inside the teepee!


a little over a month ago i put the littles’ cribs into storage and had them start sleeping together on their crib mattresses on the floor. everyone’s sleep situation is different, but our kids do much better co-sleeping than on their own. and since it’s too difficult to have all four of us in the same bed (family bed!) the next best thing for them has been sleeping beside one another.  while sleep arrangements are unique to every family, allowing our children the control over that area of their life – going to sleep when they are ready and waking and playing when they no longer need sleep, is working pretty well for us.  we love the montessori approach when it comes to raising them and it’s working out nicely for our family.

i ordered this fun orange and white striped play teepee from land of nod last month and the littles have enjoyed sleeping inside it together. we have always been big fans of building teepees and forts together (josh proposed to me inside a fort we made!) so it’s been fun to carry on that tradition with the kids. in the morning we read stories inside the teepee together as we finish up breakfast and before we get dressed for the day. eating breakfast in tents inside our apartment must be a davis family thing because i found these photos of josh and me having breakfast in a tent when we were first married living in our little studio in harlem. of course, now there is a lot more hide and seek going on!


this post is in partnership with land of nod.  we practically lived at their pop up shop in soho last year during the holidays and i’m crossing my fingers for another one this year! it was just so magical and fun! (you can see if one of their stores or pop up shops is near you HERE.) the pop up shop is where i bought a lot of our holiday decor for the home and also eleanor’s red ukulele last year.

  1. Lucy


    I love that they co-sleep together!! And that you guys realise that and go by their needs… also that they go to bed when they’re ready and wake up and play when they’re ready too.

    We do the same, although we co-sleep in our super king-size bed with our 2 year old!

    I just love your photos… they always look so fresh, warm and bright… I hope to take photos like this one day!

    Hope you have a fab day and weekend!

    X x x

  2. Your kids have a beautiful room! Love the teepee addition, and the linens are wonderful. I think is cute they co-sleep in the teepee they would wake up feeling as part of an adventure story.

  3. What a lovely post. I love reading bloggers that kind of ‘think outside the box’ and listen to their hearts. I don’t have children, but I feel like I’m absorbing so many wonderful tips through reading your blog, and hope I can implement some of these ideas if I do have children x

  4. Rayani

    Co-sleeping sounds a nice idea, and your kids roo is very beautiful Hugs

  5. Alessandra

    Looks like such a fun way for them to be creative and imaginative. That teepee reminds me of Moonrise Kingdom! Your kiddos are best buds and it’s the sweetest thing to see how much they love each other and work together :) Also. The last picture of the three of you. So. MUCH.LOVE!

  6. Crystal

    I would never think to do that – I love it! What lucky little kids they are.

  7. Rosie W

    I love the teepee and so fun to hear how your families sleep routine is.

  8. Bianca

    Great idea! Question, at night , do you let them sleep when they want to or do you have a strict bedtime?

  9. Dulce

    so cute! love your kids bedroom is so dreamy!

  10. Melissa

    We bought bunk beds for our kids. They both sleep in the bottom bunk together. Wish we would have done it sooner!

  11. Briseidy

    how fun and cute! I love teepees :)

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  13. So nice for them to sleep together and in a teepee!
    Always nice to read about other families routins.

    I just made a post about our little routin when we are going to kindergarten in Paris.

    love to you,

  14. Jessica

    That is such a cute idea to carry on the tradition with a teepee! Having them sleep together will be awesome!

  15. lisa

    I love the tent idea. one question: What time to your kids go to sleep? do you ever have to ask them to go to bed?

  16. Laurel

    I’ve been eyeing those tepees for my little one (just about 1!). I really like the Montessori method too for raising littles so I might just imitate your little bed set-up here within the next few months for her. :)

  17. heart! you guys are literally the cutest family in the world!
    i always enjoy reading and seeing pictures. happiest weekend. :)

  18. Lindsay

    I think it is lovely that they get to sleep together! My older boys just started sharing a room and I was terrified, at first, that they would never sleep. But they love being together and can’t fall asleep without each other now. I love reading your blog, your family is so close and it is so wonderful to see!

  19. This is adorable! I love that they sleep in the same bed. I need to look more in to this montessori approach! It sounds like such a good way to raise kids!
    I love this Teepee! It looks pretty similar to ones that I helped my sister in law make. She sells them on Etsy.
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  20. amanda

    I would sleep in this teepee! I wonder if I can convince my husband… Teepees and forts are one of the many things I’m excited to do when I have kids, most definitely.

  21. Casey

    It is so sweet that they sleep together! Love those cat and dot jammies! What a great room they have.

  22. Emi

    Ah I love Land of Nod! I’ve been dying to get a lamp from there (for myself!) but am waiting for a good sale :) Can’t wait to buy stuff there when I have kids too!

  23. Lo

    Love that teepee!!!

  24. I love hearing about other parent’s routines around bedtime. We also had our kids co-sleep at that age. I wish we would have thought to set their beds up in a tent though :-)

  25. Marie

    Love it! Do you have any good books to suggest to someone who wants to learn more about the Montessori method?

  26. kendall

    gorgeous shots!! their room looks like a dream! x

  27. Sarah

    That tent is so cozy and sweet! My brother and I didn’t typically co-sleep, but when he was a toddler and our parents went out and left us with a babysitter, they were always sure to let the sitter and the two of us know that if he (the younger of us) has trouble sleeping, he was allowed to climb in to bed with me. I think it made both of us feel much safer.

  28. TJ

    Okay, I don’t even have kids yet and I’m already dying over that little fort! Your family is just too cute, always! Baby fever ;)
    xo TJ

  29. Jess.

    Siblings are so marvelous! And eating breakfast inside a tent inside a NYC apartment? Best. xox

  30. hanna

    This tent looks like it’d be so much fun. –Hanna Lei

  31. Grace

    ok this is the cutest idea ever!

  32. Carli

    What beautiful photos!! Sounds like such a lovely approach to healthy sleep for your sweet family :)

  33. Kelsey

    I love that tee pee! And my kids co sleep as well. They have never wanted to sleep without one another. Even if we put them in separate beds, in the morning we find them sleeping together. We recently bought them “big boy” twin beds and they asked us to push them together in their room. haha! I am all for it, if they are happy, I am happy.

  34. Lisa

    Such a cute idea! This could make going to bed too much fun! ;)

  35. Naomi

    adorable! did you hear anything about the teepee having any kind of fire retardant coating on it that might be harmful to kids? a mom friend mentioned this to me about these land of nod teepees., is it true at all?

  36. Taylor

    I love that adorable teepee and I think it’s wonderful that you let your children sleep together. Having even the tiniest bit of control helps kids in so many other ways. When I was little, my brother and I often shared a bed as well because we both hated sleeping alone.


  37. Jo Farmer

    What timing! Last night I was saying to my husband that I think I’d like to forgo the traditional crib altogether when we have babies and have a small bassinet in our room and then transition the babe to a mattress on the floor in their nursery. I felt confident in my choice but was unable to find much on the Internet that showed a family that had done this and how it had worked out for them. Then, wonderfully, my favorite family blogger posts about an alternative sleeping setup. Thank you so much for sharing!

    I also love that you’ve put so much independence in your children’s hands. Cooking, deciding their sleep schedule… I love the philosophy of freedom within limits and we plan to raise our children within a Montessori household, too.

    You really rock this mama thing.


  38. i have never known anyone who had their kids sleep together on a mattress on the floor, but it makes SO MUCH SENSE. i am truly going to jot this down as a note of something to try / keep in mind when i have my own kids. it’s a beautiful use of space, as well, and much more economical. not to mention that it intuitively makes sense on a relational/connectedness level. it seems like a beautiful way to cultivate sibling love. on another note, i literally can’t handle how happy and bright and white and colorful and perfectly-lived-in your home is.

  39. maggie

    What a lovely little set up! I was always sleeping in my parents bed as a toddler – I would have been down if they thought of this!

  40. Dara

    You rock on lil mama! Your kid are so sweet & thinking of them cosleeping together is about the most tender thing I’ve ever heard!

  41. nanette

    i love this! i want to get one for my daughter! looks so fun!

  42. i really love this concept of them co-sleeping together and how incredibly fun that it is in this sweet little tent! what a fantastic idea and how lucky these two are to have one another to make all these fun memories with! definitely keeping this in mind for if/when i might have little of my own (wayyy) down the road :) happy weekend you sweet family!

  43. we LOVE land of nod!!how are the littles adjusting to this new arrangement?

  44. Elle

    So cute and creative! I have twin daughters and they would love this!

  45. Marie

    I love co-sleeping with my son and hubby! We all sleep together side by side and this makes me feel so much closer towards them. We used to sleep on mattresses on the floor but have upgraded it to proper beds after he turned 3, the age when we felt that our son would be safe and not fall off the bed!

    Btw the tent looks cute! ;)

  46. This is adorable. You always give me baby fever. What a great post and lovely photos..

  47. Hanneke

    Oh this looks so cute!

  48. You guys always look like you’re having such a good time together! I love it! PS. Your hair looks fantastic in that last photo!

  49. Becky

    I am green with envy at this! As I mentioned in a previous comment, my two are the exact same ages as E&S, and although they love each other, cuddles turn to headlocks very quickly, and I think if they shared a bed right now they would probably end up killing one another! I reckon once they are older they will happily bed share, and they do during the day reading books etc, but I just don’t imagine any of us getting any sleep if they did share at night right now! They often co-sleep in with us at night though, but rarely at the same time.

  50. I have a feeling your littles think you two are the best parents ever. I mean, they get to sleep in a teepee- how cool is that?!

  51. Kelly

    This tent is so cute I am glad your kids love it!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  52. giulia

    my two younger brothers also sleep together, and we love making forts too:) and this sleeping arrangement gives the room a lot more space too, i imagine!

    bahh, i’d love to go to sleep if my bed was inside a teepee!

  53. Sarah

    Love the idea of starting the Montessori sleeping approach when kids are a bit older. It was hard for me to imagine a 6-month old sleeping alone on a mattress. We take the Montessori approach on a few things at home, and now I think we’ll work on converting from crib to mattress soon. A teepee is a bonus (and already planned for Christmas)!

  54. ML

    My brother and I slept in a mattress next to our parents’ bed until we were like 6 and 2 (I’m four years older than him). After that our parents moved us to our own bedroom where we slept in bunk beds until we were probably 9 and 5, when we got separate beds in a bigger bedroom (we had happen to moved to a bigger house at the time). We slept in the same room until we were 13 and 9, and looking back to that time I really appreciate sharing that with him, it’s nice and it gave us complicity (besides long hours of playing after bedtime and another long hours of asking for a TV inside our bedroom). Now we live 4000 KM apart from each other, I’m married and he is too busy with college and girls. Ohhh, I miss my baby bro.

  55. Ashley

    I think it is a great idea to let the kids co-sleep. We have found that taking turns to get our son to sleep in our bed and then moving him into his cotbed when he is asleep works best for us. We don’t just shut the door and leave him to get to sleep by himself and feel he is so much more contented. I love the colours of the teepee. Very sweet photos too. :)

  56. Kim

    What a sweet and honest post. Thank you. We have six children (oldest is 21, youngest are 12 yr old twins). We co-slept, in some fashion, with all of them when they were small. Precious precious times. When the twins were ready to sleep in their own beds, we pushed their mattresses side by side. Many nights we would go in to check on them and they would be holding hands, sound asleep. That lasted for a couple years. Now, at 12, they still want to share a room but have transitioned to bunk bed with more individual space. They still buddy up on the weekends, making their own fort on the bottom bed.

  57. Marin

    love your little family. thanks for being so inspiring.

  58. lena

    So playful and warm and lovely. May I ask where your gorgeous coral shirt is from?

  59. Becky

    So sweet, I know your blog isn’t a “parenting” but you do such a wonderful job and its very inspiring to us mums! Juilliard trained ballet and bedroom teepees :) I’d love to read more about your experiences with montessori, my son is 14m and while we’re not typically montessori we find the basic approach feels like common sense to us and I’m always untested to head how other families process this aswell

  60. Bea

    They really have a lot of fun sleeping together!
    And inside their teepee!!!
    Buon weekend!

  61. bri

    i’ve heard of the family bed (hubs and i share a full so we have no room for babies in ours), but co-sleeping babies is a great idea! i’ve never thought about it before! now i’m hoping mine will want to share once baby #2 gets here and is old enough :)

  62. mightzi

    these new ads suck. the ones that blanket the entire view so that i have to spend a minute to find the “X” to x out of. SERIOUSLY? why?

  63. Shannon

    I teach at a Montessori school! Their methods are very organic and I love how much Maria promotes intrinsic motivation, self-regulation and self-direction, but it is really tough to stop telling my kids what a great job I think they are doing!

  64. Brooke

    SUCH a cute and good idea! I am so glad your kids love it!

  65. Who doesn’t remember the cozy feeling of sleeping under a curtain which is totally teepee style :) In my first apartment I got a mosquito net to make me feel as safe like back in the day. It really worked wonders. (9 hours of sleep later :p )

    thank you for reminding me… :)

  66. Alex

    Would you ever do a blog post on the whole Montessori thing? Why you are doing it, how your children respond and what resources you use? I have twin boys that are the same age as Eleanor and naturally we kind of do the Montessori stuff, but you’ve gotten me more interested in it.

  67. Vanessa

    My oldest boys have always slept together, they are 9 and 7 years now and still they love sleeping in the same bed. I think its natural. Years ago siblings would all sleep in the same bed together. I don’t agree with all these parental books because no child is the same and no family is the same. Do what you want from your instincts….and who knows their child better than their parents! You seem like a great mummy! Keep doing it your way. Btw can you please tell me where you got those duvet covers from (do you call them ‘linens’???) Do they have triangles on>>> thanks so much :)

  68. alice

    wow! i am impressed with this idea. my son (he will be 3 in dec) has a tent in his room but we call it his book tent. a lot of his friends are already in “big” boy beds but he seems completely content in his crib. perhaps that will change in the next few months and maybe i will take a page from your book and set him up in his tent!

  69. Mónica

    I love it, we have a kind of house with the kids and not so kids enjoy themselves pipe, mounted a stunning stories. Kisses and Happy Mondays.

  70. cutest thing i ever did see! such a lovely glimpse into your family life.

  71. Everyone’s having such a good time! Love the last photo. I’m currently pregnant and don’t plan on co-sleeping, but don’t have anything against it and I feel like everything changes once you experience it. Do what works for you. :)
    xo kristen genevieve

    sunny bloglovin

  72. emma

    you nailed it on the head! you do what works for your kids! i mean really, what else would you do?

  73. Megan

    our little one loves her teepee – so much fun!

  74. Sarah

    Great post! May I ask where the triangle bedding is from?

  75. Stephanie Perkins

    I’m nine years older than my brother and I remember camping with my little brother and we would share a bed … I didn’t mind but he hated it! Kuddies! … And the night before Santa came we would bunk up together so I could make sure he didn’t sneak downstairs and catch “santa clause”!! .. such good memories for an older sister! Siblings definitely appreciate sibling time together and those quiet moments away from Mom & Dad ;)

  76. Melissa

    This post makes me laugh much in the same way the one you did a few years ago about how you could not imagine going out on a date without E. I thought to myself…pfahahaha just wait until you want to actually have a conversation with him…you’ll leave her and be thankful for that peaceful time with your love. And it happened…which is healthy and recommended by our church leaders.

    We have five kids and one on the way. While I like the idea of co-sleeping siblings, children need bedtimes and routine. They just do. And you will discover this. Especially when they are on a real schedule if you decide to put them in school or activities. Their nights will get later and later and they will be too tired. They are not equip to make responsible decisions about their health at this age. I know. I currently have a three year old and a 18 month old like you nearly do. They are tired early and need sleep. So much of behavior has been linked to sleep patterns in children. And you will appreciate time with Josh when they are asleep. Ours that age go to bed no later than 7pm and they are ready for it.

    In our house we very much let the children lead in so many areas, but a tired kid can really disrupt a peaceful happy family life. Kids need structure and they need to know that they are not in charge. It’s a fact of life.

    Sorry to be a negative nelly, I do enjoy your blog. But as I’m getting older, I’ve realized most of the “ideals” I had as a young mother were so completely wrong!! LOL! I could have saved myself so many battles if I wasn’t so consumed with being different than the rest of the world.

    Just my two cents.

  77. Of course I’m biased, but raising littles with a Montessori/Waldorf approach is just the best for listening their needs and working TOGETHER for happiness.

  78. Nichole m.

    Hey Naomi, I just thought I’d pass the word along that your darling walker toy ( the green one in the background of these pics) has been recalled! I only know because I tried to find one for my son a couple of months ago. Toys r us carries a new version now though, and I’m sure if you brought your old one in they would swap it!

  79. Noa

    Lovely post!
    Where are the bgreat sheets / linens lininhg the teepee from?