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because we live far from away from our families and aren’t able to see them very often, it is always such a treat when someone we love comes to visit. my dad had a last minute work meeting on the east coast last friday, so he extended his stay and we had him here with us through monday!

my dad is the kind of person who is such a child at heart. anyone who knows him well will tell you this.  the majority of my childhood memories of him have to do with playing. building snow caves and blanket forts and always, always working on that treehouse! he was constantly down on the floor playing with his kids. and looking back now, i’m just so thankful he did that.  i was reminded of how much fun i had growing up this weekend seeing him interact with his two grandchildren.  it’s one of those things that just makes you realize that in the thick of life, with all its ups and downs and health problems and pain and complexities of family units and relationships, that there is good in the world. that family is where it’s at.  and not to take any of that for granted.

ps.  for those who have asked in previous posts, samsons sneakers are from baby gap.  and our photos were taken with the Canon EOS 6D digital slr, which we use for both full HD video and stills.



grandpa5 grandpa8

 thanks for coming, dad! (grandpa!) we love you.

  1. Jane

    Aww, those last two photos of Samson are to die for!

  2. amy

    what gorgeous smiles and pics! love these moments captured xx

  3. Samantha

    Eleanor is such a sweet pea! These are beautiful memories to be cherished forever

  4. rachel

    I’m so grateful to have had a playful father and to now have a playful husband. I think being called a child at heart is a wonderful compliment to your handsome father.

  5. hanna

    These photos are great, and are going to be amazing for memories. –Hanna Lei

  6. Georgia

    child at heart describes my father to a T. You’re right, it makes for some incredible memories to have such a playful and involved Dad :)

  7. Briseidy

    sweet words! watching your parents loving their grandparents role is just the best! have a great weekend!

  8. Sarah

    Aha! So that’s where you learned to make such wicked blanket forts! Your dad sounds a lot like my sweetheart of a father.

    I’m with you, my childhood memories and my family are definitely what anchor me (in a good way!) when the going gets tough!

  9. Emily

    You are so lucky! I had an amazing dad but the only time I remember him playing with us was on Christmas morning. That’s so great that your dad was like that for you.

  10. JM

    There is nothing like a dad who loves to spend time with his kids. My dad is and was like that, even though we are all grown up now we are the centre of his world. :)


  11. Janis

    Grandparents are wonderful and even more so when they can play with and enjoy their grandchildren! Your photos are awesome and so are Samson’s shoes! :)

  12. so sweet! glad you got to see your papa and spend time with family. that makes life so good for me — when I get to see my parents! cute shoes, Samson :)

  13. Megan

    Some of my favorite memories growing up were the times I would go stay with my grandparents. These photos are adorable! Glad Eleanor and Samson got to spend some time with their grandpa :)
    Bespeckled With Freckles

  14. Cintya

    Aww, this is so adorable. Although having kids is not in my future any time soon, I always imagine both my dad and father in law playing with my kids like this.

  15. jaclyn

    awww grandpa time is the best :) so happy your kiddos get to play with their gramps :) they all look so happy :) xoxo

  16. Your kids are quite possibly the cutest kids on the internet (besides my unborn hipster child, of course). ;)

    Have a great weekend with your awesome little family!


  17. so sweet. it seems so rare to have memories of a dad who was always playful. something to cherish.

  18. This is great! All of my grandparents passed while I was growing up, and I’ve always cherished the memories I got to have with them. Luckily,my best friend’s grandparents always welcome me with open arms. :)

    Je M’appelle Molly

    xo Molly

  19. maggie

    Family visiting is the best.

  20. I love how you describe family and time with family. It makes me really appreciate my childhood and my family, and looking forward to making and be part of my future kids’ childhood.

  21. Beautiful pictures and sentiments!

  22. nanette

    i love this. so sweet.

  23. ashley

    Grandparents are the best. Cute photos.

  24. Ariel

    Such a blessing to have such a great dad/grandpa! I love how happy the kiddos look :)

  25. Cristina

    Your kids are absolutely adorable! You can tell they are just so filled with happiness and life!!

    Cristina Marie

  26. Bea


  27. Kelly

    Your kids look like they had a blast with their grandpa!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  28. Sinead

    Looks like they’re having lots of fun :-)

  29. Sharon

    Your dad is so great. By the way, I have a 6D too and I love it :D

  30. Danny

    Dear Naomi, I am from Brazil and I love your Blog! You are an example mum! I’m 27 and I’m thinking about to have kids and when I see your family this dream gets bigger! You all look so happy! I am just afraid I couldn’t do everything like you do. When I be a mum, I really wants to be the best one! I’m graduation in Law and I’m studing to be a judge (here we need to be aproved in an public tender to be a judge), but, at the same time, I really want to be a mum. Do you think its possible I do everything? Do you have any advice to me? I would be so glad if you answer me! Have a nice week! xo :)

  31. Inga

    What a young grandpa! Lovely photos!