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today we wanted to focus a few giveaways around photography as we celebrate the last six years of blogging with you! while we are not professional photographers and are still learning as we go, photography has been a huge part of our lives since those first few months of marriage. we love to document. we love to take pictures. we love to look back at all the photos we have snapped over the years together and reflect and remember and relive those special moments. i’m pretty darn grateful for the invention of the camera!


we are giving away one Diana F+ camera and a 3 rolls of film! during the first few years of our marriage we used our holga and diana cameras all the time. there is most definitely a special place in my heart for little plastic toy cameras that produce such vibrant yet dreamy pictures. i broke both my holga and diana while we were living in dc (ugh i know!) but finally bought a new diana at the start of this summer. eleanor has made it her summer mission to take and use that camera everywhere so i am anxious to get all of the film developed and see life from her perspective!


one of our long time sponsors, stickygram, is giving away 6 sheets of sticky grams (that’s 54 sticky grams each!) to 10 lucky readers! for all you instagram lovers out there, this is the greatest thing ever! our fridge is covered in our instagram photos turned magnets and the kids have so much fun playing with them.


and last but certainly not least, the beyond talented tim coulson is giving away a portrait session to a lucky reader! we met tim and his darling family earlier this year when he took these beautiful photos of our family (more HERE and HERE.)  we still can’t get over them.  they are my favorite photos of us and i will hold those dear forever.

tim is based in australia but will be traveling in the USA in october 2014. he is one very gracious man and is willing to travel and cover all expenses to photograph our lucky winner! this will be a two hour family session in your home or city in the USA or Canada.  *this portion of the giveaway is only open to readers in USA or Canada who are able to coordinate a date and time during october of 2014 that also works with tim’s schedule.  please specify in the comment section if you are eligible for this portion of the giveaway!


to enter our giveaway, simply leave a comment below telling us a bit about your favorite photo. please be sure to specify if you are eligible for the tim coulson portrait session part of this giveaway.

like we are doing with yesterday’s giveaway, we have opened up this giveaway to our instagram following. for a second entry, share a favorite photo you have taken and use the hashtag #lovetazaphoto.

the giveaway will close next tuesday, september 3nd.

good luck! and thanks again for supporting and reading this blog of ours!

  1. Stephanie

    My favorite photo is of my Dad and I at my college graduation. A great picture of the two of us, but also an epic photo bomber in the back. :). Would love the portrait session too.

  2. Nikki

    I am obsessed with taking photos. I love documenting my life and family and friends. I get made fun of so much for it. I am eligible for the photoshoot.

  3. Emily

    AAAAAHHHHH!!!! I hope I’m not too late, it technically IS Tuesday. ANYWHO, I’ll be tagging this photo on my IG but I had recently bought my DSLR and went to take the inaugural shot of my dog Sid…and somehow I managed to get a very detailed picture of him licking his lips. It even looks like he’s winking at the camera. I honestly could have spent 10 hours planning that shot and failed. It was 100 percent luck. and now I’m off to cross my fingers that my entry wasn’t too late.

    Disclaimer: Can my entry be for the Stick Grams or Tim Coulson (sp)? I already own a Diana and do not need a second. Please and thank you!!!

  4. Meghan

    I am eligible for the tim coulson photo shoot! My favourite photo is of a dock on a beautiful lake that I visited this summer. It was taken at nightfall, so the sun is setting and my camera flash created a very lovely pink hue.

  5. Bianca Hoffmann

    My favorite photo has to be one of when my mom was pregnant with me and my sister is giving her huge belly the sweetest hug. She was only 2 and is barely able to fully embrace it.

    Sadly, I’m not eligible for the tim coulson photo shoot :/

  6. Bora

    One of my favorite photos of all time is a photo we took in Australia. I was holding up our 2 month old baby girl in the air and she looks like the most unhappy grumpiest little baby! It always make us laugh so hard…

  7. kristin s.

    My all time favorite photograph that I’ve taken is hanging in our living room. (My husband makes custom frames for all the photos I get developed which makes it even more special) It’s a picture on California’s coast (Big Sur) of some cows grazing, with mountains and clouds rolling in behind them and the ocean beside them. What a life!!

  8. Jessica

    I’m eligible for the Photo Shoot! I can’t pick a favorite photo, but the group of photos I took in Europe this spring are among my favorites!

  9. Kristin S.

    ^^^ I forgot to mention I’m eligible for the photo shoot. I live in San Diego!

  10. Lisa W.

    My favorite picture (well one of them anyway) is when I was traveling with my brother in South America. We hiked to what the locals considered a sacred tree and got there right as the sun was setting. I got a beautiful picture of the silhouette of my brother standing next to the tree right after the sun had set and the sky behind was all different shades of blue. It is beautiful and I absolutely love that picture because it catches some of the specialness of my brother and the great trips we have taken together. Plus it was taken before the days of digital cameras, so I didn’t know exactly what I was going to get and it was such a treat to get the pictures back and see that lovely moment.

    Well Happy Birthday to you guys! You have beautiful pictures on your blog so I’m glad that you are celebrating it and in such a generous and open way. Really it’s quite cool! Unfortunately we’re not eligible for the Tim Coulson part of your giveaway (his pictures are amazing) but would love to be considered for anything else. Thanks and Happy Birthday again!

  11. Allie

    My favorite photo is one of my son and my husband taken on the day we came home from the hospital. They are staring into each other’s eyes, and it captures so much emotion in one shot. We are eligible for the photo shoot as well!

  12. Christina

    I tend to shy away from taking photos. My husband loves takes impromptu, spontaneous photos, usually with an iphone. My favorite ones are ones that aren’t planned.

  13. bri

    oh jeez, i’m such a fan of tim’s photography and am so happy that i am eligible (LA area) for the session during my favorite season! (fingers crossed).

    a favorite photo of mine is in black and white of my mama holding my son whose smiling clapping his hands mid air and my beautiful little grandma watching them. makes me so happy his great-grandma gets to be a part of his life!

  14. Annalisa Spencer

    My favorite photo would have to be one of my two kiddos after the second one was born. My daughter is giving my 7-day old son a kiss as he sleeps. I treasure it! It hangs in my bedroom.

    (Yes, I am eligible for the Tim Coulson giveaway!)

  15. Allecs

    I am eligible!
    My favorite photo is one of me at 2 or 3 years old in a go-kart-type car with my older brother and my mom. They say we have something called “infantile amnesia” where we don’t remember the first few years of our lives, but I swear this picture triggers some great memories of us riding around the block in that little car.

  16. My favorite photo is one that i took that is a close-up of my little toddlers face. there is so much emotion in his little eyes and so much love i have for every little feature… my heart just melts when i look at it!

    I am eligible for the giveaway! We are having our second little one in February and would just be beyond thrilled for a family photo shoot! … Or the sticky grams, or the camera!!

    Thank you for doing this!!! :)

  17. tRiSh

    My favourite picture is the one I took of my in-laws where they all look so beautiful on New Year’s Eve about 7 years ago. Even though it’s posed, they just look so kind and happy, I love it. I still smile when I see it in our living-room, their living-room and the grandma’s living-rooms.

    I’m not eligible for the tim coulson portrait session.

  18. I am eligible for the tim coulson portrait session! My favorite photo I ever took is one of all my children on Easter. Loving up on their youngest brother. Watching my kids have that instant bond as siblings (and such love for each other!) is one of the greatest things to witness.

    I hope I’m not too late!

  19. Kelly

    My favorite picture of Tim Coulson’s is of the bride and groom in the forest; it is hauntingly beautiful.

    One of my favorite photos that I’ve taken is of my boyfriend among a downpour of flower petals. He was making the flower petals fall down around me and I snapped a picture of him in action. It was during a very hard time for my family with the passing of both grandmothers in the span of one week. He knows that, if I could, I would have someone follow me around and throw confetti down on me everyday! Haha! So the flower petal confetti was his was of cheering me up and my heart swells every time I look at that picture.

    I would be ecstatic to win any of the giveaways, but having something as memorable as a photo session would be amazing! So yes, I am eligible for the Tim Coulson session.

  20. erin

    My favorite photo is one of me and my sisters putting on a puppet show as kids. Such fond, sweet memories!

    I would be delighted to win the Tim Coulson session. I have a newborn and would love for him to capture some memories!

  21. Ann

    My favorite photos would be the cousin photo my family and I took last year in California. We were all there for a wedding and decided it would be really fun to have a photo shoot. We all dressed up in white and took pictures. It was a blast! I’m really hoping to do a family photo shoot with my family with Tim! That would be awesome! Thanks!

  22. Lauren

    It is so difficult to pick a single favorite photo. I have so many! One that is very dear to me is a picture from my wedding of my husband and I right before we are going to cut the cake. I am holding the knife and my husband is standing there looking at me from a few feet away. It truly show’s our personalities and is a fun reminder of our special day! The best part is that it was taken by a guest at the wedding, not our photographer, he captured a moment between us when we thought no one was looking.

  23. The only thing I can say about ANY family photo of mine is that I’m so blessed :) My little family is the best!
    I am eligible.

  24. Elena

    Boohoo not elligible for the photoshoot but would love a stickygram set!
    You are soo generous with all the prezies…and all my family photos are my favourites- they outflow love :-))

  25. Anna K

    My favorite photo is one of my parents when they were younger hanging out at the beach. It is a candid photo and captures their personalities so perfectly. I have it framed in my house and will cherish it forever. I am thrilled to be eligible for the photoshoot. I would love some beautiful new pictures of my family. Thank you so much for offering this great giveaway.

  26. ashley m

    my favorite photo is a cheese-tastic pic of my brother and me in matching puffy paint christmas sweatshirts around 1992. (i’m in the us, so i’m eligible!)

  27. I love, love all the giveaways! I am late in entering..hopefully not too late!
    My sister is a photographer and one of my favorite photos is the one she took when we bombarded a Starbucks and used it as our studio. We spread candy all over the table and floor and had books and instruments and toys and it was just so fun. {and the staff was okay with us being there :) }

    Thanks for the chance to win! I also live near Chicago and would LOVE a session with the fabulous Tim Coulson.

  28. Justine

    I wouldn’t say I’d be able to choose a single favorite photo because dozens and dozens from Annie Leibovitz to Tim Walker to Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalism, but one I never forget is a picture of Grand Central Station from the 1930s by Hal Morey. It’s unbelievable how the light streams through the windows, and it was made extra special by learning that because of the skyscrapers around the station, that photograph could never happen again.

  29. My fave photos are my wedding photos. I know that’s super duper cheesey but oh well, they are! Hope I win the stickygrams.

    Not eligible for Tim Coulson :(

  30. Sara P

    I am a photographer so picking just one photograph is quite the challenge for me. Yet one that sticks out is a picture of me and my mom from when I was about four. My mom is mid laugh and I’m in her lap trying to kiss her cheek. My mom doesn’t like her teeth and doesn’t smile much so its one of the few photos I have of her truly letting loose and letting that part of her beauty shine.

  31. renata

    wow it’s so hard to choose one lovely photo, but right now it is a really silly one i took while kissing my boyfriend as we were playing dumb faces for the camera, it justs holds a moment of happiness and our silly in love faces and i have to say love that!

    i’m not elegible for tim coulson’s session, as i am in south america!

    you rock, davis!

  32. Robyn

    My favourite photo is one I snapped of some of the kids I lived with in Kenya. I snapped my 50mm portrait lens on and caught them in some early morning light. I got some beautiful lens flares against the vibrancy of their clothes and captured their curious faces peering into the lens – all dying to take a turn playing with my camera next. I am eligeble for the Tim Coulson session and would LOVE the chance to meet him – he’s one of my favourite photographers and bloggers to read! Congratulations on the blog! It’s absolutely wonderful :)

  33. anna s.

    One of my favourite photos is a string of colourful clothespins strung outside the window of a white brick home in northern portugal. I would love a Diana camera…and would LOVE a session with Tim (I’m in Canadia)!!

  34. Danielle

    This would be amazing!! I would love to have Tim photograph my family.

  35. Allie

    Wow! These are both amazing giveaways. Congratulations on an amazing 6 years of blogging! I have been following for many of those years and have loved reading about your life and your precious family! Ever since you blogged your family’s photos shot by Tim, I have been following his blog and his journey too. I would be so lucky to have my family photographed by him! One of my favorite photographs is a candid moment of my family from Christmas 2011, when we were all standing in an elevator, laughing hysterically. I had snapped several photos in that moment and they are ones I will treasure forever.

  36. Katrina

    Amazing giveaway!

    My favorite photo is of my husband and me walking up the aisle at our wedding. I grew up always staring at a similar photo of my grandparents walking up the aisle and looking so happy! It makes me smile every time I think about how now I have one.

    The photo shoot would be around the time the babe in my belly turns one so it would be perfect timing! Thankfully, we are eligible.

  37. sadie

    Thanks for sharing your anniversary with your readers! :) While I’m a photographer, the one specific favorite photograph that comes to mind is just a candid with a regular ol’ point-n-shoot… But it’s of my dad from several years ago (He passed away last summer.). He LOVED peanut butter mixed with syrup. He’d put the two in a bowl, stir it up and eat it with a couple pieces of loaf bread. Not as a sandwich: he’d rip off pieces and dip and scoop up the delicious mixture. Topped off with a class of milk. What makes the picture so special is I took it from behind him: he on the floor, me above on the couch. And…I can just tell he’s enjoying his bowl of pb & s so much, his toes are curled up, full attention focused on his favorite snack. It warms my heart. ANYWAY! I’m not sure if I quality for a Tim session, as traveling is not always feasible for me…I’m sure there’s someone else who could more benefit from that bit. But thanks for tossing my name in for the other possibilities! :)

  38. Grace

    My favorite photo is one of my mom and me as a baby.

    I’m eligible for the photo session.

  39. Casey

    My favorite photograph is one I took while I was in Europe backpacking with my fiance. We were in Ireland on top of a hill at dusk and you can see the town below covered in snow. Not only is it a beautiful view but it reminds me of a truly wonderful adventure with the man I love.

  40. Casey

    Oh and sorry I am eligible for the photo session :)

  41. Kim

    I love this picture that was taken of my son last summer with his hands in the air. My husband and I are blurry in the background, but you can tell we are grinning!

    I also eligible for the photo session.


  42. Greg

    My favorite photo is one I took on a boat in the Bay of Islands. It’s my happy place.

  43. naomy

    I have a picture that always makes me laugh when i see it! It’s of my husband and a camel being simultaneously shocked by an electric fence

  44. Julie

    My hobby is taking photos with my Nikon DSLR and my favorite photos are the candidate ones of my little family. We are available for Tim’s photo session and all the other giveaways! Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful things with all your dedicated readers.

  45. Breanne

    My family is available for the photo shoot! One of my favorite photos is a picture of my 2 1/2 year old daughter and 6 month old son sitting together on a bench outdoors. It was a candid shot, and the two are looking away from the camera, but my daughter has a look of pure joy on her face being able to hold her baby brother…with minimal assistance :)

  46. Shawnee Hopkin

    The favorite photo I tagged was a picture of my little boy sitting on his bedroom chair on the dock of Utah lake. He is reading the book “Danny and the Dinosaur”. I love the candid look on his face, and it is just perfect photo to describe that stage of his life. He had an obsession with dinosaurs, loves being outside, and has a hard time looking at the camera which is why I am such a fan of candid! I love the lighting and the sailboats in the background too.

  47. Shawnee Hopkin

    Oh and yes we are eligible!

  48. Amy

    My wedding photos :)

  49. The one thing that gives me consolation as my children grow up is knowing that I have pictures and videos to cherish.
    This giveaway is amazing. And, I am most definitely available for a photo shoot with Tim.
    Thank you as always.

  50. Naomi – sorry I wasn’t following directions! One of my favorite photos is a close-up of one of my babies where you can see his gorgeous blue eyes – and you can see me in his reflection. Beautiful and symbolic.

  51. I love a photo of my husband and 2 kids all laughing on such a memorable day out in Sydney.