labor day weekend! (part I)


hello! hope you had a wonderful three day weekend! we spent ours up in new england with some good friends from the city. a friend of ours hosted us at his parents beautiful home where he grew up and it was seriously one of my favorite weekends away. we haven’t really traveled or vacationed with friends before, but we had the greatest time relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of manhattan with everyone. we spent our days swimming and cooking and eating and running around after all the little babes. it was also a lot of fun to put the little ones to bed at night and stay up talking or playing games (um, catch phrase? how is that game so much fun! we have got to get a weekly game night going around here.) we also had a volleyball match one night too after the little ones went to bed. i’m not very sporty, but thankfully no one seemed to mind too much.  i have more photos to share but here are a few below… feeling really thankful for the good friends we have made in the city this year. and also feeling really thankful that it is already tuesday! bam!


^^^babies at the baby table.^^^


^^^grilling. and all the fixins’.^^^


^^^this is my cute friend amanda. you’d have no idea she has a ten week old baby by the amount of stuff she gets done each day. or by her bod. or by her awesome leg kicks.^^^


^^^so… can we all just pause for a moment and take in this gorgeous back yard? ok. thanks.^^^


^^^i tell you, these women are some of my faves.^^^

ps. thank you all so much for helping us celebrate six years of blogging last week! as i’ve been nursing samson to sleep each night i have so enjoyed scrolling through everyone’s photos associated with the instagram hashtags. hands down, my favorite is the #lovetazafamily hashtag. seeing so many beautiful families and happy faces all in one place just feels really special and powerful to me. it’s one thing to read a giveaway entry comment, but another to see a beautiful face or family behind it. i feel so strongly about the importance and power in families, that i almost get goosebumps every time i scroll through and see all of those pictures. i believe in family. i believe in my forever family. and i love seeing your family, too. so thanks for sharing your photos! they really made my week!

  1. kendall

    what a fun get a way with friends! the perfect way to spend labor day! x

  2. Etheline

    Happy belated Labor day:) Looks like you hade an awesome weekend. Gold stars to you for going to New England!! Best place ever!!

  3. Love the photos, especially the ones from the food and bbq. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  4. Sarah

    What a lovely-looking long weekend. And that high kick is seriously impressive! I’m so envious of that backyard. So much gorgeous green space to run around in!

  5. Emily

    Definitely agree- it’s so nice to get out of the city every now and then.
    Just came back from Maine with my family (love your sentiments about family as well)

  6. JM

    Wow, looks like you guys had a great extended weekend.

    I was just wondering, are all your friends people you’ve met through your church? Or do you have a mixed group of friends? I was just wondering because you seem to meet people really easily, especially people with kids the same age as yours.

    Great photos! Looking forward to seeing more.

  7. Eli

    Thank you, Taza for making my day each or every other day.

    I really like this little nook of internet over here. xxx

  8. Suzie

    How can I contact with you? Please , I need call with you ! Please <3 ♥♥♥

  9. Catchphrase is always such a hoot :) And the iPad is always in danger when we play it electronically ha, someone is always so close to throwing it on the ground! And pull up your pants, you little Samson thug, you ;)

  10. What a wonderful weekend! You are so lucky to live near your friends… We moved to Germany two years ago and we missed our friends like crazy!

  11. Julie

    Looks like a fantastic Labor Day weekend. Glad to see you’re enjoying NYC again. Happy September!!

  12. looks really precious and special — so many smiles!

  13. maggie

    Looks like you had a lovely weekend! Labor Day is seriously my favorite – nothing wrong with good friends and lots of BBQ.

  14. Faith

    Looks like such a picturesque Labor Day getaway! Can’t wait for round two of photos :)


  15. Briseidy

    looks like a perfect weekend! filled with fun, food and babes, that backyard id really amazing!

  16. What a fun weekend getaway!

  17. Jess

    My favorite part about this post is that you still nurse Samson to sleep.. I still nurse my little girl that is just a little older than him and somehow knowing that I am not alone just made my day…Thanks!!!

    ps that back yard is TO DIE FOR!!

  18. I love labor day and memorial day weekends, because they are always so family oriented. Game playing, swimming and BBQs with the whole gang are my favorite.

  19. Jenn I.

    Your weekend looked super fun. Here in California in rained on Labor Day. Not fun! But a 3 day weekend was nice and relaxing.

  20. Mallory

    I absolutely love your blog! My parents were in NYC two weekends ago and actually sat next to you at church. I couldn’t believe they didn’t talk to you! You are my favorite blogger and inspire me to be happy each day. Thanks for writing this blog!

  21. Marie

    that photo of all the young ones sitting on the chairs is too adorable! And slight confession… I enjoyed looking through all the #lovetazafamily, food, fashion and travel hashtags too! You should more #lovetaza IG giveaways, it’s such a great way to see other families and mums out there. ;))

  22. Joanna

    you truly are the most warm person, who keeps blogging, you know?
    and you have a wonderful, wonderful family.
    I just had to say this ;)

  23. reid

    You have a beautiful family. Looks like a fun weekend(:
    ps. i spy dancer feet in the last pic! lol forever arched.

  24. Rebecca

    I love the C7 in cream. & I would love to go to Greece…or Paris!

  25. What a perfect way to celebrate Labor Day!! So happy you and your sweet family were able to get away and have fun with friends, those are the best times ever!!!! I would had loved to send you a picture of my lovely family through instagram if only I had instagram, maybe soon!!!

  26. Sinead

    Aw looks like you had lots of fun! The baby table is so sweet :-)

  27. Renee

    Glad you had a great weekend – Yep, Catch Phrase is my favorite!!!!

  28. Caroline Olson

    I hope when I (hopefully) move to the city for college next fall that I have the same luck as you in the friends department!

  29. hanna

    So much food on the grill. –Hanna Marie

  30. Vanessa

    What adorable photos! It sounds like a great time!

  31. Sarah

    Isn’t it fun being the parents where you proving fun “vacationing” experiences for you kids? I love it. BTW you should totally make your own official hashtag.

  32. amanda

    ahhhh this looks so nice. love the idea of having a huge crew at a house for a weekend (but only with tons of babies).

  33. Naomi, you are the sweetest. I loved reading your P.S.

  34. Rose J.

    Just got back from Newport, Rhode Island, and Kittery in Maine. We love New England, and are fortunate to have family there so we can visit often. Glad you enjoyed New England with great friends, and good food! Have a wonderful week!


  35. Alina

    Thank you so so much for sharing your sweet family with us! I really appreciate it. Your family is my daily highlight. You can tell I’m crazy but I hope that some day I have a family like yours and to be so wonderful and kind like you. In my eyes, you are the most perfect mom.
    Next year I’m going to be an au-pair. My biggest wish is to get a sweet family like yours <3 Keep on blogging! You are doing a wonderful job.
    Kisses from Germany

  36. Gabrielle

    I love the hot dog paper plates! Oh! and that high kick!haha

  37. Michelle

    Lovely photos, looks like a great weekend!

  38. Emily

    Amazing photos as always, looks like you had a really great weekend! xx

  39. Looks like fun! The house and the surroundings are amazing!

  40. all looks so fun! that food looks so yummy too. looks like y’all had a blast!

  41. deloom

    Amazing photos! Thank you for sharing. Everyone looks like they were having such fun! :D

  42. Rachel Hagen

    This place and weekend looks so fun!! Happy six years blogging!! Thanks for sharing your thought on families. Y’all are a great example.

  43. Stephanie

    I love all of your photos,your family is awesome!!! I love your life. God bless you ;)

  44. Ashley

    oh goodness! So fun! I love little E just lounging – that water looks glorious too. Your pictures always make me smile – Im glad im able to catch up ;)

  45. Looks so damn perfect!