a christmas tree!

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black friday, the day right after thanksgiving, has to be one of my favorite days of the year. not because of all the sales and all that mayhem, but because it’s the day we *finally* get our christmas tree. marriage is certainly all about compromise, because if it were up to me, that thing would be up the day after halloween. and for josh, he insists that we wait until after thanksgiving because if we don’t, then it means we are skipping thanksgiving or something. but don’t thanksgiving and christmas go hand in hand and wouldn’t it be amazing to celebrate them together?!

after josh finished work on friday, we walked all around the upper west side checking out the different christmas tree stands on the corners.  we found a big one for our front room and the littles picked out one their size for the nursery.  this year will be interesting though. samson has tried to walk off with the tiny tree in the nursery twice already. he also managed to throw and break 3 glass ornaments before we even strung up the lights on the tree! he is a fast one.  we strung lights up on the entire big tree but only decorated the top half so he can’t break anymore ornaments! it looks…interesting. but it’s growing on me.  life with kiddos is always an adventure.

ps. these photos are iPhone shots and edited with the vsco cam app.


^^^eleanor helped decorate the big tree! they aren’t all pictured, but we counted 5 panda ornaments. E has such a soft spot for panda bears i guess our families and friends have taken notice. ;) ^^^


^^^in addition to putting on her own lights, eleanor really wanted to decorate her tree, too. we tried to explain that only lights were probably best with samson, but she convinced us to let her have “just one” red glass ornament and so we did. once she moved on to coloring though and forgot about the tree for a bit, we snuck the ornament away. she hasn’t noticed yet, thankfully. ^^^



^^^listening to christmas music while getting that big tree ready! also, sorry my hair looks so bad here (i mean, AWESOME!). sometimes you don’t wash it for a few days and then you have hat hair on top of that and then it’s a little bit ombre which means when you throw it all on top of your head it looks something like that on the right.  is that a cat on my head? cool. ^^^

christmas1 ^^^that little tree in the nursery makes me so very happy. merry christmas, friends!^^^

ps. a christmas tree from last year (E’s tree, too!) one from the year before in DC, and more trees here and here and a video of us decorating the tree from wayyyyy back in the day, too. (i can’t help it. did i mention i’m a fan of christmas trees?.)

  1. Abby

    Dancers arches :-) Lovely little post!

  2. Melissa

    nice pointes !!!
    thank you for the lovely posts

  3. Love it! I want to get a real tree someday! =) I also agree with the others, nice releve’! xoxo


  4. Lisa

    So cute !

  5. Mani

    Such lovely pictures! I especially love the little tree, it’s adorable :)

  6. I love christmas trees as well always falling i love with the miniature ones – and about the hair; just fine that you show of the real everyday life! :D

  7. Is there anything happier than a lit-up christmas tree?

    I love that tiny tree for your kids. Too cute! x

  8. cleahtaki

    I thought your hair looked cute! its nice to see you looking relaxed and casual (something i can relate to)

  9. Hahaha. I love the half decorated tree. I totally agree with you… Thanksgiving + Christmas is amazing. I started daydreaming about Christmas during October.

    Je M’appelle Molly

    xo Molly

  10. Anna

    The kids tree is adorable!!

  11. Taylor Frost

    Seriously amazing arches you got going on!! You and your little family are so cute! Such a cute little post!

  12. Kendra Dee

    Dancers legs and feet! Immediately stole the blog post away with that picture! So sweet that they have their own little tree!

  13. Jamie

    Your family is so precious, as is your nursery. I love that ballet move to hang ornaments too!

  14. Bea

    I love that there’s a Christmas tree in E and Samson’s room!
    It’s wonderful!!!
    Have a very nice day, Naomi!

  15. Aimee

    The tree looks great, especially the kiddie one ! It’s very cute indeed! Have a great build up to Christmas with your lovely family Naomi


  16. Carie

    I’m itching to get our tree but I think we’re going to wait until the weekend! We lost a few ornaments last year after Kit somehow manage to pull the tree over, so this year we’ll be tying it to the wall with fishing line again. Have you got any felt ornaments for the lower branches? I’ve got a few that Kitty (and now Elma) can pull off without too much harm, and the lovely glass ones go up the top!

  17. sabine

    cool…I got the same red hello sweater :-)

  18. I can’t wait till I get home to my parents for Christmas! We don’t decorate the tree until the 23rd, but I really look forward to it. Unfortunately my boyfriend and I haven’t got enough space in our small apartment for a Christmas tree :(

  19. Adinda

    That little tree, so cute! Great idea too x

  20. Julia

    I’m a fan of christmas trees too! Well… actually I’m a big fan of everything christmas related :)

  21. Lucy

    Lovely post!!
    Love the little Christmas tree!! (Want to do that for my son but on a tight budget this year, hopefully next year!)
    Love the huuge Christmas tree too!! And you definitely look like a dancer reaching up like that! Your hair looks absolutely fine and like real life which is what I like to see!
    I have a little battle like that with my husband! He loves Christmas (he starts listening to Christmas music in October) but I always want the tree up earlier than he does!
    Isn’t it lovely having little ones help decorate? I love that it shows when you are a Mama when only the bottom half or top half is really decorated lol!
    Have a lovely build up to Christmas!
    X x x

  22. Emma

    Beautiful tree! I love that you guys have a big tree even with some of your space constraints! The small tree is adorable – Eleanor seems to be taking her decorating job very seriously! Merry Christmas!

  23. Maria

    Sometimes I think it’s a little sad that in Germany we put up our trees in the morning of Christmas Eve … and we remove them on January 6th .. such a short time with out trees :( Yours is beautiful!

  24. Stacey

    Sooo cute : )

  25. Rebecca

    I have loved following your blog and I love it even more now! You get a real tree! Yay! Our tradition is to get it the Saturday after Thanksgiving so I kind of side with your hubby on that one. ;) Your pictures are lovely as always!

  26. Elle

    Hello, dancer feet! :) I’m rallying for 2 trees in my apartment this year… though I fear between dogs and roommates that they won’t fare very well. Your tiny tree is so cute!

  27. Brooke

    IN LOVE. So cute!

  28. melissa

    Love your tree and especaily love the littles tree. Precious! By the way the ex dancer in you def. shines through in your tree decorating photo.

  29. E

    LOL! Do they even sell Christmas trees after Halloween? Nope! Where is your sweater from? I’ve seen other bloggers with the same sweater while putting the Christmas tree up!

  30. Your trees look great. I too love decorating the tree and playing Christmas music. The older I get the more I look forward to Christmas :)

  31. i understand the compromise! i insisted after Halloween and it got me absolutely nowhere! :) but there’s also something about waiting until after Thanksgiving, as well. it’s so magical when you can do the lights and hang each ornament. christmas just has that affect on me. everything looks fantastic! merry christmas, friend.

  32. lauren

    i totally agree with the tree before thanksgiving thing. to me, thanksgiving is part of the christmas season…right!?

  33. Can I just say – YES to two trees. We have a little one in our front room, but are thinking of having a second one in the office too… :)

  34. Katriel

    We live in a little one bedroom apartment right now so the tree that fits in our living room is just a little bit bigger than the one in your nursery. But we put up twinkle lights around our window, hung stockings by nailing them to the wall, and hung up a little mistletoe. We should change “Black Friday” to “GREEN Friday” since that’s when the trees go up :)

  35. cortney

    YAY!! our tree is up too! it’s a good feeling!

  36. i love how they got to decorate their own mini tree — what a special memory for them to savour always

  37. Mónica

    I love Christmas and having more children. We still have not put the tree if you do not this weekend or next.
    The small tree I found a great idea. I think I have to start buying gifts already. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

  38. This is lovely! That little tree reminds me of the Charlie Brown christmas tree. At least Eleanor’s didn’t topple over ;)

    Happy holidays to you and your adorable family!

  39. kendall

    i love how they get their own little tree! beautiful shots! x

  40. This post made me so happy, I feel the same exact way!

    Every year my parents force me to get a charlie brown tree and this year (my first christmas married) my hubby agreed to get a 6 footer. I am sooo happy, and like you, was itching to purchase it as soon as Thanksgiving had passed.




  41. bri

    aww i can’t wait to get our tree! we’re waiting until next week, although, if it were up to me we’d go chop down our own on christmas eve but, i’m not sure where to do that in LA … ha!

  42. Janis

    Wow, Samson has only broke 3 ornaments? That’s a good thing! Your tree looks great and so does the little one’s! :)

  43. nanette

    how adorable the kids have their own tree! I might steal that and save it for later! :)

  44. Briseidy

    so sweet!I’m such a big fan oo x-mas tree too, it so much fun right?
    your trees turned out so pretty ;)

  45. Alanah

    I can’t wait to put up our Christmas tree. It makes me so happy to see yours!

  46. I love that you let Eleanor put that one ornament on the tree…even if it’s not there anymore. It’s so special. It reminds me of Charlie Brown’s Christmas! Getting the Christmas tree is such a special moment because it’s all about celebrating and decorating with the family. I love it :)

  47. The weekend after Thanksgiving is also when my family traditionally puts up the tree :) Really starts off the holidays with a bang!

  48. Nicole Olson

    Love these photos and memories! I’ve always wanted a real Christmas tree and my fiancée has said when we move into our new place we’ll get one. But, I read on “Chalk White Arrow” that her tree was infested with spiders!!!!!! My worst nightmare. Have you ever had this problem?

  49. Your home is so beautiful! I love that your kids have their own little Christmas tree. And your hair’s not that bad!!

  50. A couple years out and look at that pointe! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Lisa | c/oMKE

  51. Aww, so Christmassy, yey! I ordered that hello shirt in the sales, so excited to wear it!

  52. Maria

    My favorite part about living in the city is the tree stands that come out after Thanksgiving! They just make the streets smell so great. I’m kinda digging the top-half decorated tree. It’s working pretty well, I think!

    elephant in the room

  53. Sinead

    Aww I love the little Christmas tree in the nursery, it’s so sweet :-)

  54. Naomi, these ages are so precious. My babies won’t hold my hands anymore ;(

    Have a lovely Christmas

  55. TJ

    Oh gosh, I love that little tree in the nursery! And I love that baby E wanted to decorate the tree with her little red ornament! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!
    xo TJ


  56. Melissa

    I just love the idea of a mini tree for the kiddos. Will have to do that when my wee one is old enough. Something tells me a four month old won’t appreciate her own tree. :)

  57. Sarah

    Lovely pictures! I really like the small christmas tree. So cute :)

  58. Anne

    I love that you guys do a nursery tree for the kids- perfect!

  59. I just watched your video when you decorated the xmas tree with Josh, you guys look so adorable in there (and you guys still are) !!! <3

  60. that video of you and josh decorating your tree a few years back still makes me all kinds of happy. it’s crazy to think all that has changed in your lives in what feels like such a short amount of time.

    and look at you on your tippy toes!

    enjoy the holidays, taza :)



  61. vivian

    the trees look great! i’m a huge fan of christmas trees too! my husband convinced me this year to get a fake one though. i adamantly refused for my entire life when either my parents or husband wanted one. since i’ve been wanting to put the tree up extra early this year, he told me i could only do it if we got a fake one! so… i gave in. :)

  62. Katharina

    Is it common to buy trees this early in the US? ‘Cause in Germany people usually buy them a week before Christmas and put them up on like Christmas Eve… It’s a lot nicer to have the tree around for some weeks though ;)


  63. hanna

    I love putting up the christmas tree. –Hanna Lei

  64. Emma

    I just love your blog, Plain and simple. I love the photography, the peek into a NYC family life, and all the adventures that come your way!

  65. michelle

    I love this tradition. Where is Eleanor’s yellow dress from? It’s so darling!

  66. Kelly

    Your tree is beautiful and I love all of these shots but my favorite is still your Instagram picture of Samson thinking he could blow out the “candles”!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  67. Tiana

    I’m sure someone’s already noticed, but that dancer’s pose! Incredible!

  68. Gotta love your dancer’s feet!

  69. Ady

    So great! Cutest family!

  70. jen

    i’m so with you on wanting to put up a tree right after halloween! but we compromise and go with thanksgiving weekend too. love the panda ornaments, we have a little panda lover too!

  71. maybe it’s just because you announced Samson in your Christmas card a few years ago, but I keep reading your posts thinking you are going to announce you are pregnant again! Are you sure you aren’t hiding a tiny baby bump in that cute red sweatshirt? ;). Also, I know this is random, but I admire you as a mom very much and as I watch your family grow it is giving me more courage as a mom myself…something I wasn’t expecting after all these years of following your site. Thank you for being positive and confident and oh so amazing!

  72. Jay

    Great pointe! That image of you decorating the treat is an unexpected delight. Thanks for being an open-book and sharing your sweet family

  73. Taylor

    I’m the same way about Christmas! I start jamming out to Christmas music right after Halloween and my boyfriend hates it! If it were up to me, I’d have a real Christmas tree and it’d be up before Thanksgiving, but to everyone else, they think I’m crazy and won’t put our (fake!) tree up until after Thanksgiving. boo! haha.



  74. Crystal PD

    Can I just say I love that your tree isn’t themed! I know so many people who only do certain colors or types of decorations I was starting to feel my taste was tacky as I love the multicolor lights and our decorations are mostly a hodge podge of hallmark keepsakes that hold memories for us.

  75. eva

    where did you get those meshed metal boxes you use for books??
    i NEED that:) thanks!

  76. kaela d.

    beautiful pictures! love your graceful relevé while decorating the tree. you are such an obvious dancer. :)

  77. natalie

    so fun! i love that little red ornament (even if it did sneak away).

  78. Simply amazing!

  79. Kennedy

    Would love an update on Kingsley. :) His puppy pictures from years ago make me melt.

  80. maryn

    Loved everything about this post. Where did you get your sweats? I’ve been looking everywhere for some like that.