1. Elease

    LOVE all of these. I wish I could jump into your pictures (aka life) just for a day. xoxo

  2. Lindsay Gossett

    Holy moly, your family is just about the cutest ever! Eleanor’s little outfits are so perfect I can barely stand it!

  3. Samantha

    Your family is gorgeous. I cant wait to have a family of my own!

    Never stop documenting your lives.


  4. Love seeing your family grow in these pictures! So sweet. x

  5. I always love your posts, and the way you lay them out. I also love seeing snapshots from your family’s life – look so joyous and what I hope my (future) kids’ lives will be like. :) So inspiring to live beautifully. Thank you for being an awesome blogger!

  6. You guys are always having so much fun. I love it.

  7. Bea

    So many happy and wonderful moment!
    I love the one with Samson and Josh are detach on the window!lol!!
    Buon mercoledì!

  8. Bonniekimm

    I love you and your family, Taza! I really hope to meet you and your littles one day. Seeing your instagram, blog photos, and vine make my day and I always share it with my boyfriend! Hehe.

  9. Those donuts look SO good! I really enjoy these posts, you take a hella lot of iPhone pics x

  10. that one of eleanor hailing a taxi? i. just. died.

  11. Oh I just LOVE the image of the kids on the kick scooters.. It is hilarious. It always look like you have so much FUN!

  12. Awww samson with the ball! too cute : ) great pics

  13. Sabahnur

    you are so cool and i love you!

  14. What a beautiful family you are….makes me wanna start building a family right now, but I guess I should remind myself that I have all the time in the world…

    Love from Europe,


  15. Emily

    Love the firemen photos and basketball on the subway! Perfect NYC moments.

  16. Oh my goodness the rain slickers + diapers combo is killing me! Too much cute.

  17. holy moly. eleanor hailing for the cab is off the charts adorable. what a great capture!!


  18. You guys make me smile all the time. I love your instagram and thank you for being an inspiration to me :-)

  19. Briseidy

    looks like you’ve been having lots of fun! love the synchronized scooter pic hehehe

  20. Mónica

    As I like these compilations, the girl is beautiful and every day older. Kisses and happy last Wednesday morning Friday.

  21. heather

    you four make life look so colorful and fun and adventurous. following you on instagram has been so fun :) you also make motherhood look easy, breezy, and beautiful (covergirl? hmm). what’s the secret?

  22. Jess

    when will all the winners be announced for the 6th year anniversary celebration? the anticipation is building!

  23. amanda

    this makes having kids in the city look like the only way to really enjoy the city! love it. and thanks for the doughnut plant shot, now I have a massive craving.

  24. samson and josh up against the glass… you and miss emily… pizza nights… loving it all!

  25. Lauren

    I’m still so jealous that it always seems like your iPhone pictures turn out wayyy better than everyone else’s! So Cute!

  26. kendall

    gorgeous! as always! love all the smiles :)

  27. Taza, I love the crown that samson is wearing in the last pic..I’ve been searching and searching to find something like that for my baby’s first birthday….Can you help a sister out?

    ps…I love your new hair!


  28. Sinead

    The pic of Samson walking through the leaves is so lovely :-) I love the one of Eleanor hailing a cab too, like a proper little New Yorker!

  29. Sarah

    Samson with the basketball kills me! He’s so teeny next to it. Your kids must just make friends wherever they go with all those charming little grins!

    Love your braid in that second last row. So fresh and pretty!

  30. Jaana

    Life is happily, beautifully going on in NYC and I am so glad to see it. I’ve never visited your great city but one day New York and I are going to meet and I know it’ll be love at first sight.

    P.S. You have the cutest kids. They make me smile, every day! :)

  31. It’s great to see happy NYC pictures today. I find myself so, soooooo pensive and reflective, trying to remain positive and upbeat. So, I sat down yesterday and made myself look through photos of my (not so tiny) babies on the beach this past weekend and record that joy.

    Keep on, keepin’ on!

  32. Sarah

    Do you have any tips for wearing your hair wavy? Looks great!

  33. Kelly

    It looks like life lately has been pretty terrific!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  34. maggie

    Lovely photos and moments, as always!

  35. Shannon

    Those donuts look delicious! They can officially be added to my craving list!


  36. Aslyn

    I love your life lately posts. It’s crazy how busy you guys are!

  37. the synchronized scooters is my favorite!

  38. Faith

    Even though I follow your instagram I still love seeing these posts! Its fun to see what you’ve highlighted as your favorite shots :)


  39. Great photo of you and Emily from CC. Love your shoes in the group shot!

  40. Kate

    What kind of scooter does Eleanor ride? I have a daughter same age who is dying for one….

  41. Anne

    Fall leaves in NY already?! Love all these as usual

  42. So heart-warming! You capture the best candid moments :)

  43. Good morning :)
    I love the set up of your iPhone pics and was wondering with which program you assemble them in this neat way?

    I would appreciate your quick answer!
    Cheers, Taty


  44. Kathrin

    I Love your blog, especially your iPhone pictures..straight into my heart.
    Your littles are so cute.

    Greetings from germany


  45. Jessica

    Those donuts in the first pic look so delish!
    Also, your new haircut is so trendy! Lovin it :)
    Have a good day!

  46. Jennifer

    Hi, im chilean. I need you help me because in september we will travel to ny with my little son ( 5 months). Do you give me tips about wather, places and restaurants for yo with children?
    Sorry for my basic english.
    Thank you
    I hope tour tips.

  47. Jennifer

    Sorry, we will travel in october

  48. Anete

    and I definately enjoy these pictures. So colorful is the fall! :)

  49. Hiroko

    Lovely photos!!