“mix it, mix it!”


hello! it’s already monday night? today felt like the longest but also i can’t believe it’s ten thirty at night. is that even possible? i don’t know what’s going on here.

i feel like last week was such a blur. eleanor had a stomach bug last monday night and oh gosh, a sick toddler. nothing worse. poor girl had a rough go.  i feel like it must be so much harder to be sick when you’re so small, because you don’t quite get what’s going on. especially when you’re vomiting. i think it really scared her.  i thought we’d all surely come down with it after eleanor had it, but we have been spared this round (hurrah!) and i’m grateful.

with eleanor’s energy being on the lower side most of the week, we spent our days at home not keeping to our regular schedule or seeing any friends.  we made it out to a few playgrounds and the farmers market and a few long walks, but we’ve really been home for the most part.  it’s been a nice change.  our apartment always feels so tiny, especially with these two littles that act like tornados whenever they walk through a room! so i like getting out each day with them – helps me stay sane. but it’s been nice to hang out in our pj’s all week at home, too. i’m looking forward to more of that this winter.

a few photos from the weekend around our apartment…


^^^on the top of eleanor’s chore list after cleaning the windows (you guys, she is so good at cleaning our windows!) is mixing anything and everything that might need mixing in the kitchen. anytime we’re cooking and something is ready to be mixed we call out for eleanor and it’s so cute to see how quickly she drops whatever she’s doing. “alright mama, here i come! hold on!” she will say as she marches into the kitchen to help us out with her mixing skills. she takes this job very seriously. we sing this silly song papa made up called “mix it mix it!!” when she begins and eleanor gets to work mixing. i think she loves it. and we love the help. ;) it’s a win win, really. ^^^


^^^just chatting it up with papa as he preps something to be mixed.^^^


^^^finally got around to painting my piano! it’s only been on my to-do list for over a year. a year! so friday night i went at it after the kids went to bed.  i thought it’d take me an hour tops but i was definitely still painting at 4 in the morning. so many nooks and crannies and difficult surfaces to paint on that thing! but i so enjoyed my time painting it. the apartment was so quiet and i sang along quietly to my pandora station and just really enjoyed the painting.  i used an annie sloan chalk paint which means i didn’t have to prime or sand it first. but i did have to paint 3 coats which was…fun. ;) and then a wax coat, too.  but so happy i got to cross that off my list! old news here, but i just love the color yellow so much.  as is always evidenced whenever i get to paint a piece of furniture. ;)^^^


^^^on sunday morning before my church’s general conference, we had a few friends over for crepes to keep with tradition.  everyone brought a topping and josh whipped up some 50 crepes in the kitchen! it was a really fun morning. i love the people of new york and friends we’ve made here.  when you live far from family, the next best thing is good friends. thankful for ours.^^^


^^^pulled out all our winter gear (even though this week was a hot one again?) and someone is a little bit excited about hat season. taking after his mama. we are such hat lovers here.^^^


^^^ended our weekend with a second batch of brownies sunday evening (oh my!), facetiming with our families, and lots of play in the apartment. this time of year is one of my faves.  looking forward to you, october!^^^

  1. Oh that piano! Nice work. It looks bright and cheery and ready for music making! Congrats!

  2. etheline

    Man that does sound like a whirlwind week. Happy to hear Eleanor is feeling better. I never sleep when my kids get sick like that..I know as soon as I fall back asleep some type of action will take place. Enjoy those fall colors coming your way and those hats are darling!!

  3. Sarah

    I love the piano, such a cheery color! I also love the building print above, may I ask who it is by?

  4. Samantha

    Wow that piano is so dreamy. Definitely worth the amount of hours you put in. Well done :) :)

    Samantha // samanthaheather.blogspot.com

  5. Alexandra

    We LOVE hat season in our fam too! It’s funny cause every time I read a new post of yours, I realize we’ve been up to the sand things (for different reasons).

  6. Shelby

    Oh, that really is the worst to have a toddler sick!! Im glad she is feeling better!But that is a fun tradition we also have s similar one to do breakfast with friends before conference. Love all your pictures and the beautiful spirit of the home!

  7. Jessica

    You guys are the cutest!

  8. The piano turned out gorgeous! Smart Idea using chalkboard paint because now you can add a to-practice list for Eleanor or Samson as they start learning piano! I love the way you have decorated your home:)
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  9. dee

    Ohh, I’m so curious. Will you be willing to share your favorite Pandora stations?

  10. Ariel

    Poor Eleanor, I can only imagine. I actually am terrified of vomiting, it can really be scary. I ended up in the hospital several times through my life thanks to stomach yuckiness. So glad to hear she is feeling better! Hoping for a healthy rest of the year for both kiddos. Also I love the way the piano turned out! It looks so cheery! Yellow is my favorite for that reason too, it should also (hopefully?) keep away any winter blues! ;)

  11. Love that piano!

    Yellow just seems like pure happiness in a colour, doesn’t it?

  12. Lo

    I love this time of year as well!! I love the color of that paint. It makes me so happy!

  13. Kyla

    What did you think of this years GC?

  14. jenna

    poor eleanor :( i’m so glad she’s feeling better and you three didn’t catch it. that’s never fun at all! i feel you picked the perfect color for the piano! how fun!


  15. Anna


    I never comment but I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate that you openly talk about your religion on this blog. I am also Mormon and loved Conference this year and every year. It is sad to me that lots of bloggers I love seem to have strayed. You and your family are great examples. Thank you!

  16. cat

    absolutely love the color of the piano. such a happy color! been reading your blog for years and your family is just beautiful.

  17. Kari


    You create such a happy, bright home for your family! I really believe that the home (only second to temples) are the holiest places on earth. I did not grow up in the best of circumstances (far from it, actually), but I try my darnedest every day to make a happy home for myself, my husband, and our sweet little babes. Like you, I too like to be out and about as much as possible, but wow, there sure is something magical about just being at home sometimes, huh? It’s definitely not easy–lots of work–but that’s why it’s called homemaking, I guess. You are a fabulous homemaker. Thank you for your continuous uplifting example!

    With love,
    Kari Otto

  18. casey

    I had to do a double take! I wish I could attach a picture- our piano looks almost identical to yours…it seriously threw me off for a minute, lol. I am impressed though- I started painting ours in February of 2011 and it sat in the middle of the living room- half painted- until Christmas! One night is very impressive:) This is the first time I have ever left a comment, but I read your happy little corner of these here internets on the daily…thanks for sharing your life with us!

  19. I love the piano! I painted a hutch once and it took 3 days, so good job on finishing that so quickly.

  20. So fun to see more of youre home. Please show us more, Big hugs from sweden

  21. Bea

    I really love your yellow piano!!
    You’re always so creative!!
    It’s a joy to see this blog!!!
    Buon martedì!

  22. Doriane

    Oh Gosh, I love your dress so much. Where did you get it ??

  23. Lucy

    Bless E being ill! My son is 2 and we haven’t had to deal with proper sickness yet…. I’m really not looking forward to it… I hate sick and being ill but seeing your child go through it and like you said it must be so scary for them is horrible!
    So thankful you guys didn’t get it!!

    Absolutely love E’s job of mixing!!! Looks like she’s doing a fab job!! Who needs a Kitchen Aid eh?
    My son Isaac does the washing up (no sharp things) and washing machine, tumble dryer, puts our clothes in the laundry basket, wipes up anything and everything…. and we call him when these things need doing and he drops everything and runs bless them!! We love making up silly songs to go with what he’s doing too!
    Considering they can be such tornado’s, they can also be insanely helpful too! Hope they don’t grow out of it lol!

    I love yellow… your piano looks amazing!!! Bless you working on it until 4am! 3 coats of paint!! That’s love for you!

    Love your hats, Samson suits being a roaring lion!!

    Hope you have a great week!! X x

  24. JM

    I love how you say you didn’t do so much this week and then list all the things and it sounds so much more adventurous than my week :) I wish I had your energy.

    Uhm, and your piano! What a beauty! Do just you play or anyone else in the family? Do you have family sing-alongs?

    Poor little E, I hope she’s feeling better and that none of you end up getting the bug.


  25. Sinead

    Poor Eleanor! I’m glad to hear she’s feeling better. The mixing story is just so cute, she sounds like a good little helper :-)

  26. I hope your baby girl is a lot better now!
    I’m lying in bed feeling sick right now, so I can feel her pain:-)

    All the best from Germany,



  27. gosh, the piano looks wonderful!
    and that mixing story is adorable, very cute :)
    xo, cheyenne

  28. Lucy

    So sweet, Eleanor!
    And the piano looks AMAZING!!
    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  29. the piano looks fantastic and i love that nyc skyline print above it! it’s been saved in my favorites for awhile. cheers to a great new week!

  30. Emma

    The piano is beautiful! Do you or Josh play? I played for 10 years and would love our future children to have the same opportunity. So nice to see it work in a small city apartment!

    Have a great day Naomi!

  31. Cait

    They are getting so big (and cute, as always)! Thanks for sharing! :)

  32. so sweet to see the cuties helping in the kitchen! hoping little e feels better soon!

  33. I LOVE the idea of BYO toppings for crepes! we are moving soon (yay for “reasonable” prices to buy condos in jersey city!) and we want to have a housewarming party with BYO dips! I can see it now, guac, fruit dips, salsas, it’s going to be glorious.

  34. Heather

    The piano looks great, Naomi! So bright and cheerful. Your home looks like such a happy place.

  35. Meg G

    I just painted my daughter’s dresser yellow for her “big girl room” ( http://instagram.com/p/ezmZlYg60D/ )and I made my own chalk paint – for a fraction of the AS chalk paint. Just do equal parts water and plaster of paris (I did 1/2c. and 1/2c) and mix with 1.5c of any paint (I used regular flat wall paint from Home Depot). I did sand it lightly because I’m anal and did not want to take any chances. It took 3 coats and a coat of wax also but it turned out better than I had hoped!

    And yes, sick toddlers may be the worst. It is just so sad for them. Hope you are all feeling better.

    It’s autumn, yay!

  36. Mary

    That is the best idea to have ‘mixing’ as one of her chores! What else is on the list? I have a 2 1/2 year old and I’ve been meaning to start chores.

  37. love the last pic! you look like out from a magazine hehehe…glad to hear E is all better now :)

  38. Molly

    Josh _can_ afford to love NY.

  39. Seriously that piano is to die for!

  40. Janis

    There is nothing ever wrong with a lot home time. Lots of people spend more time at work and never get to do this. Home time is always awesome and your photos are as well!

  41. Cornelia

    Love the yellow piano! I grew up with my mom’s pale yellow spinet that her mom got for the family when she was a little girl. Good things come from yellow pianos! :)

  42. Amanda

    So glad to hear the Eleanor is feeling better!! Sometimes it’s lovely to give yourself a few days of rest at home to recuperate, especially considering how crazy things have been lately.

    AND that piano is seriously to die for. Love the yellow! Very nice work :)

    Have a lovely day!

  43. mara

    LOVE the piano. ohh someday i will own my own cute little piano…

    ps i love yellow too. we’re gearing up to do a decent sized addition to our house this coming spring, and re-doing all our current blue/grey siding with YELLOW siding! yippee. can’t wait :)

  44. Mare

    How lovely !! I now want to go grab a bucket of yellow paint, just because. Hard as I try (ironically) I cannot get my hair to come out so casually tousled as yours. Be thankful lady!! :)

  45. h*

    such a great help!

  46. Carli

    Such a beautiful family. Sorry to hear last week was a long one….although it sounds like you weathered it as best you could, taking in the joys along with the struggles. It seems life works that way. In the midst of sometimes unfortunate circumstances there is always a joy and beauty still to be savoured. As always, thanks for sharing.

  47. Mónica

    When children are unwell is a horror poor things backwards for us here is doing well and continue without stopping at home on the weekends. While we were painting on Saturday at home …. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

  48. Nice work on the piano – it looks like it’s always meant to be yellow! And poor, poor E – hope she’s feeling a million times better this week!

  49. deloom

    I love the way you have decorated your home!

    xxo deloom

  50. i could never get over the bright colors in your home! so much fun and makes me happy! the piano is gorgeous. i love yellow, too. glad E is feeling better! Your family is just beautiful. happy October :)

  51. Faith

    E is just the sweetest! So sorry she had the stomach bug :(
    Love your yellow piano! Sometimes staying up all night on a project like that, having time to yourself, is the best.

    Your Anthro dress and red tights in the last photo is adorable as well! Maybe I should branch out from my standard black and buy some red tights. Thanks for the inspiration :)


  52. Jena

    I agree…quite curious about the Pandora station favorites! I’ve been a reader for over a year now and love to watch the evolution of your sweet little family! You make being a mother look picturesque.

    Thank you for sharing!!

  53. Dani

    I love that piano! So dreamy. I’m so happy you all had a lovely conference weekend.

  54. That piano is just FANTASTIC!

  55. just pretty pictures, the kids are very cute
    I love that piano


  56. Marie

    Hope your girl is feeling much better now and luckily Samson didn’t fall sick. That would have been more stressful and heart-wrenching for you.. Btw the piano looks good! I should paint mine too. ;)


  57. talita

    hi ! won´t you say anything else about mr. kingsley? i know it is a painfull subject, but i guess lots of us wish to have news from this lovely dog… :) xx

  58. Your little family, full of imperections and redo’s, giggles and smiles, makes me so happy. Yall are my guilty pleasure.

  59. Rachael

    I love everything about this post and getting a little sneak peek into your cute little home! Home is the best place to be when you are with the ones you love! And you go girl for staying up until FOUR finishing that piano! Idk if I would have made it, :)


  60. kendra

    when did they get so BIG?! Eleanor’s hair can be put in a bun?! Love their locks.

  61. Megan

    You always have such lovely pictures! Hope Eleanor is feeling better!
    Bespeckled With Freckles

  62. Arrow

    I would love to know where you bought that print sitting on top of the piano!

  63. Cristina

    Lovely post! Just a quick question…I’ve been eyeing that cute striped anthro dress and am needing to order inline…would you say it runs true to size? Mind sharing which size you chose…I want a looser fit like how you’re sporting it. Thanks so much!

  64. You know, seeing these pictures and reading about your week inside made me feel like I can have a good life like yours :) I have a little about the same age as Samson and this post was very familiar feeling. When I graduate, I will have tons more time to apply all the fun things I have learned from you! Thanks

  65. Sorry you had that rough week;(

    I have been dealing with thrush this week. It is kicking me in the you know what big time.


    xoxo from san francisco

  66. Clara

    I love this post! It reminds me so much of your old posts from DC which were very homely and familyish. Looking forward to more of these xx

  67. Eileen

    Can you please share your menu (and recipe for crepes) for the crepe party? I think that is a great idea!

  68. Wow your piano looks GORGEOUS. You did a great job on it and you’re making me want to go home and play mine right now :)

  69. Alexis Jacobson

    I want to know where you got the SUPER CUTE polka dot outfit for Eleanor and your white and black stripped dress?!?!?! I want to get my daughter a polka dot outfit!!! And once I loose my baby weight (again) I would love a dress like that (though it’ll have to be an after breastfeeding gift). I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!

  70. Carie

    Oh so sweet! We have a little sous chef in our house too, although her mixing tends to be three stirs to every one sneaky taste – especially if we’re making cookies!

  71. Love love love everything about this post. And…HATS! YES!

  72. Nuria

    Love the color of your piano! and the print above, I would love to know where did you buy it.

  73. The Mrs.

    Beautiful piano!

    @taza- do you mind sharing your nail polish color? It’s awesome & I’m obsessed with blue nails :) xo

  74. Randi

    My nuggies have the same kitten jams. Love ’em. Also, bravo on the yellow piano! I just up-cycled a media console and painted it gold. No easy task with an infant and a 3 year old!

  75. tara

    the piano is adorable! you are such a good mommy…i love to look at your blog.

  76. Jules

    I love all the color in your life! It’s making me rethink all the white, grey and black I have on my walls and in my wardrobe. :)

  77. The piano is glorious in yellow!!! Bravo on a fab job. ;-) And I love that last pic with you in your red tights and the littles in their green tees. It’s such a sweet, real moment.

  78. Pia

    I am absolutely in love with your blog, your family and you life. The love you and Josh have for one another is just… ugh. And the littles! Don’t get me started. I don’t know what to say… But whatever it is that you guys are doing, keep it up! *thumbs up* *waves to Eleanor and Samson*

  79. Pia


  80. Hiroko

    Do they like to work with you at kitchen? They are so cute!

  81. Rayani

    The cutest ever!!!

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  83. Kelly

    Those pictures with the hats are so cute and that is awesome E is such a good little helper!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  84. love your apartment! would love to see more of it. have you done an apartment tour post yet? and if not, would you be willing to?? :D

    xoxo, kerri

  85. Caitlyn

    That piano looks amazing! love the new color

  86. Talia

    love that print on the piano, who is the artist/where is it from?