cleaning with kids at home means cleaning up another mess afterwards, too.


good news is, we went to work this weekend on our home, on our chores, on all that stuff that has been needing our attention for who knows how long (a year?! longer?!)

bad news is, the nursery was ever so quiet saturday afternoon as we were cleaning out the front closets.  as a parent, you learn quickly that a quiet room isn’t always a good thing.  there is such a thing as “too quiet,” which can also translate to, “what in heavens are they getting into…” and then it’s usually accompanied by walking in on a scene like the above photo.  thank goodness it’s washable chalk and a washable trampoline verses permanent marker and our white walls.  oh, children. bless them.

but cheers to a more organized front closet and a more organized home. and cheers to these cute faces above that keep us in check twenty four freaking seven.  happy mondayyyyyyyy!

  1. I knoooow!!! Life with kids… always cleaning up after them, but loving this stage in life too. It’s the same in Sicily as in NYC, I guess…

  2. Rayani

    Aaaaw, these kids are adorable!!!
    Happy monday and a sweet and calm week


  3. Natalie

    samsons hair! it’s so think and pretty. so grateful for the little blessings (like chalk instead of markers). i mean my niece did just use pen on my sisters new car… have a great week with your little family!

  4. Lindsay

    Yes, so nice that you looked for the good in that. Thats the best way to parent. My daughter and I dropped a bottle of nail polish tonight and I spent a good long time cleaning that one up. Plus it reeks.

  5. Such a good feeling on Monday when all those big chores are done!

    Here’s to a wonderful week. x

  6. Happy Monday to you too! And YAY for organization. Looks like you have little artists on your hands ;)

  7. It’s so true. I was once off cleaning and came into a bedroom full of tiny little styrofoam balls. They thought it was fun to “make it snow”. Ugh.

  8. Cintya

    Samson has the most gorgeous set of hair. Happy Monday to you as well :)

  9. tk


  10. Michelle

    “Cleaning up while a toddler is around is like brushing your teeth while eating an Oreo.”

  11. Amy

    Haha totally know what you mean about having things ‘too quiet!’ lucky it was only chalk xx

  12. Joanne

    Hahaha cute! But yay! It sounds like you started checking stuff off that list of things you wanted to better. I bet it feels way nicer now.

    I don’t have kids, but sometimes I’ll clean the kitchen, for example, and then want to put DO NOT CROSS signs and tape all over because it gets messy again so fast ;D

    Ah, but life is mostly a very lovely mess I suppose

    Happy Monday x

  13. Minna

    Ha, love it! And sometimes I find myself letting them make a mess just so that I can keep them occupied in order to be able to get something done! Well maybe not with charcoal or markers but the less permanent sort of mess ;-) Hi from London, hope you have a great Wednesday!

  14. Bea

    I love kids!!!their imagination and creativity is something priceless!

  15. With those faces, it really must be hard to be mad at them for anything ;-)

    We moved a couple of weeks ago and lived in total chaos ever since…and we don’t even have kids to blame!

    Love and good morning from Germany,

    Birdy and Bambi

  16. Dana

    Thats really sweet.
    I also have to clean my room up. But the time. where is the time. uff.

    lovely to see how creativ your kids are.


  17. rachel

    I’ve definitely had those moments, which have been followed by a crying toddler, distraught over her artwork being washed away from my walls. If only I didn’t mind the watercolors EVERYWHERE!

  18. Emma

    I know the feeling! I’m constantly wiping crayon markings off of our white walls at the moment. But I suppose it must be more fun to draw on the walls than on paper! Hehe!

  19. JM

    Oh oh, well, as you say, at least the mess wasn’t too bad. :) Hopefully they’ve learnt not to draw on things, but somehow I imagine there will be a few more messes.

    Also, is Samson wearing an Italia football top? Where did you get it? Did you buy it in Italy? Or are you and Josh into football and support Italy? It’s very very cute!

  20. Would you ever consider doing a home tour? I love your style and was just looking for pictures of kitchen/living room inspiration :)

  21. lea

    Moments like these typically offer two choices. 1. let the anger get the best of you, and sad kiddos result 2. the camera is quickly retrieved, the photograph captured, and then the family giggles whilst cleaning. Yeah for two!

  22. Crystal K.

    Your blog makes me smile every time I read it! You have a beautiful family and amazing outlook on life! (:

  23. Sarah

    Never a dull moment, eh? I remember once when my brother was tiny we suddenly realized he’d been quiet for just a bit too long. Sure enough, he was under my bed eating my little mermaid chapstick, having poured my little mermaid nail polish all over the hardwood floor. He’s lucky he was so adorable!

  24. Héloïse

    I want Samson’s hair color

  25. Sarah

    Kids are so smart… how do they just KNOW when the perfect time to experiment like that is lol?

  26. Courtney

    So adorable!

  27. so cute! happy fall cleaning ;)

  28. jaclyn

    aww just too cute!!! love how kids use their imagination and run wild!! cheers to a clean closet!!!

  29. Cassie

    You must admit how clever they are to have found such a PERFECT canvas for drawing, right?! ;)

  30. Leith

    Honestly, I’m with your kiddos here. That’s a work of art!

    And I don’t have kids and still only find time to clean once a month. -Leith

  31. Aileen

    Kids are wonderful. I once drew a ‘swimming pool’ on our living room wall and my sister once coloured in the carpet. Who needs paper when you’ve got a nice, clean house?!


  32. jenelle

    i can understand why the trampoline seemed like a good surface

  33. ally

    Love your attitude. In any case, a colorful mess is always best :)

  34. steph

    i just went through the same thing the other day. only it was my three year old writing all over our brand new couch with a pen! Aaaahhh!

  35. Michelle

    Aw the pic is too cute! A quite room always means trouble :)

  36. You are a fantastic writer! I really love getting to read your thoughts on being a mommy; it’s so sweet. You’re such a strong woman! Definitely a role model for a lot of young women (like me) who hope to be a good mama one day!


  37. Daniela

    they are adorable!

  38. Emma

    i think every parent in the universe has experienced this. it is some sort of physical law that when children are present, no matter how much you clean, there will always be a mess. i feel like “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” was written by a father who was writing his thesis while watching his son destroy the newly cleaned kitchen.

  39. marie

    Cleaning up after kids is no easy task, haha Maybe it’s time to teach your kids to clean after their done with their play? Most pre-schools teach children to do that after they have played with their toys… :) When young kids learn that they have to clean up more when they have made a BIG mess, they’ll soon make a lesser mess over time. Just a suggestion, I’m not trying to sound offensive or anything.

    Anw your kids are adorable and I love how close they are. :)

  40. gotta love ’em! their minds are just so creative!

  41. Aslyn

    Oh my! At least it’s washable!

  42. Amen, and Amen! I live and breathe this clean up one room, then the other one gets messy,! Oh the joy and messes of children! Chalk over market – score!

    Hugs, Jennifer

  43. Kelly

    Yay for organization and they are just so gosh darn cute!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  44. Marilee

    Fun!! So when are you due?

  45. h*

    hahahahahaha! they’re adorable beyond words! kisses from Spain!