here’s to a good day, and an even better weekend!

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hi there! i hope you had a great week and are about to have an even better weekend. i’m sure crossing my fingers for one.  to be honest, the last few days have been on the rougher side for me.  i haven’t been sleeping well at night, and that in and of itself is a large part. but also because i have been allowing feelings of inadequacy to creep into my life. there is always room for bettering oneself, but i feel like sometimes i am barely keeping up with my day to day to even get to that list of things to improve. you know? “survival” mode. sometimes i swear i just can’t even get out of survival mode!

i want to be the best wife and mother and friend and sister and daughter that i am capable of being. i want to take proper care of myself and my family. i want to have a home that has a spirit and energy of love and peace. one that is on the cleaner side (not crazy clean- but beds made, no cheerios on the floor kind of clean. baby steps.) i want time to finish projects that i have started that are important to me. i want to find more time for service, less time getting caught up in stupid drama that seriously should not even be going on. i want to read more parenting books. i want to finish the parenting books i started over a year ago. i don’t want to let stupid little things that i have no control over get under my skin.  i don’t want to let things go bad in my fridge. i want to exercise more. i want to use that juicer we invested in weeks ago and still haven’t used. i want to listen to my girlfriends and compliment them more. i want to never lose my keys again (they are lost somewhere in the apartment right now. of course. me and those freaking keys, man!)

i’m trying to make changes so i can be and do these things. little changes, nothing big yet. i don’t want to set myself up for complete failure. ;) little things like straightening up the house before we leave each morning so we come home to a clean one. or setting aside an hour each saturday morning to just read my parenting books. or only go grocery shopping with a list and meal plan in mind so nothing goes bad in my fridge. or look for the positive things in friends and others and verbalize it to them rather than just think it. little steps…but we’ll get there.  i’m planning to check in with myself each sunday night through the remainder of the year and see where i thrived and what needs more work each week.  life is too short to let some silly feelings of inadequacy take over.

so this is where i’m at.  coming to realizations, making changes, trying to live life better.  please wish me luck. i wish you luck, too! support! we all need more of that, don’t we? here we go. have a great one!

  1. victoria

    for keys:i attacked the wall a special thing made apostle for keys,so every day when i get home i put them there…since there i never lost them…have a nice day!!:))

  2. Marie

    Sounds like a plan! Do you have any good parenting books ot recommend?

  3. Damaris

    Thanks for such inspirational words! Is just what I needed today, I was allowing silly feelings to came over. We have to be able to say all the good things we think about the other people instead of waiting impatiently for others to do it first.

    The loving pictures of your kids make the perfect reminder! :)

  4. Samantha

    Baby steps are important. Just make small goals and it’ll be easier to achieve :)

    Praying for you and your family! :)

    Sam //

  5. Tracy

    I made all of these promises to myself too at the start of the year. I have stuck to them. But then again I found out I was in remission last Christmas and so these promises were more important than ever. Especially to my beautiful little girl. So I’m doing an evening course, looking after my body and mind and desperately trying to not sweat the small stuff.

    Good luck with your plan. Sounds doable.


  6. Lucy

    I hear ya Mama.

    Exactly where I’m at….. all those things… they just seem so overwhelming but baby steps is the way to go.
    I hope we can manage it!

    Beautiful photo’s as always.

    Have a lovely weekend x x x

  7. Such a lovely, thoughtful post. I admire you so much for wanting to take action to better yourself and your life and your loved ones lives. \

    Great message! x

  8. JM

    One of the things on that list should be to not be so hard on yourself. Remember that you are human and it is ok to fail or fall short sometimes. The most important thing is always trying. And if you are ever in real doubt, look at your babies’ smiling faces and realise that you must be doing something right because those are two of the happiest babies I have ever seen :)

    There is nothing wrong with some introspection and self-improvement, just remember to not get lost in yourself and to let others in. Sometimes just sharing these thoughts with others can help and can make you realise that you are not alone in feeling these things. We’re all just trying to cope. And I am sure, for the people in your life, knowing they have you in their lives makes it easier, even on your worst day ;)

    I hope you have a rewarding weekend :)

  9. Bettina

    I am wishing you all the best. You inspire me everday and love the honest side you show!
    You will achieve your aims. So sure about it.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  10. I totally understand, I’m in the same situation!!! I am wishing you all the best and I hope you will have a nice weekend

  11. Natali

    Oh my… This is almost as if I have written this post myself! I can completely find myself in every word. I feel exactly the same and am making changes in my life too, small but significant ones. Good luck with yours :)

  12. Ainhoa

    Believe me if I tell you that this crazy and quick life is not in Manhattan but also in Spain….I’m from Madrid and I have been reading your posts since one year go. I love your family, how do you feel, how do you think, I love NY…and I also improve my english while reading you :-)
    Is the first time I write and it is because today I absolutely identify myself with you…I have 2 beatiful daugheters, I have a lovely houseband, I have a job (wuau..really good in Spain right now), I have fantasctic friends…..but I don’t “arrive” to everything as I want. These 2 weeks ago I had same thoughts than yours, and sometimes I felt sad. But NOW I know that I’m not a SuperWoman (sometimes I forget it..). I also will try to do things better, but just in the way I thinks is good for us. Live is too short to spend it under trouble for things that don’t really matter. Be water my firend…be happy :-)

  13. Emily

    It’s not a bad thing that you want to improve yourself but you should never feel inadequate. Obviously I don’t know you personally but it looks like you do a pretty good job and you should know that I would love to be in your situation one day. Gorgeous husband, beautiful kids, lovely apartment in New York.

    P.s. I’m only 20 years old, and I’m not overweight, but even though you’ve had two kids I’m still envious of your body so don’t worry too much about the exercise ;).

    P.p.s. You really ought to buy a key finder for your keys, sound like it would be really useful.

  14. Lottie

    oh i know exactly how you feel at the moment, the last few days have been rather rough over here too and i am definitely in survival mode and cannot stop it with the self doubt and inadequacy.

    it seems we both need to give ourselves a break :)

    i like the idea of baby steps though doesn’t it make everything more manageable and sometimes those baby steps are having a bit of me time here and there to recharge.

    hope you have a wonderful weekend and here is to fresh starts and a new week :)

  15. Lucie

    What a beautiful post, today!
    We all have moments like that (at least I do…) Good luck with living your life to the fullest. You are an inspiration, be one for yourself, too :)
    PS. Yoga helps me get rid of the “I can’t sleep at night” moments.

  16. I’m pretty much in the same place right now. I see all the little things that make my life not as good as it should be, but sadly the biggest part I can’t really control. I see my AMAZING therapist again and I really hope I’ll back on track soon. I’ve been suffering from two major eating disorders (anorexia for years I didn’t even know, emetophobia for a year) and they affect my life so badly I feel like I’m constantly far away from Earth, constantly in this bubble with my problems and I can’t get out. I want to be more positive, I want to exercise every morning (I started and gave up after 11 days…. sigh), I want to say more nice things to my friends and I want to listen to people instead of being the talkative one. I want to be more passionate about things, do more everyday instead of mindlessly browsing the internet. I want my life to look like a beautiful, colourful typography. It’s the kind of image I have in mind. It’s nice to know that people in other age range, other countries and other circumstances feel that way too. And it’s even better to see that other people are positive and willing to make the most of their oh so short life! It’s something that people laugh at most of the time, but I try to ignore them.

    The little changes are the best kind of changes! You’ll make it, Taza!

  17. Vanessa

    It’s crazy to hear you say that when just the other day I was thinking how perfect your life seems with all of the photos you post on your blog. I guess we all are fighting our fights. I would guess that most people are envious of you though, so don’t beat yourself up and try to be grateful for the good there is. Being a mom is a hard job and you rarely get any time for yourself. Wishing you the best with some baby step changes towards a happier you.

  18. A


  19. Carolin

    Nobody is perfect Naomi. You work on things, that’s great and baby steps are a good start :) Keep on the good work with your kids, they seem so happy, and Josh and you seem to be such a great and loving couple. Do all your things with love, that’s enough for the beginning.
    And for the keys: put them into a glass or at the wall next to the door, that helps a lot ;)

  20. Suna OZBEYHUN

    Blog love all the way from Melborune, Australia!!

  21. Lucinda

    I don’t know how you even managed to write this blogpost – whenever I feel that way, I can’t keep a thought straight in my head! But it’s doing all those little thing from beginning to end; setting those small, accomplish able goals, that will help you to build a momentum and find the rhythm you desire. Once you’ve found it again, dance! Until then you might feel like you have two left feet, but just pretend no one’s watching. ;)

  22. Martha

    All of us momma’s (and probably any woman in particular) can identify with your struggles & the attack of feeling inadequate. I have found that when those thoughts assail, it helps to replace them with thanks. Finding things, even verbally sometimes, to just thank God for. It turns my attention off of myself and my very real and sometimes imagined inadequacies, and onto Him and His great mercies and faithfulness to me. And it turns my attitude from sullen to joyful. Love your plan for action as opposed to just wallowing in those things. Its so good to remember that we can always change and improve! You have a beautiful life and family, as I know you hear often. Keep on.. :)

  23. Kylie

    Thank you for this, Naomi. Thanks for the wish of support – I give it right back to you!

  24. Shelly

    I used to have a stack of parenting books by my bed. I read a few, skimmed a few, but then I got to Secrets of Happy Families by Bruce Feiler and couldn’t put it down! It is absolutely the BEST parenting book. I’ll don’t think I’ll ever read another one because I gleaned so much from this one.

    And check out this article on on mother feeling inadequate:
    Stop Pointing Your Avacado AT ME:

    Have a great weekend!

  25. Faith

    Thank you for posting this Naomi, I really needed to read something like that this week. It’s been one of those rough and draining weeks & I don’t even have littles! Thank you for the inspiration and the reminder to take baby steps with things.

    Hope you have FANTASTIC weekend enjoying the Fall weather :)


    ps : good luck :) can’t wait to read the post where you have accomplished those goals of yours (I know you will!)

  26. Susan

    Have you heard of It helped me to get some of the things you write about under control. The link is : Have a look, it’s free to join and may help you in some way.

  27. Lisa

    You can do it!!! Sending support your way!!!! :-) love this!!!!

  28. Jessie Leigh

    You are a wonderful, beautiful person and I have no doubt that you’re doing great. Probably a lot better than you give yourself credit for. Just the fact that you worry about these things means you probably are on the right track.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  29. Emily

    You know, what you’re doing, or wanting to do, can be called “Ignatian Examen.”–St. Ignatius of Loyola set up this great spiritual direction system, and the basic premise is to examine (hence, “Examen”) your life on a regular basis, not beating yourself up, but noticing moments when God felt near, and moments when God felt far away–or when you felt like you were doing God’s will or straying from it. I think awareness is a SUPER POWERFUL tool, kuddos! :)

  30. Giulia

    I’m feeling like that too, in these days. I want to make my life better that it is, and i’ll do it. I’m doing it. I want to love my boyfriend, my family, friends…and my cats more than ever!
    We are strong :) you are strong!
    Good luck Naomi, can’t wait to see another post where you’ll write you feel good.


  31. Meghan

    Oh I hear you! I feel like I’m back in survival mode too! Lack of sleep definitely has a huge role… We are back to multiple wake ups a night because of teething and being sick and it really take a toll! Hopefully we can both get back to normal soon!

  32. nicole

    Wow, that was an amazing post. Very honest and real. The mind is a powerful thing, and sometimes if we let that “one” committee take over, we can get completely side tracked and caught up in all of the wrong things. Meditation, girl, it has saved me more than once. It’s a hard practice at first (using a guided meditation is best at the beginning), but you will be so much more comfortable during the uncomfortable times. Even if you can only do it once a week, I’d say it’s worth a try. That, my friend, is a powerful tool.
    You, your family, and your blog are all amazing. Life is a tricky one sometimes, but remember you are just human.
    Have a lovely weekend.xx

  33. Alexa

    sweet lady, you are amazing. you are doing a terrific job!

    have a happy day!

  34. Oh do I hear you! This last week I thought for sure there was going to be a break down ha! I thought about giving up blogging because I couldn’t take the emails telling me how I should be raising my children wrong. then there is the pressure I put on myself to make every day amazing, because I live in Paris so it should be amazing right? Blech. I actually thought last week I have no idea how Naomi does it. She must just never ever receive a negative email. Then I re-read Elder Uchtdorf’s talk Forget Me Nots, had a good cry, said a few prayers and decided to chose joy. I am not the best. I never will be, but I am certainly striving for it and I guess thats what matters. Hugs from Paris!

  35. Aurora

    I have been feelin the same way. A constant voice telling me that I could have done something better or spent my day better, that someone else is better than me because it appears they’ve succeeded in some little place where I’ve failed. But honestly I think we’re all going through these ways of thinking all the time. I’m in NYC too and I don’t know if its true but I think it’s much easier to feel this way here. Huge kudos to you for identifying the things you want to change and making efforts, I have a scarily similar list going (new spreadsheet I’m working on for meal planning, apartment overhaul for the arrival of our new baby, schedules for my day so the little messes don’t turn into big messes). BUT! I have decided that one of the items I need to add to my list is to quiet the voice! No more bashing of myself just because my sink is overflowing with dishes or my nail polish is two weeks old. When I sense my face knotting in worry, I try to just smile with my eyes and soften my muscles, and meditate on the good things for just a moment to refocus.

  36. terri

    I think we, as women, are constantly on the search to better ourselves and do more. it can get exhausting. I picked up a book the other day and am planning to start reading it as soon as the hustle and bustle of life settles down a bit (aka I need to just make time to read). it’s called the happiness project by Gretchen Rubin, not that you or the rest of us aren’t happy, but it’s about a journey and a dedication of life to find true happiness within ourselves. I’m excited to start my journey with this book and maybe you’d find it worthwhile as well.

  37. nanette

    as a mother, i go through these feelings everyday. it’s so hard. so i am right here with you. you are blessed. :)

  38. Hi!
    I just wanted to thank you for sharing bits of your life with us. I truly look forward to your posts. I’ve recently written a post on my blog dealing with exactly what you’re going through. I too am on a constant struggle with bettering myself. It’s a day to day process. Just remember to stay in the present and enjoy what you are doing at that time! It seems to help me. The rest will fall into place. :)


  39. Janis

    Keep your head up! You are doing a great job!

  40. Caroline

    Survival is just where I’m at too – sometimes it almost takes you over the edge! But I did start yoga again 3 weeks ago & this has been my sanity – so good to stretch & breathe I had no idea!

  41. Heather

    I think we can all tend to get down on ourselves when we feel like we’re juggling a million things and not keeping up with everything, but it’s important to remember that no one is perfect and it’s the little interactions and the way you treat your loved ones on a daily basis that matter. I love the idea of checking in with yourself once a week and I might need to borrow that idea. Happy a happy and peaceful weekend!

  42. Donna

    I’m probably older than most of your readers, my “adult” children are 31 and 27.

    If I’ve learned anything that I would want to pass on to young mothers today…it doesn’t have to be perfect. I had the same feelings…it’s okay. Step back, take a breath and do what you can do in the amount of time you have.

    The most important thing is to love those around you…everything else will fall into place. Sending strength…

  43. lauren

    naomi, i love your blog. i feel encouraged after reading this. mostly to know that i’m not alone–yesterday was a slump day for me. i, too, have been having those feelings of inadequacy. after sitting in them all day, it took a yoga session and time with my husband to pull me out. i appreciate your positive outlook and honesty!

  44. joy

    hey mama, i so feel you and constantly feel like i can’t keep up too. BUT, from me to you, just know that you are doing an awesome job. i am always in awe of you doing what you DO get done with no childcare or help! it’s so impressive, so just know that so many other moms feel the same way and they have more help than you do. i love the idea of doing a personal check-in every week regardless. but just remember that josh and the kids love you so deeply just as you are!

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  46. Oh, Naomi! Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts and feelings on your blog. I love reading your blog and I know that it’s normal to mostly want to share the happy/fun/uplifting stuff, but sometimes it’s good to know other people have bad days, too.
    But remember…you are thoughtful, you are kind, you are a sweet mama, you bring a lot of joy into peoples’ lives each day through the writing and pictures on your blog. Thought you might enjoy this blog post from another blog I read… helpful to remember these things sometimes :)
    Also, the sleep thing is a killer! I just started drinking a little glass of tart cherry juice each day on the recommendation from another blog I read and it’s really been helping! Sleep makes life much better.
    Thinking of you today!

  47. brittany

    aaaamen to all of this!! but seriously, how does one even come out of survival mode for any amount of time when you have babes! i’ve been in it a little extra myself, lately! best of luck, beauty :) i think it looks like you’re doing a wonderful job, by the way!

  48. Dalia

    Thank you so much for being a great example to us, your readers. Little by little, one by one, we can make this a better world.. (That sounded a little poetic but it’s true!)

    Have a great weekend!

  49. amanda

    It is SO HARD to be perfect and awesome and to have yourself together!! I think the fact that you’re as young as you are and have a successful business and kids who sparkle with smiles in every single photograph is impressive.

    Do you ever feel the Molly Mormon ideal causes feelings of inadequacy sometimes? Like, the LDS mom is supposed to be the best at crafts! and raise all her own food! and be an amazing cook! and have the most beautiful well-behaved kids! so on and so forth…

    Also, re: going to the grocery store… Girl, get on Fresh Direct. For real. Without a car it’s waaayyyy too hard to schlepp groceries all over, especially with two babes. I had my first delivery last week and it’s amazing. I only got what I needed because I could see the cost adding up and I did my shopping while lounging on the couch with my man. WORTH IT.

  50. Martha Cecilia Ovadia

    So, Im not a mom (just pups for now), but sometimes you just have to know your are not the only one out there feeling this way. I read blogs to make my day a little brighter and feel little spots of light from around the world. Yours made me smile today because I feel exactly how you described too often! Sometimes it gets overwhelming, but as cookie monster would say: today me will live in the moment, unless its unpleasant, in which case me will eat a cookie!

  51. Oh, man, I think I have been in survival mode for weeks–no, years. :) But, that’s when it’s truly important to ensure you take time to enjoy the little things along the way. We’ve been dealing with a very rough transition, moving cross country, but we also have been making sure we all go out as a family on the weekends to explore the truly wonderful new things this area has to offer.

  52. Kate

    Who you are is enough. God made you with the talents, passions, and direction that drives you. Yes, grow, but also trust that He knows what He’s doing!

  53. Chrissie

    Aw would love to win this book!

  54. Chrissie

    Woops, commented on the wrong blog post. Sorry!
    And good luck with everything Naomi, you’ll be just fine :)

  55. Ashley R

    I’m right there with ya sister! Those feelings are tough, but you’re more incredible than you think you are. Happy weekend!!

  56. Ashley

    I’m in the same place! It’s nice to know others struggle with this too! I’m taking those baby steps with you! Goodluck! Love your blog,kiddos,and life!

  57. Emily O.

    Totally relate! I feel like this…most of the time lately. We have been so overwhelmed with sickness it has been hard to keep our heads above water. I just have to remind myself that this is what the Lord has for me today, and to do the best with what I have. Some days we are just trying to survive, but God always gives grace when needed! Just when I think I can’t take anymore, we have a good day, or experience some simple blessing. :)

  58. Milagros

    If you are feeling inadequate – then how should the rest of us feel? Lolol:)

    You are definitely a positive inspiration – I don’t even have children and I am super impressed by how much you accomplish from day to day!

    The little light God gave you shines bright everyday! I know I appreciate it!

    And thanks for sharing this – and showing you are human and have these totally normal thoughts and feelings – XOXO

  59. sara

    contrary to your laments here, you seem to be such a capable, capable wife, mother and friend. specifically capable with your parenting, i should emphasize. it is clear that your kids are happy and balanced — they are a testament to your success. i’m currently pregnant with my first child now and i can only hope that I can support my child to be as happy and balanced as your children. if you have any tips on your parenting philosophy and how you encourage this happiness and balance in your children, i would love to hear all about it :)

  60. Carly

    I needed this this morning, too. We all need a little support from time to time. Hang in there! Remember: today is a new day (and you’re already doing great so it can only go up from here). :)


  61. Rebecca

    You are such an inspiration.

  62. Chelsea Robbins

    You aren’t alone. Truly. Finding that balance is like walking a tight rope. For me, I had to step back from things that stole time from my family (photography and blogging) yes the money allowed us to live more comfortably, but at what cost? I was staying up so late working, I had nothing to give my babies or my home the next day. Meal planning wasn’t my strongest either, so now I’ve forced myself to get better at it. I still have my frozen pizza nights!!! ;) give yourself grace. Focus on the amazing things you do! The mom who looks perfect and like she has it all together IS LYING!! It’s hard for all of us! Hang in there. Pray over your day and your home. Gods grace covers those moments of insecurity that are not from him.

  63. I don’t even have kids and I feel like I’m always in survival mode! It’s tough, that’s for sure. I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that there will never be a “it’s all slowed down, take a huge breath” moment – just have to take things one day at a time!

    Oh, and E’s little overalls are the cutest! I wish grownups could get away with wearing what kids can! xoxo

  64. Diana

    I always, ALWAYS feel like a failure when I have to throw out expired food from the fridge. I’m 30, and I haven’t yet devised a lifestyle where I don’t throw out bad food at least once a month.

  65. Ariel

    It’s so funny to me to read posts like this from you! You seem to have it so together! ;) I have been having the hardest year. Since December I’ve been majorly struggling with depression and frequent anxiety attacks. My health for the last three years has not been good and then this year my fiancée got sick too. Our lives have been non stop doctor appts and tests for so long, and it’s also been a strain financially. We’re young though so I get to watch everyone we know travel, get married, etc And as horrible as it sounds to admit I can’t help but compare lives and feel behind, you know? Sometimes I feel everyone is so successful and has so many wonderful things they’ve experienced and it’s really hard to see your life heading a different way. Recently I deleted Facebook, Twitter and try to limit social media to try to stop myself from comparing! It’s been nice to take a step back and focus on family and simple things like exploring my town, reading. Like you said its baby steps, I still have bad days but I’m trying to get there. Sending lots of love to you in hopes you feel better too. We sometimes need to realize we can only do so much right? Take it easy, I bet you are doing the best. Those kids of yours speak volumes of the great job you do. Xo

  66. Be gentle with yourself! There are always things we can do. But there are so many we are already doing!

  67. Gabrielle Aldridge

    OMG!!! I think you just read my mind. I feel like I’m always down on myself and think I’m not good enough or could do things better. Hang in there mama:)

  68. hanna

    I find that I have a similar problem of trying to be too much. All I can do is baby steps. –Hanna Marie

  69. molly

    I hear you on the feelings of inadequacy! And sometimes reading blogs that are so beautiful like yours make it worse! It’s nice to see I am not alone and that your NYC apartment is messy too :) There is no way to keep my one bedroom apartment that we share with a little one who still doesnt sleep through the night clean!!

  70. You’re amazing! Even recognizing that and making an attempt to improve is what really matters… it’s the thought that counts, no? But yes! to being a better all around person. And to not letting things go bad in the fridge. And to complimenting friends instead of just thinking it. Good luck Naomi! We’ll be rooting for you and fighting our own battles in the meantime as well! :)

  71. Tyler

    you are awesome! i have had a similar week and heard a song that reminded me that we are already “forgiven” for all the little short comings we think we have, we just have to forgive ourselves and have a great day!

  72. Alexandria

    You are a Rock Star! I read you blog and wonder how you do it all! I always ask how is this girl so skinny (maybe chasing to babies around New York?! haha) and manages to look so lovely and done up daily :) I am newly married, no kids, and only work part time and I am looking up to you!


    P.S Seriously though I would really love to know how you do it. Maybe a post on the day in the life of Taza the Rock Star :)

  73. Yadi

    You know, I’ve followed you for a really long time & don’t really say much.But you must know that I look up to you because you always seem to have it together. Even in moments like these when you feel you don’t. But I still look up to you & have faith you will accomplish these little things for yourself. I started reading this book called ‘Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff’ by Richard Carlson & I suggest you read it. I’ve come a long way from my dark days & think this will help you too. Never forget you are a great person, wife, mother, sister, friend, etc. You inspire more people than you know, even with your little challenges. We can & should all want to be better. But never change. I hope all works out for you & can’t wait to see how it all goes.

    Have a great weekend! :)

  74. Andrea

    I believe I’m the same age as you, 27? …but I have no kids just yet…and I think back to when I was young and how awesome of a mom my own mom was and still is, and it has never occured to me that maybe she had feeling of inadequacy too because I had the best childhood full of warm memories all thanks to my mom my dad…its amazing even the little details I remember! It even brings happy tears to my eyes!…So, don’t let those sticky feelings touch your sweet, happy life because truthfully, your family only sees the best in you and your children will always remember the joy and comfort of their mom and dad. :)….and just that is anough.

  75. Ashley

    Hi Naomi, i have been setting myself

  76. Ashley

    Hi Naomi, i have been setting myself mini projects such as drink more water and holding myself accountable on my blog by writing about it. Not that anyone reads my blog anyway but it helps encourage me.

    Good luch with your baby steps.

    Love the colours in your photos.

  77. Esther

    Thank you for sharing this post. Exactly what I’m feeling these days and it’s given me a little air in my sails. Happy weekend to you too!

  78. Jennifer

    This is my first time EVER leaving you a message. I’ve been following your blog for years. I relate to you in so many ways and this post today was exactly what I needed to jump start some positive changes in my own life. I have a one year old and most days I cannot get it together! I come home from a long day out and his breakfast is still on the floor, dishes are piled high in the sink, my bathroom looks like a bomb went off, beds are never made and toys pretty much everywhere! I am going to try to do better! Never really thought to even try and change, I guess I thought survival mode was normal and this comes with being a mother. Thank you for inspiring me today! I just think you’re awesome.

  79. stick a puj “nub” on the wall by the front door to hang your keys on. they’re super cute and stylish and you’ll never lose those darn keys again. I have them all over our house. I have one stuck to our bathroom mirror to hang my wedding ring on while I wash my hair. I hope you have an awesome, stress-free weekend!!!!

  80. Megan Brack

    Thank you niomi! That is exactly what I needed to hear right now. This day will be a great one because we are here to live it! xoxo

  81. Smaller goals are easier to achieve but do make sure that you are aligned to your ultimate goal. Good luck!

  82. Aarean

    I’ve been feeling this same way over this last week. I’ve made a special effort to make all beds before I head downstairs…that way I feel like I’ve already performed a productive task before I eat breakfast! haha.

    We all go through stages of inadequacy…my dad is always a person who is trying to “be better”. I admire that in him. However, sometimes it’s good to sit back and see all the things you’re doing right, too! And Naomi, I am sure you’re doing a million things right compared to the things that aren’t getting “done”. :-)

  83. cathy

    Ditch the parenting books. They always made me feel inadequate. You are doing a great job parenting. Trust yourself.

  84. Hannah

    You don’t realise how many people look up to you. I realise we only see what you want us to see but trust me when I say, you ARE amazing.
    You are clearly an amazing mum to E and Samson, an amazing wife and best friend to Josh, you are beautiful and have amazing dress sense. You take beautiful photographs and can edit pretty well too, you can juggle two littles at once, you’ve got this beautiful and oh-so popular blog, bringing it from a few readers to thousands! I could go on forever.

    And you’re attitude and ideas of life are amazing too.
    Don’t doubt yourself missy,
    You have us all behind you cheering on!

    Go rockstars!

  85. marie

    Cheers to the weekend! Hope you’re feeling better now. Enjoy your weekend with your adorable babies. :)

  86. Sami Jo

    Hey Naomi!

    I’m sorry you’ve had a rough few days. I recommend reading The Happiness Project. It’s changed my life. haha! You’re amazing. xoxo

    Sami Jo

  87. I hope that you feel much better! Fingers crossed that the weekend will help to diminish those feelings.

  88. Katie Cheesman

    You’re amazing

  89. Taylor

    Definitely needed this today. Thanks Naomi, you’re amazing, truly — an inspiration everyday!

    Good luck to you.

    Peace and many blessing :)

  90. Karen

    I completely understand you and I’m with you! Your words are encouraging and inspiring; I soooo needed this, specially coming from you, you seem to have it all under control. It makes me feel like I’m not alone :) Love your blog and thanks for this post (it came at the right moment).

  91. Elizabeth

    Thanks for sharing! I’m going through some similar stuff right now and your words have been very inspiring and encouraging. Somehow, knowing that someone else out there (someone as amazing as you, no less!) is going through it too might give me the strength and resolve to keep pushing through. It’s so easy some times to get complacent when things get rough – to sort of give in and stay on auto-pilot while life passes by – but here’s to making changes and living life to its fullest! Thank you again!

  92. Shelby

    Girl, you sound just like me lately!
    Read the book The Happiness Project if you ever get a chance (or visit the blog) it’s right up your alley.

  93. Rayani

    Lovely post, as always, thanks, Naomi!

    Big hug from Brasil

  94. morgan

    Naomi, the thing is, we are women and moms which seems to somehow make us feel inadequate. But, the truth is, you ARE a good mom and wife and everything else. Here is something my mother has told me when I have felt/are feeling the way you are: your children are happy, healthy and are thriving. If you weren’t doing a great job, then they wouldn’t be so content. Just look at it like, it’s so easy to see the bad but it’s worth the effort to see how great we really are. THAT is what we all should focus on. Hoping your days get better because even in our bad days there are SOME things that go right, I promise. May you and your family continue to laugh and giggle and thoroughly enjoy each other! Many blessings and much love sent your way.

  95. skye

    when i became a mom i realized just how easy it is to feel inadequate. i was just telling my husband and mom how i feel like i should have all the time in the world to accomplish many things each day just like you listed but i never seem to pull half of the things off and i end up feeling bad about myself. i like your plan and i need to make one for myself. nice to know i’m in good company and i hope you find your new plan makes you feel so much better. you are amazing!

  96. barret

    Right there with you. I’m new to being a stay at home mom and have two small kids…and unrecognizable lumps of stuff in the drawers of my fridge. don’t beat yourself up…it’s a very universal problem…my girlfriends and I talk about it all the time. I make sure to make my bed right away every day and even though it’s a TINY thing to do, it makes me feel a little saner. Do one little thing every day that makes you feel a little lighter…call a girlfriend just to say hi i love you, put away some toys (even though they will come RIGHT BACK OUT), throw away crap in your fridge, have the littles make up a juice recipe with you, go on a long walk to a favorite spot…it’s all about the small things that add up and eventually you feel a little more human. Even if just a little bit. Even if you have spit up on your clean shirt and you can’t remember if you have brushed your teeth and you just realized you wore two different colored flip flops all day (green and aqua…they are REALLY close in color but still)…or maybe that’s just me :)