apple picking with sweetgreen.

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last week, we went apple picking up at maskers orchard with our sponsor, sweetgreen. their october salad features apples sourced locally which we are thrilled about because eleanor and samson are pretty much obsessed with apples these days.   the orchard was probably the most beautiful i’ve visited and the entire morning felt like the perfect way to usher in autumn as a family. we brought back a huge bag of apples and have big plans to finally put that juicer to work this week. wish us luck! special thanks to steven stauffer and the sweetgreen team for such a fun day.

ps. instagram your favorite fall photos with the hashtag #sgfall for a chance to win a limited edition ‘beets don’t kale my vibe’ tote.

film by steven stauffer.  sweetgreen is one of our long time sponsors.  see our other salad video collaboration HERE and apple picking from last year HERE.

  1. Susan

    I love that video, sooo cute. Eleanor with the bread gloves, gorgeous!

  2. Bianca

    That video is so sweet!

  3. megan

    LOL! Very cute! I know it’s part of the “schtick” but I can’t imagine carrying a salad bowl, etc. on a picnic with my kiddos in real life. I can barely get MYSELF to the picnic much less the veggies and a chopping knife. I AM hungry for an apple now though!

  4. Bianca

    That video is so sweet! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Looks like such a fun afternoon!! I can’t wait to get to the apple orchard myself!

  6. Sarah

    Samson’s head thrown back laugh is too sweet! Love this little video. It reminds me of all the orchard trips my family took when I was tiny.

  7. Such a cute video! Makes me want to jump on a plane and head to the east coast!

  8. Marie

    Girl! You need to get yourself a hair brush! Your hair always looks ratty!

  9. Awww! Eleanor with the gloves at the end kills me with her cuteness! :) Love the outfits of all the members of the family! I’ll go an grab an apple as my dessert for lunch :)

  10. This really is the cutest!

  11. so precious! some of the sweetest smiles ever!

  12. Emma

    So cute! Now I am even more excited to go apple picking this weekend!

  13. I love that last little clip with Eleanor holding the bread gloves up to her face…thanks for making me smile! What a precious little family.

  14. Courtney

    Oh my gosh, Eleanor at the end! Haha. I just went apple-picking (on my blog), so much fun!

  15. emily

    the mittens! i’m dying. i’ve officially caught the fever, sheesh.

  16. Brooke

    That video was the sweetest thing! You have been blessed with such an adorable family! :)

  17. jess

    lol the bread hands at the end. I want to see more videos of you guys! I love e’s overalls, I think that is seriously one of the best things about being a kid, you can overalls and look cute!

  18. Elisa

    Unfortunaley this is the only sweetgreen video that can´t be watched outside the USA. Bummer for your european readers :(

  19. bea

    I really love your family!!!this video is amazing!!!

  20. Stawwwwwpppppp – so cute! Go find you guys a Ralph Lauren family ad to star in please, because you guys would be perfect! Eleanor’s such a little helper!

  21. Alexa

    absolutely adorable.

  22. Molly

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this video! I think I need to start doing more videos with my family! :)

  23. Faith

    Oh LOVE this! Sweetgreen (thanks to you), is one of my favorites! E is just too cute in her overalls, especially in that last shot with her hands in the bread :)


  24. Jamie

    I love this so much! Your kiddos are adorable and such a pretty video to ease into fall! Thanks for sharing!

  25. Victoria

    Eleanor is just so adorable. :)

  26. Dani

    The adorable-ness is unbelievable. So fresh!

  27. amanda

    i’d love to know where to purchase that tote bag. love that pun!

  28. Sandra

    Aaaaw, I cannot watch it outside the USA. Too bad, I would have loved to :(

  29. Samantha

    That was SUCH a darling video!! I love E at the end with the bread mittens…adorable.

  30. Gwyneth

    So cute! Your family always makes me smile.

    On a side note… Naomi, I just wanted to let you and your family know how happy I am that you’re supporting local, sustainable foods on your blog. I love ALL of your food posts, but your relationship with sweetgreen really makes me smile. Sustainability and getting back to our local roots is so important, and it’s wondering to see y’all promoting that on your blog. Thank you.

  31. Lauren

    so sweet! gorgeous location and beautiful family!

  32. I love you and your blog! you are so adorable <3 :)

  33. adorable!! local apples are totally my obsession. i live near see canyon, california, which is known for amazing growing conditions for apples. i go tasting once a week — there are 60+ varieties here over the course of the season and i must.try.them.all!!!

  34. Laura

    This is so adorable. What a great sponsor!

  35. Minna

    You guys are too cute! I better start instagraming some autumn pictures then… :-)

  36. Orlando

    I think your family is just cutest ever :)) I wanted to ask you if you visited Kingsley ever? :) I hope he’s doing fine.

  37. sabrina

    yah, sadly this vid is not available in my country (germany). cannot watch it. :(

  38. Jo-Jo

    Your kids are sooo cute! I can’t wait to see baby #3! Congrats!

  39. Arden

    ooh! Now I want a salad with apples! I think I know what I’ll be eating for dinner tonight =)
    P.S. Your kids couldn’t get any cuter!

  40. Katrina

    What song is this??? It’s so good :)

  41. giulia

    eleanor’s bread peekaboo. so cuuuute.

  42. Sofia

    I wish there was sweetgreen here in Dallas, TX i would go all the time!

  43. what a nice video! I like this new way of advertising :)

  44. Felicia

    Oh no..obviously it’s just available for readers in the U.S. :(
    Any chance that European readers can watch it on another site?

    I totally adore all your videos and was so looking forward to this after seeing the Instagram photos from this day.

    And your skirt!? SO pretty on you!

  45. That was really beautiful!!

  46. Aww you guys, this is the cutest thing ever! Sending love from the UK!

  47. Shelby

    So we totally made a video of our time at the apple orchards as well its one of our favorite things to look back and watch! Yours is no exception! Beautiful family!

  48. Katriel

    Such a cute family!!! Thanks for sharing your fun day with us!

  49. Well isn’t this just the cutest thing I have ever seen!

    Sam //

  50. nicole b

    I was just telling my husband we needed to go apple picking!

  51. Genevieve

    I can’t handle how precious Eleanor’s outfit is! Love, love, love!

  52. Marie

    Love the ending!! Happy Samson and Cute Eleanor. It’s great that you’re promoting healthy food and eating habits. Good job mum! :)

  53. That is the sweetest video! You are so lucky to have so many things like this to cherish and look back on when the kids are older x

  54. Minnie

    Aaahhh E’s little peek a boo with the bread at the end? Dead of cute! Too sweet!

  55. This looks like a beautiful day. I love to visit the Sweet Green on Capitol Hill because of all the delicious locally-sourced ingredients. Looks like you guys had fun!

  56. sue

    look so fun – we have some appletrees in our garden and Mauro just loves taking one each day!

  57. Jessica

    Hi Naomi,

    Great video! Which orchard did you guy go to? I live in Brooklyn and am looking to make a day of apple picking sometime soon. Would love to know which you visited and if you liked it!

  58. Janis

    Awesome video!

  59. Kristina

    Can’t see it in Germany! :-(

  60. rayani


  61. Laura

    you’re pregnant? how did i miss that? congrats!!!

  62. Iriska

    You all are so cute! But I’m sorry, Eleanor is my favourite!:) She’s so focused and serious carrying that basket in her jean overall, like a real little farmer :D And that last frame with bread ‘mittens’-aaaaah! :)

  63. Amanda

    I’m loving the sweetgreen in Boston – kale caesar salad for the win! Such a sweet video of your fam – how nice to have this to look back on!

  64. deloom

    Such a sweet video! Thanks for sharing!


  65. Kristin

    I’m loving the skirt with boots .. Where is that skirt from? It’s lovely . Always the perfect outfits , don’t know how ya do it ! Lucky lady

  66. I’m so jealous of all the apple picking going on. I live nowhere near apples. Bummer.

  67. Natalia

    OMG! Is Naomi really pregnant? Normally, I wouldn’t ask that question (I think it’s kind of rude to ask), but can someone tell me where this information is coming from? There are multiple comments above that mention it, but no confirmation (which I wouldn’t expect Naomi to confirm over a comment). I’m just curious if there’s an actual announcement, or if the original commenter is just a troll.

  68. You have beautiful kids! And I really like this video. I wish we would have fruit picking activities where I live, unfortunatly for me it’s at leas a two hour drive before I can pick my own fruit over here in Belgium.

    Love, Saar

  69. Amanda H.

    this is THEE cutest thing ever! i seriously love your videos! i wish i could have videos like that with my little family. i need to make some of my own. such the perfect video!

  70. ashley

    gah! this video is too cute!!

  71. Connie

    I love this!! You guys are too cute!
    Happy fall

  72. Amy

    Your family is so adorable!

    And this really makes me want to start cooking with apples again! :)

  73. Anne

    Oooh, to bad the video is not available in germany :(

  74. E and the bread gloves :D Hahaha, That is soooooooooo funny :) I love your family, it’s so fantastic! :)

  75. Taylor

    Love this little video. Especially that last clip of Eleanor with the bread loaves on her hands. So dang cute.


  76. Crista