cronuts + shake shack = yesterday was awesome.

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i think we’ve already established on this blog of mine that i sometimes do dumb and crazy stuff for food. like when i waited with friends at 5:30am in the morning for several hours earlier this summer to try dominique ansel’s cronut. so it only seemed fitting that i go wait for a few more hours with friends to try his cronut hole concrete at shake shack yesterday.

so we headed down to the original shake shack in madison square park yesterday around 9:30 am and the line was already wrapped entirely around the park (rumor has it that the line began forming at 4:30am!)  i guess i’m not the only idiot in manhattan that does crazy stuff for food. ;)

but with good company to keep and plenty of space for the little ones to run and play, the line seemed to move quickly and the hours passed at a reasonable pace. since it was early, we decided to make a lunch out of it and ordered burgers and fries to go with our cronut hole concretes. so basically, yesterday was a good one.


^^^only a fraction of the line. nyc is full of crazies. i’m so happy i fit in here.^^^


^^^900 left! (this was when we first arrived. they made 1,000….)^^^


^^^eleanor and her little friends enjoyed pushing their little babies in little baby strollers (and fighting over them too if we are being totally honest) while we waited in line. thanks for sharing your babies and baby strollers with us, friends!^^^


^^^CRONUT HOLE CONCRETE!!! caramel custard with pieces of cronut mixed in. it really was delicious. i feel like i enjoyed my cronut best though earlier this summer when it was all on its own. that custard is dreamy, don’t get me wrong here, but that cronut is something else. it just is. it doesn’t need anything else to go along with it.^^^


^^^getting in the crinkle cut fries while they can…^^^

cronut5 cronut3

^^^with dominique ansel! does this guy even know how much we love him?^^^


^^^and to end, a photo of a few of us from the roof of shake shack because yes, my friend totally chucked her phone up there to a guy who was filming the long lines and asked him to take our photo. ;)^^^

also, we made it into the buzzfeed article about ’17 things people care less about than cornets’. although we do care about our kids and their naps. we do. ;)  josh and i sometimes stay up far too late crying and laughing at the same time reading buzzfeed articles together so this was kind of a big deal for me for a moment yesterday.  ps. this buzzfeed article is sort of my all time fave right now (and do i even dare admit i had to google what YOLO stands for?!)

  1. but how long did you have to wait?! you left out the best part! ;)

  2. Oh well, I guess I have to move to New York because I really love doing crazy things for food! I won’ feel alone! ;)

  3. alice bradshaw

    Oooh I love Shakeshake so muh and I heard about the cronuts crazy movement in NY ! I think it’s great a perfect mix between USA and France (where do I come from !) cultures :)
    You are all beautiful ! :)


  4. Damaris

    Oh my! I would totally join you for a cronut and a shake shack burger (and those fries!) = best combination ever, hehehehe :) New Yorkers always make me smile! Love your craziness for food :) and how lucky you are to live in such an amazing city (can’t complain about Barcelona either, but I would certainly love to spend a large time in NY).

  5. victoria

    your outfit is awesome!!!

  6. Elise

    This is the second time I’ve heard of the cronut and it looks absolutely delicious! I hope it comes to New Zealand soon otherwise I’m going to have to come over to New York to line up for 4 hours and try it! ;)

    Absolutely LOVE your blog Taza :)

    Elise xo

  7. Amy

    Love that buzz feed article on 30 signs you’re almost 30! And what a fun day… still need to try a cronut x

  8. Ally

    That looks delicious. If that is crazy, sign me up!

  9. A girl after my own heart! Burgers and fries and cronuts and custard… What could be better than that? Short answer: Nothing!!

  10. Faith

    You are so much fun Naomi! I love that you participate in activities like this. Very jealous of this Shake Shack special. Even though it won’t be for a Cronuthole concrete I’m thinking a Shake Shack run is needed today :)


  11. bridget

    SO fun.

  12. JM

    Looks like so much fun. They are bringing the cronuts to London, perhaps I should try one. I am not a big doughnut fan but could make an exception :)

    You guys are all dressed with hats and scarfs, is it getting colder in NYC too? It is here. I can’t believe autumn is coming again!

  13. delphine

    Oups, I made a mistake, your little one was in the !

  14. Lily

    Aww, you kiddos sure are cute!

    Did you know that “taza” translates to “cup” in Spanish? So your site is called “love cup”.

  15. No way!! This sounds like the most fabulous of days. And I can’t believe it is cool out already. I can not wait to get my hands on a cronut. What a perfect day! :)

  16. Klara

    hahaha i also had to google YOLO -.- but im glad im not the only one! :D

  17. Jess

    Making BuzzFeed is a pretty amazing accomplishment! And I am being serious. Looks so fun!

  18. Danielle

    Haha! That Buzzfeed list is beyond accurate!

  19. juni

    hahah that buzzfeed article cracked me up! hilarious idea

  20. Audrey Crisp

    That looks so dang good!!! Yummy!!! So fun! I so miss shake shack! So Martha used to be in my ward when we lived in NYC. I didn’t get to know her, for the short time we were there, but I recognize her.

  21. michaela

    i love your voracity for life (and cronuts)! and someone said it before, but your outfit is perfect here.

  22. Robyn

    Crazy! But glad it was worth it.

  23. Loulou

    This looks like fun. I can’t think of an equivalent food seeing experience here in Toronto.

    And now I’m off to Google what YOLO stands for :)

  24. hanna

    That looks so good! I would have waited hours too. –Hanna Lei

  25. Bea

    I really think you do crazy things fior food….but when it is worth….
    Have a nice day!!!

  26. now I get it, last april when we were visiting NYC, each time we passed there we didn’t understand why there was always so much people waiting in line…..what a pity we didn’t wait too :-(…Astrid from France!!!

  27. Emily

    I LOVE buzzfeed lists!!! So awesome you got on one!

  28. isn’t it fun to do things like this!? i am like you though — normally a purist — i like things on their own!

  29. kendall

    love these snaps! such a fun outing! x

  30. Sarah

    Man alive, that looks delicious. Your friend must have quite the arm on her! I’d never be confident enough in my athletic ability to throw my phone to a rooftop man!

    In other news, my dad uses “Yolo” as a greeting, in place of “hello.” We told him what it stood for, but he persists. He also nearly died laughing when I showed him the Lonely Island Boys with Adam Levine SNL interpretation of it.

  31. jaclyn

    awwww how cute :) sometimes it’s just fun to hang out with friends and do crazy things for food! mmmmm

  32. I Love your outfit! And these photos are full of Happiness! <3

  33. Kristen

    GIRL. You need to hit up the Upper West Side Shake Shack. There are still lines at the appropriate eating hours, but it is NOTHING like Madison Sq. Park. Seriously! Take your kiddos up here, enjoy a burger and explore the History museum right across the street! Sorry, I’m brimming with UWS love :-)

  34. Reading posts like this one on your blog convinces me just a little bit more than NYC and I are destined to be together… one day, one day!

  35. Melanie

    The fact that you’ve made it this long without your life being interrupted by all the YOLOing going on in the world is pure magic to me!

  36. Oh my word! Eleanor in that Buzzfeed pic….SO DARLING!!!!

  37. Chrisy

    Hey, Naomi,
    Love this post and your blog! Could you tell me where your awesome shoes are from?!

  38. Emily

    I 100% admire your dedication to food. Very view people would brave a line that long for a sweet treat, let alone with little kids. Makes me feel a bit better about bussing across the city to find the perfect burrito.


  39. ALICIA

    Love this post!! =) I can’t wait to try the real Cronut (I have only had the Crumbnut which is still pretty delicious but I hear it is just not the same). I just turned 30 a couple weeks ago and I just laughed out loud so hard at the Buzzfeed list – I think I can relate to all of them… Thanks for sharing a great post today!! Happy Wednesday!

  40. amanda

    still haven’t tried cronuts! I just haven’t been motivated enough to go stand in line at 6:00 am… Maybe next month when my bff is in town, she’s the only one I know who’s nuts enough to convince me to get off my butt.

  41. Bethany

    The girl, Cissy, right under you in the Buzzfeed article is my old RA! Small world.

  42. Aslyn

    This looks so fun!

  43. ashley

    i’m heading to nyc for the first time next month and will definitely be getting my hands on a cronut!! any other suggestions? i’m pregnant and our trip will be based around food!

  44. maggie

    I have yet to try an infamous cronut – definitely will have to do this when I visit NY in October!!

  45. jean

    love how E looks in the article photo! so mature now!!

  46. lauren

    yum! you’ve got me dying to try one!

  47. Nicole

    You’re not alone. I had to google yolo too. I can’t wait to get my hand on a cronut!!!

  48. Michelle

    What no cronut pictures? They’ve yet to make it to Irish shores… Sounds like a great day :)

  49. Marie

    agree with jean in her above comment!! Eleanor looks like a big girl in that photo. Time flies! And I hope to try that cronut someday. ;)

  50. Teresa

    What a wonderful idea. I love that you have friends who are crazy enough to do crazy foodie things along with you. how fun!!!

  51. Lol! Oh good old NY, can’t believe it was such a hit! What a fun group of girls you are friends with :)

  52. Sinead

    Yum! The cronut/custard looks so good :-)

  53. michelle

    sounds like the perfect day, can’t wait to try one!

  54. Hahahaha! OH how I wish I lived in New York right about now…

  55. Julie

    I love all of it. You and your littles are adorable! May I ask where your amazing blazer is from?? :)

  56. giulia

    ahhh! that is so something i would do…. im going to new york TOMORROW!i can believe i missed it!i love buzzfeed, congratulations! your parents must be proud, hehe:)

  57. Etheline

    What a great outing! Love your outfit. xO

  58. Mónica

    How cool are you a little crazy but has not. But then when something wants something hard. It is seen that the children and not so children enjoyed a lot. Kisses and happy Thursday.

  59. That looks like the perfect meal. Seriously. Jealous.

  60. Rachel

    Haha I love that you do things like that! Look at everyone’s smiling faces!! You’re making me hungry!!


  61. Rose J.

    Your not the only idiot who will wake up in the wee hours of the morning to wait in line for good food, cronuts or a cupcake!! I mean…that’s part of living life, and venturing out to do crazy things! We’ve done the same thing too even if it means driving to New York to do it…and we live in South Jersey!

    Sad I missed the cronut hole at the shake shack though. Glad you enjoyed this day with the kiddos & friends!

  62. I am so envious of the NYC cronut! We have nothing like that here, and I would so like to try one. For sure, I’d be out there early in the AM to get my hands on a cronut!

  63. raynette

    thank you for sharing the buzzfeed link. i found it very amusing.

  64. Erica

    You and your family are precious.
    I want a cronut more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my LIFE.
    This question is totally silly, but I’ve been wondering for 2 years now and I just gotta ask… How do you eat burgers and cronuts on a regular basis and have such an awesome figure?
    Also, do you still dance?
    Much love!

  65. wow! I’ve been on vacation a week and honestly one of the things I looked forward to the most about getting back to work was my morning routine: 1) that first sip of coffee 2) reading your blog.. ha! it kind of starts my morning.

    fun cronut shake picture! glad you got featured! so excited to read the rest of the blogs I missed while gone!!

  66. Dom

    Hahahaha!!! This was so funny!

  67. Sonja-Sofia

    I just kind of had a HUGE burden lifted off of my shoulders. Since if YOU, whom I consider to be the coolest mama around anywhere, had to google YOLO, then I take absolutely no shame in having done the same a while ago.

    Just love you all, your blog and your style.

    Have a great weekend!


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