“juice it, juice it!”


remember how i bought that juicer a couple months ago but still hadn’t gotten around to using it? i don’t know why that thing felt so daunting to break out. i’m embarrassed about it now. we have been working hard the last several months at eating better, bringing better food options into our home for our children too.  it’s not always easy when french fries with ketchup! is basically our family motto (i kid!) but we’re working on it. this week we finally started using the juicer and now i’m wishing we’d have done it sooner. that thing is going to save us!

over the last few months, we’ve also been trying out products from the honest company, a new sponsor for Love Taza. their eco-friendly and safe products for families have really impressed us and been a great fit for our lifestyle.  for starters, i can’t get over their children’s hand sanitizer.  we live in the heart of new york city, which isn’t always the cleanest. and my littles just love to touch and feel everything everywhere. (especially every surface in those nasty subway elevators. why do they always want to touch the floors of those nasty subway elevators?!?)  i’m constantly trying to spray my kids down with hand sanitizer throughout the day and this is the first hand sanitizer we’ve used that doesn’t make eleanor say “no mama, it – stiiings!” whenever she has an open cut (which eleanor often does). also, it smells amazing! for our juicing we used their fruit+veggie wash. we buy produce all over this city (sometimes from street vendors on the corner) and it’s nice to know i’m really getting in there and removing pesticides and residue that might be harmful to my babes.

if anyone is curious about this particular juice recipe we made below, we used a large bunch of kale, one large carrot, several small oranges and apples and a small slice of ginger.  we like it with extra pulp, but you could juice it with less pulp, too. either way, it’s delicious and way healthier than french fries. ;)


^^^the littles are the best little helpers. here is eleanor washing the vegetables!^^^


^^^and samson taking his turn. monkey see, monkey do over here.^^^


^^^tossing in some apples!^^^


^^^well hello there healthy good looking green stuff that’s good for you!^^^


^^^^bahahaha. i couldn’t help but share this photo of samson after his first taste. haha! it took a little getting used to, but he did enjoy it after a while. promise. ;) still working on getting eleanor to even try a sip. the little french fry!^^^


ps.  the honest company is giving $10 off your purchase of $40 or more to readers with the code Taza10off40. applies to US and Canadian residents only. valid for first-time orders only.  expires october 20th of this month.

*this post is sponsored by the honest company. as always, thanks for reading this blog and supporting the sponsors that help support our family.

  1. Hahaha loving Samson’s face! :) :) When I was a little kid my mom used to make me each morning a healthy juice, I liked it back then (maybe not the first one though) but I now appreciate her effort enormously. As a result now I have as my hubs says “a fruits obsession” which I believe is a good thing to have, right? ;)

  2. mahahahahaaa! samson’s face is the BEST here!!

  3. Belinda

    SAMSON!! At least he gave it a try, amazing for a littlie, really. Oh Samson, that face is classic. Enjoy your weekend Team Davis xx

  4. Hiroko

    making juice or cooking or anything, if we do with kids, it must be so fun and good time. I like Samson’s face!!! That’s the best !!

  5. susan

    Lovely pictures…but Veggie wash?why don’t you buy your food at the oranic stores?

  6. Marie

    Hahaha love Samson’s face!!! He looks really disgusted by the drink. Hopefully your kids will love healthy juices soon! This post makes me want to try healthy juices with my son too. ;)


  7. Claudia

    OMG Taza! Samson’s face made my day. I have never heard of veggie wash. Definitely something to check out.

  8. haha that FACE! I remember when my (very ornery) older brother gave me a cup of “water” and told me to drink it. silly me, not thinking it was odd that he got a cup of water for me, took a big gulp and quickly realized it was VINEGAR!! my face might have looked a bit like Samson’s :P

    cheers to a wonderful weekend!

  9. Emily

    Samsons face is such a picture!

  10. Lo

    hahah that face! ive been wanting to try juicing. think i might just give this recipe a try over the weekend…thank you!!

  11. Kristen

    I wonder what kind of juicer you have? (You don’t actually have to answer that) The superloud noise from mine terrifies and startles ME to high heaven, so I’m pumped that there’s one in the world that apparently doesn’t frighten little kids! Good for you, mama.

  12. Sivan

    I love Samson’s face! Please share more healthy food ideas!

  13. Janis

    Samson’s face is classic and hilarious! Probably how I would look if I try anything healthy from a juicer, lol! :)

  14. juni

    burst out laughing at samson’s expression hahah brightened up my morning while I fight the sniffles. and wow fruit and veggie wash, I really have to try that out. I always can’t fight the feeling that rinsing my veggies with tap water just isn’t enough.

  15. hanna

    I think I’m going to have to start using one of these! –Hanna Marie

  16. Abby

    that photo of samson is hilarious. had to laugh in front of my desk!

  17. Mia

    Sooo cute! They will definitely get used to the green juice, just try pairing it with apples or berries next time (even though berries give it an even darker color…).

  18. Emma

    Samson’s face is precious! I started juicing this summer and I love having a juice every morning. Now if only I could clean up the rest of my meals!

  19. Cris

    Samson’s face is best!!!!

  20. Samson’s face made me chuckle so much. Ugh, so cute and funny! I really want to start juicing it looks like so much fun.

    Don’t ever loose the fries. Obviously moderation is key. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making my own ketchup for some baked oven fries. :) Win/win!

  21. Sarah

    Oh my! Love Samson’s face! Too funny. I’m a new reader of your blog, and I’m loving it! Xo!

  22. Sarah

    Is it weird that despite the lovely visuals of scrumptious healthy stuff, what I came away with from this post was an intense craving for french fries and ketchup?

  23. Rose J.

    I love the honest company products! I bought the diapers, wipes, baby wash, soap, when Noah was still in diapers! Makes me want to have another baby because this company started when I had my son three years ago! Awesome you are a sponsor now for their company! Way to go!

  24. Jesse

    we’ve been juicing for awhile now, my son loves it! definitely think about less kale for the kids, it’s so potent. well even for me, and i love kale. oru favorite combination is apples, carrots, oranges and piece of ginger. atticus loves it:)


  25. Rayani

    Hahahaha, the Sanson’s face is the best!

  26. Stephanie MacLeod

    We are looking for a good juicer.Do you like yours? Can I ask what make it is?

  27. Lou

    This post is just : advertising.
    Disappointing :(

  28. Haha, I have to say that it’s pretty amusing to read a post about juicing when there’s a giant ad for Twix right next to it! Oh, the irony. ;) I definitely giggled.

    But thanks for making me revisit the idea of juicing! Have been wanting a juicer for awhile and think it may be time to take the plunge!

  29. kendall

    samson’s face is too funny!! x

  30. bea

    It looks delicious!!!

  31. Lisa

    I’m with Eleanor. haha ;)

  32. Eliza

    It’s rare that I laugh out loud when I’m reading a blog, but thank you for posting that picture of Samson after his first taste. I officially laughed out loud.

  33. Carie

    You might find the little ones like it a bit better if you dilute it down; un diluted can be a bit strong for tiny tummies – looks yummy though!

  34. that picture of samson is the best yet, what a cutie! his face don’t lie! it’s on my bucket list to try juicing… so good for you!

  35. Been thinking of juicing for a while and this post helps the craving more. I hope that my kids would enjoy drinking it too!:)

  36. Marianna

    What kind of juicer do you use?! I’m in the market for one & there are so many options. #overwhelmed

  37. Cheryl

    OMG, Samson’s face is priceless! So cute. Yum yum. love the Honest Company!

  38. Faith

    That picture of Samson made my morning!! So hilarious you caught that face on camera!!

    I’ve been getting into pressed juice as well lately. Although I had a not so great experience with a little too much ginger in a drink…way to strong! This morning’s was good though. All your ingredients sound great!


  39. Jess.

    Good mommy! We’re taking baby, green smoothie steps toward juice. And yes, the first thing I frantically cry when we enter a subway elevator is, “Don’t! Touch! Anything!” My kids are older, and now they listen. :) Your kids are so, so sweet. I’m sure Eleanor will come around.

  40. Karen

    I always thought you and The Honest Co. would be a great fit. Their products are amazing. Glad you two are working together!
    Also, love Samson’s face ;) So adorable.

  41. deana

    lovely cute family. Youre kidos are growing up so fast!
    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

  42. Dora

    Loved Samson’s Face!!
    BTW that nail color is gorgeous! Where in NYC do you get that Shellac done? Been looking for a while, but there are lot’s of places with bad reviews online :(
    Thanks! Have a great weekend!

  43. Melissa

    My daughter loves to try the samples at Whole Foods when they are demonstrating the juicer. She has pretty much liked everything she has tried. They always have kale or some green along with apple, carrots, etc. Something to make it sweet as well. I’m actually surprised as to how much she loves all of it.

  44. Jen

    This site below has great info on juicing. There are a few “rules” to observe to get the most benefits. Veggies are very powerful body cleansers and it’s important to know what’s safe to consume in large doses. Even veggies!


    I’ve been juicing for about a year and it really took some time to get used to what tastes good together and how to do it the BEST way for me. :) Totally worth it though!

  45. Cintya

    That photo of Samson is priceless, made me giggle. I have also been trying to eat healthier and juicing has helped.

  46. Chinta

    Samson’s facial expression just made me laugh out loud (and I’m in my office..Oops!) Love it!

  47. Oh my gosh, Samson’s face! I’ve heard it helps when you tell kids it’s a “monster” or an “alien” smoothie because of it’s green-ness!

  48. We were able to thrift a really really nice juicer for only like $10! It is worth about $100 too-we were pretty amazed! It has been so fun to experiment with different flavors. They are kind of a pain to wash though when you don’t have a dishwasher…
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  49. Annette

    Why on earth would you use a manufactured spray to wash fruit and veg? What’s wrong with water, it’s the most natural. No point in juicing all that lovely veg if you’ve sprayed the skins with artificial wash!

  50. Kate

    Juicer is a Hurom. I have one, and LOVE it. Highly Recommend.

  51. Eleanor

    why use a juicer when it gets rid of all that lovely bulk of the veggies and fruits! did you know that most of the nutrients in those foods on your counter are in the fibers? obviously a juicer is good because it removes any processing that your body would have to do, but why not buy a Vitamix? it’s a juicer too, but it lets you keep all the goodness!

  52. mareah

    Oh such great information about the Honest company and such a priceless photo of Samson. Also, love to hear that your pretty little family is just like the rest of the world!

  53. Nadia

    Where did you get your kids walker with the musical instrument on the front?

  54. emma

    my little man and i have been into green smoothies lately. such a good way to sneak veggies in! i find that if i drink it, he does. so we have fun sharing a yummy and healthy drink!


  55. Randi

    His face! haha. Yes. Amazing.

    A juicer is such a novel idea! ;-) My husband has been making ours the old fashioned way… straining and all. What a guy! But, I think he needs a “surprise! love ya lots!” gift.

    We love putting beets in ours! So naturally sweet and is such a beautiful hue too.

  56. Carina

    We’ve got a juicer and hardly use it anymore. I can’t say I love the taste too much, sometimes I would rather just make a salad.


  57. My mother in law has a juicer that she offered us, but she lost the manual, so I’ve been unsure what the heck to do with the thing. I guess I should try to find an online version! Sampson’s face is hilarious in that one photo.

  58. JM

    Sounds good, I wish we had the money and space for a juicer right now. I’ve always thought it would be a good idea.

    I wonder what is in that fruit and veg wash that makes it better than just using water? I mean, surely that would just be adding chemicals? Not judging, just curious.


  59. His face is awesome! :D

  60. sita d

    Samsons face seriously is amazing. I cannot stop laughing!!! Thanks for the good laugh. aaahhhh….

  61. Gayle P

    Super fun post, your kiddos are such good helpers!
    I’m super curious about your nail color, its a gorgeous shade for fall, mind sharing which one it is? :)

  62. Priceless! Is it actually easy to clean? We keep thinking about getting our own juice maker, but are afraid that it will simply be annoying to clean. (It isn’t helping that the supermarket across the street has an orange juicer at which your can push a button and see “your” oranges being turned into delicious juice) ;)

    thank you for sharing!
    I would be thrilled to get your input!
    xx taty*


  63. Hahaha, funny pictures! The first one is my favourite! He’s face looks so funny when he bite.

  64. Rose

    There is no sense in applying artificial wash to the veggies and or fruit. Because, what do you do after that? Wash them with water to clean them from the cleaner you applied before? I mean, if you wouldn’t drink that product, why do you apply it to the food you eat?

  65. Kim

    Try peach, pineapple, and beet juice. We are regular juicers over here, and my two year old and her friends love this!! (more so than apple or berry, which is always on hand) AND you can freeze juice in bpa free containers, or in plastic baggies for morning smoothies. Just some helpful tips to not waste great juice!

  66. K

    Veggie wash seems a bit extraneous. Don’t you just wash the veggies anyway? Strange… I agree with a previous comment, the juicer leaves out all the good fiber and don’t little ones need all the fiber they can get. I make smoothies and that’s just as good if not better.


  67. Mónica

    In my little not like too much juice, but if we do fruit porridge with mixer. It was good the juice?, It would have occurred to me never mix fruit and vegetables. The little face is authentic. Kisses and Happy Mondays.

  68. Aha Samson’s face is amazing! What a picture. That juice looks yummy, would love to try the recipe.

    Gracious Silhouettes

  69. Cecilia

    Samsons face is pricless! Also that juice looks so good right now (;

  70. Raimonda

    Oh dear, I have the same juicer! Got it after graduating university this summer and I enjoy it ever since! :)))

  71. Caitlyn

    Samson’s face.. priceless!

  72. amy

    i got my juicer a few years back and have been having a love affair with it ever since. kale is awesome, i think it’s basically the most powerful vegetable in the land. i also love parsley. my son wasn’t too skippy about my juicing so i just added the juice to his strawberry smoothie and he thinks he’s escaped it but the jokes on him. your kids are so blessed to have this in their lives!!!

  73. grace

    What a great outfit to pose in beside the Banksy mural!

  74. olga

    The best…samson’s face, sooooooo cute