1. Dani

    I’ve seen most of these photos on your instagram but i love love love seeing them again!

  2. Damaris

    The one wih your kids holding hands is precious! The one with you and Josh when you came back from Utah is also a favorite. Thanks for sharing, so beautiful time and memories (and hey E’s got her driving license! that’s big :) hahahaha)


  3. JM

    Great pictures. It’s nice that you two seem to have so many friends around you with young children. That must make a difference. My brother and I grew up surrounded by families with kids our own age, it’s wonderful, like having many many cousins.


  4. Lonka

    you’re a beautiful mother.
    you’re a great mother.

  5. Hiroko

    I love to see your photos!!

  6. Love those photos. I think the kids have grown every time I visit your blog.

  7. Oh my gosh! I say it every time, but your iPhone posts are my ultimate favourite!
    I posted one last night, but mine are nothing in comparisons to these!
    That picture of the little cuties holding hands is so heart melting!
    You have the most beautiful life Taza, such an inspiration.

    Gracious Silhouettes

  8. Amy

    That last photo by the temple… just stunning xx

  9. rayani


  10. marta

    life is beautiful :) hugs from us three

  11. hanna

    These photos are all so fantastic. I love these kind of posts. –Hanna Lei

  12. heather

    is it just me, or has eleanor grown up over night? she is darling as always and is really starting to look like a little lady. ah!

    also, great haircut choice. that length looks great on you!

  13. Melissa

    What color and brand lipstick are you wearing in the photo with you in the classic car with E? It’s pretty!!

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s pink me up by maybelline.

  14. Paulina

    Eleanor’s eyes are just like yours!! =)))

  15. Bea

    And I really really love your hair!

  16. Quyen

    I love iphone photography! So easy for a quick shot! I’m learning about photography now, do you have a tips? Your photos are great!

  17. Samson seems to have changed from toddler to little boy in the blink of an eye (or blink of a blog post). I love the picture of E on the ‘sidewalk’ – my two year old looks like that several times a day. I don’t know Eleanor’s motivation, but my son does it in a stroppy, sulky, ‘you can’t make me take another step if I don’t want to’ sort of a way. Aah, the terrible two’s!

  18. Awhhhh, cute photos! And your sister is looking more and more like you – thought she was you for a second in that pic with Eleanor! :)

  19. Always a pleasure to see your pictures! You are an adorable person! xxx

  20. i love the way eleanor interacts with the camera! these are precious!

  21. mara

    that picture of just you and hubs is absolutely adorable. frame it!

  22. Dorothy

    you take the most adorable photos!

    I spot shake shack!! yummmm

    she goes wear

  23. sara

    naomi, you are glowing!

    your little ones look like they’re having a great summer :)

  24. love these! wish i could have seen ya while you are in utah. you are such an inspiration!

    xo, keena

  25. i just can’t get enough of seeing how much samson and e love each other — all the hand holding is heart-melting! would love a post about some tips on how to harness such a loving relationship between little siblings, as i know it can certainly be a toughie :)

  26. Cornelia

    I agree with Amy about the last one – so pretty! Also Eleanor and friend walking across the street – too cute…

  27. Kelsey

    Every one of these pictures is cute! Samson is so adorable, E just looks like she has so much personality!! I love your new hair too.

  28. LOVE that one of the kiddies holding hands in the stroller

  29. Teresa

    these are so pretty. i’m glad you’ve been able to capture these moments with your little ones!

  30. Sabahnur

    love to see them again! love your fun photos :)

  31. maggie

    Your photos are always so inspiring – finding the beauty in every day activities. Thanks for sharing!

  32. Faith

    Completely love the picture of you and Josh! You two look so wonderful and so happy :)

    And I will forever crack up at that pic of E laying on the side walk!!



  33. Lauren

    What filter do you use for most of your iPhone pics, its great! Also, do you edit them further in another program before you upload them to the blog?

    • TAZA

      thanks! all these iPhone photos were taken with the iphone 5 and edited with the vsco cam app. i also use afterlight app sometimes.

  34. marie

    Your children are so fortunate as they’re always out and about. Hope they’ll grow up to be carefree and adventurous kids. :)


  35. Jamie

    There are so many epic shots here! That handholding shot, E. playing hopscotch .. all so lovely!

  36. savera

    Hi Naomi,

    my husband and i are moving with our two little babes (2 yrs & 1 month) to nyc. Would it be possible for you to write me or post what it is like for you with kids in the city, where you would recommend to live/ strollers/ breastfeeding in public… just how daily life works with two kids. Any advice you can offer, would be Soooo appreciated! Love your blog by the way, fresh and joyous! thanks!

    • TAZA

      hooray! and welcome!

      i love the UWS. it is very family friendly. there are parks, libraries, museums and family friendly restaurants (with stroller parking even!) all over. the UWS it wedged between riverside park and central park and it’s pretty darn clean, too. but honestly i think it depends on where you will be working (commute wise) and also your budget. there are families in every neighborhood of new york and there are great and different things about each area. but i’m a big fan of upper west. and being in a neighborhood where you feel you can get out everyday with the kids and really be happy within that ten block radius. obviously you’ll travel all over manhattan, but if you can really live within your ten blocks (groceries, parks, playgrounds, laundry, etc) it’s a keeper.

      and ps. just breastfeed anywhere and everywhere. that is my motto. and it’s working fine for me. :)

  37. Jenn

    Eleanor’s peace signs are so cute!

  38. Totally adore all of these! Kiddies are so so cute, and growing up beautifully. You’re doing a wonderful job Naomi!

  39. Dillan

    I always enjoy browsing through your photos- the joy and love in your family is so evident and so, so inspiring! Thank you as always for sharing! :)

  40. Sinead

    Love the pic of the kids playing chess!

  41. karen

    It is just amazing to me how you guys continually look so happy. I love it. There are so many many, err many blogs out there (including mine) but I come back to your because it just makes me smile seeing your happy little freckled faces.

  42. Whenever I see your iphone photos (& Josh’s) it makes me want to get up and go! The two of you and your little ones really make the most out of life. It’s inspiring…

  43. abbya

    clothes envy….for you, your children and your friends! great taste all around!

  44. Yang

    the corn pictures. kills me.

  45. Brianna

    the one of you and Josh sitting together (under Eleanor playing hopscotch) has got to be one of my favorites because i find that it’s rare to come across a picture of just you two together. lol beautiful family,God bless :)

  46. Joyce

    I’m a mom of 2 boys living and working full time in HK. I really love how you bring up your littles in NYC. I would say HK is similar to NYC ( I used to study in the US) and i personally understand why we still love to live in a city even with the lack of parks and child friendly spaces in the city.

    Love your pictures and i think E looks so much like you :)


  47. Mónica

    As I like these summaries. Kisses and happy weekend.

  48. Kinsley

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now and I just wanted to say its refreshingly lovely to see a family who honestly deals with ups and downs and enjoys life. You are a beautiful family :)

  49. molly

    How do you make traveling with the littles look so easy. I am usually a bit of a mess :)


    • TAZA

      i feel like traveling and being out with them is a whole lot easier than staying inside and being home. i don’t know, just preference. ;)

  50. Joy

    Oh my. The one where E is in her swimsuit walking across the street holding her friend’s hand. Ha! Struttin’. Her. Stuff!! :)

  51. Karen

    Naomi, I love this glimpse into your life. It is a ray of sunshine!

    Would you also please share the details on your dark loafers? I have been looking for something very similar – and think these could be the ones. Are they comfy?

    Thank you for this and for sharing your life.

    • TAZA

      they are from shoemint from several seasons back. they are incredibly comfy, which is why i wear them like, every day. :)

  52. Jess

    Your daughter’s swimsuit is adorable! Love them all,everyone looks so happy.

  53. Karen Albl


    First off I love your Blog!
    I am 60 years old, and have already raised two daughters. Look’s like you and your husband are doing a great job with your children. But, I have a question! How do you and your husband maintain healthy, trim bodies when most of your food posts are fattening food? If you both work out, would like to see a post about it. Are just naturally able to consume the mouth watering food you post and never gain weight. Do you just treat your kids once in awhile, like when you do a post? Just curious, since weight has always been a struggle with me.

  54. Meghan B.

    I really need to teach my 2.5 year old daughter to take photos and play chess ;) …too cute! I also love the one of E “floating” while playing hopscotch. So many priceless moments captured. What would we do without the iPhone? haha

  55. Marisa

    Do you find the New England winters hard with kiddos? We’re considering leaving Texas to take a job in NYC but have never lived in the north. My main concern is getting out of the house when it’s really cold outside. Do you think you eventually acclimate to the colder weather? Thank :)

  56. Agne

    Beautiful people in beautiful pictures!

  57. How come you’re always such deliciously looking food but stay so fit and healthy!? Maybe your two little kids help you stay fit? :P Heheh.

  58. Julie KG

    congratulations!!! your photos remind me of when my oldest was teeny and we were still living in the city — keep up the great work!

  59. Hey Taza! I have a quick question about your giveaways this week in celebration of your blog. I noticed many people on instagram hashtagging countless of their old photos to increase their chances of winning. I was under the impression that it needed to be a new post with the hashtag (to spread the word, as opposed to hashtagging an old photo that no one will see), is that right? Does it need to be a new post in order to qualify? And can we post more than one, or no? I am sure I am overthinking this, but I just noticed this all going down on instagram, and being one who never wins anything, ever, wanted a fair game! ;) And wanted to make sure I was entering properly. Thanks. Love the blog and your cute family.

  60. Rachael

    Please frame that picture of Eleanor &samson holding hands… It is too precious!!!

  61. Dani

    Your babies are so adorable!!! How do you get the hair bows/clips to stay in place? I haven’t had much luck but my sister says she uses Girlie Glue? Have you heard of it. Wondering how well it works. My sister swears by in for her girls. I can’t wait to see more of your adventures!

  62. Rachel Hagen

    cute pics. Love the one of E playing chess–her face is so sneaky, looks like she’s about to call check mate! :)