it’s beginning to look a lot like halloween!


so i’m still not sure how i feel about halloween in general, but the holiday this year is proving to be much more fun since eleanor and samson are at ages where they can enjoy it more.  we have been prepping all month about “trick or treat-ing” and costumes and all of that. eleanor wanted to be a lady bug and then a monkey and then last week she said, “actually…. how about i be a pumpkin!” and this time it stuck. all week she kept talking about it, sometimes telling a stranger on the street, “i be a pumpkin!” before even saying hello! so we found an incredibly over priced and terribly made pumpkin costume and she has been in heaven! she’s been wearing it everyday around the apartment but saturday we finally had an excuse to wear it out to our church’s halloween party! we dressed samson up as a train engineer and he surprised us all by keeping his hat on. he was kind of the cutest thing ever.

a few more photos…



^^^my train conductors at our church halloween party!^^^




^^^this little pumpkin is just the sweetest!^^^


^^^a picture with mama and trick or treat loot!^^^


^^^posing with friends and also that sucker in samson’s mouth! a real tough guy!^^^


^^^we stopped by lincoln center on saturday evening after the party so the kids could get the last of their wiggles out from their sugar high.^^^

all this halloween fun and it’s not even halloween day yet! hope your weekend was awesome too.

  1. These two are adorable, such great little outfits x

  2. And Kate

    Stunning photographs,
    Loving the costumes Samson and Eleanor have on, they look adorable!
    I hope you have a wonderful week,
    Lots of love,
    Kate xo

  3. cheyenne

    that little pumpkin costume, adorable!
    xo, cheyenne

  4. Not sure how I feel about Halloween either! That little pumpkin sure is cute!

  5. Faith

    Your littles are the sweetest! E looks adorable in her pumpkin suit with her little gold moccasins!
    I also love the photo with the pumpkins bigger than them!

    Happy Halloween Naomi & family :)
    Hope trick or treating this week is fun as well!


  6. We do not have Halloween here in Barcelona, it has started as a new tradition but it is not really followed a lot by the people yet, is still more a marketing thing right now. Nevertheless I like the idea and I love E’s pumpkin costume! And the two boys of the family dressed as train conductors is the cutest thing ever! :)

    Wish to your family a wonderful Halloween!

  7. we dress up as minions! yes, we’re almost 30, but hey, everyone’s gotta let out their inner child sometimes right? right. yellow hoodies, goodwill overalls, pipe-cleaner hairs, and chemistry goggles with mason jar rings for eyes… it was perfect!! (and cheap!)


  8. rayani

    Eleanor as a little punpikin is too lovely


  9. Caroline

    Too cute, love their outfits!

  10. chris

    So so so cute! how do you do it?? :)

  11. Michelle

    She is one sweet little pumpkin! Perfect costume!

  12. Janis

    Halloween is an iffy celebration, but the kids sure love it. Great photo of Samson with the sucker! Very cute! :)

  13. TJ

    Yep, she is just about the cutest pumpkin I have ever seen! And I absolutely adore your hat! Where from? :)
    xo TJ

  14. Sarah

    I find it really interesting that as Mormons/Christians you guys celebrate Halloween and that your church throws a party, pretty unheard of here in the UK amongst Christian folk. I guess Halloween has a larger cultural significance in the states than it does elsewhere.

  15. Oh goodness, those two train conductors together — so precious! And E as a pumpkin? Classic.

  16. halloween snuck up on me this year! I was telling my husband I wanted to hand out candy this year — as if it were so so far away. and it’s only 2 days away!! and to be honest, i’ve been on the fence about halloween this year, too — but really i just want to pass out candy to smiling faces. happy halloween taza, josh and littles!

  17. dee

    your babies are just so precious. cutest pumpkin & engineer, i’ve ever seen. ;)

  18. Brooke

    SO cute! You have a darling family! :) God is really using you, you’re an inspiration to me!

  19. Your kids are so cute! i think I was a Christmas tree one year… My parents were never quite so sure either and we went to a lot of events in my church. It was always a good time though!We were never allowed to be witches or ghosts or anything like that and looking back I am really quite glad because it taught me to be creative!
    I still have so much fun dressing up (I am in my twenties)!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  20. amanda

    Ack! This is cute!! SO CUTE!

  21. Michelle

    Such lovely pics, Eleanor dressed as a pumpkin is too cute!

  22. kendall

    they have the sweetest costumes!! i can’t get over it! x

  23. jaclyn

    aww what adorable costumes! love the pictures! so happy you had a great time :) and your hubs is adorable, matching s :)

  24. Jenn

    Super cute costumes!!

  25. Erica

    How adorable!! I know what you mean about not being sure about Halloween. The origins of the holiday are a but creepy for my taste, but the kids sure enjoy it. And they sure are cute!

  26. Carli

    So cute!! Looks like a super fun night for the whole family :)

  27. Anne

    They look so cute all dressed up! I think holidays are way more fun with kids!

  28. Ya Halloween is a hard one… however there is something magical about a pumpkin patch and cornfields, it all just screams Fall!

    And Eleanor makes an ADORABLE pumpkin!


  29. Courtney

    Love their halloween costumes! Can’t wait to dress up my little one on Thursday (and so thankful she’s still too little for candy – no sugar high for us:))

  30. Emma

    It’s so great you let Eleanor pick out her own costume, and that photo of Samson with the sucker is too much!

  31. I still don’t understand how your kids keep on getting cuter and cuter by the day! Each day I’m like well, they can’t get any cuter than this. And then you prove me wrong the next day!

  32. JM

    Oh that pumpkin Halloween is the cutest. I am surprised by another poster’s comment that Halloween isn’t celebrated in the UK. Perhaps they mean in England, Halloween pretty much originates from Celtic traditions so has always existed in some form at least in Scotland and Ireland. It used to be called guising instead of trick or treating. Anyway, love the costumes! So cute!

  33. jen

    the picture of you with eleanor is just the sweetest!

  34. Marie

    Haha is Samson biting the standup cardboard? It looks as though he is. And Eleanor is the cutest pumpkin I’ve seen! ;) we don’t celebrate Halloween here in my country, so it’s interesting and fun to see how ppl from other countries celebrate it. ;)

    Our holiday adventures:

  35. Patience

    some of those pumpkins are bigger than the kids :), love it.

  36. Sarah

    Eleanor makes such a sweet little pumpkin! This makes me nostalgic for the days when I was a small-town reporter and got to cover the Tiny Tots Halloween parade every year.

  37. Denise

    The kiddos are adorable……just a suggestion ~ when I dressed up as a pumpkin as a kid, my mom stuffed tissue paper inside so I really looked like a big pumpkin! I loved it….maybe E would get a kick out of being round like a pumpkin too.

  38. Meryl

    Oh, Halloween, such fun times and such fun memories being made! I never really stopped to think about it being strange until I moved to Hungary. It’s predominantly Catholic here and people celebrate on All Saints Day (the day after Halloween) by mourning their deceased loved ones. So maybe dressing our kids up like ghosts & witches is a little strange, but still, it’s fun. =)

  39. Aiman

    How sweet!! What about your costume Naomi?

  40. Sydney

    They are so cute and are such characters!! Love the look on her face holding the pumpkin full of candy!!! :)

  41. Sinead

    Aww they both look so adorable :-)

  42. Traci

    Interesting comment Sarah! We’re Christian and we’re probably one of the few (I sometimes feel) who don’t celebrate Halloween – no costumes, but we do load up on candy post Halloween :) Thats the way my husband and I grew up and so far no complaints from the kids 5 and 1!

  43. giulia

    so sweet! please tell eleanor we all think she is a fabulous pumpkin:)

  44. Kelly

    E was the cutest pumpkin and your engineers were amazing!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  45. hanna

    They look so cute with all those pumpkins. –Hanna Lei

  46. Randi

    I, for one, love Halloween! For the festivities and cute costumes. It may have a deeper meaning to some, but it’s purely fun for my family, we don’t tie it to anything more than that. Though, I do throw away most of the candy… it can get a little intense for me and my 3 year olds wills and sugar tolerance. hah! ;-) They are too cute!

  47. Aww the kiddies look so adorable in their halloween costumes.
    I think my favorite part of Halloween is watching Halloween movies while getting interrupted handing out candy to the excited little kids!
    Can you believe it’s going to be Christmas soon?!

  48. maddi

    Can I ask you where your hat is from? So cute for fall!

  49. Katie

    I would also love to know where the hat is from!

  50. E’s costume looks like my first ballet recital costume when I was 6! We were pumpkins in Cinderella! hahaha

  51. Bea

    They are really amazing!!
    They are so cute!!!!
    Buon mercoledì!

  52. Anna-Bet

    I just had to link you to this other little pumpkin from back in the day. Full House FTW!

  53. Amanda


  54. Albina

    they are soooo cute!

  55. I love that E wanted to be a pumpkin! I think this is the last year that we can put Olive into whatever costume we choose, since she’s 19 mo now. She’s going to be a lobster, naturally. ;-)

  56. How lovely! you always seem to be doing something exciting with your kids. it’s inspiring.

    Valentina Duracinsky Blog

  57. Mila

    your cute babies make me giggle. so adorable.

    xo. m.

  58. Your family is so cute! It is awesome that your ward does that for Halloween! Thank you for sharing the awesome pictures!!

  59. Sue

    I am a big fan of your blog, but I also find it interesting that you celebrate Halloween. At your church, no less. Halloween is undeniably a pagan holiday. I am amazed at Christians who dedicate a whole day to celebrating Satan and evil. This is the first comment I have ever left and I don’t wish to preach or judge, just thought maybe some people are not even aware. Your kids are adorable and I wish you God’s blessings over the holidays and new year!