mommy daughter date.


a couple of weeks ago, eleanor and i had a little mommy daughter date together. we got our nails painted at the nail salon and shared a few rice krispy treats at treat house on the upper west side.  that place is pretty cool inside. it’s like a tree house! ;)

it’s not often that it happens, but i’m trying to find more opportunities to spend one on one time with just eleanor or just samson, rather than always with both.  at 16 months apart, they do so well together throughout the day and i really do enjoy our time as the three of us around new york city. but our conversations are as just eleanor and mama alone can be so special and important, and our play time as just samson and mama alone is also just as special and important.  so i’m trying to carve out more opportunities for these sorts of interactions.  i am a broken record through and through, but goodness do i love being their mama.

these photos were taken with the Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR, which we use for both full HD video and stills. eleanor’s pompom hat is actually my pompom hat (haha) an oldie from anthropologie a few years ago.  her sweater (under layer) and polka dot jeans are both from polarn o. pyret.


^^^eleanor’s fancy blue manicure. she chose her favorite color, “dark blue” for her nails. the woman at the nail salon painted a cute little flower on her ring finger, too. i can’t quite get into all the nail art stuff trending these days but that little flower is kind of the cutest thing i ever did see.  also, those rice krispy treats are pretty awesome. usually pretty treats don’t taste too yummy, but these are different. these are good.^^^


^^^decisions, decisions! (also, dressing herself these days and we are loving it! the socks with the rain clogs and mama’s oversized pompom hat especially. ;)^^^

mommydaughter5 mommydaughter6 mommydaughter7

^^^i wanna try the m&m one next time. cause look at it!^^^


^^^eleanor, this was so much fun. thanks for a great mommy daughter date.  i love you! I LOVE YOU!^^^

  1. I love how much you think of the little things that will become the specialist of memories with your children // these mother-daughter dates (and mother-son times) are so thoughtful and sweet, and that little lady could not be more precious! What a wonderful mother you are :)

  2. jenna

    i love being able to get out of the house with my little ava and do the same thing. there’s something about the time with mama and daughter that they really do need. this is so sweet and very heartfelt, love! plus, that treat house IS way cool!

  3. Briseidy

    Memories in the making! Can’t wait to go on a mommy-daughter date with my mom…miss her

  4. Cintya

    This looks like so much fun. I’m highly positive Eleanor is one of the coolest little girls ever.

  5. Roseann

    This is too cute! What a special day for the two of you. And that Rice Krispie place is out of control!

  6. AWW YOU BABES. You guys just kill me with cute!

  7. Such a special afternoon! And those rice krisy treats look AMAZING. If I could grab one through the computer right now, I would definitely grab two ;)

  8. I truly treasure the times I spend with just my mom or just my dad, even after growing up and moving out on my own for college. I know that my little brother, who’s still in high school, truly feels the same! I appreciate you sharing this.


  9. your blog is so inspiring! do you ever host others’ blog posts on yours? i love seeing the relationship you have with your children. i wish i had a little girl! pregnant now with my second boy but loving every minute of it. you an check out my blog too– i live in honolulu and try to document all the fun things we do as well. wanting to try to get more readers but not sure how to go about that. any advice??

  10. Kelly

    Aww, this does sound amazing and I can just imagine her saying all of those cute things you posted about last week. She is getting so big!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  11. Alice

    This looks like such fun…I want to go to Treat House! Wednesdays are my date day with my boy. We usually go to the library and then he picks where we head off to lunch, being three this usually means burritos! No problem here. I love it and we have been doing it consistently for about 6 months and we both really look forward to it. It’s the little things but I hope when he is a moody teenager he will stil want to go get a burrito with me!

  12. Samantha

    Oh this is so precious. It’s so important to have one on one time with your children! You’re so lucky you have the opportunity to do so

    Sam //

  13. Bambi

    How beautiful! I believe that mommy daughter dates are so very important…my mom and I still do them today- and I’m 23 :-)

    Love from Germany,

  14. Oh my gosh this is just the sweetest blog post ever! It will be so lovely for little E and S to look back at your blog and read just how much you both love them, and all of the fun things you did together while they were growing up. She looks amazing in her hat!

  15. Gia

    Is Eleanor trying to show her nails and the treats at the same time in the first photo? It’s so adorable!
    I’m sure Eleanor will cherish all the memories of the mommy daughter dates you had together when she grows up. Girls know how important and special mamas are!

  16. Bea

    You’re so right!It’s a very good thing spending time just with Eleanor!
    and with Samson!
    This little lady is so wonderful!;)
    Have a good day!

  17. Jm

    What a lovely day for you and your little girl. Do you have a regular babysitter or nanny? Who watched Samson during this time? Eleanor is so cute!!

  18. nothing compares to a mother/daughter date ♥…so cute little Eleonor!!!!

  19. Anna

    this post is just beautiful, so beautiful. you certainly inspire a lot of people . thanks for sharing it. have a beautiful day

  20. This looks so fun! And I love the idea of going to a cafe that is also a treehouse! Eleanor is so adorable, and she looks so much like you in that first pic!x

  21. Jess

    Eleonor is sooo cute >.<

  22. Love the way Eleanor dressed herself, so cute !

  23. Deepa

    My daughter is 8 months old and I CANNOT wait to go on girly mother-daughter dates with her!

  24. dee

    She is just so precious. I love her blue nails! And I love the idea to spend a bit of one on one time w/ each baby (i know they’re no longer babies, but they’ll ALWAYS be your babies right?). I think it’s so great to hear how they get along so well and I have to admit it’s been so much fun to follow along on all of your adventures as a family. :)

  25. Jean

    What lens are you using?

    This is so precious!

  26. TW

    this is TOO precious! i wish my mum and i spent more time together alone when i was growing up. we’re making up for it now, 20 years later :)

    you and e are GORGEOUS! xoxo

  27. bridget

    naomi, this is such a sweet post. one on one time. i love how much you love being a mom. it is theeeee best.

  28. emily

    this is such a sweet post! oh how i wish i could have mummy daughter dates with my mum, it’s a shame i’m at uni and my ‘home’ is so far away!


  29. This looks like such a sweet event. Never heard of the shop, have to add it to our to visit list

  30. Very, very sweet! I am trying to focus on doing individual “dates” with my boys too – they’re really close in age and I think it’s good for them to have a little individual time. Anyway, she’s such a cutie!

  31. Janis

    I think that one on one time is very important with kids, so I definitely agree. But, now, this has got to be the cutest little snack shop! Will definitely try next time I am in NYC. I love the stump seating! :)

  32. Brittnee

    So sweet! I need to do something like this with my oldest!

  33. Aw, her little nails! What a perfect mommy/daughter date! So cute :)

  34. Caitlin

    this is so so sweet! i always treasured one on one time with my mom (still do!) your day looks and sounds magical!

  35. Sarah

    Gah. Too sweet! I have such great memories of one-on-one time with my mom and my dad. I’m sure Eleanor and Samson will too!

  36. Crystal

    Your family is just absolutely adorable and I love reading about your adventures together. I have a 5 year old (going on 16) and a nearly 20 month old and I too have to start doing this. They are absolutely best buds but spending time with each of them alone is important and precious!

  37. hands down the cutest mommy-daughter date I’ve ever seen! I love that little place y’all went to. It looks so cozy. I still love dates with my momma and I’m 23! there’s just nothing like it! thank you for sharing :)

  38. cheyenne

    darn cutest thing ever. and mommy-daughter dates are the best, i still love going on them!
    xo, cheyenne

  39. TJ

    Oh goodness, I am jealous of her little nails! They are too perfect! And what an amazing setting to just be the two of you and enjoying yummy treats :)
    xo TJ

  40. Brigid

    So, so sweet! And i have to ask, where is your green jacket from? So stinkin cute!

  41. cutest momma daughter date! so special.

  42. Lisa

    What a sweet time! Those one on one’s are so important…

  43. Maria

    This is just too precious! E’s got some serious style. Some of my favorite memories from when I was little were those special days my mother and I spent just the two of us, so props to you for taking the time to give each of your littles that individual attention!

    xo Maria
    elephant in the room

  44. Mónica

    I this what I do with my 6 year old boy because he will not because he is the greatest … But I love to spend an afternoon with Candela girls only 2 years. What of manicure is complete. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  45. Anne

    that place looks amazing! perfect place for a mommy daughter date!

  46. Sarah

    E is so sweet. I know Boyfriend would love stopping by Treat House and he even goes to school close by.


  47. Ady

    This is so darling, how sweet! She will cherish these moments so much when she’s older.

  48. jaclyn

    OMG what a great day!! so happy you are able to have mommy and daughter dates! and look at those nails!!! E is just adorable! and so are you :)

  49. nanette

    this is the sweetest! one on one time is the best! :)

  50. Dani

    She’s dressing herself? Oh it’s perfect.

  51. Dayna Magleby

    Total case of de ja vu reading your blog this morning! Me and my little girl went on a mommy-daughter date last night. The best! And, we are right there with you on the dressing yourself age. Totally funny and cute (most of the time) to see their individuality and creativity shining through, but then can sometimes drive mom and dad a little crazy when she refuses to wear anything with buttons and prefers skirts without tights/leggings (which doesn’t work so well in the frigid cold!). :)

  52. Tina

    oh my goodness, what a fun place! i love all these photos. you are such a good and fun momma. :)

  53. Faith

    Oh this post has me wishing I had a little girl to do these things with! E is precious! Especially in her self-chosen outfit. One day :)

    I agree, it is so important to spend individual time with your littles. I know I can distinctly remember times like that with my Momma (and my Dad too!)


  54. oh my goodness this is ADORABLE. You are such a sweet and thoughtful mama. You have a great way to deal with having two babies, as real as positive, and it always feels great to read you. Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful moments.

  55. Katriel

    That first picture slays me. So excited to be a mama someday and I love this idea for a special date!

  56. Love that last photo of you two; I know she’ll cherish it one day! 1-on-1 dates with the kiddos is always a great idea; I look forward to them when we (hopefully) have more than one! xo

  57. Aleksandra

    Love your post! And though my son is only one I love Fridays when I can take him somewhere and be there for him hundred per cent! This time is so preciuos and I know this is goring to be even more fun as he grows up :)
    couldn’t wait for your post ;) xo

  58. nora

    this is the cutest thing I ever saw & read. She is adorable!

  59. Rose J.

    mommy/daughter dates as well as mommy/son dates are the best! Luckily for me I have a date with my youngest (he’s four) every day. My oldest is 18, and we still have our dates. Keep up the memories with E Naomi!

  60. Teresa

    this is such a great idea. i hope to do that with my little girl soon!

  61. I’m loving E’s fashion sense – I wore something quite similar myself today! Cute quality time :)

  62. As much as (most of us) all love our siblings, it’s so important to get to have special dates with just mommy or daddy – I think it reinforces the idea that we are all special and we all at some point deserve a bit of undivided attention :)

  63. Sara

    Seriously?! This is too sweet!! Made me tear up. I can’t wait to be mama someday!

  64. Kari

    Oh, this is just incredibly sweet! :) I always tell my husband that my happiest days are even I’ve been able to have individual time with each of my three favorite people: my husband, my toddler, and my baby. My toddler is on a funny schedule right now in which he naps from like 3-6 and then we don’t start bath/bedtime till after 9! It’s really great, though, because we get to have special one-on-one time with him. He was so appreciate and excited a couple weeks ago when we went on a late night Target run and I got him a couple plastic spiders for 90% off. He carries them around everywhere and tells us they’re his “baby brover spiders…soooo cute.” My 9-month-old loves to have his special one-on-one time at 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am…you get the point. ;) Anyway, I think doing things all together as a family AND adding in special individual dates here and there is so great! You really are a Rockstar of a momma! :)

  65. Paola

    Ah! The cuteness!!! Thank you mama for reminding me how important it is to spend quality one-on-one time with our little ones! Time for me to plan a mother-son date with my little prince ;)

  66. Amelia

    love her little manicure! so sweet. and naomi where can I find this scarf? it would fit perfectly into my always growing scarf collection :)

  67. Amelia

    oh nevermind! i just happened across it at j.crew :)

  68. Susana

    Sweet treat!…and while wearing pom pom hats. Doesn’t get cuter than that.

  69. Courtney

    I love her outfit – yay for picking out her own clothes!

  70. Sarah

    How adorable! Love the first photo! A special day for you both!

  71. Lissa

    She is so precious! I love how oversized your hat is on her (:

  72. This is so, so sweet! I love all of the photos! what a fun outing :) And the treats look mighty delicious! I would have chosen the M&Ms!

  73. Carl


    My wife and I are very glad we found your blog! Super cute style and adorable family. We definitely look forward to your future posts and adventures.

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    Consider us new followers of yours :)


  74. Lori

    The close up of your daughter’s hands is too sweet!

  75. Michelle

    Love this, so sweet! And Eleanor’s outfit is so cute too ;)

  76. How adorable and what a fun day! I’m in the same boat as you in wanting to make more one-on-one time! Sometimes you get so caught up in the routine and comfort of having both with you. I distracted

  77. Beth

    This is the sweetest post I’ve ever read. Seriously “Awe!”‘d out loud at that last bit. You’re a very caring and sensitive mother to think to make special memories with your kids one-on-one. I know they will appreciate it when they grow up. Much love!

  78. this is adorable!

  79. I’m going on a mother daughter date from Texas to NYC in a few weeks (for a blogging event) I think we will have to stop by this cute shoppe! Excited to see NY at Christmas-time!

  80. Shelley

    What a good reminder to seek out alone time with each little one! Ours are 18 months apart and it can be so hard to be a mama to them individually. Sometimes it feels like all I can do to just do it all at once! But this mama/daughter date looks perfect and so inviting and I am left inspired to go try it out with my little ladies.:) Blessings!

  81. Sélana

    Quelle merveilleuse petite famille vous me faite rêver !! <3