1. eleanor with her crown, and samson with the piglet, are the cutest! love the iphone posts perhaps most…they are like a mood board for all things colorful, loving, and adorable.

  2. Sarah

    Love these! I think your photo roundups are the thing that will eventually persuade me to give up my precious Blackberry buttons and finally make the switch to an iphone!

    That little nook under the stairs is the cutest little hideaway! My cousins had a similar spot that housed their Barbie Dream house. Somehow being in that little girl sized space always magically made it feel like we were actually in the dreamhouse ourselves!

  3. Kaitlynn

    Your pictures of scenery here are beautiful, especially the one of the skyscrapers.

  4. Still awesome pics :)

  5. So many sweet little faces in these pictures! Adorable :) x

  6. Rayani

    “Life lately…” is my favortite session on your blog =]


  7. I love following you on instagram! it is such a heartmelter/daymaker to see your little cuties.
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  8. maggie

    Lovin’ the fall vibe of all these photos!

  9. Your kids are so adorable, I love your instagram! My favorite is the Brownstone photo, I love New York, and I’m hoping to move there soon!

    xoxo, Darianne


  10. Bea

    thanks for sharing!

  11. Jm

    These are so lovely, such great snap shots! You seem to always snap just the right moment.

    Do you always have your camera at the ready? I have been wondering this for a while, as it is obviously so hard to get kids to pose and some of these photos are very candid. Do you have it hanging on your shoulder, or what do you do to capture the perfect moment? I’d love to know!

  12. Such cute pics, so adorable! And is that Nutella and apple I spy? Must try that combo…

  13. Hi Naomi,

    first of all: we love your new hair. My hair is unfortuanetly way to curly for some ombre look, but on you it looks amazing.

    We’re enjoying a slow morning (it’s a national holiday in Germany) and send greetings from far away!

    Birdy and Bambi


  14. juni

    love the picture of samson on the trampoline. such a cutie!!

  15. Emma

    Beautiful! I love the photo of E with the cotton candy!

  16. these photos are so consistently full of life, love and colour! so heart warming.

  17. Lucy

    I’m not sure how many times is can be said but you guys are literally just the cutest family ever!

    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  18. Lucy

    I’m not sure how many times is can be said but you guys are literally just the cutest family ever!

    Lucy xo | http://www.we-resolve.com

  19. mmmm nutella & apples. i wish i didn’t love to eat nutella spoonfulls as much as i do! ps. your hair seems to have grown so quickly

  20. Lee

    love the image of josh sleeping. it is so reminiscent of those exhausting days of having littles in the house. you all are doing it beautifully. thank you for sharing so candidly.

  21. lucinda

    Eep! Your husband carrying both littles… I just had a flashfoward of my own. Love you capturing all these sweet life moments!


  22. Mónica

    As I like these summaries are great. Kisses and happy Thursday

  23. Janis

    Again, awesome photos! :)

  24. Meredith Marshall

    I’m visiting New York for the first time at the end of the month and I’m looking for suggestions. I remember you doing a post of your favorite places but I can’t find it. If you could send me a link to the post that would be incredible. Thanks so much!

  25. Alice

    Looks like you’ve been having a lot of fun recently! And apple slices and nutella? HELLO! xx

  26. Rachael

    Oh, I love this little family! sometimes I have to remind myself that I don’t know you personally… I feel like I do!

  27. lynn

    Hey Naomi!

    Thanks for all your bright posts. I thought of your family today as I watched “Psych”. Check out this clip for a shout out to your little boy’s name!!


  28. awwww look at all the happy.

  29. jaclyn

    awww just adorable :)

  30. Rachel

    Love the photos! The kiddos are getting so big and I love their little outfits!


  31. Sinead

    Adorable pics as always! They’re growing up fast :-)

  32. Julie

    Your kids are so cute! Where did you find Samson’s adorable brown shoes?!

  33. Aslyn

    I love your life lately posts, but this one is especially cute!

  34. Carli

    Beautiful pictures. Looks like a lovely start to Fall!

  35. I love your IG feed. Thanks for keeping it real!!

  36. Bird

    just a quick side note… your hair is amazingly beautiful this days! I think the new haircut is perfect!

    right now love from Granada, Spain, and the fatcatconnection!

  37. Sarah

    Yay for fall hats and gourds!

  38. Laura

    I love your life lately posts. I’m so impressed with the way that you frame your photos. I know you did a post on photographing kids in the past. I would love to get even more tips. Your documenting of life is beautiful!

  39. Heather

    “life lately, according to my iphone pictures. | Love Taza” was in fact engaging and instructive!
    In the present day society honestly, that is really difficult to execute.
    Many thanks, Wilburn