a solid good weekend.

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we had one of those weekends that was just solid awesome.  the forecast suggested rain through and through but it only sprinkled a few times on friday. we stopped by joe’s twice for a slice and i won’t even tell you how many bakeries we hit up.  we lived outside in the cooler weather trading in one playground for the next. the littles stayed up past their bedtimes….although who am i kidding, we have never been good at having strict bedtimes :\ playing games and singing songs around the piano with our papa.  the best part, we spent the weekend with family. my sister flew to the city for a few days and another sister came up for the day on saturday. eleanor and samson were pretty happy to have some aunties in town but i think i was the happiest of everyone. thanks so much for coming to town, aunties! let’s book some tickets for winter break, yeah?

  1. What a sweet picture of the kids with their auntie! Perfect family weekend, those are always the best, just happy to see each other, catch up and have a fun time. The piano and songs is my favorite part though, how nice!

  2. So cute! That’s it – you have totally inspired me to really cut out the TV – there is so much more to do when you turn of the television! Glad to hear you all are enjoying the yellow piano!

  3. Laura

    That picture is way too adorable! :)

  4. Where did you get Eleanor and Samson’s raincoats? I am looking to purchase a good one for our little guy. Thanks!

  5. This picture just makes me happy.

  6. Meryl

    Nothing like a great weekend to put some pep in your step! I just had to comment about the ridiculously adorable face Samson made after testing the juice. It gave me a belly laugh. =)

  7. I love it! i’m happy to say that I shared the same awesome new York city weather WITH YOU this weekend! we explored park slope on sunday, made homemade dumplings (SO good!) and snuggled on the sofa watching the last two eposides of girls. gosh that show is SO weird, and so bad in so many ways, but there’s some sort of connection I feel to those girls, even though I’M not a crazy one ;)

  8. Katie

    Aw yayyy for a good weekend!! :) What a sweet picture!


  9. Faith

    First off, I just noticed the new sidebar photo. LOVE! You look beautiful and so chic Naomi.

    Secondly, I am always amazed at your skill for capturing such wonderful coloring in your photos. They just exude happiness :)


  10. Janis

    Sisterly visits are always awesome, especially for the little ones! :)

  11. Emma

    Sister time is always the best. I am from a large family like you (I am the oldest of five girls and a boy), and I always feel so much more balanced after family time. Glad you have a good weekend!

  12. maggie

    What a cute photo! Glad the weekend was so lovely :)

  13. Justine

    So fun! Hey, Love your new photo to the side.

  14. JM

    Ha, I was just looking at the picture on the side of your website the other day and thinking how little your babies looked and how much they have changed. I LOVE the new picture. Glad you had a good weekend! We did too :)


  15. Mariana

    Oh my God! Your ‘cover photo’ is so amazing! Just looooove it. Congrats Naomi :)

  16. juni

    so much love in a photo!

  17. Rachel

    That really does sound like a lovely weekend! I love the picture of the kiddos hugging their auntie. It’s so sweet and she looks soo darn happy! Also, I’m loving the new photo on the side!


  18. Lisa

    That picture tells it all. So glad your weekend was divine.

  19. hanna

    I’m happy you had such a good weekend. –Hanna Marie

  20. Kate

    Family really makes it all worthwhile. By the way, your new cover photo is adorable! It’s really Beatles-esqe, which I love. Very Rockstar, and suits you all well. Thanks for sharing.

  21. There is nothing quite like having the perfect weekend! Ours was so relaxing and wonderful.
    I am missing my sister! It is always so nice to see your siblings.
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  22. Joanne

    That sound so lovely. I love weekends that just effortlessly fall into place, becoming perfect in perhaps the simplest of ways



  23. Nicole

    that sounds like a such a great weekend! made me feel warm and fuzzy just reading it :)

  24. bridget

    your new sidebar picture is awwwwwesome.

  25. Hannah Bo

    I had such an amazing time! Thank you for everything! I love you all!!!

  26. Rayani

    A very lovely moment captured…

  27. Peyton

    Sister time is the best! My sister and I spotted you all on our way to dinner on Bleeker on Saturday evening – didn’t want to interrupt, but couldn’t help but smile when we heard Eleanor laughing! Love hearing about your weekend here. ;)

  28. Christine

    it is so fun to have family come to town, especially sisters.

  29. cibele

    i loved this photo. so sweet…

  30. How sweet. I wanted to visit my sis for the day this weekend, but we settled for some grandpa time — which is not settling at all. :)

  31. Chloe

    Hi Naomi! Love your new sidebar picture! Your shoes are super cute too! Where did you find them?
    Thanks so much!
    Enjoy your evening.

  32. Jo Farmer

    That new side-bar photo is the best. It just seems so perfect for your family. And, in general, just a perfectly composed photograph!


  33. cheyenne

    gosh, that photo! it’s alway so nice to have family around :)
    xo, cheyenne

  34. melisa

    i love going on your blog and looking at your old stuff, and when i say old i mean like 2007 haha 8)

  35. Carli

    that photo is pure joy! thanks for sharing :)

  36. Mónica

    The visit of ours is always a reason for joy right?. I also I have my brother when we are away and thoroughly enjoyed it. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

  37. Marie

    spending time with family is the best. And I love your new profile picture on the blog! It’s amazing how fast kids grow up…Samson and E are getting so big now. Reminds me of my son. Time flies :)


  38. Risa

    So so sweet! I love this photo of you with your two cuties and their matching rain coats. Just adorable. I can’t wait until my daughter arrives in a few months and I can spend my weekends playing outside! :) xx

  39. Meredith

    Sisters are the BEST!!! weekends with them are always so special :) What a great photo

  40. Sini

    You three are so cute together. I love the yellow (rain?) coats!

  41. Just asked you on Twitter but I dunno if you’ll read the mention. So I will try again in this comment because I couldn’t find any mail adress. :( May I take some of your pictures to for a feature on my blog?
    The feature will look like this one: http://www.realitaetsbewusst.de/2013/02/theroadishomecom.html – I just want to share your beautiful life with my readers. :) Would be great! <3

  42. So happy to hear you guys had a great weekend. I am loving the new side picture!

  43. Carla

    Hello! Congratulations for your blog! I love it!!! It has accompanied me very much over the last few months since I became a mummy last April! I have read “Dad is Fat” and really enjoyed it! Are there any other funny and easy books you can recommend (for adults) ;)
    Many thanks!!!!

  44. Anne

    Oh family visits are the best!

  45. Carie

    Sounds like a lovely way to spend the weekend. It’s always lovely when you get a run of really good days, it makes the not so good ones all seem worth it!

  46. Em

    Wow, you and your sister look so much alike!

  47. Emily

    Such a heart warming photo. I’m glad you had a good weekend! xx

  48. Allison

    So sweet!! Love when sisters come to visit! XO

  49. I love the picture. Those coats are so cheery!!