lot of people that don’t have connections or sponsors just trying to get by. Creative, smart, amazing people.

    all my best.

  23. Ada

    Wow! Now I would go with Agyness Deyn’s short haircut. With pretty face short hairstyle looks great.

  24. Erin

    I’ve been DYING to go blonde for years, but I always wuss out. You look AMAZING! This is definitely motivation to get my butt in the salon.

  25. Autumn Tisdale

    LOVE YOUR HAIR!! I have been wanted to try blonde….however I am too scared. You’re so brave. It looks great!

  26. Ilona

    Blonde.. <3 You look great.!!! :D Greetings from Poland.. :) Kisses :*

  27. wow, what a different look for you! the blonde is fab!

  28. Emily

    wow this looks amazing! I’d love to get one of those wreathes :O


  29. anne

    bonjour…un petit message de france,je vous suis depuis longtemps,vous trouve toujours somptueuse,mais là,non!cette couleur ne vous va absolument pas!tous ces commentaires qui encensent votre couleur so glamour me retournent!c’est juste laid! naomi,reviens!!!!

  30. Katie

    you look just like mary antoinette!!!

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  32. Rayani

    Woow, your hair looks awesome!!!

    Hugs from Brasil

  33. Beth

    Always love a visit to the USQ Holiday Market and we have a little tradition of buying ornaments from there each year. I just bought my toddler that little wooden taxi on Wednesday along with a snowman and some soft silk & sequin balls. We have put up all the breakable this year and are making it little person friendly. Since we decorated, he’s been so carefully, taking the ornaments off and redecorating. Such a fun time for Christmas.

    Happy holidays!

  34. your hair looks AMAZING.

  35. I am in love with your hair! I wish so much I had the guts to change my entire hair color instead of just highlights! Okay, I did one time to Red for a hair show but that’s all I’ve done ;)

  36. Ginger

    Love the hair… it is just the perfect shade on you! I went blonde a few years back from a total brunette and it took 8 solid hours in the chair (I have long hair). It was so worth it. I loved it while I had it!