fête paradiso! (and a little film…)

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we had been anxious to check out fete paradiso on governors island all summer long, and finally made it out there with friends this past weekend. we all kind of split up once we arrived so we could check out the different rides and attractions with our own individual families, and i can’t even begin to tell you how much fun our little family of four had. i’ve always enjoyed a good carnival, but this one really exceeded my expectations. the little french carnival is the world’s first traveling carnival and this is its first time in the USA. all the carousels and rides are from the late 19th and early 20th centuries! this stuff was legit and i felt like we were transported back in time. it’s here for only one more weekend, so if you’re here in the city and haven’t been yet, last call and i so recommend it!

the film above is footage we took during our day together at the carnival with our canon camera. i edited it in imovie. the song is charlotte mittnacht by devotchka (gosh we love them so it isn’t even funny.)

  1. I love your videography skills!!! What a creative eye and what an amazing way to capture moments of your family!!!

    Much love!!

  2. so cute! i love that it is a traveling carnival! what a good idea.

  3. Brittany

    What an adorable video!

  4. Maggie Raine

    You would LOVE “the night circus” by Erin Morgenstern. One of the most beautiful books I have ever read. It made me obsessed with the circus and becoming a “rêveur.” I even bought a red scarf to match.

  5. Roberta

    Lovely day, fantástic video !!

  6. I love how samson throws the ball! :)
    Adorable! You guys better stop being so darn cute and perfect all the time, otherwise my desire to have own little babies will grow immensely :)

    Lovely video!
    Keep them coming!
    xx Taty*


  7. Larissa

    what Canon camera do you use?

  8. kim

    this is perfect! i was there this weekend too, but your video captures it perfectly! lovely! how do you edit your films and make them so bright? I just love it!

  9. Kaitlynn

    Videos on your blog are always my favorite, and this video is simply amazing. It gives such a nice look into what seems like a really special day with your family, not to mention the picture quality is wonderful. Safe to say I teared up a little bit at your children, and safe to say you are the most beautiful, stylish mother out there.

  10. Laura

    Wow!! This is an amazing and happy film! Good job. I love your little family of four.

    Greetings from Amsterdam

  11. Ashley W

    Adorable! Loved it!

  12. Ashley

    Love little films. I think it is such a nice way to capture moments. And as always your kids are soooooo cute.

  13. I absolutely loved it, wish for more videos soon :)
    Thaïs – France

  14. Lisa

    Hi Taza.

    I LOVE all your short films with your sweet family. I have recently started editing my own home movies with iMovie and want to share them on my public blog. My question is… how do you get the rights to these songs? Do you buy them from the artist or ask permission? I don’t really love the free music on iMovie or Vimeo and feel I have nailed it by using music in my iTunes library but was totally freaked out when I tried to share my films to my Facebook and got a warning and a slap on the wrist from them. Oops!


  15. I checked this out last Sunday after your recommendation and am so glad I did! It was just beautiful. I’m embarrassed I’ve lived in NYC for two years now and finally went to Governor’s Island after being inspired by your post :)

    Love reading your updates, and seeing your family grow. Thanks for sharing!



  16. Margaret M

    Oh my gosh, I absolutely adore this video

    -Sincerely, a fan of your blog since day 1

  17. Amanda

    Those two have the sweetest little smiles!

  18. Lotte

    a precious video, amazing parents and adorable kids! you give me such inspiration for my future family! thank you for sharing! kisses from holland

  19. Such a cute video ! The song and ambiance totally remind me the movie “Les aventures d’Amélie Poulain”. You make a lovely family ! Blessings.

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  21. Andreia

    You have a beautiful family! Congratulations
    This girl is so cute and friendly. I see you blog every day and I love it. I’m from Brazil and all my friends see your blog because I show for them all. Everybody loves!!!
    never finish this blog, please

    A great week.