summertime and august and utah and hair.

siblings2siblings1if you happen to follow along on my instagram, you will know that the littles and i are still in utah visiting family!  here are some other things you would know from my instagram which haven’t been mentioned yet on this here blog of mine:

i chopped my hair a few weeks ago before our moab trip! and then last week i colored it here in utah. it’s been a fun change. it always felt like i was wearing a big scarf in the hot hot nyc humidity when i wore it down. plus it was getting so straggly and sad this past year after samson’s birth. i don’t know why you can’t have awesome pregnancy hair all the time. it’s so rude how fast that healthy shiny stuff  falls out after you give birth. i don’t really know where i’m going with this. i guess it’s time to get pregnant again. ;)

josh is back at work in new york city and we miss him terribly. but it’s been so good to spend extra time with my family and josh’s parents. it makes my day to see them all interact with eleanor and samson. it is often difficult for me to live far away from my family and not see them as often as we’d all like, so it is a joy to see everyone develop and build the most adorable relationships with my babes. i am grateful for this time together. and between all the pool time, chasing chickens and countless otter pops, i think the littles are enjoying it, too.  also, this dry heat is a dream compared to that hot humidity back east.  i most definitely prefer it.

summer is flying by and i don’t know how it is august already but i did buy a big red wool coat the other day at a vintage shop in the area and when i tried it on i got butterflies because it made me so excited for autumn and colder weather and all that fun stuff like scarves and tall riding boots and apple picking and halloween and warm cider and colorful leaves and etc etc etc. i’m getting ahead of myself for sure here, and i do this every year, but can you blame me? how is autumn not everyone’s favorite season?

happy first week of august! and happy monday, all! (photos of me and my siblings minus one. we miss you rachel!)

  1. KC

    Summer has completely skipped Autumn this year. Love the hair. I tried coloring my hair but now it’s ruined and I might chop it all off. lol. It’s already boot season here where I live!

    Cheers! from,

  2. Laura

    I love autumn too! To repeat what you said…How can everyone not be excited about it? My heart started fluttering just reading your description.

  3. I really like your haire like that (and before too). You 4 have similar faces, it’s incredible !