ode to my ballerina, 5 pianos, girls night, a photo shoot, letterpress and graffiti art.


i kept meaning to sit down and blog last week but time just gets away from me these days. i don’t know how people do it! i honestly need like 5 more hours in my day. and another 8 dedicated just to sleep. who wants to get on that?   one thing being a mama of two has most definitely taught me, is that when my house is quiet and sleeping, i should be sleeping too. sometimes that’s hard to do when it’s often my only time to myself, but sometimes i’m smart and listen to my sleepy brain and usually when i do this, i feel better. even if it means my house is scary looking and everything is gravitating towards the back burner.

anyway, here are a few moments from our week. all from my iphone.

some words about that top photo….  i couldn’t find a decently priced dance class for eleanor in the area. (oh new york city, why are your extra curricular activities so darn expensive?!) so i decided to teach her and a few of her little friends myself this semester.  a friend of mine with a large apartment kindly offered up her living room one afternoon each week and another friend kindly offered to watch samson during class time and now we’ve got 2 classes going back to back with six little ones in each! putting that old juilliard bachelor of fine arts degree to good use and having a lot of fun doing it.^^^


^^^these cute faces are my family and i don’t think i’m biased but maybe i am… they are the cutest faces i know. i like kissing all of them. ^^^


^^^bath time. also known as splash time. i’m always soaking wet afterwards and i’m not even in the tub!^^^


^^^the ladies from sonnet james flew to the city this week so we could work on shooting their spring line! i was so flattered to  be a part of it because these dresses are hitting it out of the park, they are so great. i’m never changing out of that hot pink one come spring, i tell you.^^^


^^^thursday night i met some girlfriends for dinner and dessert in soho. it was great to catch up with everyone sans babies (sometimes forming a sentence can be hard when your kids are running opposite directions at the same time.) and hello rice to riches, you are still my fave. oh, that photo on the right is from saturday morning. it doesn’t have much to do with thursday night girls night, but anyway….)


^^^we stopped by steinway hall on thursday to see our friends, the 5 browns, rehearse and tour the old historic building with them. eleanor enjoyed practicing piano with them! they were sweet to let her play.  josh and i went to their concert at carnegie hall on friday and were so blown away. they are some of the kindest and most down to earth people we know. they deserve all the success that comes their way.  congratulations, friends!^^^


^^^on saturday morning, josh and i had a little letterpress date at regas studio! the owners are old friends of josh’s (they all went to the same high school) so it’s been fun to get to know them a bit and hear all the high school stories! we also had a lot of fun learning all about their letterpress and trying our hand at it. more on that later!^^^


^^^and banksy stopped by our neighborhood on saturday night so we were sure to hunt down and check out his newest work on our way home from church on sunday! we also started watching a documentary he directed last night which is just fascinating so far. hopefully someday when we aren’t sleepy we can finish it. ;) ^^^

  1. How honorable! We have a lot of respect for you teaching those little girls! We are two former ballett girls as well and can’t stress enough how very valuable this classic training has been even though we don’t do something related to dance now for a career.

    Also: Have we mentiones that yours is one of our favourite blogs?
    We even wrote a little article about it:

    Love from Germany,

    Birdy and Bambi

  2. Jay

    Are you watching “Exit Through the Gift Shop?” You’re right – it is fascinating!

  3. Belinda

    The B&W bathtime shot is kind of perfect. Both Samson and Eleanor’s personalities seem to shine through in this beautifully simple moment. And don’t get me started on the subway tiles! Love. x

  4. Hiroko

    wow!! I have seen the last photo! And I do love that pink dress!

  5. JM

    Ha, I have just written on my blog about the distinct lack of time. My new Masters course is taking up so much of my time. I love it but I could do with those extra 5 hours a day or so.

    These are gorgeous photos, I especially love the bath time one. Eleanor looks like she is about to break out into song. :)


  6. hanna

    That last photo is awesome. Looks like you’ve been busy. –Hanna Marie

  7. Oh I’m so envious of New York City for having Banksy there in residency for the month! Lucky you for seeing this piece in person.

    And what a wonderful idea for you and your friend’s to make your own ballet school for little children. So great! Way to go.

  8. What a lovely week! The Banksy in my neighbourhood was removed and sold by the building owner :/

  9. Lonka

    I adore this blog!!!

  10. Bea

    You do so many happy and wonderful things!!! Wonderful family!
    Buon lunedì!

  11. I love that you’re teaching the dance classes!! i was just talking about my dance classes when i was younger and how i think dance classes were such great child memories for me! and how i think that even if a child doesn’t grow up to be a dancer, it’s great to do it to learn rhythm, how to take directions from a teacher, make friends, behave, memorize things… i hope it all goes well for your little ones! maybe we’ll see a little recital at the end of the season??


  12. TJ

    Your family is always up to great adventures! And what amazing and goal driven friends you have! Can’t wait to see more about that letterpress :)
    xo TJ


  13. rayani

    Very cool initiative to teach ballet to your daughter and some of her friends, and you have great friends who help you in this initiative.


    Hugs from Brasil

  14. Loved this little update! E in her leotard is too cute for words. And I adore your blazer in the cab photo with Josh – where is it from? xoxo

  15. Laura

    Love love love everything about this. It’s just ordinary life, but so well documented. Your littles are going to have the best photo archives!

  16. busy mom! love life documented. :) hope today is wonderful.

  17. Sarah

    That pink dress is fantaaastic! The photo of Eleanor and her little dance pals reminds me so much of an illustration from a ballet book I had when I was little. I wish I could remember what it was called. I seem to remember the little girl in the story couldn’t keep her shoes ties up or something. So great you’re getting a chance to pass on your dance knowledge to some little ones!

  18. Carli

    these pictures are perfection! sounds like a busy week but a deliciously full one! And that Banksy photo is perfection. How cool!!

  19. You and your family always do such beautiful things. I love all of the outfits you wear or put on your littles!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  20. jennifer

    How dare you not have a chance to blog!!

    JK, I feel you.

    When life gets so busy it is hard and then it’s 10 and if you can’t push past that 10 pm urge to just pass out, there really is no time.

    I think it’s wonderful you have so many fingers in so many pies. Makes for a lovely life.

    xoxo from san francisco


    ps took the kids to the theater last week. It was amazing. You will have such a wonderful time when your kids are old enough to go see broadway shows.

  21. Megan

    That picture of Eleanor and Samson in the tub is so precious! You always have such great pictures :)
    Bespeckled With Freckles

  22. Mónica

    This is a friend and the rest is nonsense …. I love to see girls dressed in ballet. Here are cheap extracurricular classes Alejandro tennis and theater going. Aprovechasteis well the weekend has not. Kisses and Happy Mondays.

  23. Tasneem

    Good for you getting sleep when you can…I can never convince myself to go to sleep when the baby does. There is always one last thing that needs to be done that turns into a million other things. And teaching your own ballet class is such a good idea!

  24. amanda

    Ohhhh, those little girls in their ballet outfits are so precious! Teaching your own class is brilliant – saves on cash, gives you (even more) quality time with your gal, etc.

    Also, the Banksy pieces this month are so rad. Have you seen the gas mask horses in the LES? Seriously cool…

  25. Jocelyn

    Great post! And I have to say that I LOVE your outfit in the last photo :)

  26. Faith

    Love, love, love that you are teaching the ballet classes! Just the sweetest :)

    You are also rocking that pink dress & look adorable next to the Banksy!

    Hope you have a great start to your week Naomi!


  27. Janis

    Awesome catch of the Banksy tag, jealous! Letterpress visit is an awesome idea, and the babes look very adorable in the photos!

  28. So I’m generally pretty jealous of your NYC life but seeing that photo of Rice to Riches just sent me over the top. That place is my fave! It’s usually my first stop when I visit NYC, though that only happens about once a year. I spend the remaining 364 days of the year dreaming about when I can go back and try yet another wonderful flavor of rice pudding (a dessert I totally thought I hated until I went to Rice to Riches …)

    Looks like you guys have really been enjoying Fall in the city :)


  29. Grace

    hahaha that banksy documentary is the biggest prank of all! had a good laugh at that one when i watched it a few years ago.
    So cool that you are teaching your own ballet class! you are a super mama!

  30. Megan

    and hello yellow fireplace. amazing!

    I have my 2nd baby on the way (next month!) and I’m just anticipating all the fun, but even more lack of time to get things done. I need to come to terms with having a messy house for the next few years is just going to have to be ok.

    Megan from Chasing Davies

  31. Meredith

    Where in the neighborhood did you find the Banksy? Thanks.

  32. jaclyn

    aww what a great weekend!! i love that you are teaching E and her friends ballet!! what FUN :)

  33. Marie

    it’s great that you’re teaching your girl and her little friends ballet. They look adorable in their leotards and tutu skirts! And your dress in the last photo is lovely. :)


  34. Jessica

    What is that dress you are weari v in the bottom photo???? I am drooling g..

  35. Megan

    Are you watching Exit Through the Gift Shop? Its a great documentary!!!

  36. You look so so amazing in that last picture!

  37. Wow, talk about a busy week/end! But it all looks like suuuuper fun – I know your kids are going to have such wonderful memories of their childhood in NYC :) And also, SUCH a good idea about the dancing. They’ve got an expert teacher at their hands!

  38. Awwww…thanks Naomi! You said such kind things. We wish we could’ve seen you afterwards though. You guys are THE BEST. Oh! And much love to the little guys! We don’t know which one is going to win out with E…the piano or ballet… (maybe in 15 years the verdict will be out)

  39. loving this round up of photos! so precious that you’re teaching your little one how to dance. that letterpress company looks perfect!

  40. RoselyC

    What an exciting couple of days you and your family had. It’s awesome how you are exposed to the different type of arts.

  41. oh, I use to do ballet when I was that age too! that’s so great that you can teach these little cuties. They’ll remember it formever.

  42. tina

    you are beyond words! you’re such a maginificent being and I think your family is sooooo lucky to have you! thanks for putting a smile to my Monday.

  43. Heather

    Looks like you guys are having fun sans sleep! :)
    Love that Banksy was in your neighborhood and how fun to be teaching ballet to littles! Seriously that’s the best age, I’m sure you all are having a blast!


  44. Ana

    That’s so nice of you to teach them! I’m sure their moms really appreciate it!

  45. Wow!!! Wow to all of this. These pictures are so great, and you teaching the ballet class is amazing. Something Eleanor will remember forever I am sure.

  46. I think it’s so great you are teaching ballet to those little ones! And I am totally in on that ‘5 more hours in a day with 8 hours dedicated to sleep’ thing. Seriously…. sign me up!

  47. Etheline

    So of all the amazing things that you guys have at your finger tips— having a month of new banksy work around the city may top the list of awesome!! Exit thru the gift shop is great but towards the end its shifts into talking about another artist which is kind of lame!

  48. You are smart to do your own dance class! And I’m loving all the things you get to do together as a family, love that you put them first :)

  49. lo

    oh i just watched that documentary. really enjoyed it! teaching that little ballet class has got to be so fun!

  50. cheyenne

    aw, little girls doing ballet are the cutest! so good of you that you’re teaching them yourself :)
    xo, cheyenne

  51. Rebecca

    Would not mind a private piano lesson with all the 5 Browns, myself! What a privilege!

  52. I absolutely love that you are teaching E’s ballet class — I think she will remember it so fondly when she gets older! ;-) The bathtub picture is perfection, too! I can’t wait to hear more about your visit to Regas Studio; I’m a paper nerd and a letterpress devotee.

  53. your family is so cute!! It would have been amazing to see the 5 browns rehearse!!

  54. marta

    wow that’s so great, you’ve been a busy bee lately according to your iphone pics :) i always admire your projects and people you are choosing to work with. also, i’m honestly blown away by how many people is reading your blog now. sweet. pssst… i have to admit, i’m reading rockstar diaries since cup of jo’s post on your halloween costumes, way back in 2008! ah can’t wait to see what will you come up with on halloween this year :) all the very best, marta

  55. Randilea

    Love the 5 Browns! I saw them a couple years ago and was also blown away by their performances.

  56. man…i would want you to teach ME ballet!! lol i just love it so much but have never even attempted it. i am just now kind of getting into the “barre workout” and want to add classical music to it. lol

  57. Awww, this gives me a GREAT idea to teach my little 3 year old the basics of ballet, bc even here in tiny Athens, GA, it’s pricey for lessons! Especially when you have 2 other big boys to pay for their extracurricular activities as well!! I could stand the exercise as well and brush up on the old pas de burre! Is that even how you spell it?? I don’t know…ha!!

  58. Rhiannon

    That pink dress looks fabulous on you!

    May I ask what lip color you’re wearing in the cab? I’ve been looking for something more adventurous than my usual nude and I think I could pull that off. :)

  59. tara

    Love love love that you are teaching the dance classes yourself! What a smart idea.

    Banksy!!!! So jealous.

    And also now I want babies. So thanks for that :)

  60. Not only are classes for little ones pricey but I can’t find a reasonably priced dance class for adults to save my life! I miss ballet so much but my budget just doesn’t allow for $18 per class. Please please please find a studio and teach for us former dancers!

  61. Karin

    you look great next to banksy’s art… X from Switzerland, K.