life lately, according to my iPhone pictures.

a few iphone photos from our trip to amsterdam and paris last week!  we took a lot of photos on our SLR camera also and once i have time to upload and go through them, i will share a few here…hopefully next week!  glad to be back and readjusting to our time zone. new york looks especially wonderful with all the holiday lights and decor taking over. it’s a good time of year. feeling thankful.

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  1. Love

    Happy family always makes lovely photos :)

  2. You had a wonderful time in Paris and Amsterdam :) Excited to see the slr ones! And even more excited about the Christmas lights in NY, it must be stunning!

  3. Great pictures….I haven’t been blessed with children but I have a wonderful niece and nephew…its quite addictive watching their expressions when they find things funny or when they explore new things! ;) Jess.x

  4. Looks happy & colorful! And I see you tried the Dutch pancakes, good huh? These are my favorites! :)

  5. cheyenne

    how lovely! i have a similar picture of that little yellow car, it’s the cutest thing!
    xo, cheyenne

  6. Jenny

    You will share a”few” photos? Don’t skimp on the sharing :). I want to see them all (okay…at least a lot). I think the last photo on the bottom right is my favorite in this bunch, Your family is extra adorable overseas.

  7. Barbara

    ça c’est Paris !

  8. Barbara

    ça c’est Paris !!!

  9. norbyah

    i love these pics….so lovely. it’s clear you had a lovely holiday.

  10. Silvia

    Such a wonderful series of photographs. Looks like you all had a blast!


  11. Megan

    I always love your pictures! Looks like such a fun time!
    Bespeckled With Freckles

  12. Sarah

    This trip looks like such a blast! I’m so envious of you guys in all of those amazing food photos. The littles in their jammies reacting to whatever is on that screen made me “awww” out loud!

  13. nanette

    how sweet! i hope you enjoyed your trip! can’t wait to see more photos. :)

  14. Janis

    Awesome photos! :)

  15. Crista

    cute, cute cute!

  16. Briseidy

    lovely! great memories in the making ;)

  17. Bea

    Hi Naomi!!!
    I loooove all these photos!!
    I have a question…I like a lot how you are dressed in the fourth photos..can you tell me where I can find those clothes!

  18. Mónica

    I’ve loved all. That brings me memories of Paris … A Eleonor I see very old. Kisses and Happy Mondays.

  19. Brittany Ruh

    The one of you guys Skyping with family is just too cute!

  20. These pictures are adorable and just warm my heart. Hope you had a fabulous trip!

  21. The one of you and your hubby in front of the Eiffel Tower is just too much! That neeeeeeds to be in print some how. Gosh it is perfect.



  22. rtf

    Taza, could you do a post on helping kids adjust to the time difference? our family is leaving for a 3.5 week trip to Indonesia, which is 14 hours ahead of where we live now. Our kids are 3 years and 8 months old. Thanks so much.

  23. kendall

    such beautiful snaps!! love! x

  24. Great pictures! Looks like such a fun trip! Your kids are going to be so worldly :-)

  25. oh, this family. what a vision! europe suits you.

  26. steph c

    You guys are just TOO cute!!

  27. Liv

    The pic of the Van Gogh makes my heart ache- that’s the real deal- love all of these- such an amazing experience for your babes too.

  28. Amanda

    I love so very much that you guys travel so much with small children. It’s really inspirational for me.

  29. i love Samson’s pudgy legs!! looks like the most fun trip :) happy returning home!

  30. I can’t wait to see the photos you took! Looking forward to those posts :) Happy Monday, Davis Family!

  31. beth-ann

    such a fun time! can’t wait to see the rest of the snapshots :)

    happy travels, beth-ann

  32. TJ

    Your time in Europe was just lovely! You look like you stepped out of a Hallmark card! And I can only imagine how beautiful NYC would be during the holidays! Just lovely :)
    xo TJ

  33. maggie

    Lovely photos!

  34. Nada

    Love these beautiful pictures, especially with the whole family ones! Can’t wait to check out your SLR ones also :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  35. teresa

    how wonderful! i love the picture of the kiddos laughing in bed… how precious!

  36. Sheila

    Beautiful photos and lovely family. Thanks for posting!

  37. Kelly

    Your family is adorable and I can not wait to see the rest of the pictures!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  38. Anen

    I loved getting to follow along via your IG photos! So excited to see the ones from your SLR!

  39. This looks like such a fun trip! You kids seem like they are very good with traveling!
    Leah Faye
    a clover & a bee

  40. Oh so fun! It was great seeing all of your adventures on Instagram.

  41. Three mind-bogglingly beautiful and wonderful cities in one post – almost too much for me to handle!

  42. What a fun trip! I bet New York looks amazing at Christmas time!

  43. loulou

    I love these pictures! Looks like it was such a fun and happy trip. Good for you guys.

  44. Jessica

    This looks like so much fun!!

  45. Sophie

    Can’t believe you were so close to me…! This is Paris!!

  46. hanna

    The lock thing is so cool! –Hanna Lei

  47. love the pictures of you and your family! you all are having so much fun on that adventure! it is a joy to watch!

  48. blaire

    The 190K+ people who follow you on Instagram already saw these.

  49. Melissa

    love love love – you have such a gorgeous family and how perfect that you travel with them.

  50. Britt Benson

    Where did you get your yellow/green pom pom hat?!

  51. Sydney

    The cutest little family!!! :)

  52. Those are all absolutely adorable! I went to Paris on my honeymoon last year and these pics make me want to go back right now!

  53. I seriously adore your little family!

  54. What a gift you have to capture moments through the lens! I love them all, but the one of your husband feeding Samson is especially endearing. Isn’t it funny how we make certain faces when feeding our children? Love it!

  55. Rayani

    Always lovely photos!!!!

  56. Adi

    i love the picture of the two nenes in the bridge of locks. i am so jealous i want to go there so badly :p such cute pictures. hope u enjoyed :)

  57. Wow! These are incredible images! Are these taken with your phone? I can’t wait to check back later for the ones from the SLR! Beautiful family, beautiful travels!
    Amy @

  58. Nina

    I love your blog, i am french and your photos make me dream
    Where have you bought your marvelous red coat?

    Have a nice day

  59. Marcia

    Great pics! Too bad I didn’t know you were in Amsterdam as I live next to this great city! It seems you enjoyed yourselves. Groetjes!