ode to my ballerina, 5 pianos, girls night, a photo shoot, letterpress and graffiti art.

i kept meaning to sit down and blog last week but time just gets away from me these days. i don’t know how people do it! i honestly need like 5 more hours in my day. and another 8 dedicated just to sleep. who wants to get on that?   one thing being a mama of two has most definitely taught me, is that when my house is quiet and sleeping, i should be sleeping too....

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snippets from life lately…

^^^eleanor is very pleased her sunday boots finally fit. mama is pleased, too. (bought them wayyy too big last spring.) ps. they are joyfolie brand, found on sale via gilt.^^^


^^^papa is king of the playground. ;)^^^

^^^sister sister.^^^

^^^aw, your eyes samson. i love you so much silly boy.^^^

^^^because “STATUE OF LIBERTY MAMA!!!!!!!!”^^^

^^^oh that deep blue door....

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a solid good weekend.

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we had one of those weekends that was just solid awesome.  the forecast suggested rain through and through but it only sprinkled a few times on friday. we stopped by joe’s twice for a slice and i won’t even tell you how many bakeries we hit up.  we lived outside in the cooler weather trading in one playground for the next....

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“juice it, juice it!”

remember how i bought that juicer a couple months ago but still hadn’t gotten around to using it? i don’t know why that thing felt so daunting to break out. i’m embarrassed about it now. we have been working hard the last several months at eating better, bringing better food options into our home for our children too.  ...

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a record deal?

i bought this saxophone for eleanor’s second birthday. it was 40% off at a local toy store so i couldn’t help it. but we ended up giving eleanor a scooter for her birthday and we felt like that was plenty, so we decided to hold onto the sax and give it to her at a future point.  ...

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