my favorite stage is now.

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the other day i was sitting on the sofa with both eleanor and samson when eleanor asked me, “mama, can samson talk?” i explained to her that he is learning how to talk right now. every time he makes noises and sounds… he is trying. i told her that she is his best teacher. because samson tries to mimic everything she does and says throughout the day more than anyone else.  it’s a very big job, eleanor! being in charge of teaching samson to use his words. “yeah!” she replied. “i his teacher!”  she then leaned into samson as she pointed at her own chest and said, “i eleanor. can you say that, little guy? eeellll- leeeee – norrrrr.” my mama heart was bursting.   samson made some sort of “eh” sound which eleanor took to be a very good attempt. “good job!” she said. then she looked at me with her head tilted to one side and commented that “he’s so cute.” i almost fell on the floor.  YOU’RE so cute, eleanor. why are you so freaking cute?!

right now, eleanor truly believes that sticky tape can fix anything and asks for ketchup with everything. her favorite color is blue and she prefers to run around the apartment butt naked.  samson can find every airplane in the sky before i can and will turn around and back himself into my lap while holding a book which is his way of saying “please read to me”. the other day he grabbed my cheeks between his hands and kissed me on the lips unexpectedly.  they make me so happy.

all of the stages of motherhood i’ve experienced so far have been my favorite for different reasons. that newborn stage where they are so tiny and cuddly and sleep on you all day long. that stage where they learn to army crawl with their butts up in the air and then sit up on their own and flip through books with gummy smiles and drool for days down their shirts.  that stage where they begin to recognize the things they especially love… certain people, trains, colors, balloons! and you watch this tiny personality begin to take shape and life.  but this stage i’m in right now, where my 2 1/2 year old keeps me company all day long by talking and talking and talking and my 16 month old observes her with the utmost awe and fascination, this stage is really really my favorite.

i’ve never done any of this before and it can all be a bit hard to navigate at times.  sometimes i feel like all i’m doing is meddling with these perfect spirits and placing my own fears and habits and short comings on them. i spend a lot of my time crossing my fingers and praying i don’t screw them up too terribly. gosh my prayers are a mess. i’m just thankful i’ve been given this chance, with these two beautiful healthy and happy babes.

so here’s to this beautiful stage of motherhood where i wouldn’t mind if time slowed down and let us linger right here a bit longer. because it really really is my favorite season and sometimes i feel like i’m going to wake up soon and it will all have been a very short dream.

  1. Cristina

    Naomi, thank you thank you for this. I’m your age and feeling aaaaalmost ready to take the dive into parenthood with my husband. It’s a thrilling and terrifying leap into the unknown. But i feel that it’s what I’ve been waiting for my whole life. No previous or current definition of myself has yet felt like enough. I want to be a mom! Still, when fears and doubts creep in, how reassuring and comforting it is to read posts like this! Thank you for packaging these moments and sending them to us. What a gift to have discovered this place you’ve created. Thank you.

  2. And Kate

    What a lovely post!
    This blog is one of my favourites as it is a continued journey throughout your families lives, experiences and adventures!
    It makes me so happy to hear that Eleanor and Samson are happy and healthy.
    I hope you have an amazing week,
    Lots of love from across the pond,
    Kate xo

  3. Dana

    Soooo lovely. aaaahhhhhh. :-)

    I lots of hugs for you and your family.

    warmly regards,

  4. Meg G

    What is it with 2 years olds and not wearing clothes? We are barely in the door and Avery is “No! Pants! Mama!”. I am lucky that I can get her to keep her Tshirt on. Hoping the cold weather helps her understand the importance of being clothed.

    And I am also a little jealous that she can run around the house in just her undies. If I did that, a neighbor would certainly call the police!


  5. bridget

    your last line. sounds just like me. i always think to myself, “i’m such an emotional mom” but maybe i’m just a mom. i can routinely be brought to tears by the idea that it’s going by so fast, but simultaneously finding so much freaking joy with each bit of it.

    beautiful post, words, and kids you have!

  6. Annie

    Sheesh! That first paragraph has ME melting just reading it!

  7. sibling love! the cutest. for five years i’ve been saying “this is my favorite age.” every time i say it, it’s true. just keeps getting better and better. xo

  8. I love these little stories! My nephews are a little bit older than Eleanor and Samson and they really struggled to share for awhile! I watched them the other day though and they got along perfectly it was adorable. We all sang John Jacob Jingle Hiemer Schmidt together and played trains for a few hours.
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  9. This is such a beautiful post, Naomi. I don’t have children yet so I can’t offer any practical advice but just keep on keeping on, I’d bet you’re doing a great job x

  10. Veronica

    This is gorgeous! I was moved …
    Have a nice day!

  11. Patience

    My mom raised 7 kids and she always says it felt like a dream now that the youngest is 26 and the oldest is 38. Time flies on the wings of Angels.

  12. rayani

    This post make me smile


  13. your narration of eleanor’s conversation was so perfect – MY heart almost burst. They are so adorable!

  14. Lucy

    Oh what a lovely post.

    Children are just the best aren’t they? We are so very very blessed.

    X x x

  15. Melanie

    You sure know how to turn on the waterworks girl! So, so sweet.

  16. Ariel

    Could your littles be any cuter?! ;)

  17. Erin

    I love this! Thank you for sharing!

  18. laura

    This is SO beautiful! If you don’t keep your posts somewhere other than on the blog, You need to save this one somewhere. They will surely want to read it when they get older. I had a journaling mother and I love going back and reading about the different stages of our lives when we were tiny. It’s a precious gift!

  19. Miki

    Hi. I’ve been a big fan of your blog since I was pregnant with my first baby, and this is the first time to leave a comment. I’m also a mom of two, one is 2 1/2 year old boy and the other is 6 month old girl. Apparently my boy is at the same stage as Eleanor. Reading this beautiful post reminded me how lucky i am to have my beautiful kids.
    Thank you Naomi!
    from Japan

  20. such the sweetest little family.

  21. Heather

    As a mother of four, I have always said 18 months to 3 years is my favorite. How lucky you are to have two in that stage! I’m so glad you are enjoying it. It’s SO hard, but SO worth it! And you’re right. It will be gone before you know it (my “baby” just turned five *sad sigh*). But, oh what fun the future holds! I promise you’ll love it-even the teenage years. (It hasn’t been that bad…yet) ;-)

  22. rachel

    way to capture these moments so perfectly, so beautifully and profoundly. i agree with you with my whole heart.

  23. Brooke

    Your posts are always such a blessing! You have the most splendid little family! God bless.

  24. Karen

    Thank you so much for this post. My little girl is 13-months old and I seem to “wing it” every single day. It is the toughest job, but the absolute best. I am so lucky and reading posts like the one you wrote today helps to remind me of that.


  25. absolutely loved this post. makes me excited to be a mom one day. thank you for sharing bits of your life with us :)


  26. Faith

    One of the most heartfelt post I’ve read lately! You had me tearing in the office Naomi!

    Thanks for writing these types of post, they truly are so special and my favorite to read.


  27. Janis

    That is just the cutest thing! I love the toddler stage because of all the funny things that they learn how to do and say! :)

  28. stephanie

    i love this post! i go back and forth whether i want children (and if i’m capable of raising them) but these moments are what make it so worth it. enjoy it mama! and you are doing a great job — you have the coolest kids around! xo

  29. …and this post right here is why i want another ten bambinos! xx

  30. amanda

    what a sweet post!! love it. you are so right- it’s incredible to experience each stage. i cringe each time my little boy does something new- i want to scream, “STOP! just stop!’ he’s so perfect and squishy… but then i look at my 4 year old and laugh and laugh and laugh at the conversations we can have and the ideas she shares. they just get better and better… but somehow i want time to just freeze time and let me roll around with the laughter and figure out how to enjoy the sleepless nights…

  31. Giselle

    Perfect post! So heartfelt – as always! Are you breastfeeding Samson in the photo? Cause that would be so cool! I am still nursing my 16 month old boy!

  32. emma

    how sweet. i think every mother feels this way, we just aren’t as eloquent as you perhaps!

  33. emily

    i could not have said it better. my graham is three months younger then eleanor. this must be what heaven is like, i think to myself five times a day or so.

  34. jaclyn

    awww adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ella

    Your kids are just too adorable <3

  36. Emma

    This was such a beautiful post. Eleanor’s conversation reminded me of when my siblings were young. Your blog has me looking forward to the children phase of my life!

  37. Marla

    Most of you followers are mothers of young babies. I may be one of your few who’s babies are 22, 20 & 18. I had my first at 20. I remember those days and can’t believe how fast the time goes by! I miss those times dearly as my kids are now young adults living their young adult lives as they should. Love every minute just as you are, that will help you get through the teenage years! JK! But seriously, I agree the stage you are experiencing is truly magical!

  38. This post was just beautiful, it truly touched my soul. You have such a way with words, a way of simply expressing life as you see it. Your children are too precious, they are so blessed to have parents that love them the way you and your husband do!
    i love your blog!

  39. Amy

    My girls are 14 and 6 and I feel so much that same. Thank you for these words at helped me to feel not alone and ghat someone else feels as I do! XOXO

  40. deloom

    “i his teacher!” – SO cute! My heart melted a little. <3

  41. Rachael

    You hit on teh reason why I find myself not able to have children: “sometimes i feel like all i’m doing is meddling with these perfect spirits and placing my own fears and habits and short comings on them.”

    Having children terrifies me. I’m right at that age where everyone is telling me I should be having kids. I LOVE kids…but the thought of creating a human and making sure I don’t mess them up? Scary.

  42. Jesse

    it is SO hard to decide on the best stage, every stage does really seem like the best. atticus is 21 months right now and he is just so much fun and so much more independent and even tempered then he was just three or four months ago. and talking like crazy! i love him so much, i never thought i’d get this lucky.

  43. Stacy

    Sweet pic Naomi. I love your detail in documenting your babies. Brings it all back for me. x

  44. Briseidy

    this melts my heart! I too think every stage on my baby’s life is my favourite :)

  45. Naomi, you brought me close to tears! This seriously moved me so much… your kids are so lucky to have you as their mama and to have you guiding their way into this crazy world we live in. Beautiful words you’ve shared with us today – I know they’ll find them so special one day!

  46. Shannon

    Absolutely beautiful. I can feel your love for E and S ibn every word. You are lucky, and they are too. Not everyone is blessed with such a kind and care giving mother. Enjoy every second of it.

  47. Beverly

    What a beautiful post, I’m sure in years to come you’ll look back and relish all these posts that have documented the details of daily life in this chapter ;)


  48. Shannon

    Absolutely beautiful. I can feel your love for E and S in every word. You are lucky, and they are too. Not everyone is blessed with such a kind and care giving mother. Enjoy every second of it.

  49. Marie

    Love this photo- it goes to show that public nursing should be done in the open, and not behind closed doors. Well done mama!

    Btw I also feel that motherhood is a big big job, much bigger than my career right now. Your post makes me realise how blessed and fortunate we are to have children, and this makes me hope that my friends can see that too. Anw u seem to be a great mama, I love to read more posts like this. ♥

  50. Robin

    Thank you so much for your beautiful words about motherhood. This post defiantly tugged at my heart strings. I hope that I can grow up to be an amazing mother like yourself. I could not thank you enough for setting a wonderful example to us (your reader). Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  51. michelle

    I love this, what a sweet, sweet post.

  52. I’m a long time reader, but I rarely ever comment. I just had to let you know how much I enjoyed this post. I love your honesty, and I’ve so enjoyed watching your children grow. I’m always amazed by you as a mother.

  53. Joanna

    This post= :)!
    I remember with my oldest crying at every birthday until he was four because he was a year older and that stage was gone forever… he’s about to be six and I’ve stopped crying, this motherhood thing is pretty awesome at any age (4 was pretty hairy but we made it through). My daughter is 21 months old and with her I’ve really just learned to enjoy every moment. Seeing the bond of my two kiddos, how much my boy protects his sister and how much he wants to teach her, and how much she just looks up to him in such awe makes me want to cry when I think about it.
    I’m a crier…

  54. Sarah

    lovely post. looks like you are nursing your babe in this picture (and even if you aren’t) I just wanted to say thank you for posting that picture. my little man is about to turn a year and everyone has started letting us know that its time to wean but he isn’t even close to ready, so i’ve been stressing. this picture just gave me the perfect reminder that there’s no rush. why do i want to rush away sweet moments like this. thank you. xo

  55. Anne

    I love this! Explains my thoughts perfectly. I keep thinking, this stage is my favorite, and then a few months later, it’s this stage! Love these sweet babes!

  56. Beautiful. I’m pregnant–due in December with #2 and have a 2 year old. The two year old is weaning right now so it’s been a hard couple of days but then I look at him and everything he does is wonderful, hilarious, special, smart!! I love talking to him and exploring with him. I don’t feel like I deserve him sometimes; how is he mine?? How?? I love being a mother.

  57. they learn so fast when they have a big sister……I share your feeling about wanting to slow down time sometimes!!!!!!

  58. maggie

    My mom always says that while she is proud of the people my siblings and I have grown into, she would do anything to have us as toddlers again for a day. Enjoy it while it lasts – seems like you are!

  59. Livi

    I love this! Thanks for opening up and sharing :) eleanor and samson ARE so cute– enjoy it!!

  60. TJ

    Gosh, I think you can give anyone baby fever with those two littles and your stories! Just adore :)
    xo TJ

  61. Heather

    Oh I so needed this right now! I have a two month old and yesterday I was having one of those moments of ‘he’s growing up too fast!, am I taking good enough care of him, is he getting everything he needs’, etc etc. Thank you for posting this, every stage is unique and I just need to remind myself of that!

  62. Aileen

    This is such a beautiful post, and I love the photo that goes with it – it’s a proper little snapshot of life! I look forward to the days when I can feel this way, though I’m pretty sure they’re a long way off yet! I only hope that I will appreciate every precious moment as much as you do.


  63. Natalie

    beautifully said. what a good mamma to your sweet spirits.

  64. Loved this sweet and honest post. I was nodding along with you about the preciousness of each step of childhood I’ve witnessed so far (my Olive is 19 months old) and it just gets better and better. It’s natural to doubt and question ourselves, but you are doing a beautiful job by pouring you love and attention out on these little ones. Always inspired by your mothering. xo

  65. kcharavgi

    You are wonderful wife mama and i suppose friend also. You inspire a lot of people trying to be better in their small routine. Congratulations for your everyday attempt with your inner trying to give the best to all people that surround you.You make everyone wants to hug you. You are a good example for a lot of people and the most important for your small angels.

  66. amy

    i think i just always remember how my childhood was terribly dysfunctional at times, with my parents fighting like crazy. and witnessing things no little one should. & being a therapist to my mom, which is again, not something i should have had on my shoulders. & yet, i turned out normal and happy and well, downright hilarious. j/k about #3 (kinda)

    so i guess what i am saying in regards to your second to the last paragraph is that let us remember that the most important thing for a child is to have structure, discipline, & love. because amidst the sometimes chaos of my childhood, i always knew i had to listen to my parents, i always knew they were the boss, not me. and i ALWAYS knew i was loved, dearly.

  67. dee

    <3 this. that is all. :)

  68. this post is lovely and so is your family!


  69. Jessie

    Beautiful beautiful post. Eleanor is a doll. As a mother to two little boys about the same ages, I feel much the same way! This precious time is going to speed by much too fast.

  70. This was such a sweet little post. :) I’m so excited for my baby and to experience our own sweet moments <3


  71. Jamie

    You’re a truly wonderful (and inspiring) mama!

  72. what a beautiful post :)

  73. Jessica

    I absolutely love this post :) eleanor is adorable!! My husband and I don’t have any kids yet, but we teach 13 little 4&5 year olds in Primary and it is the funnest thing! Kids are hilarious and so cute.

  74. Taylor

    I love this. The love you have for your family just pours out! :)

  75. This hits motherhood right on the head. you right so beautifully. Really inspiring

  76. Every post you write makes me happy, and allows me to have a little more faith in the world.

  77. Fran

    You are enjoying it exactly as you should! I loved every stage that my children went through (they are currently 18, almost-20 and 22), and the stage they were in at the time was always my favorite–including their current high school & college ages. Sure, I miss the time with my little ones, but I love the time I now have with three young adults whom I adore! If time were reversed, I would miss THIS!! Your blog is a lovely chronicle of all the joy that they bring to you. Thank you so much for sharing and giving us a peek into your beautiful family!

  78. Hi Naomi,

    I understand you don’t set out to be a breastfeeding advocate, but I want to thank you for posting this picture that reflects a day in the life and normalizes breastfeeding. For the young moms who read your blog and look up to you, a picture like this can have a meaningful and empowering impact on their confidence in nursing their babies and toddlers. I’m past my breastfeeding years, but it is examples like this — in person and on blogs for those who don’t have these people in their lives — that support and validate those who choose to breastfeed without chastising or proselytizing to those who don’t.

    Beautiful photo, beautiful post. I can say as a like-minded mom of boys 10, 7 and 5 — with this attitude and approach toward mothering, each stage will keep being your favorite.


  79. Vivian

    Truly one of your best posts in awhile. I love the synopsis of Eleanor’s “lesson”. You’re starting to make me think about when we’ll want another! So cute!

  80. Katie F.

    That picture is just beautiful. What a lovely snapshot of motherhood and nursing on the street. Your beautiful kiddos and your wonderful description of them made me smile. I’m currently in the 6 month, learning to sit up and drool stage and loving it. But your sweet ode to your sweeties makes me smile. Beautiful!

  81. Flora

    This is so lovely, really, such a heart warming, tummy fluttering, heart bursting post. Your children are beautiful and Eleanor sounds like such a patient and interested sister. How lucky Samson is! I’m so looking forward to this stage in my life and I hope I’m lucky enough to have healthy, kind, gorgeous children too. You make me so excited. So so, SO excited.

    Flora x x x

  82. Becky

    Great post that I can really relate to- My son and daughter are the exact same age as Eleanor and Samson (Feb 2011, and May 2012), and we are starting to see glimpses of their (hopefully!) positive sibling relationship in the future. I spent last winter really struggling, as it was such hard work with a tiny toddler and a baby, trying to negotiate London with the pair of them. Some days it felt hard just to get out, and at times I felt quite depressed, even though I loved them so much. Not many of my friends have children yet either, and that can make it quite hard for them to relate to my ‘new life’. Now, things have got easier, and even though they fight a fair bit, they are just starting to play together, and they make each other laugh all the time, which makes my heart melt. :-) I really enjoy your posts, as I haven’t come across anyone else with two children, with the same age gap and dates of birth as mine!

    Have a lovely day :-)

  83. Jean

    I babysat my 4 yr old niece & 20 mth old nephew this past weekend, and it was adorable to watch them learn from each other and having my niece help my nephew out w/o me asking. It is so precious. I do love that 16-24 month stage!

  84. Alex

    Gorgeous post Taza!

    I think you are a wonderful inspiration to your gorgeous S and E, so don’t worry about messing them up :)

    I was smiling with happy tears reading the first paragraph of this post. You definitely make this 22 year old clucky!

    Love your work.

  85. Amy L.

    I LOVE this post. Motherhood is THE BEST!

  86. Meg


    This was so beautiful. I am pregnant with our first child and my husband and I are just bursting at the seams waiting for our little babe. You are such an inspirational mama. I enjoy your blog so much! Keep it up girl!

  87. Samantha

    and just when I thought I couldn’t get any cluckier…i read this.

  88. hanna

    This is such a sweet story. –Hanna Marie

  89. norbyah

    such an amazing and honest post. i totally agree. and what i’ve found as the mama of three at very different stages now (10, 7 and 4) is that i do love every stage, but the older they get the faster it goes. the less they seem to need me…and that’s where i really find myself wanting time to slow down. i have come to a very sobering realization that i’ve gone over the halfway point in my son’s time here at home with us. in 7 short years, he’ll be off to college. and i really will not be able to accept that stage.

  90. Sue

    I’m nowhere being a Mom yet – but just reading this one made me tear up a little. It makes me hopeful for my future when I have little cuties like yours. Thanks for this sweet moment of sharing.