a letterpress date!

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a few saturdays ago, josh and i had an early morning date at regas studio in midtown manhattan. we thought we’d enjoy doing something new together like learning how to work their letterpress and print our own stationery, which we designed with them the month before. regas studio doesn’t usually let people print themselves, but josh actually went to the same high school as the regas letterpress master herself, meredith, and her husband who also rowed at columbia! small world! they were kind enough to let us into the studio for a behind the scenes peak.

the whole process was absolutely fun and exciting from start to finish. from talking designs, to picking colors and papers and envelope liners to actually manning the press! i wasn’t very familiar with letterpress before this so i was not aware of how much goes into each pressed card! a whole lotta tender love and care! i feel like i might have a hard time actually using my stationery because my penmanship is horrible and i don’t really wanna mess up those gorgeous cards with my handwriting! ;)


^^^with the regas studio ladies!^^^


^^^this photo of meredith and me on the left makes me laugh pretty hard because we were sitting with her at the table and all of the sudden josh picked up the camera and quietly moved over to the side of the room and stood on the sofa to take this photo. and we were all laughing so hard. we actually look quite serious and engaged in conversation though! well done, josh! ;)^^^


^^^here it is, friends! the press!^^^


^^^we mixed our own ink colors to get the exact coloring we wanted. josh was really into this part.^^^


^^^cleaning the machine before we go at it with a second color…^^^


^^^i chose this beautiful blue color for my stationery. i guess eleanor’s desire for everything to be blue is wearing off on her mama, too.^^^


^^^before the cards were cut… isn’t that blue so pretty?^^^


^^^with josh’s design, we pressed the color into the kraft paper over the words, so the words are actually risen and the color is pressed into the paper. it’s a little hard to tell in the photo, but really cool!^^^


^^^hot off the press!^^^


^^^and there you have it! we’re the davis family!^^^

we also designed a christmas card for our family with regas this month that we can’t wait to share with you over the holiday season! it makes me crazy happy i love it so much!  if you’re looking for holiday cards or other stationery, check out their paper shop HERE. 

this post is in partnership with our friends at regas studio.  thank you so much for having us, friends!

  1. Samantha

    This is fabulous! What a grand idea. I’ve always wanted to do my own printing, especially for my clients.

    Seems like such a fun day! I love anything/everything stationary :)

    Sam // samanthaheather.blogspot.com

  2. Valentine

    Wow, do you always get up so early? It must be 5am in NY! But nice post :-)

  3. Cecilia

    Oh my goodness I love this, what a fun idea (: Love how yours turned out (;

    Dearest Lou

  4. These look absolutely amazing! Such beautiful photos, you look stunning. I want to have a go myself at the letterpress!

  5. Julia

    WOW! I guess this was a lot of fun! And your cards turned out super pretty :) Can’t wait to see your holiday cards :)

    Julia (daysfullofglitter)

  6. bridget

    letterpress is amazing. those are beautiful.

  7. christina

    what a fabulous way to start a saturday. letterpress is so interesting to me. what a unique experience (and super cute stationary- nice work!) :)


  8. Elizabeth N.

    My handwriting is awful. I forced myself to start sending handwritten mail to see if I could improve my penmanship. It hasn’t worked yet but I did discover a love for awesome stationary.

  9. looks so fun!! glad you had a fun Saturday with Josh! :) ps: i’m addicted to that site already.

  10. Janis

    What a treat! I think it is a lost art now a days and glad that there are still a few good letterpress shops out there! This was an awesome way to learn about letterpress for you! Great photos! :)

  11. Faith

    What a fantastic experience, I always wish I did letter press or screen printing in college! I absolutely love the design of your cards Naomi and your blue is gorgeous. (I wouldn’t want to write on them either!)


  12. Those are beautiful! My family never did cards when I was younger but this seems like such a cute thing to get into!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  13. Laura

    that’s so amazing! x

  14. This is a very cool idea! I think our family needs to get personalized stationery too. I’ve been meaning to start writing more personalized notes and I think that would make me more inspired to do it.

  15. Sarah

    This is such a great idea, and perfectly just in time for the holiday season!

  16. Morgan

    I can’t help but notice your husband is wearing a Bolles shirt…did he go there? My whole family went to school there (except me) The baseball field is actually named after my grandfather!

  17. Carli

    Your cards are GORGEOUS!! What a fun experience with beautiful stationary to show for it.

  18. what a fun thing to do together!! and the end result is gorgeous! looking forward to seeing your christmas card design :)

  19. Quyen

    What a great idea to have a letterpress date! I would love to do that. Hopefully there is a similar place in Los Angeles.

  20. Randi

    Love the font on the stationary!!! And the blue is mahvelous!!!! What a fun date. Slightly envious… and I don’t envy often. I want a date like this!

  21. hanna

    This looks like it’d be so much fun to do! –Hanna Marie

  22. i love letterpress cards. i wish there was a letterpress printer/shop anywhere in my area.

  23. Amanda

    What an awesome experience! Love the stationary, really cute!

  24. maggie

    It looks like you both had a lovely time! And the Davis family press is adorable!

  25. Wow, both designs are amazing! I can tell that you both put a lot of thought and effort into each detail – it paid off! :)

  26. Kate

    Naomi, this is good news because I’m getting married next year and have hard a hard time finding a letterpress shop in the city for my wedding. Thank you for sharing your experience here! Quite timely!

  27. Michelle S

    Their seasonal greetings cards are so cute!

  28. I love it!!!!! So cool! You’ve chosen such a pretty colours and fonts!!!
    I’m looking forward to seeing that Christmas card!

  29. Ckah

    Oh how I love letter pressing nits so beautiful… I plan to letterpress my wedding invitations and save the date. DIY status because the real thing is a wee put out of my price range, but jeeze would i love to do it in real life. I’m jealous you two got to experience it. Adorable.

  30. amanda

    oh, these are so lovely! letterpress is so elegant, even when it’s fun and silly and bright colors. i’d love to learn how to do this.

  31. ALICIA

    Love this!! :) I love sending “real” mail and creating personalized stationary. I think it’s becoming a lost art… I’m only 30 yet I feel like a lot of people I know don’t even know how to mail a letter or a card. Thanks for sharing!! :)

  32. Marie

    love the cursive lettering! And I agree, the blue colour is beautiful. It’s interesting and cool to work in a place like that, where there’s so much passion and creativity going on. ;)


  33. Molly

    That fierce green is so gorgeous. And okay MUST know where your blazer is from!

  34. Jody

    Whoa. Are you pregnant or just a crazy angle?

  35. Scarlett

    Hey Naomi,

    We’re studying the Master on Retail Design at ELISAVA in Barcelona and we’re analyzing Anthropologie and it’s users for this course. We’ve seen in your blog your a frequent user of this brand sou we’ll like you to answer the following questions for us.
    Why do you like Anthropologie?
    Which department do you buy more? Home, clothing or accessories?
    Do you buy more via on-line or directly in the store? Why?
    How often do you shop in Anthropologie?


  36. What a fun date! I bet your friends will be really excited when they get them in the mail- no matter what your handwriting looks like ;)

  37. Kelly

    This stationary is adorable and I can not wait to see your Christmas card!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  38. emma

    that’s so neat! i love how you guys designed and printed them!


  39. Annb

    Hey! i want to contact you by mail but i can,t find it, please can you send me or tell me your address, thanks it,s just a small question.

    Tanks a lot!!

    [email protected]


  40. shayla

    so fun! i love letterpress!

  41. Anne

    I sure love letterpress! Those turned out amazing!

  42. Jessica

    This is so fascinating!! I never realized how much work goes into stationary like this and I’ll admit I am not one to fawn over it in the first place but understanding it and seeing the cute designs may convert me!

  43. I looove letterpress and am a total paper nerd. Regas Studio is fabulous; how fun to play a part in pressing your own stationery!

  44. The print shop was my favorite place to escape in college. Love the designs and bright colors y’all chose!

  45. Sarah

    LOVE that vibrant green! If only we could all own a letter press! It’s amazing how few and far between they are! Cool experience.

  46. candice

    This is so cool! What an awesome opportunity for you! :)

  47. jaana

    how beautiful! and what a fun idea. you should design letterpress for a living cuz that’s some good stuff right there!

  48. Bea

    Naomi, what a wonderful adventure you had!
    It’s so amazing doing something new!!!
    Happy Halloween!

  49. Kristin

    how lovely. Thanks for taking us behind the scenes! ;)

  50. Mila

    i love this. i wish i had access to a place like this. i would spend all of my day there.

    xo. m.

  51. Cece

    What a fun and lovely day! Really great seeing this from the inside. Loving the brown boots the other lady is wearing —do you happen to know if they’re Swedish hasbeens?

  52. So Cool! Love Letterpress. I love what you made! Thank you for sharing your day with us.

  53. Josephine


    I love your blazer, and have been looking for one like this for a while. Where did you get yours?

    can’t wait to see the christmas card!

  54. Jessica

    These turned out beautiful, I love them!

  55. oh my gosh, i love these! i seriously am about to copy your style and order some myself. i wish i could afford the holiday card ones! (maybe after my husband is out of med school we can) BUT… is the reason you’re so excited to share your holiday card with us is to announce you are PREGNANT!!?? you don’t look it at all. but as i was browsing their holiday card collection i saw these cute ones for families announcing another baby and thought “hmmmm….”

    can’t wait to see them! :)

  56. Krista

    Just love all your outfits!!! Where is your blazer from??