welcome, november!


well, we are only four days in so maybe it’s premature to say so, but november is already killing it and i’m pretty sure it’s going to be one of my favorite months this year.  i think most of this has to do with the weather so far… it’s been in the mid 60’s most of the weekend and what’s better than enjoying all the autumn colors the east coast has to offer in short sleeve west coast weather?  my dad has also been in town this weekend and it’s always a good time when grandpa is here. we walked miles and miles around the city with him on friday and  saturday and it was a nice reminder of just how fortunate we are to be living here. autumn in new york city… it can’t be topped.  it just can’t.


^^^those colors.^^^

blognov5 blognov7

^^^and these pudgy legs!^^^


^^^getting into the left over halloween decorations!^^^


^^^it took her a minute but she eventually got close enough to tell us, “it’s a nice spider. my friend.”^^^


^^^this sign gave us a good laugh.^^^

blognov17 blognov18

^^^best friends most days and it makes us happy.^^^

blognov23blognov27 blognov25

^^^with grandpa cheering on a touchdown while munching on her bagel and cream cheese for breakfast!^^^

blognov31 blognov30

^^^paella in the village saturday night with my dad. he lived in spain for a couple of years and it is his favorite. one of my favorites too thanks to him. ^^^


^^^we didn’t get around to carving pumpkins this year (oops) so let’s just pretend this jack-o-lantern we passed by is the davis family pumpkin. yeah?^^^


^^^tried to trim samson’s hair on my own. i know it’s bad. i know. but if everyone has to have a couple of bad haircuts in their life, hopefully i am doing him a favor and getting them out of the way now. ;)^^^


^^^we are family!  (you have to sing that as you read it.)^^^

have a great week, friends!

  1. beautiful pictures! there is something in the air about november this year, it’s got me all excited for the rest of this year. like seriously where did 2013 go!?
    sounds like you’ve had a lovely time with your dad visiting. Family visits are the best for sure :)


  2. Kristin

    Living abroad in Hong Kong, the one thing I miss about the States is the feeling of Fall and pumpkin-flavored offerings (pumpkin spice lattes, i miss you!) It’s just not quite the same when it’s 70 degrees in November.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos! ;D


  3. I agree November can be a magical month. Children help this feeling as when their young everything excites them and their zest for life rubs off. ;)

  4. Oh Naomi! I love your family pics just walking around the city, those relaxed moments are precious. And hey, so glad to know that your dad is a paella fan (I’m from Barcelona!) my favorite is also the lobster-shellfish one, not so keen on the meat version of it. Where did your dad live in Spain?


  5. Angela

    New York does look gorgeous in the Fall!

  6. Lize

    I just can’t get over the fact that I love yout coat so much in all of your fabulous pictures above.
    Props for taking the time to always look very stylish. Even with two little ones running around.
    Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your beautiful little family!
    Lots of love from Holland.

  7. JM

    I see your autumn in NYC and I raise you autumn in Edinburgh ;) They are both such beautiful cities and I also love this time of year (mostly, not keen on when it rains, but the rest of the time the light is just stunning).

    Oh, and family really is the best! :)


  8. cheyenne

    gosh, november looks so pretty over there! i’ve been stuck inside for days because it wont stop raining, argh!

    and i am a bit in love with your coat, so pretty!
    xo, cheyenne

  9. And I did sing a long, and now I have to hear it! Haha.
    I love your photos. You have captured the seasonal change so beautifully. Can’t wait to experience New York during this season some day.

  10. You all are so cute! I’m LOVING The fall weather here in Virginia as well. It’s so gorgeous!

  11. nanette

    i love autumn in the city! your family is precious. :)

  12. Blaire

    I vowed to never touch my kids hair every again! Not even for bang trims. I DESTROYED my daughter’s hair once and cried and cried and it was not able to be ‘fixed’. Like you said, at least you realized this now.:o)

  13. hanna

    Those fall leaves, both on the tree and off are so pretty. –Hanna Lei

  14. Lucy

    Beautiful!!!! Absolutely beautiful photos!!

    I need to visit New York in the Autumn!! (And winter…. and spring…. and summer…..and…)!

    I trim my 2 year olds hair, he’s never gone to a hair dresser and some days it’s okay, but most of the time I mess it up lol Nobody notices though so it’s all good *shhhhh!*

    X x

  15. Carli

    That last picture is such a gorgeous photo of you all! What a beautiful family! And way to get out and enjoy the changing seasons. I have to agree, Autumn in New York…nothing better!

  16. Jackie

    Lovely pics! I cant believe your weather, it’s been so cold and rainy in the UK.

    Do you mind me asking where you got that coat in the last photo? It’s lovely.

  17. TJ

    You guys are seriously just the coolest family! And what beautiful weather to have for the month of November. I’m sad there is not really such a thing as Fall here in Florida (or Winter for that matter). Oh well, I’ll just live vicariously through you ;)
    xo TJ


  18. Gorgeous post! I’m such a sucker for fall. :)

  19. bea

    what wonderful first days of november you had!!!
    those photos are great!!!!
    have a nice monday!!

  20. bliss

    its beautiful here in ohio, too. but cold. i’m training for a 10k and i constantly have snot dripping down my face and getting my earbud cords stuck together. enjoy the mid 60s! i’ve never had paella but i’m happy i can pronounce it. your dad is darling.

  21. SO BEAUTIFUL, November is seriously a beautiful month!!!!

    XO, Adropofbliss.com

  22. Sarah

    I love that pink coat! That paella looks incredible! Is that a whole lobster in that dish? Yum!

  23. Briseidy

    of course i was singing! ha ha… love all of this beautiful photos! I’ve been watching a lot of NY movies lately, can’t wait to go one day :)

  24. happy november, Davis Family!!

  25. Janis

    What beautiful photos and NYC fall colors are as awesome for a big city. That sign is hilarious! :)

  26. Ahh! i MISS NYC in the fall! how wonderful to experience new york city with your children. my husband thinks i’m crazy when i say “i want to experience that with our children! {Child at the moment}” i even love to hear the busy NYC traffic. music to my ears when i come to visit.

    sooo cracking up on E’s response to that spider. lol

  27. such beautiful photos. i truly enjoyed scrolling through all of these!

  28. that pudgy little samson man gets cuter and cuter each month? and what boy doesn’t go through his bowl-cut days? :) most precious family snapshots you sweet family you!

  29. RoselyC

    Beautiful pictures. I’ve always wanted to try paella.

  30. lea

    i absolutely adore a good dose of temperate autumn! this month we have three residency interviews in nyc, and i could not be happier.

  31. jennifer

    These are lovely shots.

    I love following what Samson is up to because my youngest is just a little behind him in age.

    I already raised two, but by the time I had my third I have forgotten what a lot of the stages are like. Loved it when he had his dirty knees! Now he is such a big boy with his boots!

    xoxo from san francisco!


    our latest:

  32. Crystal

    Bah you make me wanna visit New York! I’ll just have to settle with reading your blog and watching You’ve Got Mail for the millionth time. xD

  33. Lyndsay

    You have the sweetest family. Beautiful pictures!

  34. Jessica

    That paella looks amazing, where is it from??

  35. Lucy

    So sweet! And such, such gorgeous colours. I love November! xo

  36. kendall

    beautiful snaps!!! x

  37. Katie

    I was just thinking that I love Samson’s bowl cut! ;) I think every boy has a bowl-cut period. It makes him look like a little boy, not a baby.

  38. jaclyn

    awww what great pics!! your family is the cutest!! NY is beautiful in the fall!!

  39. Mónica

    I hope he comes full of good things have started with Hallowen time and we had a great time. By the way I see you like a plate of paella my country. Kisses and Happy Mondays.

  40. Deva

    Love the pictures – this is my favorite time of year, between the color, crisp air, spicy cider and lattes, and all the coziness that fall brings.

  41. Fun! Since moving to Boston, I actually find myself wishing for colder weather this time of year! But I’m a small town girl at heart, missing Vermont sooo much! To me, nothing beats the Green Mountains dusted with red, orange & yellow. :)
    xo kristen genevieve


    sunny bloglovin

  42. Courtney

    haha Samson’s hair looks fine! It could be worse. But, you are such a sweet mama getting those bad cuts out of the way.

  43. Claire

    where did you get your hat??! i love it!

  44. Claire McIntyre

    I love your hat, where did you get it?!

  45. Marie

    Samson’s hair is cute! Kinda like the trendy straight boyish cut which my cousin used to have. Hee. Btw I know I will not be the only one saying this… But Eleanor looks like a young girl now, and Samson looks so boyish. Time flies :))


  46. maggie

    Lovely photos! I am a fan of November as well, as that’s when it starts to finally cool down here in LA :)

  47. amber

    awww! these are fabulous! i love that pumpkin. you’re little kiddos are such cuties!

    the paella looks delicious :) I love love LOVE paella!

    fall has been really great for us, too, my babies are loving it, and aside from the past week, the weather has been unusually warm this year so it’s great! we’re all looking forward to the holiday season, too, though!

    one thing i love about your blog is how effective these photos are without being large! so often i see sites and the photos are very big and take up the majority of the content, but your photos are small/medium sized and still so effective and beautiful. love it.


  48. envious of your beautiful weather! we’re getting rain upon rain over here…! have the best november yet.

  49. Hannah

    Lovely post! Where is that paella from? Looks so good!

  50. Imge

    I am living in Turkey and living in NYC is like dream to me right now… But it’s on my bucket list for sure.. And my favorite season is fall.. So you’re killing me right now with these pretty pretty photos.. Lol. Ps. Don’t worry, Samson has one of the sweetest faces I have ever seen. Doesn’t matter which it is, any haircut look cute on him.

  51. Brooke

    Truly inspiring! I love how you find the joy and beauty of raising a family in New York City!

  52. Rosie

    Your family makes my heart feel warm! <3 New York looks so dreamy this time of year.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  53. Hahaha bad haircuts are definitely a rite of passage, that’s for sure. Fall in NYC seems so magical – I definitely need to experience that soon!

  54. amy

    what a lovely post. i am actually still mourning summer. but Christmas shopping & my favorite boots do help.


  55. Lisa

    We have short sleeve weather a week ago and yesterday snow flurries…That’s what I love about November…She keeps us on our toes.

  56. Michelle

    Hello! I have a little one nearly Samson’s age. Can you tell me where you got his shoes? They are so cute!

  57. Heather

    Aww I’m loving November so much right now too! Although we’re supposed to get a good amount of snow tomorrow, this warm weather is awesome!
    Still kicking myself for not purchasing that Lauren moffat jacket a few years ago. So cute!


  58. Jaye

    Awww, such amazing pictures!! Your family is so amazing and your children are the cutest. I love reading these posts and seeing what escpades you get up to.

    Jaye x
    The Life of JP

  59. What cute photos! I agree, Autumn this year in NYC has been killer.
    Tell me, where did you go in the Village for paella? The husband and I are paella fiends and love scoping out good Spanish food in the city.

  60. Hahaha these pictures are awesome!

  61. I love posts like this, I don’t want it is but they just make me happy!

    Where are Samson’s boots from? I’m having the hardest time finding convenient little boy boots!

  62. Anne

    That truly is the best weather! Isn’t it the best having family in town?! That paella looks to die for!

    The Hills Are Alive

  63. I’m so excited for November. It means Thanksgiving and my husband’s birthday is right around the corner! Happy week to you too…

  64. Emma

    Beautiful photos Naomi! I am jealous of warm fall weather. It is getting pretty cold here in Chicago!

  65. Laura

    Why are your kids only in t shirts when it’s cold enough for you and your husband to wear coats and hats? :S

  66. Chelsea

    Aw man, New York really does look gorgeous in Autumn! I hope to visit some day! x

  67. Dana

    Gorgeous pictures!


  68. Kelly

    That is so nice your dad was in town and I do love fall in NYC!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  69. Rayani

    Someday I’ll visit NY and see all those beautiful colors


    Hugs from Brasil

  70. Jasmom jaśmin

    I really enjoy reading your blog and often wonder how is it that you let the kids wear short sleeves when both you and your husband are all bundled in long sleeves and jackets. It’s not criticism don’t get me wrong but I am just trying to figure it out. :) lovely pics btw!

  71. Mila

    These are the cutest fall pictures. Your family are the happiest.

    xo. m.

  72. Sinead

    Those autumn colours are so fab :-)

  73. Lorena

    Lovely as usual! :)

    PS: For me, Samson looks adorable with that haircut! :)

  74. kendra

    love that last shot of you guys! And Samson’s chubby legs – yum!!

  75. Everything about this post is adorable. Your outfit, your family, the holiday, the city. Your blog encourages my dream of starting a family of my own in NYC!

  76. i love all of the adorable little photos of your family! You and your kids are just so cute!
    I have always wanted to try paella! I bet it is amazing
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  77. Naomi

    What beautiful photos!! I miss autumn, it’s spring where I am :(

  78. Vane

    Paella?????? I’m sorry, Taza, that can be surely a delicious lobster-shellfish rice dish, but it’s definitely not paella. Come visit Valencia (Spain) and will know what I mean ;)
    Lovely photos and lovely weather!!

  79. Nytesong

    I’m only half envious of your beautiful November Days. Why? Because half of our days have been just like that. (And I’ll pretend the other half that are gloomy and overcast don’t exist.)

    Great pictures! It’s always a nice time when loved ones comes to visit.

  80. Paula

    Beautiful pictures. You make everything look so glam.

  81. Vanessa

    What a great post! I love this time of year!!

  82. I’m just so jealous. I really wanna have a neighbourhood like this. NYC! A family like this. Amazing!

  83. Olivia R

    I love Samson’s hair, not bad at all!! It’s totally adorable! I love seeing posts of your beautiful family! thanks for sharing(: