a record deal?


i bought this saxophone for eleanor’s second birthday. it was 40% off at a local toy store so i couldn’t help it. but we ended up giving eleanor a scooter for her birthday and we felt like that was plenty, so we decided to hold onto the sax and give it to her at a future point.  well, i pulled it out last month in a moment of desperation while trying to cook dinner with two kiddos in the kitchen that both wanted me to pick them up and hold them.  i figured eleanor and samson would be so pleased to receive a surprise gift from mama that they’d play nicely together with it at my feet and all would be well again in the davis house.  but it was probably one of the dumbest things i’ve done.  giving two small children one saxophone to play with at the same time? it didn’t go over well.  they kept fighting over it and crying and i had to take it away for the evening and also, i gave up on cooking dinner.

we’ve since brought it back out and are working on taking turns.  while we’re getting better at sharing and they both really enjoy playing with it, it has become samson’s most prized toy (eleanor’s more of a drummer girl, anyhow.)  he carries that saxophone around the apartment all day long and sometimes closes his eyes while it rotates through it’s 18 children’s songs.  if this boy doesn’t become a jazz musician, i don’t know what’s up! the other day he brought me eleanor’s sound proof head phones (from her baby concert attending days) and motioned for me to put them on him.  i wasn’t sure if he was wanting to practice but not listen to himself practice, or if he thought he was recording an album.  either way, how is this not the cutest thing ever.

oh this boy. stealing his mama’s heart all day long.

  1. Marie

    that’s such a cute photo of Samson! Hope their sharing skills get better and it’s great that you have so many little musical instruments at your home. :))


  2. What a Rockstar!!

  3. Marion

    So sweet ! A real musician !

  4. Oh my goodness, these pictures are cute. In spite of your dinner making challenge I know you know how lucky you are to have two adorable children wanting to be picked up and held! As an aside, I love how you’ve put all those different knobs on your yellow dresser.

  5. Marion

    SO sweet ! A real musician !

  6. Maria

    My god that is sooo sweet. I’m in love with your kids. Theyre the cutest I’ve ever seen and I can only pray that if I ever manage to find a guy I want to have kids with, that they turn out at least half as adorable :)

    Lots of love from Germany and sorry for the real bad English :(


  7. How cute! He has a musician soul, no doubt :) trying to deal with kids sharing a toy and cooking at the same time sounds really difficult.

  8. oh how we love to see yours and your kittens adventures! meow x

  9. Bird

    Oh my gosh, he is just so handsome! And I think he will be a wonderful Jazz Player in the future!

    Love from Granada and the -fatcatconnction-

  10. rayani

    Super cute musician

  11. Carley

    So moral of the story is keep TWO gifts in the closet for times of desperation ;) he is such a cutie!! I love when you can see their little imaginations at work.

  12. Amanda

    oh, my! that is just the cutest thing ever!

  13. I love that you are starting your kids so early in music! It is such a great thing to grow up with. I started paino in kindergarten and violin in second grade. While I whined all the time when I was younger because I didn’t want to practice but now I am so happy she made me stick with it.
    Sharing is also always hard! My nephews are so close in age that they bicker about Eeeeeverything. It gets really frustrating!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  14. Lauren

    He is so adorable. And you were just trying to get them out of your hair so you could feed them. Desperate times call for one surprise sax!

  15. bridget

    so sweet. future john coltrane!

  16. Janis

    Awesome! Keep at it Samson! :)

  17. adorable! what a cute musician!

  18. the real talent will come one day, at least he’s got the “look” down already ;)

  19. Lo

    he is a true rockstar! ;)

  20. Mónica

    That laugh that simpaticas photos. What to share mine so take a little bad about all the little Candela. Kisses and happy last Wednesday morning Friday.

  21. this is pretty awesome. he looks so totally into it – like a natural. my little girl is also a bit of a drummer, there’s something about banging on any and every surface…

    enjoy your week.

  22. bri

    how sweet! we got my little man a tiny piano for his first birthday and he actually tries to play (not just bang). maybe they can start a band some day ;)

  23. hanna

    These pictures are too cute! –Hanna Marie

  24. SO adorable! And oh my, do I ever know what that sharing thing is all about. My two youngest are 18 months apart (Emma, 3 and Madden, 18 months) and Madden ALWAYS wants to play with everything Emma is playing with. And, not surprisingly, Emma rarely wants to share with her brother. Teaching sharing can be comical at times, but it’s definitely an exhausting lesson in patience…

  25. Samson! what a little darlin. it’s so nice to see a post all about your little guy! i love seeing them both.. well all 4 of you actually — but it’s fun to see what little S is like! cutest kids on the planet in your home! hope he has fun!!

  26. Looks like he’s earned his rightful place in the Rockstar family!

  27. he looks like he definitely knows what he’s doing :)

  28. Leith

    Oh my gosh! This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen! Between you and Josh, I am pretty sure both your kiddos are going to become famous rockstars. I can’t wait to buy their first album. – Leith

  29. Haha this is the sweetest thing, ever! He’s so into it! Thank you for sharing this and letting us know that we aren’t the only ones that have days we struggle (and sometimes give up on making dinner halfway through)!

  30. Awwww!!!! That is adorable. However, let’s be glad it’s not the real thing and you don’t have to listen to her practice just yet…

  31. Kelsey

    This is so cute!! We are practicing sharing over here as well. It does not go over too well, so we are now practicing let’s not have a meltdown because no one wants to share :) Its a daily effort. haha

  32. Lisa

    Kids do the cutest things, don’t they? What sweet little spirits they are…

  33. maggie

    Such cute photos – you would never think there were moments of distress behind them!

  34. Sarah

    Aw, what a soulful little sax player. I love that his eyes are closed in what looks like musical concentration!

  35. melike

    gosh he grew up so much, already a musician!


  36. Anne

    Oh my gosh he is so into it with his closed eyes and headphones! Love it!

  37. T

    Sooo cute!!! I say record a “Put Down the Ducky” video! I actually have a question about your furniture though! Is that the IKEA Hemnes dresser painted a fun color and jazzed up with awesome drawer pulls? I am impressed! I just bought a dark brown one and (after 6 hours of putting it together) it’s great, but I think yours is beyond adorable! Did you paint over the preexisting finish? I’m curious :)

    I enjoy your blog and your wonderful outlook on life!

  38. Chelsea

    This is just too cute! Maybe in the future a family band may be formed? x

  39. Oh my gosh! How adorable! Such a cutie!
    Both of your kids are amazing x

  40. Sharon

    aww that is just the most adorable thing ever!

  41. Lucy

    Oh my days, this is too cute to handle!
    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  42. ashley

    So adorable! What color did you paint that dresser? I’m redoing a dresser for our baby’s room and would love a perfect yellow color!

  43. Heather

    I hope he does become a musician, he has the soul for it!

  44. Chinta

    Love to see him developing his own character. Our son is doing the same thing, being his own person and enjoying his life. Bless the children!

  45. michelle

    Cute yellow dresser, is that from Ikea and painted?

  46. Stacy Cruzate

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  47. Diana

    Samson’s facial expression in the first photo is too good! He is so adorable!

  48. kinda dying over these pics!! And I’m grinning imagining him playing some Kenny G elevator music, eyes closed and lost in the moment. ;-) xo

  49. cutest! what a precious one!