moab, utah. part II.

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while going through our photos from our time in moab last week (part I, HERE) i realized we have to go back.  i grew up going with my family when i was little, but i don’t think i ever really appreciated my surroundings like i did during this trip. maybe that’s because those red rocks, that blue blue sky, the quiet outside space where you hear nothing but your own feet shuffling, and seeing views of mountains and cliffs and nature for days… is the complete opposite of the fast paced new york city life in which we are currently living.  and while i do believe i am a city girl at heart, i sure do appreciate that peaceful desert. it took my breath away. such a beautiful world we live in. if you can make it out to moab someday, i don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


^^^what is this? a photo of us without our babies? no way!^^^


^^^a pop of neon in the desert! it made me so happy.^^^


^^^and upon downloading and going through my photos, i noticed half of them were of that bright blue sky with those fluffy white clouds. i must really love them or something. ^^^


^^^these razors! i don’t know where i’d store it or even use it in the city, but i want one. ;)^^^


^^^probably the best view i’ve ever had from a swimming pool.^^^

one more post of moab photos coming your way!

  1. Rachel Hagen

    These pics are beautiful!! With my parents now in AZ, I’m starting to see the beauty in deserts (took me a while). But Moab is certainly beautiful. Looks like you had a fun time in UT with your families. It’s always so refreshing to be with family.

  2. Mary

    Where did you get the kids’ cute t-shirts? We just went to Moab with friends and I wanted to get t-shirts for all the kids, but couldn’t find any cute ones. Love these!