“mix it, mix it!”


hello! it’s already monday night? today felt like the longest but also i can’t believe it’s ten thirty at night. is that even possible? i don’t know what’s going on here.

i feel like last week was such a blur. eleanor had a stomach bug last monday night and oh gosh, a sick toddler. nothing worse. poor girl had a rough go.  i feel like it must be so much harder to be sick when you’re so small, because you don’t quite get what’s going on. especially when you’re vomiting. i think it really scared her.  i thought we’d all surely come down with it after eleanor had it, but we have been spared this round (hurrah!) and i’m grateful.

with eleanor’s energy being on the lower side most of the week, we spent our days at home not keeping to our regular schedule or seeing any friends.  we made it out to a few playgrounds and the farmers market and a few long walks, but we’ve really been home for the most part.  it’s been a nice change.  our apartment always feels so tiny, especially with these two littles that act like tornados whenever they walk through a room! so i like getting out each day with them – helps me stay sane. but it’s been nice to hang out in our pj’s all week at home, too. i’m looking forward to more of that this winter.

a few photos from the weekend around our apartment…


^^^on the top of eleanor’s chore list after cleaning the windows (you guys, she is so good at cleaning our windows!) is mixing anything and everything that might need mixing in the kitchen. anytime we’re cooking and something is ready to be mixed we call out for eleanor and it’s so cute to see how quickly she drops whatever she’s doing. “alright mama, here i come! hold on!” she will say as she marches into the kitchen to help us out with her mixing skills. she takes this job very seriously. we sing this silly song papa made up called “mix it mix it!!” when she begins and eleanor gets to work mixing. i think she loves it. and we love the help. ;) it’s a win win, really. ^^^


^^^just chatting it up with papa as he preps something to be mixed.^^^


^^^finally got around to painting my piano! it’s only been on my to-do list for over a year. a year! so friday night i went at it after the kids went to bed.  i thought it’d take me an hour tops but i was definitely still painting at 4 in the morning. so many nooks and crannies and difficult surfaces to paint on that thing! but i so enjoyed my time painting it. the apartment was so quiet and i sang along quietly to my pandora station and just really enjoyed the painting.  i used an annie sloan chalk paint which means i didn’t have to prime or sand it first. but i did have to paint 3 coats which was…fun. ;) and then a wax coat, too.  but so happy i got to cross that off my list! old news here, but i just love the color yellow so much.  as is always evidenced whenever i get to paint a piece of furniture. ;)^^^


^^^on sunday morning before my church’s general conference, we had a few friends over for crepes to keep with tradition.  everyone brought a topping and josh whipped up some 50 crepes in the kitchen! it was a really fun morning. i love the people of new york and friends we’ve made here.  when you live far from family, the next best thing is good friends. thankful for ours.^^^


^^^pulled out all our winter gear (even though this week was a hot one again?) and someone is a little bit excited about hat season. taking after his mama. we are such hat lovers here.^^^


^^^ended our weekend with a second batch of brownies sunday evening (oh my!), facetiming with our families, and lots of play in the apartment. this time of year is one of my faves.  looking forward to you, october!^^^

  1. Ashley

    I love the yellow piano! What color paint did you use? I have been wanting to paint a few things that color. Such happiness!