snippets from life lately…


^^^eleanor is very pleased her sunday boots finally fit. mama is pleased, too. (bought them wayyy too big last spring.) ps. they are joyfolie brand, found on sale via gilt.^^^



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^^^papa is king of the playground. ;)^^^

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^^^sister sister.^^^


^^^aw, your eyes samson. i love you so much silly boy.^^^


^^^because “STATUE OF LIBERTY MAMA!!!!!!!!”^^^


^^^oh that deep blue door. so welcoming.^^^


^^^and what’s up with mama always thinking our family can split and share a popsicle from popbar? the kids both wanted to be the only ones to hold it. here is samson leaning as far out as he can to keep the popsicle from eleanor. i don’t know. we’ll get this share thing down eventually.^^^

  1. Patricia

    Naomi I LOVE your new hair. The lighter ombre highlights look amazing. Where did you have them done?

  2. Jamie

    I’m not sure if you ever have time to actually respond to these comments, but I’m taking my first trip to NYC (on a kid-free getaway with my best friend!) in 3 weeks. I’d LOVE some of your favorite food spots so I can be eating the best thing in the city while I’m there. We plan to eat our way through the city :)

  3. Hi Naomi! I just wanted to say that I have been reading your blog for a while and I absolutely adore your blog. I recently started my own as well because I was so inspired by your blog. Your kiddies are the cutest children on the internet and I love the way you write.
    Just thought I’d share! :)

  4. Lots of love and jOY in these photos, as always! Looks like a great time with your sisters in town, too. ;-) My fav pic is definitely E on tip-toes looking at the statue of liberty. Adorable!

  5. Linn

    You and your sisters are GORGEOUS! So alike :-)

  6. Talia

    loving those wellies! where are they from??

  7. Allison

    Love your sister’s nylon & leather bag, do you know what brand it is?

  8. Victoria

    Would you mind sharing some info about your gray boots?

  9. Chrissy

    Where are those adorable yellow rain jackets from?! I need to find one for my little guy. Your kids are way too cute and I love reading your blog!

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  11. anon

    it seems the boots are a popular theme – I would love, love, looove to know where your sisters boots, on the first photo, are from!

  12. Liza

    looks like so much fun!! What brand are your rain boots? I love them!