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happy sixth birthday, blog! and thanks to all of you, our readers and friends, for helping us celebrate six years of blogging this week! as we wrap up all these giveaways, we wanted to share one more! our family really loves to travel (even with two small ones in tow) and so we’re giving away  three $500 hotel credits from hotel tonight!  hotel tonight is a new app where you can find last minute deals in over 100 destinations in 12 countries! (this is open to everyone around the world, and each winner can redeem their credits or the equivalent in Canadian dollars, British pounds, Euros, Swiss Francs or Mexican pesos.) this is the kind of thing that really makes sense for people like us who love to travel last minute and also stay flexible (or as we like to say…spontaneous?) with our travel accommodations as a family during trips. this is how we survived most of our trip to italy last year, and being flexible is one of the tips we shared in our post on traveling abroad with littles.

in addition to giving away the hotel credits, readers can also get $25 off their first hotel booking on the hotel tonight app with the promo code LOVETAZA


our family also loves to bike together! it’s our favorite ways to travel around in the city. we have enjoyed doing evening rides in central park and even going to brooklyn together for my birthday!  josh communtes to work on his bike most days. and while not sure if it’s realistic, i’m researching how to rig mine so i can carry both kids around on my bike by myself so we can go out for bike rides more often. ;) either way, biking is now a davis family pastime and that’s not changing any time soon!

so giving away a bike sounded right. and public bikes is helping us do just that! one reader will receive a PUBLIC C7 or PUBLIC V7 bike in the model and color of their choice!


to enter to win, please leave a comment below telling us about your favorite travel destination and also which bike model and color you’d like to win!

you can enter this giveaway a second time through instagram by posting a photo of your favorite travel destination or where you’d love to go bike riding and use the hashtag #lovetazatravel.

readers can live anywhere for the hotel tonight prizes, but the winner of the bike has to live or have the bike shipped in the continental United States.

the giveaway will close next friday, september 6th.

thanks for helping us celebrate six years of blogging this week! thanks for all your love and support and for reading along… have a great weekend!

  1. Tiffany

    Paris is always a good idea!
    I’d like the C7 bike in cream.

  2. Taylor Johnson

    Happy 6th! Long-time reader.

    All of the bikes are awesome! The Belmont is absolutely stunning with mustache handlebars. But then again, that sweet little white Mixte is also to die for. Sheesh. I can see myself biking around Nova Scotia on these babies.

  3. Taylor Johnson

    If only I followed directions right…

    The white C7 biking all over Nova Scotia.

  4. gina

    dying to go to croatia and the orange with green bike is my jam :)

  5. Olivia Cundari

    Hi Taza!

    I am a current senior at Gonzaga University and traveled last fall (same time as you) to Italy to study abroad. I fell in love with the city and can’t wait to go back! My good friend actually saw you in our favorite bakery (La Forno) but she was too scared to say something. She came back raving how she saw you and I looked up your blog and haven’t stopped following since then. The one time I didn’t go with them to the bakery after class! Darn!

    I would love to win one of these bikes! My favorite is the red :)

  6. Annie

    Versailles is my favorite travel destination. I’d absolutely look amazingly cute on the PUBLIC v7 in black ;)

  7. Sandy

    Happy Birthday! We are planning a family holiday to Hawaii this winter – can’t wait! I’ve dreamed of owning a cream bike for ages – fingers crossed!!

    Also, if you want to bike with 2 babes, look into a Chariot carrier. I use mine all the time and love it!

  8. I get giddy about every location I visit. I’m not lying when I say that NYC is one of my favorite places. But, I love in a different way the red rocks of Utah, the lush greenness of Virginia, the Southern hospitality of North Carolina, the excitement of Toronto, the crooked buildings in Paris . . . I love to travel!

    Oh to have that Public C7 in orange.

    Thank you!!

  9. Candice

    I love to travel so it is really hard to pick a favorite. I’ve been missing NYC and all our friends there so right now I’d pick NYC for sure!

    How beautiful is the Public C7 in red? How could you not be happy riding that around town!

  10. ahh! so much fun! i would probably choose the C7 in blue. or red. they are all so yummy!

    i would probably choose an african safari or somewhere in europe or maybe even just a trip back to China to visit all our dear friends and the orphans there that we love.


  11. Elena

    I would love traveling back to Geneva Switzerland and biking with a lovely powder blue Public on its streets

  12. emily

    Just biked around the Loire Valley! I’d love to go back :-)

    I want to cruise NYC on that gorgeous Public C7i in Red!

  13. Nicole F.

    I love Ireland and would love to make it back someday!

  14. Alexis Flake

    I’ve been dreaming of going to the Swiss Alps ever since I can remember! Also, that red Public C7 is adorable.

  15. Courtney

    orange, duh ;) and I’d love to travel west to Yellowstone with my family. pass on the tradition :)

  16. such fun giveaways! happy birthday to your blog!

  17. Lindsay M

    I would go to Marfa Tx since I’ve been dreaming about it since I saw an article in Domino magazine years ago. I’d take the black V7 with me for sure!

  18. Marilou

    I’d LOVE to see Paris, but for the time being, I’d say New York is my favorite travel destination. My husband and I rented an appartement in Brooklyn with our 3 kids last spring and had a blast. It was my 6th time in NYC and I love it more every time:).
    As for the bike…I’m loving the C7 in RED. WOW!

    Marilou Fréchette
    QuÉbec, Canada

  19. Becca

    I love London! and the public c7 is great in green!

  20. Ginger

    I would love to visit Seattle again. It has been 30 years since I was last there and someday I will get back there again. I l love the PUBLIC C7 in red.

  21. Ashley

    We love Italy, but are dying to do a Safari in Africa! I’d also love to take my husband to Paris as he has never been. In terms of bikes, that C7 in powder blue is pretty darling.

  22. Alicia

    I am dying to visit Japan, and I’d love an ORANGE bike!

  23. Eric

    I’d love to take my wife to Portugal, but we also really like San Francisco. I wouldn’t mind giving her a white C7 for her upcoming birthday. . .

  24. Araceli

    Brazil by far has been the most beautiful place I have traveled too. Still hoping I can return someday. I would love the C7 in blue…….so pretty!!

  25. michelle

    My favorite place to travel would have to be DC. So beautiful amd so much history!

    Also, I would love the V7 in black :)

  26. tiff

    Oh, I really want to take my kids to the Pacific Northwest. And I think I would go for the V7. So cute!

  27. Stacy

    Congrats on six great years!
    My favorite place so far has been Rome, Italy. So much history.
    I love the c7 in royal blue or powder blue. I would ride it proudly.
    I also pull two kids in a bike trailer. Awesome in flat areas. Not as much fun in the hills. I’m remembering NYC as flat so you’d probably like a trailer.

  28. Breanna C

    My favorite place I’ve been is Antigua and I like PUBLIC C7 in ivory :)

  29. brigid

    my favorite travel destination is california because that’s where my family is! i love the C7 model in white. i’ve been dying to get a bike for the past year or so. this would be a dream!

  30. Carlin

    Maui is my favorite destination. I’ve only been once, but can’t wait to go back!

    I would love to have the C7 in blue!

  31. Laura

    Would love the V7 in green. Or the adorable orange. I’m really wanting to travel back to China.

  32. Sweden! I would love to go back and show my little family around.

    I like the PUBLIC C7 in powder blue.

  33. Haley T

    This giveaway?! Too good, Taza! Thank you!

    My favorite travel destination is the island of Kauai in Hawaii, with Lake Powell being a close 2nd! I love a nice relaxing vacation at the beach, and I ALSO love a fun filled lake vacation full of boating, games, and food. Of course the people always make the vacation, and as for the destination, Hawaii and Lake Powell are just beautiful to me although very different.

    i’d love to have the V7 in Orange… cutest bike I have ever laid my eyes on!

  34. My all time favorite place to travel was Turkey. Me and my husband took a year off and traveled the world. But we stayed in turkey for a month and I fell head over heals in love. The people, the landscape, the history…everything! We had a chance to see so much, but it left me wanting more. I cant wait to go back! Plus I think Istanbul is SUCH a romantic city!

    the Public bike I like best is the step through Public C7 in powder blue…adorable!!

  35. Cortney & Zach R.

    My husband and I love anywhere and everywhere in Colorado, but really want to make our next trip to the New England states in the fall! I can’t even imagine how magical it would be to bike through the streets with all the beautiful foliage around us!!! And I love the Public V7 in cream or red!! Dreamy!

  36. Danielle Oh

    My favorite place to travel is Alaska.
    I’ve been wanting a bike to travel on as I live in the city… and absolutely love the PUBLIC V7 in red. Ahhhh!

  37. Ellie

    Edinburgh, Scotland is by far my favorite travel destination. Me and my fiance (of two weeks!!!) are trying to find a way to go for our honeymoon. As far as biking goes, I love biking around my hometown of Indianapolis – getting groceries and making library runs – but ESPECIALLY love the Monon trail. So beautiful this time of year.

    Thanks for being such a role model for young couples and families!

  38. bri

    i love SF! my husband and i went to college near there and we often dream of moving to marin county just because we loved it so much.

    i love the c7 in red! such a beauty.

    thanks for sharing all these fun giveaways! it’s fun to read through where others love to travel.

  39. Bri Havrilla

    My favorite travel destination is Chicago. It was the first vacation the husband and I took after we had our daughter.We fell in love with the city and each other all over again. Little did we know baby number two was in the works! It will always be our city of love.

    That said, I would also love to bike around Paris one day.

    I would love the Public V7 in orange.

  40. shelley

    greece or japan. love the v7 bleeker in black or red.

  41. Jeremy

    Oh man! I would love to ride the Red Public V7 all around NYC – especially Brooklyn!

  42. Karli

    I did a study abroad to Siena, Italy. Riding in Lucca has to be one of my most favorite memories! It was one of those “floaty-moment” all-around-happy kind of days. I would love the orange (or lilac if it’s an option!) Public C7. So adorable! It would be perfect for commuting to grad school in hilly, east Salt Lake City and reminds me of Italy!

  43. Brittany

    I would have to say my favorite travel destination was France. We went for our honeymoon last year…it was so dreamy. I could see myself riding the C7 in Cream down the cobblestone streets! These bikes are so cute. They remind me of the bikes we saw in France and the Netherlands — very European looking. Thanks for the FUN giveaway Naomi and congrats on 6 years!

  44. Congrats! I have loved following along with your beautiful little family! Hopefully you continue blogging for many years to come! We are a military family living in Germany and LOVE to travel as well!

  45. Jessica

    My favourite place to vacation is Costa Rica. Such an easy tropical paradise. I can’t wait to go to Disney World this fall with my family.

  46. McKenzie

    My favorite destination when travelling is Paris. I spent a semester studying at the University of Paris while in college. The pace, people, and food are all things quintessentially Parisian and make it a hub of culture, fashion, life, and love. It is the place where people have adopted me and called me there own. Whether meandering through Shakespeare & Co or watching people like ants from the top of la tour Eiffel, each and every moment leaves you breathless and in desperate need of more– whatever “it” is that makes this city so remarkable. It is where I am most myself, my best self.

    Public C7 in orange!

  47. Julia

    When we were little my parents used to throw us in the back of the truck (totally illegal these days), and take us road-tripping across the west. There was never an itinerary – we’d just go wherever the locals would tell us to go. There is nothing like being 8 and discovering that the dirt in New Mexico is not like the dirt in Indiana, and in fact New Mexico dirt makes for a really great slip&slide when it rains.

    and my parents wonder how they ended up with such bohemian offspring…

    I’m loving that C7 bike in powder blue!

  48. Morgan Smith

    My favorite place to travel to would have to be Yosemite Nation Park. It is just absolutely breathtaking!

    I am digging the C7 in orange!

  49. brenna

    My favorite place to travel would be the beach. Any beach really, But I especially like my family beach in Delaware because I know it always feels like home.

    Public is by far my favorite bike company. My boyfriend got us both bikes in April and his was sadly stolen from our yard. I’d love to surprise him with a new V7 in green to replace his. They are the greatest bikes!

  50. simone (simonster)

    I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to receive a fellowship to travel around the world after college. After going to 11 countries (including China, India, and South Africa) and 20 cities in 9 months, I have to say that Paris was my favorite. I spent five months there and travelled around Europe. Paris was (and still is) where I felt the most alive. I’ve also met the love of my life in Paris… He’s coming to visit me in October! <3 I really like the V7 in green. It's so my style. This is a great giveaway. Thanks, N!

  51. Happy anniversary to your blog! And what a lovely way to celebrate it!

    My favorite travel destination is byfar Italy… and as someone who hasn’t owned a bike since her childhood, I cannot decide between any of the PUBLIC bikes because they all sound fantastic!

  52. Melody

    Winning this is a long shot.. But my favorite place to travel is the wonderful land of San Diego! Love being by the beach but most of all I love seeing my sister who lives there. That bike would be perfect to ride on Coranado. I would be stylin! I would love to win the C7 in red! Thanks for the chance to win!

  53. Hannah

    Hellooo Naomi! I can’t decide between all of the BEAUTIFUL Public bicycles — they are all gorgeous! My favorite travel spot is the Black Hills of South Dakota! Such a beautiful and serene place to visit.

    Cheers to you and your family!

  54. Noel

    I would love to win the hotel credits to use to stay at the Mayo Clinic next month for testing. But, if I was going to travel someplace that I would actually choose, it would have to be a bike trip around Bali. I would happily take any bike! lol. Thanks for the opportunity.

  55. Kayla

    I traveled to Washington DC this summer and absolutely loved it! I mean all those food trucks and museums! It doesn’t get better :)

  56. Yasemin

    I would go back to Italy asap. The orange bike would be my pick, it looks so cheerful.

  57. Kelsey

    Wow these prizes are incredible! My favourite trip to date is definitely Turkey or Spain. That Public C7 bike in powder blue makes me absolutely swoon. Soooo beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity!

  58. Anna M

    Fav place i’ve been would have to be Beirut, Lebanon. It isn’t called the Paris of the Middle East for nothing. I love the C7 in orange:).

  59. Kathe

    Paris, and a white dutch bike. Sigh…

  60. Shelby

    The most amazing place I have traveled has to be off the coast an hour away from San Francisco. To see those views so close to the city is unbelievable. I’m dying to travel to Italy as well.
    Love the C7 in Powder Blue. Absolute perfection of a bike!

  61. Corinne

    I absolutely LOVE Grand Cayman. White beaches and clear water- seriously the best. The public V7 in black is my favorite!

  62. Ashley

    Germany is our favorite! Although, right now, we’re dreaming of New Zealand. And speaking of dreamy… a Public C7 in cream!

  63. Sarah Saejin

    I love traveling in Japan. A Public C7 in Cream! Must have!

  64. Shawnna

    My husband and I are dying to go to Italy for our 5th wedding anniversary…. PASTA! :)

    I am also dying for the red public c7.

    Thanks for the fab giveaways Taza!! xo

  65. kelsi

    europe… so much history! (C7 Red)

  66. Megan

    I love the C7 in powder blue (and I am eligible :))! My favorite travel destination is anywhere with my family, but I loved going to San Francisco with my husband on our honeymoon. I loved touring the city and taking the ferry back and forth to Sausalito. It was the perfect honeymoon!

    Thank you!!

  67. Kendall

    My favorite travel destination is the mountains of North Carolina. I have so many happy memories there with my husband and our friends.

    (And I love the C7 in orange. So lovely!)

    Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  68. Cyndie

    My favorite travel destination would definitely have to be the Red Wood Forrest in Northern California. It’s just like the pictures and it is so beautiful. I really like the Public C7 in Red and I am eligible.

  69. Hayley

    I’m coveting a trip to New Zealand right now… As for the bike, I would get the C7 in red!

  70. Olga

    My favorite travel destination is Spain. I would love Public C7 in white to bike in my own great city of San Francisco!
    Congratulations on a 6 year Annyversary!

  71. Audrey

    We love to go anywhere with a beach, and Anywhere there’s family!!! I would DIE for an orange C7!!! The most perfect bike I’ve ever seen!!

  72. Jessica

    My favorite travel destination is Seattle. Beautiful views and great food. The public V7 would be a great addition to our biking adventures! Thanks and Congrats!

  73. Lucie

    May I please enter the hotel tonight giveaway? I would love to visit the US! I live in Europe, so it’s a pretty exotic place for me! ;)

    Thank you for the giveaway, and good luck to all the participants!

  74. i love anyplace coastal so its surreal that I got to live in San Diego for a few years – it is not my favorite place to visit. Love the laidback vibe and tons of eateries, from the fancy to the mexican taquerias. Its the perfect pace for a vacation – relaxing with plenty to see and do, and you don’t even need a ton of money to enjoy it! It would be so fun to go cruising through Balboa Park or Mission Beach on an orange PUBLIC C7.

    Congrats on 6 years!

  75. Rachael

    Oh goodness, these giveaways!!! The powder blue C7 is to die for! I would adore riding it anywhere, but along the streets of Italy would be especially dreamy!!!

    Thank you for sharing your favorite things with us!!! <3<3

  76. Monica

    This is boring but HOME in UT to visit my fam. We live in the bay area, so staycations are always great too–so much to see!

  77. M Simone

    My favorite trip was a short family trip to Vancouver before Christmas. I like the black bike,

  78. Jana L.

    My favorite destination so far has been South Africa. Beautiful on almost every level.

    And I love the Public V7 bike!

  79. Elizabeth Butt

    Hi Naomi! My favourite trip was to Costa Rica – so lush & beautiful!
    I would love the Public V7 in green!
    Thank you!

  80. Ashlee Green

    The Public C7 in orange is a dream. I spent a day in Versailles one time, and we wanted to rent bikes to tour the whole property but we couldn’t find the bike rental stand, so we had to walk instead. I have every intention of going back one day with a bike in tow!

  81. Hi Naomi,

    My husband and I had our first little babe in March and when he was just under 4 months old we went on a plane/taxi/train/road trip. We traveled from Oakland-Chicago-Nashville-Memphis-New Orleans-Montgomery-Savannah-Hilton Head Island-Charleston-Charlotte-Alexandria-D.C-Philadelphia. You said pick “A” place but I just can’t pick one. People said we were crazy to travel with a guy so little, but it was amazing and he had a blast. I will never forget it and if anyone asks me my opinion on traveling with littles, I say do it and don’t look back. Here is to life’s adventures.

    As for the bike? C7 in green would be awesome. My husband and I would love to just bike around our neighborhood. If we could put our little man on the back of our bike and ride to a park for a picnic or just to Trader Joe’s for Vanilla Cluster cereal that would be a treat!

  82. Kelsey Clark

    I love love love traveling in Spain!!! oh to bike through the streets of Granada would be marvelous (though maybe not with all of the cobblestones….)

  83. Elizabeth Brigham

    I love travelling in the UK. I’m so charmed by the abundance of green and the overcast skies that often accompany me there. I’d love the
    PUBLIC C7 in powder blue– so beautiful and chic!

  84. Emily

    I love the ocean, so I like to travel anywhere that takes me to the coast!

  85. Hilary

    I’ll never get over the Grand Canyon. I could visit a dozen more times and it would still feel new. It’s one of those places I always feel compelled to share with anyone I love.

    And the bike that I love? The red V7! It would definitely brighten up my commute to work!

  86. stephanie

    I would just die and go to heaven for the C7 bike in red:):):) My favorite travel destination would have to be Germany, since it was my major in college, I have a sense of belonging there. And it helps that I speak the language:) I would drive my bike to work as soon as I graduate nursing school in December!

  87. Adrienne

    London is by far my favorite travel destination, and I’d love to win the red bike! :)

  88. Beth

    Oh, travel. What a dream now that we have a toddler. We travel to see family, but we definitely dream about a bigger adventure together as a family. I would love to take my husband to Paris – we planned on going for our honeymoon, but time goes by, you have a babe and babe requires lots of little things. I lived there for a time, working with a theatre company, but haven’t been in over 11 years. I would then take him to London – one of my favorite places in the world – and show him all my favorite spots.

    For a bike, I’d love to get my husband the black V7. We’ve got ol’ cruisers now, but he deserves a new ride for cruisin’ the streets of Brooklyn.

  89. Id love the red v7 women’s bike :)
    my favorite travel destination in my life thus far would have to be santorini. It truly is the most magical island.

  90. Sarah H-J

    Travel >>> European train-trippin’ (or good ole USA road-trippin’!)
    Bike >>> Red, please!

  91. Blakely

    My favorite travel destination is the beach (anywhere) as long as it is a beach I am happy. I love being on the beach with my loved ones, such a peaceful place. I would totally choose the red bike, because who wouldn’t love a shiny red bike?!

  92. KitS

    My favorite travel destination is… hard to choose because I love to travel and love so many places. If I were to go anywhere right now, though, I’d like to go to New Zealand (I’ve never been but my good friend just spent a year there and fell in love with the country).
    I would choose the C7 in powder blue.

  93. Alli

    I love traveling to the Oregon Coast and I also love the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Both places are magical and so beautiful!

    I would love the Public C7 in red.

  94. Holly

    i love hawaii! i love the black bike!!