a rockstar giveaway with our friends from a beautiful mess! (closed)

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we want to congratulate our dear friends elsie and emma from a beautiful mess on their new book of the same name! i have long admired these two cute sisters from afar in the blogging world (we interviewed elsie HERE several years ago and emma shared a fun holiday treat with us HERE.) i was thrilled we were finally able to meet in person this past spring!

their photo idea book offers up 95 ideas for photographing life around you and also includes some fun DIY projects with photography, too.  both ladies have such creative eyes, it’s fun to get a peak into how their photos are captured.

below are a few of my favorite ideas and tips from the book:



to help elsie and emma celebrate their new book, we are giving away 3 signed copies of the photography book to 3 winners this week! for a chance to win, please leave a comment below! you can also order the book directly on amazon. this giveaway will close next thursday.

good luck! and congrats again ladies!


*for those who have inquired about the giveaway winners for our week of giveaways celebrating six years of blogging, all the winners were contacted directly via their blog comment email address or instagram account. thank you to all who helped us celebrate!

  1. Joanna Wochnick

    I love their app. I so want to buy the book, but winning it would be even better.

  2. AM

    i love the book – so cute! especially the DIY’s!

  3. Ida Rossen

    Their book looks so inspiring! Would love to win it :)

  4. Elise

    LOVE Elsie and Emma! I just bought myself a dslr for my 25th birthday and am teaching myself how to take photographs. I’d love to go into the draw to win this lovely book! :D

    Elise xo

  5. Sophie

    Love their blog!

  6. Caroline Olson

    Oooh, I would love to win this! Those girls are seriously awesome.

  7. i’d love to have one of these books for myself! so inspiring!

  8. patty f

    definitely wouldn’t mind owning a copy of abm :D

  9. Aubrey

    Would love to win this! I adore those two!!

  10. this looks amazing!

  11. What a great book idea! I would love to have this for some easy to grab inspiration! Not to mention it would look cute on the coffee table!

  12. jaclyn m

    i love these sisters!! hoping i win!

  13. Kristen S

    This book looks like perfection

  14. Marita

    Would love to check out this book!

  15. Courtney

    Just came across and started reading your blog this week! You are beautiful and have a beautiful family! I am not very creative but think this book could help me with so DIY ideas. Best.

  16. Tara S

    Oh I really want this book! Pick me please….pretty please! My life is a beautiful mess for sure!

  17. Adi

    I fell in love with a Beautiful Mess the first time i found that blog. it is just so inspiring and colorful and happy. i wanted to get the book anyway, but if im chosen to win a copy, that would just be great :p

  18. Heather

    That looks like one rad book!

  19. Nicole

    I would love to win this book. It looks so pretty.

  20. brandy

    this looks like a super cool book that i would love to own! (=

  21. Sara

    What a great way to get back into photography! I used to take photos allllll the time. Lately (as in a few years now unfortunately) my camera isn’t get as much love as I would like it to. This is exactly what I need!

  22. Karen Y

    I love their blog so I’m sure their book will be amazing as well!

  23. Kayla

    i would love to win a copy of this book! i follow their blog and read it everyday as well and am inspired to read about the projects they tackle and create without hesitation!

  24. Lauren

    What a beautiful book, looks like it has a lot of great ideas for photography. Would love a copy!

  25. mo

    It’s on the amazon wishlist! ‘A Beautiful Mess’ is fab ;-)

  26. Lana

    Very nice! Thank you :o)

  27. Janine Bruckart

    Love them and would love a copy of their book!

  28. Zuzanna

    They’re so inspirational. Very happy about their success. I’d love to have this book :) x

  29. Erin

    Congrats ladies! The book is beautiful!

  30. Barbara

    Another great give-away. In the midst of decorating our home, would love some good tips! Barbara from Belgium

  31. Ola

    i want to see more from this beautiful book :)

  32. Roses

    cheers to emma and elsie! here’s to hoping to win that beautiful book.

  33. Tanya

    I would love love love to win this book !!!

  34. Libby S

    I want to win! I love photography!

  35. Amy

    My birthday is next Thursday! Whoo!

    Love these ladies and their beautiful photos. Congrats on the new book!

  36. Liz

    I’d like to try for the book! Congratulations. I love all these bloggers turned bonafide authors. :)

  37. Jenna

    I would LOVE this book!!!!!!

  38. Oh, how I would love this book!!!

  39. andrea

    would love to win this book! How adorable.

  40. I want this book so bad! Love Elsie & Emma and discovered them through you a few years ago. So thanks! :)

  41. Monika

    What a fun-looking book!

  42. Ilma

    I love Emma and Elsie!

  43. Selma

    I would love to sit in my garden poke in these pages full of creativity… love these two ladies**

  44. Michelle

    Such a lovely pair of ladies! Can’t wait to get my hands on this book! :)

  45. michaela

    Congratulations to the authors of the fun book! Awesome! Looks like lots of great ideas!

  46. Lonka

    i follow beautiful mess for ages,
    i would love to have their book!
    thank you for the chance!

  47. Raya

    They came to Nashville but I missed them. I would love to win this book full of creative ideas :)

  48. I love their blog and would adore a signed copy of their book–oh my!

  49. Kristen

    This book looks awesome!

  50. Sara S

    It’s a beautiful book!

  51. Kim

    They have such a fun blog! Thanks for the giveaway.

  52. Erica Tanner

    This would be so fun to look through! Can’t wait to hear who wins!

  53. Marian

    I would love to be entered. :) It looks like their book has a lot of interesting ideas in it.

  54. Elsie & Emma are such inspirations of mine. I would love to have a copy of their book! :)

  55. Kaeli Kirby

    My sister and I are trying to go on trip together! We would appreciate any help :)

  56. Kaeli Kirby
  57. Anusha

    Looks like a seriously awesome book

  58. Emily

    Love those two – have been reading Elsie’s blog for years!

    Happy happy happy that their book is out!!! :)

  59. Anna

    I’d love a copy!

  60. Analise

    The book looks amazing I would love a copy!

  61. I’ve just recently discovered a Beautiful Mess and would love to have thirt book and inspirational photography to look through :)

  62. Nicki K.

    Oh, what fun possibilities to take beautiful photos! Thanks for highlighting what’s sure to be a great book!

  63. tiffany

    I follow Elsie & Emma on their blog and instagram…. they are so inspirational and darn creative! I would LOVE to be the proud owner of their new book…if I don’t win I will end up buying it at some point! Thanks for a great giveaway, as usual!

  64. lori

    Congrats ladies! i hope i win this fun little book! :)

  65. Louise

    Hi there, I have had a DSLR for a number of years but still don’t feel like I take the inspiring photos I’d like to; this may really help!

  66. Ana Georgieva

    Looks like a fantastic book! Would love to have it!

  67. Myfanwy Hood

    Would love love love to win a copy of the ABM book! :)

  68. Myra

    Would love a signed copy, I have been following these girls for ages!

  69. Jessica

    I’d love to win a copy :)

  70. Magen

    I’ve love to get my hands on this book!

  71. Michelle Mayne-Nicholls

    I would love to win this book! It has such amazing and fun ideas!

  72. Kimberly

    Oh my! It would be a dream to win this giveway! Elsie & Emma are such an inspiration!

    *crossing my fingers
    : )

  73. Ida

    Oh, I want one of those :)

  74. Stephanie

    i would love to win one of these! ;)

  75. Would love to win a copy of the book. I’m a massive fan of both your and Elsie & Emma’s blog too xx

  76. Rosa

    Love this giveaway!!!

  77. Paige

    The book looks adorable! And full of ideas!

  78. Keggy

    I’d love this book. I looked at it on the web and it looks amazing

  79. Jessica

    so sweet! what a great giveaway!

    thanks for sharing

  80. Sophie

    I love Elsie and Emma! I can’t wait to have their book :)

  81. Sandy J

    this is what i need to get back on track with my photography !
    *crossing my fingers*

  82. This book looks so good! Emma and Elsie take such cute photographs.

  83. Abigail

    I love both your blog and theirs — would love this book!

  84. lea

    This book looks as beautiful as their site!

  85. What a fun giveaway! Would love to win this!

  86. Julia Gum

    Your Instagram pictures always mesmerize me! I wonder how you do it! I would love to win this book to practice more photography!

  87. Janssen

    I’ve really gotten into photography in the last year or so (mainly food), and I’d love this book to help me branch out a little more.

  88. Lauren

    I absolutely love the title of this book as I often think my life is a beautiful mess of chaos and blessings. I would love to win this book to get ideas and tips on how to capture the world around me!

  89. Love this! Would love to win this book :)

  90. Shaylee

    they are such amazing and adorable sisters! I hope that my sister and I can remain best friends and have a relationship like theirs! Can’t wait to get this book, one way or another! (:

  91. they have such great material im sure the book is no different!!

  92. Courtney

    So beautiful! The book, the photos, your blog. All of it seethes something wonderful.

  93. Hayley Gatchell

    Love those girls and their wonderful app! This book could definitely find a place in my life!

  94. hanalei

    I’d love to somehow win the lottery in this and get a signed copy!!!!!!!! OH MY!

  95. Oh I so would like to have this book full of idea ;o)

  96. Virginia R.

    Oh, what a beautiful idea! Elsie and Emma are gorgeous! I would love to have a copy of their book ;)

  97. How beautiful! It is so fun to see little snippets of your life now. I used to to ballet with you and my sisters Liesl and Ariel and always love watching you dance. You have a beautiful family and love your blog!!

  98. congrats elsie and emma! they were how I found this blog and I couldn’t be more thankful for you all.