thanksgiving 2013.

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hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving day yesterday with loved ones! we were here in the city for thanksgiving and started our day with friends at landmarc at columbus circle for breakfast. the restaurant has a great view of the macy’s day parade which passes by outside so it was a genius way to stay warm while still enjoying the floats and balloons outside.

we came home to begin making our own little thanksgiving feast for our family. since our first year of marriage, we’ve had a lot of fun doing all the prepping and cooking ourselves. i admit josh does most of the heavier work in the kitchen but we sure do have fun in there together as a family.

while the turkey cooked we hung out together as a family. we talked a lot about how we’d like to celebrate the holidays in years to come as a family. kids change everything! it will be interesting to see how traditions evolve over the years.

these photos were taken with the Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR, which we use for both full HD video and stills. my dishes are from an anthropologie sale from a few years back. they still have this color available. the linens for the table are also from anthro (bought them tuesday so they are recent!) my shirt is vintage and samson’s shirt is from zara. his bowtie is from polarn o pyret. eleanor’s dress is something i bought at anthro for her long before i was ever even pregnant. love that i have a daughter who can wear it now and that it finally fits!


^^^at breakfast! coloring with friends.^^^


^^^watching the balloons and floats below!^^^


^^^the waitress gave all the littles cotton candy when we were wrapping up breakfast. i do believe it was the highlight of their morning. even over the parade, the balloons, the floats, and costumes. it was pretty awesome if i do say so myself.^^^


^^^back at home after breakfast to begin prepping our big feast!^^^


^^^samson contributed by helping me set the table. he did so great! i think it will be his chore from now on.^^^


^^^playing photographer with samson! (thank you, joy, for the cute camera!) eleanor isn’t pictured in any of these because she likes to run around our apartment practically naked these days. ;) ^^^


^^^dinner is served! the table looked so beautiful with josh’s turkey and trimmings. i’m so thankful he loves to cook as much as he does. also, full disclosure, we had fed the littles some corn on the cob about a half hour before we ate because they were getting pretty hungry. so they weren’t very interested in their dinner after only a few bites. and then we were awesome parents and let them get down and go watch a movie together on the computer while we ate. :) ^^^tday1


^^^homemade apple pie!^^^


^^^i wish we had fresh flowers on the table every day. they make me so happy.^^^tday4tday6

^^^these three faces are my favorite. i am so thankful for them. and also, that it is friday which means we are FINALLY putting our christmas tree up! and also, i can say MERRY CHRISTMAS now and no one can be like, “please let thanksgiving have a moment first.” ;) ^^^


  1. Paola

    whay a nice day you had! thank you for sharing Naomi :)
    love from France

  2. Rayani

    The table looked so beautiful!!! Lovely pictures!!!

  3. Aleksandra

    this must have been a great day! it would be great to visit nyc during thanksgiving one day! and now it’s time for christmas, a little early and i thought i’m crazy to think about it in novemeber but i see i’m not the only one who loves it so much ;) lots of kisses!

  4. Stacey

    Awww these pics make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
    Hope when I have a family one day we are as cute and lovely as yours : )

  5. How nice your table and house looks, and how dapper all of you are! :) you put a smile on my face with the merry christmas comment, I have been for weeks wanting to wish it to everyone at every store but it was still so soon, now I guess it’s time! :)

  6. Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

  7. laurie

    how did you eat all of that food ?!! very nice moment, thanks for sharing your pictures. I’m so glad I can start to celebrate christmas now, can wait to buy our tree sunday… Hugs from France !

  8. Mel

    You mean thanksgiving 2013? When I saw your title I thought you were announcing something (or someone) on its way for thxgiving 2014 ;) but maybe that’s just because I have “baby” on the brain.

    Happy thanksgiving! Love your blog and your sweet family.

    Mel :)

  9. One day, I wish to experience Thanksgiving in NYC. Actually just an American Thanksgiving in general. I really like the idea of the day, but it’s not something we celebrate in Denmark. BUT Christmas – I can’t wait!! Merry Christmas!

  10. Lucy

    Love it!!!!
    Happy thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! ;)
    Your table looks amazing, and the food delicious!!
    Love that the kiddies after a bit of time at the table got down to watch a movie! :D
    Thank you for sharing your day with us!
    X x x

  11. Briseidy

    Everything looks beautiful and delicious! are you a year ahead of us girl???2014? hehehe
    thanks for sharing this

  12. hanna

    It all looks perfect! –Hanna Lei

  13. Nell

    It all looks wonderful..great inspiration for our Christmas table (being in the UK we don’t have Thanksgiving).

    I love your boys in their boy ties. I hand-knit bow ties for boys and men (women too, plus hair bows) and would love to send you guys some if you were interested? In whatever colourways you’d like…perhaps you’d like to take a look at my shop and let me know :)

    Nell xx

  14. carli

    what a lovely thanksgiving day! and merry christmas to you too!

  15. Sarah

    Samson with the little camera is the best! The photo of the two of you with the binoculars is so sweet too. Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Faith

    What lovely photos, Josh sure does know how to make a Thanksgiving feast and your table setting is perfection!
    You have such a sweet little family.

    Merry Christmas to you too :) I’m so excited to put up a tree and start saying that as well!


  17. Maelle

    Awww everything looks so beautiful and yummy! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in France but after seing all these pics i sooo wish we did! :)

    Merry Christmas to you and your little family!

  18. Ohh what a pitty – I was standing outside on Columbus Circle! You really had an amazing Thanksgiving :) Hope you enjoyed it a lot despite the preparations.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Julia (<a href=””>daysfullofglitter</a>)

  19. Look at all you have to be thankful for, my, my! You are so deeply blessed and I love how aware you are of that. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving from Canada.

  20. Emily

    Looks like such a happy day. :) Merry Christmas!! Ah! love saying it.

  21. Carie

    Oh that looks like it was fun – especially getting to see the parade so close up! Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. What a beautiful day. and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! The first thing I did yesterday was turn on christmas music. Is there anything better than cooking with christmas music on?! Nope, i’m pretty sure there is not ;)

  23. Jenny W.

    Second picture of you and Samson: beautiful arch. (from one former ballet dancer to another) ;)

  24. Wow everything looked so bright and colorful! Today I put up my birthday tree. My birthday is the first week of December so we put up the tree with only lights for the first week, then after my bday we add all the ornaments!

  25. Christine Stephen

    I find it interesting that you use the phrase ‘as a family’ quite often.
    You, being an extremely family-oriented person, tend to do most things as a family. Why do you feel the need to stress on that in your posts?

    Ps. I really enjoy reading your blog. no negativity or criticism intended here.

  26. Sini

    So pretty photos and seems that you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas to the whole family :)

  27. The cutest. I’m also loving the fact that E’s hair is long enough for a little ponytail… so adorable! Have a happy weekend!

  28. Hannah

    Is your table really from ikea?! I love the look of it! And I’ve been eyeing that table runner from anthro. Great taste you have ;) love the littles and their excitement! I’m glad y’all make a big deal out of thanksgiving even though it’s just the 4 of you. So sweet!

  29. Fenke

    I like your honesty! The full disclosure part – good to know that it is pretty much the same everywhere else aswell :) pretty images tend to evoke an illusion of perfection – which of course i don’t mind looking at at all. and in the end – the reality is perfect on its own ;)

  30. maggie

    What a lovely Thanksgiving! And I am all about decorating for Christmas the Friday after Thanksgiving :)

  31. Carrie

    Simply gorgeous…

  32. Bea

    Wow Naomi!!!
    Merry Christmas, to you!!!!
    I love this period of the year too!

  33. I’m calling today “Celebrate-Christmas-without-people-whining-about-it Day!” Thank goodness we can finally say Merry Christmas without feeling our lives are at risk. Thanks for sharing your beautiful day. You have such a lovely family, it makes me so happy to see!

    Je M’appelle Molly

    xo Molly

  34. dee

    Aww, merry christmas to you too! ;)

    ps. it looks like you guys had an amazing thanksgiving!

  35. jen

    what a fun thanksgiving! our little ones also were done so fast we let them hop down and play games on the iphone while we all ate in peace :) i can’t wait to put up our tree this weekend as well, marry christmas!

  36. Maria

    You are such a beautiful and blessed family!
    I love your pictures.
    Greetings from Brazil.

  37. Janis

    Sounds like an awesome and eventful day! The food all looks delicious! :)

  38. Elizabeth

    You guys are amazing! Seeing pictures of your happy family always makes me smile!

  39. Iman

    I laughed out loud when you said Merry Christmas. You’re precious. God bless and keep you guys!

  40. Anne

    Josh has some serious turkey skills! And YES! Merry Christmas finally!

  41. Elizabeth

    Any chance Josh is willing to share recipes or at least his menu? Looks delicious.

  42. Diana from San Francisco

    Naomi, what is the broccoli dish on your table? Oooooo, it looks so good.

  43. Alice

    Oh, your Thanksgiving looks absolutely amazing!! The last picture and the one of Samson munching on the corn on the cob are my favourites. And yes, MERRY CHRISTMAS! One advantage of not having Thanksgiving in the UK is no one says we have to give it a moment first ;) xx

  44. Janis

    Your posts always make me feel soo happy. x

  45. Brooke

    Looks like an amazing thanksgiving! LOVE seeing all the photos!

  46. Morgan

    Always inspiring, and so very sweet! Happy Holidays!!
    XO from San Francisco

  47. Ann

    It’s sad to see your blog turn into one big commercial. I enjoyed it much more when you were blogging for you.

  48. megan

    your table looks so fun and colorful! where did you get that great table runner?!

  49. cheyenne

    wow, the table looks gorgeous!
    xo, cheyenne

  50. Your home looks so cozy! Love the piano and all the laughters ofcourse! Thank you for an inspiring blog <3

  51. Anna

    Hi Naomi,

    Can you please post where you got your shirt from?



  52. JM

    Looks like a lovely day. We don’t have Thanksgiving over here, but we’ve just celebrated St. Andrews Day and Christmas is next :) Can’t wait!

  53. We did a little family Thanksgiving too! Loved your post about starting your own traditions. :)

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  55. Mónica

    Here in Spain this day is not celebrated, but also give thanks for all we have the truth. I love your table full of food and sympathetic and handsome they are your children. Kisses and Happy Mondays.

  56. amanda

    your table looks amazing! what a fun day of celebrating- your family is so beautiful! i have to say- i bought a skirt from that same anthro kids-clothes-grouping years ago. it was a 6-12 mo. skirt that STILL fits her (she’s 4!). it’s like the darling knitwear that keeps on giving!! :)
    merry christmas!

  57. samson eating corn on the cob… i died! SO CUTE.

  58. Ana

    I love Samson, he looks so handsome with his bow tie <3 They are getting so big and I am sure the cotton candy was the highlight of the day, it would've been mine too :) I am excited to say Merry Christmas too!

  59. Shannan

    Oh my Samson and that little camera just kill me! Happy Thanksgiving to your darling family!

  60. Sinead

    Beautiful pics! Eleanor’s hair is getting so long, her little ponytail is adorable :-)

  61. evan

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  62. Kelly

    Haha, yay, we can full get in the Christmas spirit now! I will have to try out that brunch place!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  63. One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is how it lifts the veil between normal people and those who love Christmas. I start decorating within a week!

  64. i love your photos so much! and absolutely falling in love wiht your thanksgiving table’s decorations!! everything seem so cozy and colorful..

    xo josephine

  65. A

    I sincerely hope you don’t let your children run all over restaurants. You have no idea how dangerous that is, not just for them but for others as well.

  66. I love those pictures! <3