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even with the cold approaching, there are days where the littles and i leave our home in the early morning and often don’t return until right before dinner time. living in new york city, an urban environment with endless parks and museums and places to visit, we like to be on the go. even in the cold!  sometimes snacks throughout an entire day out can be a little tricky for us… my constant go-to tends to be almonds or goldfish crackers or fruit snacks. that, or we tend to grab something not as healthy while we’re out.

so with snacks on the brain, we’ve teamed up with one of our sponsors, naturebox, to give away 2 6-month subscriptions to naturebox!  we’ve enjoyed trying out naturebox on our own the last couple weeks. the subscription service delivers healthy snacks to your door on a monthly basis. i really like that they send a variety and that there are no artificial flavors or colors, no high fructose corn syrup, and no trans fats.

giveaway details below!



^^^samson eats his yummy little fruit bar like a chipmunk as we take a break from playing at the park.^^^


^^^eleanor took this of S and me as i steadied the camera by helping hold it. not quite strong enough (and mama’s not quite brave enough) to let her hold my big camera on her own.^^^



 ^^^horsey rides never get old!^^^

enter the giveaway to win one of the 2 free subscriptions, by browsing what snacks naturebox has to offer here, and then comment here with what snack you’d like to try! the winners must have  a US shipping address.

also, get 50% your first box of any size with the code LOVETAZA if you haven’t tried our naturebox before! just enter the code at checkout!

  1. Betsy

    oh I just discovered I love pepitas! the roasted garlic pumpkin seeds look amazing!

  2. Shannon

    I’ve been wanting to check out NatureBox, so this is a perfect time! I’d love to try the sun-dried California peaches, the fancy dried figs, and the citrus kick almonds!

  3. Melissa Jewell

    French Toast Granola

  4. Maria

    My 3-yr old son loves eating chips & nuts so he would probably enjoy Sunshine Chips & Honey Nut Medley. Thank you for this opportunity!

  5. Cailin

    I’m intrigued by the citrus chipotle chickpeas and all those dried fruits!

  6. tiffany

    ooooh I was excited when I saw this giveaway on instagram. I have been wanting try everything from nature box for the past few months and just haven’t made the order. I live for dried fruit and want to try all of the Naturebox flavors!

  7. Jessica

    Would love to give the cinnamon spiced almonds a try!

  8. Tori

    Whoa, roasted garlic pumpkin seeds!

  9. Lexi

    while i am a dried fruit girl, i would love to try the terryki twists!!!

  10. carrie kirby

    Sunshine Chips! Love your blog!

  11. Gladis Aguilar

    Honeycomb sunflower kernels!!

  12. sour dough cheddar pretzels!

  13. Taylor

    I’m a college student and I’m always on the go so grabbing something quick and unhealthy is all too easy, that’s for sure. I am always looking to eat healthier when I can, and so I think this sponsor and give away is awesome!

    I would definitely choose to try the Sunshine Chips! They are far more healthy of a choice that’s for sure, and they look mighty tasty!

  14. Taylor

    I’m a college student and always on the go so grabbing something quick and unhealthy is all too easy, that’s for sure. I am always looking to eat healthier when I can, and so I think this sponsor and give away is awesome!

    I would definitely choose to try the Sunshine Chips! They are far more healthy of a choice that’s for sure, and they look mighty tasty!

  15. Samantha

    Oh man that dark chocolate berry mix looks too good and the sun dried peaches also sound dreamy. Oh but the chili lime pistachios!? Everything looks so delicious!

  16. lizzy

    the taj mahal snack mix looks divine! i would love to try this!

  17. Courtney

    Gosh, There are just too many to choose from… but, I suppose the sourdough cheddar pretzels are definitely on the top of my list of snacks to try.

  18. heather

    blueberry almonds?! yum…

  19. Amber

    I am a FTM and still trying to cut out all the sweets I eat. Still adjusting to SAHM and learning to feed myself and my baby healthy foods! The SUNDRIED CALIFORNIA APRICOTS look delish! This win would definitely set me on the right track for a healthy lifestyle for me and my soon to be eating solids LO.

  20. Suzie

    Everything in the spring training box looks super delicious, but I think most everything on there looks pretty great.

  21. Courtney

    Mmm baked sweet potato fries!

    This seems like such a great idea, I might have to try it out!

    Thank you and safe travels ❤

  22. Morgan

    Cinnamon spice almonds, yum!

  23. jeannie

    I would love to try the dried granny smith apples! I’m sure my kids would love them.

  24. Melisa C

    Banana Bread Granola What?! That sounds amazing! I would love to try this with my morning yogurt.

  25. Chrissy

    The Sunshine chips look and sound delightful!

  26. Kristin Bassett

    Blueberry Almond Bites. YUM!

  27. Samantha

    I used to eat granny smith apples all the time before bed as a kid! The apple rings look delicious!

  28. Katie

    Oh my, I’ve been wanting to try Nature Box!

    The Citrus Chipotle Chickpeas sound so yummy!

  29. amy

    orange granola? yes, please!

  30. Timi

    Praline Pumpkin Seeds looks delicious. I am currently obsessed with all things related to Pumpkin.

  31. Jess

    How to pick just one?! Chocolate cranberry bites, chipotle maple almonds, citrus almonds. Yummy.

  32. Heather

    I would love to try those dark coco almonds!

  33. Emily M

    I’d totally try the sunshine chips. Seems like a good way to try and sneak in some extra veggies in a non-standard way.

  34. Susan

    All the snacks look delicious, but the thing that jumped out to be most was the pear praline crunch.

  35. Nicole H

    The sunshine chips look so good!

  36. Connie

    I would love to try the antioxidant BOOST! Anything dark chocolate is alway a yes for me!! Enjoy your trip!

  37. Angie

    sourdough cheddar pretzels! yum!

  38. Fiorella

    Dark Cocoa Almonds, yum!

  39. Lindsey

    Mmmm the dried pears!

  40. Chanelle

    Oooooooh i would LOVE the Baked Sweet Potato Fries!!

  41. christina travis

    the srirachi roasted cashew sound yummy! Everything looked so delicious and healthy! Hope I win, with 4 kids I’m always on the go and it seems like barely have enough snacks. Having it come to my door would be a lifesaving miracle!!

  42. Allison

    The Dark Cocoa Almonds and Sun-dried California Peaches sound really good!

  43. Jennai

    I would love to try the Curry, mangoes, nuts, seeds Taj Mahal Snack Mix

  44. Allison

    The banana bread granola!!

  45. Jen

    Blueberry nom noms, but any of the granola flavors would be welcome in my tummy!

  46. Sonia

    To choose just one…I’d start with the Antioxidant boost!

  47. Myra Cheng

    Sun-dried California peaches please! Got a workout scrolling all the way down here to comment!

  48. Johanna

    They all look so good!!

  49. Alicia

    I would love to try the blueberry almond bites!

  50. Connie Hsu

    The Dark Cocoa Almonds sounds absolutely delicious! Combines two of my favorites! Naturebox has so many wonderful options for snackers.. what a wonderful company!

  51. Adorable kiddos!

    The dark chocolate almonds. Yum.

  52. Lisa Landers

    Blueberry almond bites or sourdough cheddar pretzels

    This would be such a blessing to my two girls (under 3) and for the growing babe in my belly! :) always looking for healthy snacks

  53. Jessica

    would love to try those tasty vegetable chips and the siracha cashews!

  54. maria

    the cranberry macaroon granola sounds delicious! :)

  55. ejtye

    The Banana Bread Granola sounds amazeballs!

  56. Aja Frost

    Oooh, I’m diggin’ the praline pumpkin seeds.

  57. Jade

    Dark Cocoa Almonds! Or the blueberry nom noms.

  58. Lori

    I’ve been wanting to try Nature Box- those sweet potato fries look delicious!

  59. Emily

    Too many tempting choices…sourdough cheddar pretzels and sweet potato fries are probably at the top of my list…my kiddos would live those I’m sure!