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hi! hope you had a wonderful week! this week has been a busy one, and i haven’t had a chance to write down my thoughts properly, but so much has been on my mind.  and with the 12th anniversary of september 11th having just taken place, i can’t help but feel especially contemplative as we remember what happened here so many years ago.

this city is so resilient. i am so proud to call it home. and while i am deeply thankful, i don’t think i’ll ever comprehend just how blessed we are to have the rights and freedoms we enjoy every day.  as i look around me at my beautiful little family, i can’t tell you how much it means to me to know there are men and women who give their lives and serve and work in so many ways so we can continue to live peacefully with the ones we love by our side.

i am at a point in my life where it seems like family members and friends are getting sick often. diseases, cancer, life threatening conditions are suddenly feeling more real. not just a friend of a friend of a friend, but MY friend. MY loved one. they are creeping into my family and friends lives and it certainly puts things into perspective fast.  this life is short. this life is so special. i refuse to take any of it for granted.

below are a few of my favorite vine videos. if you follow me on there, you might have already seen them. but these four videos below are the ones i tend to watch over and over again lately at night after my littles go to sleep. i am so so thankful for my kids. gosh. it’s like you don’t hear that already on this blog of mine. but i am. and i won’t ever shut up about it.

have a great weekend! eat something yummy and hug someone you love. thanks for reading this blog of mine, too. alright, some videos…. (*for sound, hit the speaker with the red X in the top left corner of each video to turn it on and off.)

^^^while samson napped the other day, eleanor and i shared a treat and a glass of milk. she likes to look for me through her glass of milk. sometimes she sees me, sometimes she pretends she can’t. thus, “i can’t see you!” she says. i love how she always looks at you sideways as she talks to you. josh says she learned it from me but i swear i don’t do that! and if i do, it ain’t nearly as cute.^^^

^^^samson is a bit obsessed with the park water fountains. sometimes they turn off for a few minutes and he gets so confused. he’ll put his face right up to the fountain looking for it, completely unaware that it’s about to blast him to the other side of the playground. he calls for it saying “wah dur!” while he signs it impatiently. he has no fear of water. or cold water. or dirty water for that matter. he is a boy through and through.^^^

^^^eleanor named the kitty on her dress gabanna, after meeting her aunt’s kitty by the same name this summer. gabanna is a mouthful though. at least for eleanor. i love seeing her wheels turning as she works through saying new words. banana, gabanana, or gabanna… it’s all pretty darling to me.^^^

^^^this child will be a musician. or a dancer. or something of the sort. i am calling it now. he’ll hear music all the way down the street and he’ll sit up and immediately place his hand to his ear as if to say, “hear that?!” his signature dance move, the put your arm out to steer you round and round in circles, is pretty classic too.^^^

have a good one! xo

  1. Bonniekimm

    Awww! I follow you on Vine and I watch those videos over and over again! Thanks for providing a brief background story of your Vines too. It all makes sense now! And E & S are too cute for words!

  2. Bonniekimm

    And oh my! Those bunny ears on Eleanor looks so adorable!

  3. M

    These videos remind me of my own children when they were the same age. They’re now aged between 6 and 13 and If I ever watch videos of them when they were little – I literally cry. Hearing their cute voices, seeing how little they were. Time goes by so quickly and it really is bittersweet
    : )

  4. The cutest. You should do those videos more often. Great idea.

  5. Tracy

    Loved watching these. Beautiful. x

  6. I’ve been thinking a lot about how short and precious life is for the past few months, but it’s hard to talk about it because people just think I’m being cheesy and unrealistic. We all have our daily struggles but I really think we should just go for whatever we want to do and focus less on the financial and technical sides of our plans. I really hope I will make my dreams come true and live in London doing the job I love, and maybe live with a fantastic man and a few amazing babies? I blame you on the last expectations ;) The way you cherish and raise your children should inspire every mama, because I truly think your kids will know they can talk to you when they need someone and you and Josh won’t just be their parents, but also their best friends and number one fans. That’s how parents should be in my opinion. I can’t think of something that could turn out wrong for them with such supportive parents. You’re doing life right, Naomi!

  7. Laurie

    I think I couldn’t celebrate this week and this precious life you’re talking about better : this week I knew I was pregnant ! This is my first and I’m terrified !

  8. JM

    Lovely videos. I will do what you recommended, eat something yummy and hug someone I love. The little joys in life.

    Have a nice weekend!


  9. Robyn

    Agreed, life is precious.

    Ps-You are all so cute!

  10. your children are such perfect little angels! i love watching your family grow!

  11. How cute! I’ve loved the videos! I hope your loved ones get healthy soon! Lots of courage and laughter! That’s the best medicine!

  12. joanne

    I suppose life has a weird way of balancing out most of the time. Just like your blog post actually. Started with some very real, sentimental issues and ended with your beautiful happy kids

    I guess it’s all part of living, experiencing both sides of the spectrum



  13. Tersa

    OH MY!!! these are all so incredible! I think sharing these and placing them all in one space will be such a gift to your children in the future. They’re going to love seeing themselves, how they grew up and all of the wonderful things their momma said about their little hearts. I love this! Thank you for sharing!!! xoxox

  14. Sabahnur

    awww so cutee :)

  15. thea

    I’m due with my first kiddo in January and just read a book about signing with your babies! So interesting! I didn’t know y’all sign with E & S! Very cool! :)

  16. Annie

    They are unbelievably cute, you are blessed indeed! Thank you for sharing your wonderful life!

  17. camille

    Ooooh your videos always warm my heart! I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: your adorable family really strengthens my testimony of the importance of families! (Which can be hard to remember sometimes as a YSA)

  18. Briseidy

    adorable! have a great weekend you too ;)

  19. Dalia

    Your posts never fail to remind me that life is beautiful and it should never, ever be taken for granted. Thank you so much for that message with us, your readers.

    E and S, as always, the cutest kids ever! ;)


  20. Jess

    Kid vines are my absolute favorite. They are so, so adorable. How do you handle his dancing?

  21. such darling little video!! wishing you and yours the loveliest weekend!

  22. Bea

    I’m at your same point of life!!
    I try to remember that I have to be thankfull for all that I have, that is really a lot!
    Even if sometimes I don’t remember it!
    Have a wonderful and magic weekend, pretty lady!

  23. Lauren

    What sweet littles you have. And we are so blessed to have these freedoms that people (like my husband and dad) fight to protect. Always makes me tear up at the thought and I’m so glad people recognize the sacrifices that these Service men and women make as well as their families.

  24. These videos are such a precious reminder how how beautiful life is. Thank you for sharing your babies!

  25. Faith

    Really love when you share posts like these Naomi, you write them so well.

    Thank you for the simple reminder about how precious life and loved ones are. And thank you for sharing those truly adorable videos of your little ones. E’s bunny ears are too much :) she is the sweetest!


  26. I just found out that my husband and I are going to have a little girl, and I’m ALREADY so excited to be able to use little bunny ponytails in her hair…eventually :)


  27. I have talk about you (in comments), in the last post of Garance Dore blog! Because for me you are the most beautiful mum ever! When I watch your blog, I dream to be a mum one day!


  28. Anna Almeida

    Oh my God! So adorable!! These little videos are a treat, for sure!

  29. Tanusree

    the videos are adorable. and the “gabanana” and sam’s delighting over the sprinklers.. how cute is that :) have a great weekend.

  30. Naomi, thank you for just being real! The other day I wondered out all of the lovely people’s blogs I read — do they have any family who suffer from diseases and illnesses (and if so) how do they handle it so gracefully? You are such a patient and graceful person. It’s nice to see in the blog world. My dad just found from 24 years of serving in the army that he has severe PTSD (which, they say is extremely normal for Nam veterans) but my heart still aches at the thought of his struggle with it.

    Not that I’m glad to hear you and your family struggle with anything of the sort — but just thank you for being incredibly real about it. It gives me hope that my days can be just as happy and peaceful if I just remember to trust the Lord with everything I have!

    ps: your littles are so darling. Thank you for sharing!

  31. Aslyn

    The videos are so cute!

  32. those little ears E is wearing in the first video are the cutest! Thanks for the reminder to hug someone you love + eat something delicious this weekend. When you at least do those two things, it’s impossible to have a bad weekend.

  33. kendall

    adore those vines! such precious moments! x

  34. What sweet sweet videos those are . . . . love your blog; thanks for sharing you journey

  35. Sarah

    Good gracious those are some adorable vines. Eleanor with her cat and Samson with the water are too much! Thanks for the reminder that life is short and precious! I feel like I need to hear that at least once a month!

  36. hanna

    Such sweet videos! –Hanna Lei

  37. Rachel

    So cute. Thanks for sharing!

  38. Jo Farmer

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing your life, your wisdom, and your family with us. It takes a very brave soul to do so among a trove of critics and I know that I (and my husband, too! I often show him your entries to read) benefit greatly from basking in the positivity that you emanate. Thank you so much for being a joyous light in this world, an example for me and for others.

    My best,

  39. Alina


  40. Roberta

    Hola! Me encanta tu blog, es la familia perfecta !! Esos nenes son un amor !! Saludos desde Argentina :)

  41. Cuteness overload!! Too much for me to handle :)

  42. Leith

    This blog is proof that you never do take those everyday moments for granted :). And your children will be better for it for the rest of their lives. I’m so thankful you share this blog with us, because it’s inspiration for me when I have a family! -Leith

  43. Sinead

    Great videos, Samson is such a cute little dancer!

  44. Amanda

    I just love these kiddos. E is turning into such a little lady! And Samson is too adorable for words. I love his dance moves. What a happy baby.

    xo Amanda

  45. Isabela Borges

    Amei seu blog!

    Seus filhos são fofos demais!


    Um grande beijo do Brasil!

  46. i don’t think it’s possible for your children to get any cuter!!! They are the epitome of adorable!!!

    xoxo, kerri

  47. Livia

    Oh my, your children are soooooo cute! I loved the videos! Your blog is the best!

  48. Your children are the most precious little things oh my goodness,

  49. Leticia

    darling littles!

  50. Karen

    Life is very short and, you are right, it does seem as if more and more of our friends and loved ones are suffering from terrible diseases. We must try to find the good in every day. Little children bring the joy and the perspective to our lives.

    Have a good weekend.

  51. emily

    happy, happy weekend.

  52. I create family documentaries that celebrate the special moments- and these videos remind me- that the small moments are what life is made up of. It’s 8 seconds out of a 24 hour day- but it’s the best 8 seconds.

  53. Ali

    loved all those videos! they are too precious

  54. juni

    ah my heart just melted, these cheered me up on a bad day, thank you for sharing!

  55. Friedl Vanluchene

    I sure hope this video posting becomes a regular thing cause this made my day!

  56. thanks for sharing these on here. seeing you cute kiddos just made my day. they are too cute for words.

  57. Cintya

    Your kids always look so happy that it’s hard to even imagine they get cranky. That Samson sure is a music lover, incredibly adorable.

  58. Esther

    I can totally relate to how you are feeling. This week, two of my close friends were diagnosed with serious, life-threatening illnesses. It’s heartbreaking, and it really does make you appreciate what is important. Also, your babies are ridiculously precious. Thanks for sharing your sweet videos.

  59. Beth

    Sweetest little videos of your babes. Thanks for sharing.

  60. Susie

    I am so grateful as well as thankful for you, your family & your blog. I have spent the last few weeks reflecting just how blessed I am and at 50 years old I’ve lived quite the charmed life. I have been dealing with some pretty intense dental issues for the past year or so and the final resolution after fighting like heck was to remove all of my upper teeth. The journey is long, the emotional pain outweighs the physical pain. But I have finally gotten to a place where I have accepted this minor rather superficial medical “bump in the road.” There have been numerous events & circumstances that finally made me realize just how blessed I truly am. One of the more insightful was walking on Townlake one afternoon seeing a woman in a wheelchair with no legs wheeling herself at a speed that was unfathomable in 100+ degree weather. I walk that lake 3-5 x a week I’d never seen this woman before. In my heart I know this was not just a coincidence. While my toothless journey with a denture has just begun, I will in less than a year have a permanent implant. I know there are millions who would trade places with me tomorrow. It is my hope my heart will continue to grow with compassion for all mankind. Again, thank you for the opportunity to feel a part of your family, I can feel the love with each word you write. Be well, Susie xo

  61. Amelia

    So fun that you included videos today! Love your blog and reading your posts and I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award here: http://bit.ly/1ebdn96

    Thanks for the reminder not to take things for granted.

  62. Rachel

    oh my GOODNESS!! your children are so darling! I don’t have Vine, so thank you for sharing these videos :) watching them makes me excited for when my baby girl can communicate more than babbling (although I do love her babbling a heck of a lot)! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  63. Iku

    They are just sooooooooooo adorable!!!!! Thanks for making me smile:)

  64. Cute videos!!

  65. I may or may not watch these over and over as well ;-) E’s sideways talking is too cute!

  66. You have the HAPPIEST little babies. Seriously, you guys are always so adorable. xoxo

  67. Joana

    I love your blog! Brings a small piece of the U.S. to Germany..

  68. Samantha

    Your family never fails to bring a smile to my face :) thank you


  69. So sweet! I love the black and white photo. And the videos..they are too precious (:

  70. Stephanie

    Thank you for sharing! It’s 1am here in London and I’m in the hospital looking out over the sparkling city as I can’t sleep. I’ve just had a kidney transplant and it has made me realise that normal life is a really special thing to aim for. I’ve always thought I have to ‘be someone’ and ‘make something of my life’. But right now, making a cup of tea for myself sounds pretty special to me. We should indeed cherish those things, those little things that are usually free and that we take for granted every day. It’s hard to do that when life is busy, so we all need a little reminder now and again!

  71. lele

    do you need an apple device or some kind of account to watch the videos? Because I can’t :(

  72. India

    woouw! so cute!

  73. dillakamal

    too adorable im gonna dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  74. Hiroko

    I like to see your babies! They are so much adorable!

  75. These videos are soooo cute!!! and i love the atmosphere of the first photo :)

  76. Marie

    Whenever I see your photos and videos of your babies, I get all baby fever and wanna have a number 2! Haha. But the thought of the endless crying and constant looking after makes me think twice about number 2 since my boy is kinda the attention seeker at home right now. Haha. Lovely videos of your babies!


  77. jeanne

    these videos just brighten up my day :) cant wait to have my own babies too, it’ll be so much fun :)!

  78. Rebecca

    Oh my, where did you get eleanor’s gabanana dress? It’s adorable–I’d love to get one for my little girl!