a day at the bronx zoo!


we spent most of the day yesterday at the bronx zoo with friends! i had never been before (!) and as a result, this was also the first time around for my littles.  while the weather was as glorious as an autumn day can get and the zoo felt completely empty when it comes to people and crowds, there weren’t many animals out. (i guess most of those exhibits are only open on weekends after summer ends and the petting zoo is closed for renovations.) also, no camel rides yesterday. and let’s be honest here. i was *really* looking forward to that. but the kids still had a great time. and i had a great time, too. tends to be the case no matter what though when we’re outside in good weather and with great friends and company.

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^^^riding the bug carousel. samson wouldn’t go near that thing but eleanor was pretty darn happy.^^^

  1. so fun. I love E’s face on the carousel. so fun!

  2. Cintya

    The Bronx is my hometown, so this zoo has always been my favorite. I’m glad you enjoyed it with your littles.

  3. juni

    sooo cute! E on that carousel is just adorable.

  4. Courtney

    Samson in front of the aquarium! So, so cute. What a fun memory.

  5. Jesse

    we’re supposed to go to the zoo with some friends this weekend! we went last year but i think atticus was a wee bit too young to fully enjoy it, hope this time he gets into it, or at least makes monkey noises.


  6. I feel like Samson has turned from a baby to a boy overnight! So grown up!

  7. marta

    what a beautiful day! warm bear hugs from scotland xx

  8. To spend a lovely autumn outside would be so amazing… the weather seams to be marvelous… sadly here in cold old Germany we love to spend autumn and winter inside… but with hot chocolate and friends we even can survive this season..
    Love from Germany

  9. Jean

    that’s so funny & cute how kids at Samson’s age know how to distinguish what they like/don’t like.

  10. Faith

    Such lovely pictures, I too am enjoying this glorious fall weather! Hm, maybe its time for a trip to the National Zoo!

    E & S are just too cute!!


  11. maggie

    So cute! Love that photo of the peacock.

  12. Martha

    Are all of your latest posts taken with your Canon Rebel SL1? I’m thinking of buying one.

  13. hanna

    These photos are fantastic, the zoo looks like so much fun! –Hanna Marie

  14. Leith

    I admit that zoos always kind of depress me, but there is no better way to foster a lifelong love of the world around them than to introduce your kids to wildlife when they’re young. So glad they enjoyed it so much. – Leith

  15. I went there once, but I went in a wrong time when all school little kids had a field trip or something like that! So I didn’t really enjoy it

  16. Danielle

    Looks like you all had a very fun time! I went for the first time in August, and it was certainly a lot of fun! I think seeing the giraffes was probably my favorite part!


  17. *kristin

    when did your littles grow up?! make them stop! (but they are still just as adorable as ever) :)

  18. Diana Hulme

    We went to the Bronx zoo today and I was bummed about the camel rides too! But so nice how empty it was.

  19. jenn

    Samson looks so grown up!

  20. Looks like a fun day! Guess you will just have to go back soon to ride the camels!

  21. b

    hi! would love to know where your blazer is from! thanks!

  22. bridget

    samson is suddenly looking crazy grown up!! great pictures.

  23. Oh my goodness, that last little picture of Eleanor. What a little sweety! I love how colorful your pictures are! They are always such a day brightener.
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

  24. I just bought that jacket for my girl at Target (I believe it’s the same) It’s really funny bc while i would readily admit to copying your sense of style, we really do often choose the same things for our girls at Gap and now Target! so funny.
    Can’t believe how long I’ve been following your family and blog, it’s kinda crazy. I just had my second baby, a boy, which makes me feel even more in sync with you. ha!

  25. Erin

    oh my gosh! Samson is looking so grown up, and I LOVE his hair! what a little stud!

  26. Always such gorgeous pics. What a fun day!

  27. E and S are looking like big kids now – especially Samson, I swear he was still looking like a little baby just a few posts ago!

  28. Sarah

    So so cute!!

  29. marie

    Love Samson’s shirt! And he’s such a big boy now! It’s adorable and lovely to see how much your 2 children have grown over the past year and months. :))


  30. Bea

    So many wonderful photos!!!
    I love the one of Samson looking at the fishes!

  31. Mónica

    Spend a day at the zoo with children is the best and if you’re already great friends and true?. As enjoy. Kisses and happy last Wednesday morning Friday.

  32. Anna

    I just love your colourful style! Where did you get that hat? It’s adorable!

  33. Minna

    I absolutely love your hat too… please do tell where you got it from? Although having said that I have such a big head that it most likely doesn’t come in my size… ha.

  34. Ariel

    *sigh* can we be friends in real life? of course that would mean I have to move to New York (which I’m okay with ;)… hahaha Love every post, you guys live a beautiful life. xo

  35. bug carroussel? can’t get better than that! :) It has to be an amazing experience to visit a zoo with kids, love their excited faces!

  36. Anca

    The bx zoo makes for some great memories.y brother and I used to go there as kids and we remember every trip.

  37. Melissa

    Taza, Who makes Eleanor’s shoes?!

  38. Rayani

    Oooh, Eleanor’s face at the carousel is the best!!!
    Love your hat


  39. Janis

    Awesome gallery of the zoo day!

  40. TJ

    Oh goodness, her face in that last shot is priceless!!
    xo TJ

  41. I have a really, REALLY weird memento from the Bronx Zoo–a scar on my shoulder from when someone dropped either their cigarette or the ask from it on my shoulder as a baby in a stroller! I know, weird, huh? My parents could not, for the life of them, figure out why I was yelling and it left a 2nd degree burn. It grew with me, though it was teensy on my toddler shoulder at the time, and it is a funny story at this time. I don’t remember it at all, of course. :D


  42. The Bronx Zoo looks lovely! Here in London, the zoo hosts grown ups only nights- but all the animals are asleep! They have a gorgeous little carousel as well. What’s Central Park zoo like?

  43. adorable as ever and as always!! your kiddies are the sweetest!

  44. bri

    i’m so impressed that you take them fun places by yourself (or, with friends even). i’m too anxious to go on big outings like this without daddy to help out. i’m trying to be a bit more adventurous…

  45. jaclyn

    wow what a great day!! my LO is obsessed with the monkeys so we visit our local zoo often!! such great pictures!!! xoxo

  46. amanda

    yesterday was such perfect weather for the zoo!! haven’t been up there in a few years, might be time for another trip. (your kids are getting so big! adorable…)

  47. Jessica

    Samson is starting to look a lot like your brother! E’s face in the last picture is adorable she looks so happy

  48. Aslyn

    This looks fun!

  49. deloom

    Adorable pictures :D Looks like it was a blast!

  50. Michelle

    Why do the pictures only show up half the time since your site redesign (which I love, when I can see it :))?

  51. Laura

    What a sweet spirits your family have. When I look at you, i can´t help but falling in love every.single.time with all of you :) Hugs!

  52. Cece

    Where is your blazer from?! :D

  53. Gemma

    Samson is turning in to such a little dude! xx

  54. That look on Eleanor’s face! Perfect. You perfectly captured her excitement…and maybe a little nervous?

  55. Kelly

    You absolutely MUST go back in the summer when more of the animals are out or at least when the children zoo is open! I went two weeks ago and was so sad that it was being renovated, even as an adult! I grew up going there and there are so many activities your littles would have loved, including the petting zoo where you get to feed the animals!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  56. Katriel

    Love that look of pure contentment on that sweet little face!!

  57. Putri

    oh my goodness, look at that third last photo of S! such a stud!

  58. this looks like such a fun day out. we live round the corner from edinburgh zoo and have a yearly pass, we love going even if just for half an hour to say hello to the penguins (mine and my son’s fave!) we’re eagerly waiting to hear if the female panda is pregnant. fingers crossed!

    oh and that picture of samson with the fish….CUTE!


  59. Taylor

    I love the zoo! Going to visit zoos in other cities is a blast too. I really loved the Washington D.C. zoo.


  60. Whitney

    oh man. i can’t wait to take little kiddies to the zoo. always my favorite!

  61. shayl

    love your pink lipstick!

  62. Naomi,

    I have been following your blog for quite some time now and I just love it. You have the most beautiful children and I love how they are always smiling and happy. I don’t have kids yet but someday I hope mine are as joyful and contented as yours are!

    Thank you for being willing to share little bits of your life!

  63. Eva

    Your hat is gorgeous. Where does it come from?

    Eva FRANCE

  64. Tiffany

    Such cute pics! Zoo’s are always the best in the fall! I am love with your hat, I would love to know where it is from!

  65. Emma

    i am in love with all of your hats!
    and kiddos, too!


  66. Emily

    Am I the only one who read this and wanted to go to the zoo right away? :)

  67. Als Emin

    I remember going to the Bronz Zoo in 1993 on my first trip to the US from St Vincent. I’ve been thinking of buying annual membership to The London Zoo for so long. I better get right at it.

  68. This day looks like it was smiles and laughter all around! So glad you all had the chance to finally go. I’m not sure if they’re doing it this year, but when I was in high school, the family I babysat for and I went to the Bronx Zoo Christmas Lights!!! Seeing as you love Christmas, I wanted to share! It’s a night time event, and you walk through the zoo (a portion of it) and they have these lights set up that form animals and shapes. To be honest, I can’t remember everything, but what I do remember is going on the bug carousel and getting our photo taken from the zoo (which I still kept) I remember just laughing and being altogether with them. My description isn’t the very best, but it was a lot of fun and different. And if any of it sounds interesting, definitely look into it because you might enjoy it with your family :)

  69. Alice

    I think you’re so right about just being outside with good company!! And Eleanor looks SO happy on that bug- like she’s wishing for the ride never to end xx

  70. lily

    First photo is amazing :)

  71. beautiful pictures!

  72. The zoo never gets old. It’s fun to have more excuses now with the littles, isn’t it?! ;)

    And OH MAN, aren’t you guys the most stylin’ family out there! :) love it!


  73. Stacey

    Aww the zoo never gets old, no matter what age you are!
    Also loving the shade of your lipstick! Great colour : )

  74. Bianca

    Naomi, hi!
    I’m always around here, ever since E was born and never really commented, but today I just had to! These kids must be the cutest kids in the world! Look at their happy happy faces! You are so lucky!
    All the very very best for you and yours!

  75. Im pretty sure you are the best mom ever!! gorgeous photos!