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while eating scrambled eggs at the breakfast table, “i could really use a diet coke.” (funny. cause it’s rare i’ll drink one! so she didn’t get that from me!)

when explaining our last name to her. “i not a davis! i two and a half.”

when samson begins to cry, “he’s so sad! he wants me to sing to him! twinkle, twinkle little star……”

seeing my bottle of orange gatorade, she says, “oh i want a drink of alligator.”

“he’s so cute!” she says of samson. “i not cute. i eleanor.” she says pointing to herself.

5-6 times a day, “i wanna be naked.”

  1. Vanessa

    She is too funny and adorable!!

  2. Shavonne

    Sooo cute! Your fan from Singapore :)

  3. Isabelle

    E is a smart young lady!

    Kisses from Brazil :)

  4. I love that she called gatorade “alligator”, SO cute!!!

  5. Rachel Hagen

    “I need a diet coke!” She’s been hanging around too many mormon mama’s :0

  6. This made me smile. What a sweetie. Also I love reading about how Eleanor and Samson interact, since I’m about to have my second child and they’ll be very close in age too (18 months apart).