an afternoon at the eiffel tower!


hi! i’m so excited to finally get around to sharing some photos from our trip to paris last month! we made a quick trip over to france after our time in amsterdam and i am so glad we did! it was a whirlwind of a trip, but we really tried our best to pack it all in as best we could and i think we did pretty ok! these kids are great travel buddies. i am constantly impressed with how easily they adapt and go with the flow. it’s a good thing, because that is what this mama prefers.

these photos are from an afternoon where we spent maybe an hour just walking around the grounds of the eiffel tower. we rode the carrousel for a bit, played tag (until samson fell hard in the dirt!), eleanor picked out several tiny blue eiffel tower key chain souvenirs for all of her little friends back in new york, and we took a bunch of photos with that glorious tower behind us, too! below are some of our favorites from the day…

ps. all the info on clothing, etc worn in these pictures can be found in this amsterdam post. the black hat i’m wearing is this one from ASOS. and and these photos were taken with the Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR, which we use for both full HD video and stills.


^^^this face of his, it’s just too much for me sometimes. i want to eat him.^^^


^^^and this thing, it’s pretty spectacular, too. i mean…^^^


^^^i hope they remain best buds forever and ever and ever and ever…..^^^


^^^i yelled out, “wave to mama!” and…. they all did!??!!??!!! a mama’s dream come true, really. dishing out orders and having my family obey!^^^

naomiandsamsontower lookingup

^^^we learned all about the eiffel tower for several weeks before our trip, so here’s E recapping to papa what she knows. ;) ^^^^


 ^^^my man and me trying hard to get a shot without the littles but with the tower. that’s harder than you’d think. maybe it’s time we pull out the old tripod and not feel dumb about it.^^^

  1. em

    You as a family are too adorable. Your photos always bring a smile to my face. May your holidays be merry and bright. {{{hugs}}}

  2. Court

    What a perfect afternoon..I can’t wait to see the rest of your Paris photos. Merry Christmas, Davis family!!

  3. Lauren

    awwwwww so cute!!the pics are amazing!

  4. Jennifer

    Samson has the best smile and Paris in autumn looks good!

  5. Ahhh I’m going to be here in a week! Too excited to function!

  6. so happy you chose to share these photos, taza!

    i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it a million times over again : you have the cutest little family.

  7. hanna

    You two are adorable! –Hanna Lei

  8. heather

    That coat is truly amazing. And as always, you guys are the cutest little family around, no matter what country or continent you’re in.

  9. Ashley

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the two pictures of them laughing! nothing in the world so sweet as that :) I remember when Samson was born, and thinking “oh I hope he grows up just like Eleanor…I’m so glad to see his little personality as shining as hers!

  10. Kelly

    I think your selfie is great and your children are just too cute!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  11. Carie

    Oh Paris is just magical, im so pleased for you that you managed to squeeze it in! We went for our first wedding anniversary (from the UK so not such a big trip) and fell in love with all the beautiful bits and the sunshine – we’re planing to take the girls back when they’re just a smidgen bigger!

  12. rikki

    that picture of the two littles together is the most precious ever! you couldn’t ask for a better moment between them – just love these!

  13. Bea

    Oh, Paris is always a very wonderful place!
    And I really think your babies are growing up in a very wonderful way!
    I wish you all a very good Sunday from Italy!!

  14. Ariel

    So jealous! Paris! Lucky ducks! ;)

    Also, I totally feel silly pulling out and setting up my tripod but I ALWAYS do it everywhere and I love the pictures I am able to get even if some people give me looks like I am being super annoying. Haha Sometimes you just gotta go for it! A blogger like you shouldn’t be shy. Plus you guys are gorgeous, why shouldn’t you set up a tripod!? ;) xo

  15. Your kids are so adorable!!! The picture with those to laughing is beyond!! I find it so inspiring that you’re traveling with your kids and not let it stop you :)

  16. Really lovely pictures :) The kids look like they are having lots and lots of fun! Beautiful family.

    Love & Kisses xoxo

  17. Hannah

    Does that dapper panda jacket come in my size? Lovely.

  18. Oh WOW! After I started working and moved to a spot without internet I am now back to reality :) And I was totally dazzled to see you guys in Amsterdam AND Paris! I guess Italy kind of lured you in! *juhuu* Love your blog as you make life look as happy as it is!

    Happy holidays from Germany!°°°

    xx Taty*

  19. Ali

    adorable!!! paris really is a short stop away from amsterdam – I go there for business quite often and it’s only a few hours south on the train. looks like you definitely made the most of your time there – lovely photos! x

  20. Malinda Warder

    Naomi, looks like you had an amazing time in Paris! Love your hat & definitely purchasing it. Also love Boden’s skater skirt and almost all of the fun shoes they have!!!

  21. Sinead

    Eleanor and Samson always look like they’re having the best time together :-) So sweet…hope you guys have a lovely Christmas!

  22. Kylie

    husband/wife selfless without the tripod are super cute tho!

  23. Samantha

    Yikes! So incredible. You family always makes me so clucky.

    Merry Christmas to you all x

  24. Erin

    I love all of these photos! Especially the ones of E and Samson laughing. There is nothing greater than some classic sibling photos! They will cherish those forever! Happy Holidays!

  25. Emily F

    What are those two cuties laughing at in those pictures?! That might be my favorite two pictures you’ve ever posted! What sweeties!

  26. cheyenne

    so cute! makes me want to visit paris asap!
    xo, cheyenne

  27. Your photos are always so beautiful! Your posts transport me to the sights with you, it’s so magical. You have a gorgeous family – you should be so proud!

    Beth xo.

  28. JM

    I still laugh at the very American notion of Amsterdam and Paris being kind of in the same neighbourhood. But I am very happy for you that you made it over to Paris. It’s a nice city, a little overrated if you ask me, but important to visit at least a few times because its history is very interesting. Gorgeous pictures!

  29. Paul

    Great pictures and a very lovely family!
    Thank you for sharing; it brings back memories of my family’s visit. We were so taken with the Eiffel Tower that we purchased a piece (yes, it’s possible) and now we make jewelry containing an actual piece of the Tower as souvenirs for people who love Paris. Merry Christmas! Paul (founder of

  30. janis

    Looks like loads of fun! And great photos! :)

  31. Anne

    Such beautiful beautiful photos! Love the one with everyone waving! It’s so hard to get your family subjects to do what mama wants ;)

    The Hills Are Alive

  32. David

    Your kids are absolutely adorable! What a lovely family. So glad you had fun. Over there, I’ve only been to England. I spent 7 days and saw 8 shows in the West End… still had time for a few other sights.. ha! I would love to see France!

  33. Taylor

    These pictures are great! I can’t wait to get the chance to see the Eiffel tower (I just need to get over my fear of flying first! haha!)
    That picture of Samson & Eleanor cracking up is the absolute best!!


  34. Cacynka

    I hope that someday You will visit Poland :)

  35. Happy Us

    So fun to see you in my town!Too adorable! Merry Christmas!

  36. these are priceless photos! so magical, so enchanting! what a great memory. i also love how y’all talked to e about the eiffel tower before hand and then she was able to have that visual from her “lesson”. so so perfect!

  37. Your kids looked like they had a really great time. I especially like the shots of the two of them laughing together. Thank you for sharing and I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.