labor day weekend! (part II)


here are a few more photos from our labor day weekend with friends….


^^^after we put the little ones down for naps on saturday, the men suggested we ladies head out while they held down the fort (i think there was a football game on, or something.) and i mean, we couldn’t really argue with that. so we took off! we checked out the cute little shops along main street without our strollers and spent some time chatting around a table while watching youtube clips of jim gaffigan’s stand up on our phones. (side note, i’m kind of embarrassed to say i only read one book this summer. and, it was jim gaffigan’s dad is fat. but also, i can’t tell you how good it was. i would read it on my iphone while nursing my baby to sleep and more than once i had to cover my mouth in fear of waking him because i was laughing so hard. i’d then insist on rereading entire paragraphs to josh before we went to sleep because it’s one of those books where you just want to share it because it’s hysterical so i kind of feel like josh read it, too. another side note, i actually spotted jim gaffigan with two of his kids this summer down in the village! and he was dancing down the sidewalk with his kids! i was like, is this real like?! he’s dancing with his children as he’s walking with them?! to date, it was my best celebrity sighting and i sure hope it happens again because i’m still kicking myself for not going up to him and making a fool of myself telling him what a fan i am. next time, next time. any way, all these side notes are over.)^^^

118 123 125 126

^^^probably the cutest pair of identical twin boys you ever did see.^^^


^^^and these here are my cute boys.^^^


^^^the men pretty much took over the kitchen and did all the food prep and cooking and cleaning up, too. it was crazy awesome.^^^

130136 134 135

^^^eleanor is just a tiny bit obsessed with baby etta. me too, eleanor. me too.^^^

138 139

^^^you know, just babies making the last of their phone calls on the remote controls before bedtime.^^^

143 144

^^^a sucker for that american bunting flag.^^^



^^^wuz up ladies!^^^


^^^a walk around the neighborhood before dinner…^^^

laborday26 laborday28

^^^ ball by the pool! (and i made the basket if you can believe it!)^^^


hope you had a great labor day (and summer!) welcome welcome, september!

  1. hanna

    This looks like so much fun. I love how the house is decorated. –Hanna Marie

  2. I have to tell you I only have read one book this summer and it was the same one. And I did the exact same thing. Laughed out loud and read most chapters to my husband because I knew he would love it! Loved all his insight and how much I could relate to almost the entire book! It was great! You should have gone and talked to him!!

  3. Lovely pictures! Looks like you where having a wonderful time :-)

  4. So precious! Looks like it was an amazing weekend!

  5. Bea

    And never mind for the book, you will read more when your kids will grow!
    Ciao ciao!!

  6. happy, fun pictures. i always look so forward to reading this blog during little breaks at work. it definitely gets me through these mornings!

  7. Morgan

    What a fun time! Totally makes me want to plan a weekend away with friends and kiddos! Gorgeous photos as always! XO

  8. rachel

    these are some top notch men. also, i think i need to make some rich friends with giant country homes.

  9. whaouuu I had forgotten how big houses can be in America(spent a year in Delaware as an au pair) thanks for the pictures …it is a lovely place ♥

  10. Carley

    beautiful home! so glad you read ‘Dad is fat’ brother bought it for my dad for father’s day and its making the rounds in our home. My husband and I fought over who got to keep reading it every time we went to visit this summer.. so funny!! I’d love to meet him..hahaha

  11. kendall

    such fun snaps! i love all the flags everywhere too! x

  12. I’m adding dad is fat to my amazon cart now! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  13. Justine

    I’m loving these pictures from your fabulous weekend with friends! Can’t get enough of Samson in those blue sun glasses.

  14. Carla

    Is that Nantucket? I love it there. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend filled with family and friends and a sprinkle of girl time :).

    also just wanted to say that you would never in a million years know you’ve had two babes with that body! Hot mama!

  15. Jenn I.

    Love that beautiful home. And yes Jim Gaffingan is HILARIOUS!!!

  16. Emily

    Wow that is a beautiful home! I always forget how big houses in America compared to the UK! Such lovely decorations too. Looks like you had a really fun weekend!


  17. bri

    ha! my little one uses the remote control to make phone calls too! he also likes to use an old ipod mini which seems to fit his face better :)

  18. Kaela

    this was one of my favorite posts….made me want to call all of our family friends and plan a weekend away, stat! beautiful pictures, beautiful people, beautiful places.

  19. Sarah

    Yay for ending the summer with a bang and PREPPING FOR FALL! I had a salted caramel mocha and pumpkin cheesecake danish thingy from starbucks and I felt it in my bones…. fall is on the way!

  20. ashley

    it’s so nice to get out of the city every now and then – looks like a great time!

  21. Jill

    Even better than reading Dad is Fat…listen to it! We did on a road trip. It was probably the best decision ever.

  22. Were you in New Canaan? I recognize that downtown street! My Grandma lives there and I love going to visit.

  23. Cintya

    This sure looks like a lot of fun. That house looks amazing, perfect getaway from the city.

  24. Melany

    These pics just made me smile! Looks like so much fun. I’m also obsessed with Jim Gaffigan. I read Dad is Fat in like 2 days and was just chortling the whole time. I follow him on Twitter, too and his tweets are the best, so funny.

  25. Carolyn

    Long time fan of Jimmy G and finally saw him this summer….
    Hilarious, laugh out loud comedy! Very down-to-earth guy and just awesome! Next time say hello.

  26. I just can’t get enough of all those baby grins and chubs :)

  27. maggie

    Love all the pics of the wee babes – so cute!

  28. What a cute bunch of babies! You have so many in your circle. Nice that you all got together to enjoy what looked like an incredibly good time for all.

  29. looks like a perfect American holiday spent the right way!!:)

  30. looks like a classic American holiday spent perfectly.

  31. Shannon

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing

  32. amy

    love the babies on the remote controls bit. ha! & you must work out right, i mean come on, you must! you look so fit! xx

  33. Nichole

    I read that this summer too! Jim Gaffigan is my favorite comedian out there. I’d freak if I spotted him in real life!

  34. laura j

    It looks like it was nice everywhere! We are on the west coast and we went to the beach. It was fabulous!

  35. Gosh, I hope when my husband and I have babies we are able to find close knit friends such as these. Looks like you had an incredible weekend! And, oh my gosh, I adore Jim. You can bet I would have totally skipped right along with him…

  36. Sinead

    Aw the babies on their ‘phones’ are so adorable!

  37. Jess

    your photos are absolutely perfect, and everything seems me so funny! >.<

  38. Katness

    What a magnificent house! It looks like you had the best time. Hope you’ll enjoy September!

  39. Marker

    Have you watched the Jim G routine about having his fourth child? Scott and I laugh so hard we cry…and we have watched it a million times! Your babes are wonderful! Such fun photos.

  40. Vickie

    Looks like a great family vacation! Beautiful family!!! Love the photos : )

  41. Addie

    Ah, I can just see Jim Gaffigan dancing down the sidewalk with his kids! He’s the best! I can’t wait to read his book :)

  42. Marie

    I’ll definitely check out his book! Seems like a great funny book. Anw love these photos and it must have been so fun for your 2 babies to hang out with other babies!! :)

  43. Mandi

    it’s so weird seeing you dressed casually! thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and life!

  44. Annie A

    What an awesome weekend getaway! Awesome to have such close friends to hang out with!

  45. Deana

    such a fun day! ;)
    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

  46. Hiroko

    Awww So sweet…. In Sri Lanka, we dont have holidays these time and its so much rare that men cook for ladies. It must be so much nice holiday for you.

  47. Lina

    Which celebrity have you met expect Jim? :)

  48. Mónica

    That weekend please is best to enjoy life to the fullest. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  49. nicole mountz

    gorgeous photos as always:) i’ve been in such a funk lately and was sitting at work this morning trying to think of ways to get me out of it. immediately i thought of checking your blog to catch up and instantly felt inspired and happy. knew it would do the trick. thanks to you and your family for always putting me in a great mood:)

  50. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your blog and watching your sweet family grow. Thanks for sharing whats happening in your corner of the world.

  51. ashley

    ooooo I love the American Flag bunting too. There is something that makes me super happy about being patriotic – Love it! Also – that’s a lot of bugaboo you guys got going on there! ;)

  52. Tanya

    Just watched Mr. Uni verse last night. Now I have to get that book !!

  53. looks so fun! the smiles all so genuine!

  54. Mun

    Such cute water babies :)

  55. I love the picture of that cute little girl pushing Samson on the toy dump truck!! He must’ve been giggling because his smile just looks so genuine. What a fun getaway for the little babes and the adults, too! :)

  56. Shannon

    Jim Gaffigan has a great quote on being a dad:

    I watch the faces of single people in their twenties after I bring up that I ‘have children.’ I imagine them taking a small step backward as if to avoid contagion, with a look of ‘Sorry to hear that’ on their face. Like I naively volunteered to contract leprosy, forever quarantining myself from the world of having fun by having children. Well, why not? I guess the reasons against having more children always seem uninspiring and superficial. What exactly am I missing out on? Money? A few more hours of sleep? A more peaceful meal? More hair? These are nothing compared to what I get from these five monsters who rule my life. I believe each of my five children has made me a better man. So I figure I only need another thirty-four kids to be a pretty decent guy. Each one of them has been a pump of light into my shriveled black heart. I would trade money, sleep, or hair for a smile from one of my children in a heartbeat. Well, it depends on how much hair.”

    He is so great.

  57. Shannon

    I just realized that was probably in his book! haha. I should read it.

  58. Kaci

    You have the cutest swimsuits. Where did you get that one from? Also, whose house is that?

  59. Lina

    I just wanted to know if you’re doing a ‘happy list’ again like you did years ago? I liked these ones so much <3

  60. Cat

    You know … Those adorable honest whale swim diapers don’t need to be worn with a swim diaper/or regular diaper underneath. They are ment to worn all by themselves. If there is an accident they can just be washed. In fact most pools prefer you not wear one time use diapers at all.

  61. Elizabeth

    How nice it must be to have friends with kids around the same age *and a pool :)*

  62. sandi henderson

    is your hubby wearing the RED PASEO’S ??? they look great!

  63. Kim

    Naomi, where is that light chambray shirt from? I love it, it looks great on you!


  64. Alanna

    Love this! Naomi, where is your swimsuit from?