seeing my babies in me.


it’s been fun to see a few of my old baby photos while home. i always think my kids look more like their papa than me,  but after looking at a couple of these photos, i think eleanor and samson have a little bit of their mama in them after all. i ‘m feeling really proud about that right now. ;)

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  1. Damaris

    Love old pictures! They have that unbeatable feeling, right? :) Thanks for sharing them!. E definitely takes after you all those poses and attitude. Love the one with the red bow in your head, what a cutie girl!


  2. Ewa

    you were such a cutie (and you still are ;-) and of course i see resemblance between you and small ones

  3. Lonka

    you were beautiful. like this days.

  4. Alina

    Haha how funny :D I see E in almost every picture…
    Enjoy your much needed family time :)

  5. Oh, there’s DEFINITELY a lot of you in them! I always love on Mothers or Fathers Day, when everyone posts pics of them w/ their mom or dad on Instagram and FB – it’s always startling to see how much of their parents you can see in them!

  6. JM

    I have always thought your babies look almost exclusively like you and not josh. Looking at your siblings it seems there are some dominant genes in your family as you all look really similar. Eleanor#s smile is all you :)

  7. These pictures are so cute! It’s really fun to see old photographs. And you’re right … I can see your children in there. Especially the clown shot.

  8. Awww!! This was super cute (and fun) to see :) I think the resemblance is very evident <3 <3 <3

  9. omg! they are both soo you! haa! great pics!

  10. sabine

    you look so much like your mom!!

  11. Salara

    Wow I thought that was E in that first picture lol. So cute!

  12. Nana

    You need to post pictures Josh´s old pictures so we can compare :) But i always thought that your babies look very much like you, Specially S…

  13. oh my! i thought it was Eleanor holding the pumpkin!!

  14. so sweet, this pictures!


  15. Amy

    Honestly… E is a mini you! And you look so much like your mum! Beautiful genes, obviously =) xx

  16. Bea

    They really look a lot like you!!!
    Great genes!!!

  17. Livi

    adorable!!! totally see eleanor in those pictures!!

  18. Fanny

    oh MY ….. !!!!
    You’ve got the same eyes and smile than your mother, your beautiful !
    Samson looks like your dad it’s amazing!!!!
    And there is a lot of you in E and S ! That’s so cute !!!!
    Have a great week ;)

    Fanny a French follower

  19. Georgia

    your little ones definitely have your eyes and smile :)

  20. Melly

    Eleanor is your twin! How cute!

  21. Oh my word! You are totally seen in your children! That 3rd photo looks just like Eleanor :) These photos are too cute, thanks for sharing!

  22. kendra

    love the resemblance!

  23. kim

    of course they have you in them! they are beautiful and so are these photos of you!

  24. Faith

    What adorable pictures of you growing up! I can most definitely see you in your littles. Especially E :)

  25. hanna

    Your baby photos are adorable. –Hanna Marie

  26. Viccan

    Just found your blog! What a LOVELY site! It’s so happy and filled with joy and colorful pictures. Thanks! :)

  27. ashley

    They look just like you!

  28. Carli

    SO cute. I can see so much of you in both your babies….especially after seeing these cutie-pie pics of you as a little. love this.

  29. of course they look like you! and I totally get it, everyone says my baby looks exactly like his dad (and I admit it) but when I can see a little bit of me in certain faces and expressions I feel so proud ;) hehe

  30. Grey

    Oh my gosh I never realized how much SAMSON looks like you. I always saw more of Josh in him, but that clown picture and the one of you holding Rachel and Rebecca have changed my mind. He’s a little Naomi for sure! No matter which one of you they favor, they are precious littles and have wonderful parents to look up to.

  31. Abby

    I can definitely see the resemblance! And oh, looking at old family photos is such fun. For me, old photos always jog my memories and make me recall moments I’d completely forgotten. Enjoy your time at home!

  32. Ariel

    Naomi!! Thank you for sharing, these are precious! Eleanor is your twin in the first photo! I totally think those sweet babies have a lot of their mama in them! And how lucky they are, you are beautiful. Loved seeing pictures of you as a kid! So fun. :)

  33. Pénélope

    Love your blog!
    Kisses from Paris !

  34. Aw these pics are so cute! I love looking through old family photos :)

  35. Kelly

    I agree, I see bits of your kids in you and your siblings!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  36. B.H.

    I’ve always thought Eleanor looks just like you!

  37. anise

    eleanor looks just like your dad in that picture. ;)

  38. Emily

    Your children most definitely look like you! No doubt about it.

  39. jaclyn

    omg you were adorable as a child!! and still adorable now!!! no wonder why your kiddos are so cute!!!

  40. you were such a darling little girl! i definitely see how eleanor resembles you!!

  41. maggie

    You were such a cute kid! And I can definitely see traces of you in your lils’.

  42. TJ

    Your kids are 100% you! But then again, we haven’t seen any photos of your hubby to compare ;)
    What cute photographs to reflect on!
    xo TJ

  43. Wendi

    Oh, there is NO doubt your babies look like you! Eleanor is practically your twin!

  44. EEEK!!! I think this might be one of my favorite posts ever! Yes, your babies are so absolutely you! :)

    Isn’t that one of your favorite things about going home? I loooove looking through old photos. I can’t leave without taking photos of old photos. :)

    Thanks for sharing! :)


  45. Stacy

    Stop it Naomi! That toothless pic is a classic. Love these.

  46. cintya

    What lovely photos! I definitely see a lot of both Samson and Eleanor in you.

  47. Oh my goodness, there are certainly resemblances!!!

  48. Ooh how adorable to see little Taza! Great post :) Loved it!

  49. Gina

    so cute, i love old childhood pictures!

    check out my blog for you chance to win a personal planner =)

    daffodils and daydreams

  50. Amanda

    E looks exactly like you based off of these photos! So cute. :)

  51. Kelsey

    They totally look like you!!! I did this with my baby pictures too because everyone always says all my kids look like their dad, but hey, I had a hand in this too!! haha. But these pictures are so cute.

  52. Meaghan

    Holy cow – Eleanor is your dad’s twin! These photos are too cute!

    xx Meaghan

  53. Fernanda

    you and E!! OMG SO CUTEE same face, same expression

  54. kendall

    i think they’ve both always looked like you! x

  55. Jess

    E is your spitting image. That clown picture!!

  56. Kellie

    oh my goodness- Eleanor especially looks like you in that 3rd photo!!! soo cute

  57. Rose

    I have always thought they are your spitting image! I don’t see Josh as much. I noticed that in the pumpkin picture that is the exact face Eleanor always makes with the head tilt! Cute.

  58. mariwa

    Those photos are soo cute!
    beautiful family!! XO

  59. Ericka

    Eleanor looks so much like youuuuuuuu! Especially in that first picture! Goodness!

  60. Risa

    This is adorable. As we await the arrival of our very first little one I constantly find myself wondering if she/he will have my dimples, my husband’s blue eyes and long lashes, or maybe even that beauty mark I have under my right eye! As two people with cleft chins, we are also a little worried about a John Travolta-chinned baby! :) It’s so fun to imagine. I can’t wait!

    xx, risa

  61. Oh my gosh, you were too cute!! Love all of these old photos. Great post!

  62. Joanna

    I LOVE seeing old baby pictures! I think that Eleanor & Samson definitely have your smile. The picture of you posing with your pumpkin reminds me of Eleanor’s little cute mischievous face!

  63. Ashley

    WOW! That first picture of you is a perfect mix of both of your kiddos!!! Genetics fascinate me. Like you, I have always heard and thought that my oldest son looked more like my husband. Everyone calls him his little clone and at times I would get jealous, but then I looked at some of my pictures from ages 3-5ish and boy is he my identical male twin!!! I love it. Even though he looks like a mini version of his daddy now, I know that deep down he is just as much my boy :D

    Funny enough iphoto actually “recognized” my face in all of those pictures that I came across as my son. I got a laugh out of that.

  64. charity

    my goodness. just want to go back in time and pinch your freckled cheeks. your babes (especially eleanor) look so much like you, by the way…


  65. shannon

    you were a babe from day 1!

  66. Isabel

    I see a lot of you in E, you both are really cute!

  67. bliss

    your smile is still exactly the same. :)

  68. Adela

    Oh my god, you’re sooooo Eleanor! You totally look like her. Especially at the photo with the pumpkin. I think that E looks more like you while little Samson looks more like a mini version of Josh. Can’t wait to see those littles grow. Your family is so lovely!

  69. zeszti

    wow, you exactly look like your mom. :) And don’t worry, E and Samson definitely looks like you. You were sooo cute with that red ribbon in your hair!

  70. Sinead

    So cute! Any pic of a kid with missing front teeth is always adorable :-)

  71. Gwyn

    You WOULD be a stinkin’ cute little kid, Naomi!!! Such sweet pictures! It seems like you had a great time visiting home!

  72. Rachel

    Isn’t it great looking back at old photos and seeing how much your kids look like you?! These are great photos. They’re adorable!

  73. Carie

    They say you never can see yourself in your children, but then mine truly are little baby girl replicas of their father! I see a lot of you in Eleanor and still a little in Samson, especially when compared to your baby pictures!

  74. Julia G.

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! You were such a cute little babe! E looks just like you!

  75. All of you, but Hannah, have your mother’s eyes. Hannah has your father’s. These photos and the previous ones are TOO cute. Sometime, will you post pictures of yourself and Josh when you two were little? E and Samson looked soooo familiar in the baby phase!!


  76. The second picture is THE cutest!! haha… and I’ve seen E. with the same smile as you on the picture with the pumpkins! ;)

  77. wow, you exactly look like your mom. :) And don’t worry, E and Samson definitely looks like you. You were sooo cute with that red ribbon in your hair!

  78. WOW! So cute! Love that you already looked like “you” when you were little. Made me dig out my baby pictures (luckily I took the baby album with me when I went to see my parents a couple of months ago). It is just fun to look at those pictures and “think to remember” what happened there. (Usually I only remember what my parents/aunts/family told me)

    xx Taty

  79. Mary

    I saw that first photo with the Autumn leaves and now I’m desperate for those cool, gorgeous months. If anything can follow Summer, it’s Autumn.

    Oh, and these photos are adorbs, and your littles are even more adorbs.

  80. Yes, they definitely look like you ^^

  81. hello, long time listener, first time caller!

    gosh! you were adorable!