a girls day trip!


on saturday, a few of my girlfriends and i rented a car and drove up to connecticut to see another dear girlfriend’s show at the goodspeed opera house.  since the theater was almost 3 hours away from the city, we decided to make a full day out of it for just the ladies and leave the babes at home with their papas. we left bright and early and returned after dark.  we had some amazing conversations in the car and over lunch and dinner about our roles as women and also raising and teaching our children, social media and faith and future plans. conversations where it feels safe to just share, and learn and not feel judged or belittled to express your concerns or frustrations or aspirations and dreams.  i always walk away wanting to be a better woman and wife and mother and friend after i spend time with these ladies and other friends.  josh often pokes fun of how i’ll say “it was a good group” when i tell him who i spent time with at this outing or that activity. i know it’s a very cliche girly thing to say, but really, it’s great to have good friends. ;) the older i’m getting, i’m realizing just how important it is to cherish these dear friendships and also make a point to be the best kind of friend i can be. i think we are all blessed to have great people in our lives who come and go and we should all take a moment to tell them how much they mean to us.

these photos were taken with the Canon EOS 6D Digital SLR, which we use for both full HD video and stills. here are a few of my favorites from our day…


^^^best time of year for a long drive. the colors we saw from the road were outstanding.^^^


^^^we drove by this house and couldn’t get over those bright red leaves! we had to turn around and go back. we pulled over and got out of the car and had some fun moments tossing them in the air taking a few photos.  we met the sweet man who lives in the house.  he is a painter who has lived here for over 40 years with his studio out back! he was very proud of his tree, as he should be. it’s a beauty. ^^^



^^^see why i love these ladies?^^^


^^^also, dream house. and in yellow too!^^^

saturday--for-blog10 saturday--forblog

^^^what girls trip isn’t complete without a cupcake shop? haha. i don’t remember the name of this place but i’ll need to figure it out because they were better than any cupcakes i’ve had in the city.^^^


^^^obligatory cupcake photo. because hello! this is a blog!^^^


^^^blonde bombshells with leaves in their hair. it’s a new trend for next season. remember you heard it here first. ;)^^^


^^^this is the town of chestnut!^^^


^^^and this truck is in my same dream where i live in that yellow house above, ok?^^^


^^^the goodspeed opera house is pretty amazing.^^^

saturday-forblog6 saturday---for-blog13

^^^congrats to our friend natalie on such an energetic and flawless performance! such a fun show! you are one talented lady, my dear.  and thanks for a fun day away from the city, friends! glad to call you friends.^^^

  1. bridget

    YES to everything you said about good girl relationships. a million times, yes. and that red tree with the white house is perfect.

  2. Kristin

    Love my state :) ct is such a beautiful place, wouldn’t want to live anywhere else ! That is the cupcakery on main st in Chester Ct I believe . Yum yum

  3. Eden

    That tree is so lovely! The leaves in West Virginia are finally starting to fall and are looking pretty bare! So wonderful to enjoy the change of seasons!

  4. rayani

    Beautiful pictures!!!

  5. Natalie

    I love this post. Theres nothing more special then friends and family, and when you have a good set of friends it is important you make the most with them! Beautiful time for a trip! ♥


  6. Jm

    Absolutely agree with you about the importance of good friendships. They are so precious.

    It’s nice to see you enthuse about these non-city things. Do you ever think about moving out of NYC so that you can have a house and garden and stuff? I remember you talking about it after coming back from Utah. As another person who lives in a city, I was wondering whether you go back and forth on the decision?


  7. melissa

    Great Pics. It is Chester not Chestnut CT

  8. it is always such a joy to spend time with friends. a good girls day out is always needed/appreciated!

    looks like an awesome day of fellowship and fun! love your pictures, of course!!

  9. Sarah

    Such a charming little borough and those red leaves are gorgeous!

    I completely agree about the importance of having a great support network of girlfriends. There’s just nothing that replaces those connections and that love.

  10. amanda

    ahhhh thos leaves are STUNNING! Connecticut is so gorgeous, I’ve gone up to the northeast end a few times with a friend of mine to see her parents and it’s just so picturesque.

  11. The red of those leaves! The yellow of the truck! This post is such a color feast. :)

  12. kendall

    such stunning shots!! in love with all the color! x

  13. Mónica

    Go go lucky you have some healthy envy is what I have, one day for yourselves alone is great. The red leaves tree struck me. Kisses and happy Monday

  14. Megan

    I hope my friends and I will still be doing stuff like this when we are all out of college :) Great photos and it looks like you all had such a great time!
    Bespeckled With Freckles

  15. “conversations where it feels safe to just share, and learn and not feel judged or belittled to express your concerns or frustrations or aspirations and dreams.” // So well said, and what a treasure this is to find! Friendship really cannot be forced, and when you find a group of people who lift you up and make you feel safe and loved, its a real and beautiful gift. Love these pictures too, I live in Boston and feel a little gipped that I”m not seeing such vibrant colors around me anymore! ;)

  16. hanna

    Those leaves are beautiful! –Hanna Marie

  17. Alisia

    These pictures are wonderful! Nothing better than a great group of friends together for the day on an amazing day trip. The leaves looked almost out of a movie and the little town you visited looked so charming.

    By the way, I love your pants….where are they from!?


  18. bea

    wow!!!those photos are wonderful!!
    i think friendship can give to our lives a better taste!

  19. Briseidy

    that place looks magical! and I just can’t believe how beautifully red those leaves are! … so good to have friends that make you want to be a better version of yourself! :)

  20. Faith

    You and your girlfriends are so adorable! Looks like a fantastic (and rejuvenating!) way to spend the weekend.


  21. Jessica

    I live in Connecticut and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It has the perfect mix of country, beach, history, and tenchology. It really is such a treasure that you have captured beautifully in your photos! I’m so glad you had a great time outside of the city. xo

  22. Emma

    Everything you said about good girlfriends resonates with me. Right now I am at the phase where our conversations are about relationships and careers, but I know eventually we will support each other as our families grow. I’m so happy that you were able to get some good girlfriend time this weekend!

  23. Janis

    You are right, those are some awesome colors to take in! And that white house with the red leaves is beautiful! Y’all are pretty brave to get out to meet and greet the owner! :)

  24. Conny

    What a fun day! I always remind myself to cherish the few friendships i have where i am able to just fully be myself around. Beautiful :-)

  25. What a fun day! It is great to have friends like that, and I am lucky to say that I have the same.

    ps: that burberry coat is flawless!

  26. Greta

    I don’t know what is it about your blog but it inspires me so! Thank you!

  27. maggie

    Oh my God, those leaves! Looks like you all had a great time.

  28. What incredible photos! I absolutely love the ones with you guys with the leaves. Wonderful. xx

  29. Hanging with the boys is fun and all, but there’s really nothing on this planet like having fun with your girlfriends – they just get you on such a different, NECESSARY level!

  30. liv

    i have to know where you got the red booties i keep seeing in your pics- so cute.

  31. Jessie

    Chester, CT, *not* Chesnut, CT. I grew up around there & it is a splendid place.

  32. Jo Farmer

    So joyful! I love it. Such a great group of gals, indeed. :)


  33. Lisa

    We all need good friends like that! It is reenergizing…I love the pictures…I am particularly fond of yellow houses, myself. My house is yellow. :)

  34. I totally agree that girl-time/friend-time is absolutely invaluable. I love my kids so much, but I think it’s really healthy to get a break from them from time to time to focus on building relationships with my friends and explore my own interests. I think it makes me a better mama for them. Looks like you had a blast!

  35. nanette

    how picture perfect these houses look! :)

  36. I think as we get older it’s hard to find time to just relax and spend time with good friends, but girl time is so important! I love all these photos! Playing with leaves is always a good time. :D

  37. Alex

    This CT transplant in Seattle thanks you for sharing some gorgeous pictures of New England fall. This is the season that makes me most homesick for home!

  38. Alexandra

    Lovely post!

  39. TJ

    I always imagined as I got older I would instantly have a circle of friends just like the TV show. I realize though that you have to work at friendships, and when you do good ones come into your life at just the right moment and make life fun! Love this post! Here’s to friends!
    xo TJ


  40. Rachel

    These photos are great! I think it’s important not to neglect your friends even though it’s hard with babes, boyfriends, husbands, etc. Those friendships are also important! Looks like you ladies had a lovely time! Good for you guys!


  41. Shannon

    This post brought a tear to my eye. You’re lucky to have such wonderful friendships. That’s something that’s missing in my life right now. So happy for you.


  42. Chelsea

    I love how well that bright tree contrasts with the mans gorgeous white house! Sounds/looks like you had a wonderful girls day!

  43. Randi

    In my humble, small-town-loving opinion, smaller towns always make better cupcakes. :-) There’s real heart put into them! And they always seem just a bit more fresh.

    Looks like a fun trip… and so brazen of you ladies to play underneath someone else’s tree! I love that!!! And you met a kind soul because of it. High five to living in the moment.

  44. Kelly

    This looks and sounds amazing! I am so sad the leaves aren’t this red in the city!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  45. These photos are wonderful! The colors are so vibrant, and you ladies are just lovely. I love your blog and find you and your family to be such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading future posts!

    Now following,

  46. Wow! Those houses are beautiful! I have a soft spot for residential architecture… I would love to visit that area some time…

  47. Emily

    Any updates on Kingsley? I miss that loveable bulldog….

  48. Paula-May

    I feel the same about my friends but most importantly whereever did you get the tartan trousers you wore on the connecticut trip?! I love them!

  49. laura

    you guys should totally buy a house in CT!

  50. Stacey

    Wowza! The colours of the leaves are AMAZING!
    Looks like a fabulous and fun trip : )

  51. so cute! looks so fun! connecticut looks so idyllic!

  52. Ckah

    What an a,axing beautiful day. I wish I lived on the east coast for the opportunity to experience seasons. Beautiful is an understatement. And being able to get to another state three hours. Road trips are so fun. And so are trips to events. Thanks for sharing

  53. Aleksandra

    hi! i’ve been following your blog for some time now and i must say you give me such a great inspiration and motivate me to be a better mom and wife, getting more and more creative and passionate :) i love your posts and photos of your life in nyc! love from poland


  54. I’ve never seen a real fall season before! Those red leaves look amazing!! One of these days I’ll have to go somewhere where that happens!

    -Mo; ollivandermo.com

  55. Jessica

    It looks amazing there! I absolutely love autumn!!

  56. Heather

    I believe you were in Chester, there isn’t a Chestnut CT. Chester is one of the cutest towns near East Haddam :)

  57. Allison

    I grew up in Chester :) it’s such an adorable and amazing place, so happy you were able to visit!

  58. So gorgeous, Naomi. You have a lovely group of friends!

  59. Making time for female friendships is SO important and fulfilling – looks like you all had a great time! Love the beautiful leaf photos!

  60. Kristen

    When bloggers collide!
    Love Natalie’s No Sex in the City!