a little video of my favorite giggles + happy thanksgiving!

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my dear mother came for a visit this past week. it was wonderful.  when my mom comes to town you can always count on a fresh loaf of bread coming right out of the oven, and other bowls of rising dough propped up all around the cooler parts of the apartment. on your bedroom dresser, on a chair beside a window… “can i put this on the fire escape?” she even asked. haha. there are so many pigeons out there though we decided not to.  when my mom is in town, at any given moment if you say, “…soup sounds amazing right now…” or something of that context, twenty minutes later you’ll smell it simmering on the stove. that is my mother for you. she takes good care of her loved ones with good cooking, and i felt spoiled all week eating all of my favorite homemade meals from childhood. sure hope my kids don’t mind my visits when they are grown someday because things like that will unfortunately not be happening in the kitchen. it’s a shame, really.  i must improve my cooking skills one of these days. ;)

my mom got us to rearrange all the furniture in our apartment while she was here. suddenly we’re like, “ah hah!” so that’s how our layout should go.  this teeny tiny new york city apartment is feeling extra spacious today. thanks mom.  she tried to rearrange my kitchen cabinets one night, but that resulted in us arguing about where things should go. please tell me you have those frustrating arguments about kitchen cabinets with your mom, too.  (i recall we had the same conversation when she came to visit us in DC, too.) obviously mother knows best, but i am a mother now too. (ha!) two mothers who both know best will get you into trouble. full disclosure though, i really don’t know best, but honestly truly: you can’t put my nutella all the way on the top highest shelf where you can only reach it with a chair.  i mean, really….

we made several costco and target runs together too. while i hadn’t been to the city costco in months, i am now fully obsessed once again and will be making that trek more often. anyway, i leave you with this darling little video i snapped on my iphone during one of our trips to costco.

my littles love their grandma so much. it was a great week getting to see them interact each day.  and ps. i know this video kind of promotes hitting and we should probably not let our kids do this, but slap stick man. it gets me every time too.

my heart is very full this thanksgiving. we are far away from our family, but we are so blessed to have family.   have a happy thanksgiving tomorrow, friends!

  1. hanna

    The video is adorable! I love your kids. –Hanna Lei

  2. Briseidy

    oh my gosh! I’m dying here! adorable…grandmas are just the best

  3. Samantha

    I was having a bad day today but those laughs…oh that laughter just made me smile.

    Thank you

  4. Fernanda

    have a happy thanksgiving David’s family! xoxo

  5. melisa

    today was a horrible day for me. and i am so glad i came on here … that made my eyes water (in a good way) i hope to one day have a beautiful family like yours. that’s all i want

  6. Stephanie

    Isn’t it amazing to see how much our babies love their grandparents?! My son is ony 18 months and doesn’t see his grandparents everyday (but we do live in the same city, so at least once a week) and yet the love is incredible. Seeing him love and adore the people who made me and loved me and helped shape the mother I am to him makes my heart swell. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Cintya

    What an adorable video. Grandmothers are definitely awesome and the most amazing people, I see it in my mom every time she plays with my nieces and your mother is no exception. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  8. Janis

    Lol, everyone has motherly arguments! Got to! What a cute video! :)

  9. Bea

    Mothers are always the best!They always know what is important for us, and what we need!
    Happy thanksgiving!

  10. Tracey

    “The Davis’s, they’re just like us” :p… Nutella on a shelf that requires a chair is no-no but in all seriousness funny post!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Haha, I have had the same argument with my dad, because he didn’t understand why I had put the glasses so far away from the sink/water, but I didn’t want to glasses to take so much space, and the place most far away, fitted perfectly for the glasses. Oh boy.
    But hey, about that apartment – would you mind sharing some of your favorite spots around your apartment with us? Definitely love your children’s room, and it has inspired me a lot!

  12. I love reading your blog! You’re so cute, and I love seeing how much you love your family! I am a firm believer that kitchen cabinets do have specific purposes for specific kitchen supplies! I’ve had many of those kitchen organizing arguments with my mom. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Lindsay Gossett

    Oh my goodness, those laughs can turn a frown right upside-down, can’t they? You are so, so lucky to be the mother of those little angels.

  14. cheyenne

    so cute :) and it’s great to spend time with your mother, i always look forward to visiting mine!
    xo, cheyenne

  15. Rosie

    Ah see this is the benefit of having a mother who doesn’t give two tosses about kitchen-cupboard organisation! ;) In fact, with us it’s probably the other way round! I go round to her house and tidy up her pasta cupboard, and reorganise her fridge! She’s always grateful though…or so I like to think! ;)

  16. Rebecca

    Adorable as ever x

  17. nanette

    happy thanksgiving! what a beautiful family you have been blessed with! :)

  18. Anne

    Oh my goodness their little laughs are so adorable!

  19. Such sweet giggles! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  20. Jessica

    Such a cute little video.
    and Motherly arguments are definitely normal! They just want what’s best for us :) hehe.
    You’re very lucky you have a mama to come and bake you fresh bread :)

  21. rikki

    oh my goodness, those giggles are almost more than I can bear! so sweet :).

  22. jovana

    no, we (the parents) shouldn’t allow hitting (or candy, or sitting on our laps all through dinner, or hanging out on the couch naked and accidentally peeing on it) – but that’s what grandparents are for. they’re there to spoil our kids and give them the best time ever every time they visit. my son’s got his grandma wrapped around his finger, but she has him wrapped around hers too. grandmas just have a way with kids.

  23. lea

    Oh goodness. You can see the grandma magic! There is nothing like the raising of five kiddos to season a person into the best grandparent; they know what matters–even if nutella is a phenomenon of our American generation.

  24. JM

    Precious, precious video. Makes me miss my grandmothers. And there is no need for the disclaimer, this video only promotes hitting if you don’t raise your children right the rest of the time. Whereas you clearly do raise your kids to know the difference between harmless fun and games and real hitting. It’s lovely to see them enjoying their grandma.


  25. What adorable giggles! Grandmas are the best.

  26. Giulia

    I laughed so much! They’re so lovely :)

  27. ezrazoe

    awww even if it seems to promote hitting, the giggles are worth it! ; )

  28. Kate

    so cute, and when my mama comes over she loves to rearrange things “why do you have all your dish towels in here…they should be there!!” and i lose it!!

  29. amberly

    Oh their laugh! SO SO cute! I love those two!