a day at the US Open!


last thursday josh took the day off work so we could spend it together as a family at the US Open with some friends! we really aren’t very sporty, but tennis is different. tennis we love. in fact, since the Open, eleanor has been thanking heavenly father for “tennis” in her goodnight prayers. i think it made an impression on her.  ;)

we saw the men’s singles quarterfinal and the men’s doubles semifinal. the men we were rooting for (andy murray and bryan brothers) lost their matches but we still had a great time. going to things like this with kids in tow is a different experience than before, but dare i say kind of more fun? maybe i’m confusing chaos for entertainment (i found a cheerio in my bra at the end of the day. awesome), but never a dull moment with our family. it’s a good life.


^^^”what we saw from the cheap seats.” (anyone? anyone?)^^^


 ^^^the bryan brothers!^^^


^^^we climbed lots of stairs between matches. i think it helped get the babes to sleep in the middle of the day. then we took turns walking them around the grounds in the stroller as they napped. but neither stayed asleep for long. i don’t blame them. who wants to miss out on tennis!^^^


^^^living life to the fullest, samson boy sipping a drink on papa’s lap.^^^


^^^eleanor didn’t want to get her picture taken but the second i take one of our friends finn and sarah, she leans in! this age is my favorite.^^^



^^^can’t really think of a caption to describe this one. he’s just a happy boy.^^^


^^^group shot with our friends. please note that samson thought he was taking the photo of us with my iphone. ;) ^^^

open6 open7

^^^eleanor wasn’t quite big or strong enough to keep her seat down. she didn’t seem to mind though.^^^

open9 open18oprn20


^^^when i look at this photo all i see is how my baby is HUGE. wasn’t he born like, yesterday? ^^^

open26 open21

^^^blurry dots of colorful onlookers.^^^


^^^always getting up in her friend’s space. she loves him so.^^^

open23 open22

and i really truly do intend to learn how to play one of these days. it’s on my long list of things i wanna do someday after i finish that gallery wall that is still empty an entire year after we have lived in this apartment…and i crack open a book not on a computer device…and maybe use my sewing machine again. you know, we’ll see.

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  1. Marissa

    You are so cute…..(please don’t be offended but) pregnant again maybe??????

  2. Ana

    Your little family is so precious!! Your little guy would look adorable in my bow ties! follow me on IG @bananasanddean to check them out! Maybe I could send him a couple!

  3. Melissa

    That last picture of you just made me scream “awwww” so hard that my flatmates came in to see what I was looking at :-)