bonjour from paris!


bonjour! hope you had a wonderful weekend wherever you might be! since we were in amsterdam this past week, we added on a weekend in paris together as a family before heading back to new york tomorrow. paris is so close to holland by train and i mean, it’s paris. how can you not?  it is colder than cold right now and we (well, the littles really) are still up until 2AM most nights with jetlag (we’ll figure out this time difference just as we fly home, that’s how it always goes, right?!), but we are so happy to be here it doesn’t even matter.

traveling abroad with littles ones is both thrilling and overly exhausting at the same time. things can feel a little bit upside down at times. but isn’t that parenthood anyway? or life, really? my babies are young and i know they won’t remember these trips (but through photos and videos), but these moments as a family are so precious. we have been learning all about the eiffel tower with eleanor over the last month in preparation, and i can’t get out of my head the image of her face as she saw the tower for the first time in real life yesterday! it will always be one of my favorite memories.

there is no one i’d rather share and experience these adventures with than with my family. i’m so thankful to have the chance! it has been a wonderful trip. can’t wait to share more photos once we’re home, but in the meantime, au revoir and have a fabulous week!

  1. Mel

    You are such a fun loving, inspirational family. Thanks for reminding me that we are making memories for ourselves as parents too. Hope the Paris magic stays with you long after you’ve left.

  2. Teresa

    I’ve been following your instagram while you guys are away and OH MY GOODNESS!!! I truly hope you are all doing well and are enjoying your time together. Seeing your two little ones makes me want to have another kid in hopes that they will play and become best friends like yours.

  3. JM

    Oh wow, you’re really getting around. I have to laugh, only an American would consider Amsterdam and Paris really close together. Not by European standards. But I can see why it makes sense to combine them. I enjoyed Paris when I visited it, but I have to say, it didn’t blow my mind in the way NYC did. But I guess you’d know all about that :) Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  4. You are so lucky to be able to have such experiences with your family! These kids are so well travelled and they’re going to be so grateful for it in the future.

    You’re wonderful parents!

    Have a great and safe trip back!

    Maria xx

  5. Oh! How sweet is your post. I believe that somehow those exciting experiences will also stick in the little ones, although they will not exactly remember it, Aww Eleanor’s face when seeing the tower, what an amazing moment!. We were in Paris also last October, it is a unique place. Hope you will able to share more pictures soon!

  6. Emily

    I’d love to visit Paris and Amsterdam one day. It looks like you’re having a wonderful time!


  7. Livi

    Paris is such an amazing city– the Musee d’Orsay is my absolute favorite!!

  8. Emma

    I have been loving your Instagram photos! Paris looks amazing and I’m glad you are having a good time. My first visit to Paris was also in the winter. A cold trip is better than none at all!

  9. Lo

    How exciting! I would love to visit Paris one day.

  10. what sweeties! looks awesome. :)

  11. Marie


  12. nanette

    how magical! paris should be experienced at any age! :)

  13. i love your sweet, honest, and refreshing perspective on travel and memory-making with your little and your love. reading this was a wonderful way to start the day :)

    m @ handfuls

  14. I’ve been getting sneak peaks on your instagram and have to say that i’m a little envious of your family trip to Europe! safe travels on your way home :)

  15. ana

    This it’s so precious for the kids! They’ll not remember, but the’ll know what amazing life, family and experiencies they have! =]

  16. Janis

    It’s awesome that you guys learned about the Eiffel tower before going to Paris. That is a great idea! Enjoy the rest of your trip! :)

  17. Oh my gosh. This is the most perfect eiffel tower picture I have EVER seen. You have incredibly beautiful children! Hope you are having a wonderful time!

  18. Kristina

    Sounds crazy wonderful :)

    My husband and I go to Paris this Thursday to celebrate our birthdays over the weekend. It’s such a magical city and I’m happy you could enjoy it with the people you love most.

    Safe travels!

  19. Carli

    What a beautiful experience for your family! I can hardly wait to do things like this with our future babies :) Your stories of travel and your beautiful photos are inspiring!

  20. Laura

    That picture is ridiculously adorable! Even if they won’t remember the trip, how to all have that experience together :)

  21. Robyn

    Fantastic! It is great that you travel as a family rather than ‘waiting until the children are older’ which can be said a lot- these are fabulous adventures and experiences for you all

  22. What an adorable picture! Paris is the one place in the world that I’ve always dreamed of visiting! Someday! :)

  23. Maris

    I love travelling with my family, especially with my son. Sometimes my relatives will tell me he’s “too young to remember” or understand what’s going on, but surprisingly, he DOES remember everything! We bought a little oreo bus from Bali when he was only 2+ yrs old and even till now, he still remembers where he bought it from! Bottomline is- don’t underestimate your kids memory. ;)

    our family adventures:

  24. Sarah

    That’s always how time differences work unfortunately. Haha. Your pictures have been so lovely. Safe travels!


  25. melissa

    it is overwhelming at times to travel with little ones! I only have one and it’s been an ADVENTURE for sure! we JUST got back from RIO and LOVED seeing my baby boy watch everything around him, it makes these trips extra special!

  26. i remember the first time i saw the eiffel… i just got off the metro and crossed the street and turned a corner and, boom! woah. there it was. it was huge and magnificent and glowing and it completely took my breath away. i’m so happy you get to share these amazing moments with your littles and josh :)


  27. Mónica

    I love Paris for me one of the most beautiful cities I’ve visited. My boy and I went four years ago and left the child aproxidamente with their grandparents. Now I see that you do not cut in take them everywhere next trip we’re all safe. Kisses and Happy

  28. Anne

    What a fun adventure! Love that you taught Eleanor about the tower before you went to see it. Adds more meaning and helps those little grow up smart!

  29. Taylor

    I love that first picture! Amazing!!!!!

  30. Emi

    Your life is unreal!! So cool. Enjoy!!

  31. How incredibly wonderful that you are getting the chance to do these things with such small children. I’m sure parts of it are frustrating and overwhelming, but it gives me hope that life can still be exciting after kids!

  32. I hope you have safe travels back home! I can’t wait to see all your photos from the trip. Yay!

  33. amelie

    Reading this (as an european) made me laugh as in our mind Paris and Amsterdam are NOT close whatsoever :D There is a whole country inbetween :D

  34. Kelsey

    How amazing to be able to share these adventures with your kids, no matter what age they are!! The memories you will be able to show them in pictures and videos will be great! And you guys are brave for traveling with littles in tow :)

  35. jenna

    i absolutely admire that you’ve always traveled with your kids! very courageous and inspiring! hope you guys had a wonderful time, and safe travels!


  36. cheyenne

    how lovely, have fun! paris is an amazing city.
    xo, cheyenne

  37. Abbey

    So cool that you’re traveling with your babies! I love it.

  38. Ahhh Paris, j’adore!!!! I studied abroad in Paris, so it is always my second home. I long to go back, and now that I’m pregnant, I’m already planning on going with my husband and baby (okay, we’ll probably wait til the baby is at least one!) and it’s fun seeing your trips with your little ones and being inspired! It IS possible, and I don’t care if people think it’s crazy- I love that you’re doing it! :)


  39. Danielle

    I think it’s so fantastic that you’ve been teaching your children about the places they’ll be visiting – you’re really including them in the trip in that way. I’ve enjoyed following along with your adventures! Looking forward to more pictures soon :)


  40. I really admire you… I hope that if I have kids some day I could travel with them as much as you do!
    I hope you enjoy Paris!

  41. Growing up with you guys as parents would be the absolute coolest. Those two littles are so very lucky! I’m going to Europe at the end of next month and am SO excited, but so dreading the chill!

  42. TJ

    Oh gosh, I can’t even imagine her little face of excitement seeing the eiffel tower for the first time. Your family just gets the best of things! Traveling to Europe and all! Can’t wait to see more pictures :)
    xo TJ

  43. Lisa

    Those are sure some lucky little ones…I look forward to the pictures.

  44. Chelsey

    so cute! I love your blog — it always brightens up my Mondays :)

  45. Rocío

    I hope you enjoyed Paris as much as I do! I’ve been living here for 6 months now and I was in love from the moment I stepped out form the plane!
    PS: maybe we crossed in the crowded streets… ;)

  46. Cristina

    How adorable!! I’m just DYING to go to Paris! I hope I make it there in the near future :)

    Cristina Marie

  47. fanny

    Hello Naomi !

    If you wantto visit France you have to go on the west cost near Ile de Ré, were I live I will proud to see you and you’re family§ See you soon!
    a french mother of two

  48. Faith

    Paris is my all time favorite city!! I love the photo of your littles!
    Can’t wait to see more photos from the trip.


  49. Sinead

    Such a perfect photo! Sounds like you guys are having a great time :-)

  50. Mila

    I really love this. It’s always been my dream to go to Paris.

    xo. m.

  51. Katie

    We just did Paris and Amsterdam with our then 6-month-old (now 8 months) and it was an AMAZING trip! I used a lot of your tips from your Italy trip. I hope that you are eating as many pastries as you can before you leave :)

  52. Jenn I.

    I went to Paris when I was 12 and it is very difficult for me to remember anything. I can only remember by the photographs. You guys look like your having a wonderful holiday!They both look so warm and snuggly. Stay warm!

  53. Kelly

    Aww, they are absolutely adorable and I am so glad they are enjoying Paris!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  54. Courtney

    Paris looks beautiful. Your pictures make me anxious to go back with my little one:)

  55. hanna

    Paris would be amazing to visit. –Hanna Lei

  56. Jane

    so darling I spent a weekend in Paris this summer and it really was the most magical place – I would love to go back someday with my littles. can’t wait to see more photos!

  57. Bea

    Paris, it’s such a wonderful and dreamt city!!!And it fits for every age!!
    Have a good day, Devis family!

  58. what an amazing way to savour the opportunity of being abroad by making the most of it. go davis family!

  59. Claire

    As a French reader of your blog for now 3 years, I could not not comment on this post to thank you for all these happy moment you share with us on this blog. May this continue for ever ! I really appreciate knowing about the life of an American family and compare it with what it is like in France.
    Thank you from FRANCE !

  60. Morgane

    Bienvenue chez nous! =)

  61. And I say Bonjour from Switzerland :o) You should come to Switzerland too one day ;o) You will love the chocolate ;)

  62. cari

    so inspiring! i would love another “how to travel with littles” post. everyone says our travel days will be over once we have children, but it seems like you make it work. thanks for showing me i can have my cake and eat it, too!

  63. Rachel Hagen

    LOVE this pic! Glad you guys are having a blast. I have such Europe envy…I’ve been trying to convince Mick to move abroad! Can’t wait to see more!

  64. Edurne

    There is an amazing song which fits you perfectly right now.

    It’s called Paris or Amsterdam by Basia Bulat.

    Hope you like it :)

  65. Amie

    Oh my goodness, that picture of E and S with the tower in the back is PRICELESS. These are truly magical memories you’re making with your children. I hope one day to do the same with my future babes!

    xo Amie

  66. No… they will not remember. But this is when the build their bond with you as parents and their little personalities are molded. And I can imagine, that thrilling feeling you get when you’re in a foreign land, with your loved ones, was there in full force. And they felt it. And will forever be changed, even if just a little, by it. Hope you landed home okay and all is well!

  67. Your little family is so cute! I love your blog– it brings back memories of Paris and in general inspires me when I write on my own blog :) best wishes xoxo

  68. Maider

    I’m a spanish girl who has been a lot of times in Paris and Amsterdam, so seeing you here, make me excited! I haven’t already kids, we have just married last month, but I hope have such a wonderful family like yours one day. Please, dont stop blogging, think you inspire a lot of people with your point of life.

  69. Rachel

    You are an inspiration in that it is possible to travel with little ones. I hope to do the same – one holiday so far!

    And Paris is always a good idea

    Gorgeous babies

    I have started a blog on health news relating to women and children. Would love for you to have a look

  70. Carla

    You make traveling with littles look so easy, I’m sure it’s not but I bet it’s so much fun to see them experience new places!

  71. Anne-Bibi

    Olala vous êtes à Paris et vous ne l’aviez pas dit ! Je vous aurais fait le guide avec joie pour vous présenter la ville à vous et vos loulous !!!
    Mes petites grenouilles parisiennes auraient avec grand plaisir fait visiter à vos enfants leur ville…
    Peut-être à une autre fois alors en espérant que ma jolie ville vous aura séduits.
    Bon retour !

  72. I think it’s amazing that you travel with your kids. I’m not a big traveler. I’ve never been out of the country, but this looks magical!

  73. It’s wonderful you’re able to take your kids with you on such a long trip, and you still look happy and in a really good mood! I just have to take my puppy to my parent’s place for Christmas (within europe flight)and I’m freaking out already!

  74. Amélie

    Vous étiez à Paris!!! Je suis si triste de ne pas avoir pu vous rencontrer. Peut être un jour à New York dans ce cas là.
    Paris est si jolie en ce moment, surtout avec les décorations de Noël qui s’installent. Si un jour vous venez visiter la champagne prévenez moi je ferais le guide.
    Milles bisous de France