summertime and august and utah and hair.

siblings2siblings1if you happen to follow along on my instagram, you will know that the littles and i are still in utah visiting family!  here are some other things you would know from my instagram which haven’t been mentioned yet on this here blog of mine:

i chopped my hair a few weeks ago before our moab trip! and then last week i colored it here in utah. it’s been a fun change. it always felt like i was wearing a big scarf in the hot hot nyc humidity when i wore it down. plus it was getting so straggly and sad this past year after samson’s birth. i don’t know why you can’t have awesome pregnancy hair all the time. it’s so rude how fast that healthy shiny stuff  falls out after you give birth. i don’t really know where i’m going with this. i guess it’s time to get pregnant again. ;)

josh is back at work in new york city and we miss him terribly. but it’s been so good to spend extra time with my family and josh’s parents. it makes my day to see them all interact with eleanor and samson. it is often difficult for me to live far away from my family and not see them as often as we’d all like, so it is a joy to see everyone develop and build the most adorable relationships with my babes. i am grateful for this time together. and between all the pool time, chasing chickens and countless otter pops, i think the littles are enjoying it, too.  also, this dry heat is a dream compared to that hot humidity back east.  i most definitely prefer it.

summer is flying by and i don’t know how it is august already but i did buy a big red wool coat the other day at a vintage shop in the area and when i tried it on i got butterflies because it made me so excited for autumn and colder weather and all that fun stuff like scarves and tall riding boots and apple picking and halloween and warm cider and colorful leaves and etc etc etc. i’m getting ahead of myself for sure here, and i do this every year, but can you blame me? how is autumn not everyone’s favorite season?

happy first week of august! and happy monday, all! (photos of me and my siblings minus one. we miss you rachel!)

  1. cortney

    AH! love the new hair. i was totally feeling guilty for dreaming of crisp fall weather, but i am also over the top excited!



  2. Caitlin

    It is always a great pleasure getting to spend time with family! Hope you are having an amazing time!

  3. Lottie

    I am so excited about autumn coming and wearing some coats that are like old friends–I was pregnant past year and couldn’t fit into them and missed them so much.

    And I can’t wait to share fall in all it’s glory with my little one, makes me excited thinking about it.

  4. Anni

    Love your new ‘do!

  5. Emma

    Your hair looks lovely, it’s nice to have a change sometimes! Glad you are getting to spend some quality time with your family, it must be so hard to live far away from them all. xx

  6. I feel you! I like in London when all of my family is back in Brisbane, Australia. I’m newly engaged and I’m scared that my family are going to miss out on all the best times with our future babies. I guess we take what we can get though, huh?

    The new hair looks fab!

  7. You all have such a fun and loving family spirit! It’s easy to see where your littles get it from!

    And I absolutely adoreeee the new haircut and color, it suits you perfectly!

    Like you, I’m looking forward to hayrides and pumpkin picking and cold weather and warm sweaters in the crisp autumn air! Can’t wait for it all to begin and to follow along with your new adventures as well!


  8. Bailey

    Umm freckletown <3

    So cute!

  9. Damaris

    Love your new hair color! :) And how wonderful are the pictures with your siblings! You all together look as the funniest bunch, sure you are having the best time.



  10. Your hair is definitely adorable! I’ve searched for weeks and weeks for the perfect cut to end my summer with a bang but haven’t been able to find anything at all that I liked — until I saw yours on instagram! I’ve been marveling over it for days — it is so terribly pretty.

    & fyi — your few sentences about autumn have me already so excited. i’m already talking to my husband about halloween decor and we haven’t even made it to september. but then again, those are the fun months ;)

    fun post, as always!!

  11. flor

    What lens did you use for these pics? They are wonderful. Love the blog, Taza!

  12. aww you all look so cute and i love the new hairs!

  13. Silvia

    Oh I know. I love Autumn as well. Whenever the September issues of magazines appear in the shops I do a little happy dance ;-) All those warm colours, clothes and Autumn like photographs. The best thing to read until Autumn is here. And I’m sure it will be here before we know it!

    Have a lovely rest of the Summer!

  14. Cams

    Your new do is AMAZing.

    I love Fall…love it. We’re now in Charlotte (hometown is DC). It’s a toss-up whether we will have a real fall or not this year. I miss the true, whole seasons I used to get. *pout*



  15. maggie

    Love that hair color! Glad you are having such a wonderful time.

  16. Any

    What a good-looking family!! Wow!

    I’ve been following your blog for a few months now and I went back to the very start and read through all of your posts:) You and your family inspire me so much! I dream of having a strong family with many kids cuz the one I grew up in is broken and unhealthy. But when I found your blog I thought, this is what I want my family to be! And it’s inspired me to keep dreaming and learning and getting better!
    Thank you, Naomi, for sharing your life with us. I am sending many blessings your way. And your hair looks great. And oh those freckles…;)

    Thank you,again. Sending lots of love from Belarus (Ukraine’s neighbor up north, wink-wink).

  17. bea

    I love love love your new hair!!!!!!
    Girl, you’re stunning!

  18. Dana

    Ohh, im also a spring and autum girl. really. I thought I’m almost the only one now already thinking about scarves and the cold days.

    i wish you a great august.

    xo from germany/ berlin

  19. P

    Great hair :) autumn hmmmmm, I prefer summer, and even though I´m pregnant with a big belly it doesn´t matter I still love summmer :)

  20. Amazing hair!
    And you’re not the only one who loves autumn and the cold days so much. I’m looking forward to it too ;)
    Greetings from Switzerland (it’s too hot here…)

  21. Fernanda

    OMG i dind’t know you have a brother!! SO CUTE

  22. You all so happy together! I know that feeling. Currently living far far away from my family as I decided to study abroad. Enjoy every moment!x

  23. you look great, change is always good ;) you and your siblings are the same! ha!

    I’m glad to hear you are enjoying time with your family, I know what it feels like to live far from our loved ones, it’s hard…

    and yay for autumn! it’s my fav season too

  24. Love your new hair!

  25. Kelsey

    Love the hair! I have been wanting to cut a lot off since I had my baby girl a couple months ago. Your’s looks so good…i may have to follow suit :)

  26. Georgia

    you and your sibs all look crazy alike! so glad you’re letting your freckles shine:)

  27. Jordan

    Love the new hair cut/color!

  28. JM

    I am off visiting family at the moment too. I miss them terribly as I live so far away. But it is lovely to be spending the summer with them.

    Enjoy yours and your sibling time

  29. amanda

    hair looks great! visiting family is so wonderful, i’m seeing mine on Thursday (parents, in laws, siblings, 2 nephews, a niece and my niece’s half brother!) for the weekend. SO EXCITING! Speaking of exciting and of fall, you’d be digging the weather in the city today. It doesn’t feel like summer at all today.

  30. Cintya

    Love your new hair, it looks amazing!

  31. hanna

    These photos are so cute. I love your freckles –Hanna Marie

  32. Clare

    Hi there lovely! ^_^ yes yes I can’t wait for autumn myself! so much so that I already began looking for fall tights and secretly looking out for potential coats and fall goodies!

    Cute hair too Naomi!

  33. maybe this is creepy cause i’m a 30 year old married woman but i don’t mean it in that way, but your little brother is so adorable ;).

  34. Michelle

    Fall is absolutely the BEST time of year. Boots, long sweaters, apples, crisp air! CAn’t wait :)

  35. Kodi

    Autumn is definitely my favorite! I do love summer, but even the most beautiful summer day can’t stop me from day dreaming of fall!

  36. Ellen

    We’re going into Spring here in New Zealand! :) bit jealous of your hot weather in Utah.. have a wonderful time with your family! Family is the BEST!

  37. Kelsea

    I think your hair looks fantastic! And I’m glad you’ve been able to spend time with family. We’re far from family, too, and it’s not easy! Looks like you guys are having a blast!

  38. Your little brother has gotten so grown up! I remember first reading your blog and he was so little, how time flies. I’ve loved following your family. More babies soon please.

  39. You guys all look so alike. I can’t believe how much they’ve all grown up since I started reading this blog! Enjoy your family time. x

  40. Your hair inspired me. I love it so much. The honey color is perfect.

  41. aj

    What a handsome young man your little brother is and he is the image of eleanor I think! You guys have some wonderful genes xxx

  42. Leith

    Love the hair, and love all the beautiful pics! I am so jealous of all the heat and sunshine you keep talking about and posting pictures of. It’s been foggy and cold over here in San Francisco for the past two months straight :( I’ll trade you!

  43. Carli

    Gorgeous family! Such a strong resemblance. love that!

  44. aww, this post made me tear up. I know what you mean about being away from family. I’m lucky that my family is just a few hours away, but my husband’s family is all the way in Croatia. I know it’s so hard for him.

    This was also our summer of family! We were in Croatia and Italy and it was kinda crazy amazing to see everyone together. I totally know what you mean about how lovely it is to see your family developing relationships with your littles. It just makes your heart happy. :)

    I took this photo of Mateo, his father, grandfather, uncle and cousin all on the front stoop in Split, Croatia. Three generations! -> <3 It was just so nice to see a normal, family moment together, which because of distance unfortunately doesn't happen often enough.

    Excited to see more of your hair! It looks fab! Enjoy the rest of your visit. Your family sounds awesome! (and are just too cute).


  45. Vanessa

    Adorable photos! All of your instragram photos are adorable lately! I love your new hair. As for autumn, I agree… how can’t you LOVE it!! I can’t wait either!

  46. Landon

    I am not sure if you read all these comments, but your sister, the one on the far left…somehow I would really enjoy taking her on a date. I live in Utah, go to BYU. If somehow this was possible, I would be a happy guy. I don’t do stuff like this. Anyways, thanks.


  47. Landon

    My right, your left

  48. Your hair looks so pretty! “Like” stamping that mane :) And oh wow, you and your siblings are resembling each other more and more with each passing year!

  49. Love your new hair. I’m starting to get excited for Autumn too! I want to wear boots again!

  50. Rayani

    Very cool your new hair

  51. Joanna

    It looks like you all are having an amazing time in Utah!
    Btw, I know exactly what that tingly feeling is that you get when you feel Autumn right around the corner! Just the smell of the air during that crisp weather makes me fall in love with the season all over again!

  52. Madeline

    You’re a stunner. Whats your lip color? To die for!

  53. Marie

    Enjoy your family time and its great that your kids have such loving aunts and uncle. Looking forward to more photos of your hometown! Seems such a calm and refreshing place, so different from the chaotic city life.

  54. renata

    Your hair is gorgeous! I’m as excited as you about the season coming ahed, it’s just that in my case it’s gonna be spring! Just can’t wait to wear dresses and stop feeling my nose tip is an ice cube! :P

  55. Julie

    OMG – when did your Brother get so tall? Awesome!

  56. maria

    Your pics are really nice!!! Could you please tell me which lipstick are you wearing on them? Many thanks in advance!!! ; )

  57. Sarah

    I thought your sister was on a mission???? Am I missing something!?

  58. Adriana

    Can I just say that I love reading your blog! I will forever be grateful to the nice young lady who stopped me at a local store to ask me if my daughters sandals were salt waters about a year ago (they were indeed salt waters). She then went on and on about some AMAZING family who happens to wear salt waters! Long story short I went home that day and looked you up and have been a fan ever since! So thank you kind lady :) Naomi, thanks for being an inspiration! God Bless you and your beautiful family!

  59. I am so excited for the fall & winter as well! Aside from the fact that my little one is due this winter, I just love everything about the changing of the seasons! Ah, I’m getting those butterflies just thinking about it!

    It’s great that you and the littles were able to visit family in Utah! That must be so exciting for them!

  60. Lonka

    oh my gosh you both are so beautiful!

  61. Lovely you’ve made me excited for Autumn to come around again and we’re just heading in to Spring here. I’ve loved looking at all your beautiful pics of Utah. Such vibrant colours…a grand contrast to the dull grey of our winter.

    I feel exactly the same about being so far away from family…it’s so precious watching the kidlets spend quality time with grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles.

    So glad you’ve had a fab holiday. The Littles are beyond gorgeous xx

    Cheers Em

  62. Grace

    I’m in New York for the first week of October, will it be all autumny by then?? I miss out on Halloween but I am hanging out to walk through Central Park and see all the beautiful trees.

  63. Holly

    I love your new hairstyle!

  64. HEHE! I keep wanting for my hair to grow longer and longer until it just annoys me. Thank you for convincing me that I need a haircut as well :)

    Love that your siblings and you look so alike!
    Happy times!
    xx Taty

  65. Randi

    We just moved from family back in may (after spending the first 3 years of Elle’s life next door to them.) I miss them so much!!! Though I love Virginia, I’m hoping to make it closer to them again someday within the next few years. <3 enjoy every second! Soak them in!

  66. reney

    i still remember the first few times i read your blog, you post about the pioneer trip with your family, and your brother was still a boy back then. look at him now, a young man already. wow!

    btw: GO LANDON! *saw his comment above.. hahaha. best way to pick a date.*

  67. Julissa

    Awh your siblings are so beautiful! There are very strong genes in that family of yours.. & You are very strong for chuggin’ on as a great mama so far away from them. Thank you for sharing, i’ve been a reader for over a year now. samson is getting more handsome by the day!

  68. look at your family – all beautifully freckled!
    your hair looks fabulous!

  69. You, hannah, and your brother are freckle triplets. Love them!

  70. Allegra

    1. I love love love your new hair!

    2. It makes me so happy that you are thinking about fall already. Secretly I’ve been listening to Christmas music lately. Definitely ready for that fall weather along with you! This TX weather is way too hot and humid!

    3. You are such an inspiration to me both in the blogging world and personally. It’s great to see how important your family is to you and that you are constantly making time for them. Not everyone is like that and I think that it is very unfortunate. I know that I need to make more effort to spend time with mine. Thank you for reminding me :)

  71. meegan

    What a great trip. The repelling makes me sure want to visit.

  72. Tegan

    your family is so sweet!! and i’d have to agree, fall is my favorite :). thanks for sharing!

  73. Alice

    Your hair is beautiful! And is it really naive that I had noooo idea that your hair changed when you’re pregnant!?
    Also, you and your siblings all look so similar- you’re all gorgeous! And your genes have clearly had their way with Eleanor and Samson, they look so much like your siblings too! xx

  74. Wow you and your siblings look so much alike! Eleanor looks just like your brother. Funny, I’m the youngest of four and a picture of us would never lead you to believe we’re related! And my three boys are so similar and different too. Funny how that works… great pics and family time :)

    Lynden Laundry

  75. Nichole

    Love the haircut, it’s so cute!

  76. Naomi, you just made me excited for fall. And that is a rare, rare occurrence.

  77. Mariajose Zaugg

    well I live in provo so if you are in the area, it would sweet to run in to ya! :) have fun in Utah! love your adorable babies…oh btw you and your siblings look so much alike!!!

  78. beth

    Love the hair! Such a fun change.

    The weather in NYC has been perfect the last 2 weeks. Just perfect. Dare I say, a slight nod towards fall? Hope it lasts.

    Enjoy your family time.

  79. Lucinda

    I LOVE the fall and the few unseasonable cool/dry days we’ve had here on the east cost have been a delightful tease – I’m definitely looking forward to it.

    The hair cut suits you well – though I’m not sure there ins’t a ‘do you couldn’t pull off!

  80. Lucinda

    I LOVE the fall and the few cool/dry days we’ve had here on the east coast have been a delightful tease – I’m excited for it to come!

    The haircut suits you well, though I’m not sure there isn’t a ‘do you couldn’t pull off!

  81. Summer is so fun and it sounds like you and your family are having a blast but I agree, Fall is the best season of them all. I also feel like summer is so crazy busy and you need the cloudy days of the Fall to keep you on the couch curled up and snuggly to slow down a little after the summer.

  82. Linda

    SO agreed on the dry heat! I lived in DC up until 6 months ago and was in Colorado last week visiting family. The difference is amazing. I do not miss DC humidity one bit. Dry heat is a million times better, absolutely 100%.

    and cute freckles :)

  83. Lucinda

    I LOVE the fall. We’ve had a few cool/dry days here on the east coast and it’s been a delightful tease – I can’t wait or the change of season!

    The new hair style & color suit you well, though I don’t imagine there’s a hairdo you can’t pull off. ;)

    Enjoy the time with your family!

  84. You have such a lovely family! You’re making me excited for the colder months! I only have a few more days until I head back to school, so summer is sadly coming to an end for me. Thanks for sharing!

    Je M’appelle Molly

    xo Molly

  85. Rose J.

    Lovely photos, and family is number one!!

    I wish I could go to utah often to visit all those I left behind seven years ago. My in laws come up and visit more which is nice. So glad you are there with family, and the best thing about it is the reaction we get when we finally see each…it’s as if we saw them yesterday.

    Circumstances, jobs, finances (such as flying out a family of six) can be impossible for one to fly out cross country to visit family every summer. Everyone understands, and I’m grateful that when we do see each other it’s as we never left!

    Oh…and Rachel is taken care of! It’s nice to see her refreshing face on Sundays, but I’m sure she’d rather be spending some of her summer with y’all!

    Take care!

  86. amy

    do you have another sister?

  87. Taylor

    I absolutely love the new hair cut! In fact, I’m showing my hair dresser your picture when I go to get it cut next week. My hair is long, but it’s in desperate need of a chopping with all the split ends I have going on.


  88. Shelby

    You have such an attractive family!

  89. Greta

    Your new hair colour looks great – more pictures of it please :). As far as autumn is concerned, I can understand where you are coming from. Loving autumn is such an American thing, you guys have made a whole culture out of it. However, autumn in Belgium where I live is terrible – grey skies and drizzling rain all the time, you don’t see the sun for weeks on end… Not my cup of tea.

  90. Your hair looks great! You and your siblings are spitting images of one another! Enjoy your time there! XO

  91. Adriane

    So cute to see that miss E is like a little copy of yourself… Mister S, however is a good handsome mix of you too…

  92. I really love your blog. I know your blog just for some days, but I already love it :)

    In january we hopefully come back to New York, because of your blog we must come back soon and do some stuff I read here :)

    Greeting from Germany :)

  93. Emily

    Love the siblings pictures. How fun! Makes me miss my own!

  94. Laurie

    I just stumbled across your blog this morning and I love! Autumn is where it’s at. I’m already planning our schedule. I can’t handle it. I may just start decorating my house in a week or so. Maybe.