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if you’ve followed along with this blog of ours for even just a few weeks, i think you’ll gather that we love food. good food. it is a big part of our lives and i feel like when i’m not eating, i’m talking about food. or at the very least thinking it about it? ;) anyway, we’re thankful that living in new york city allows us the chance to experience and try so many different types food and restaurants and we are thankful for the food we are able to put on our own table each week. we’re proud to be eating better and healthier these days, too… especially since we have the littles here.


as we celebrate six years of blogging this week and center a day around food, i so wish i could have the winners just come to my city for a day so i can stuff you with all my favorite new york treats and eateries. it’s one of my favorite things to do when friends or family come to town… eat our way through new york city with them! but unfortunately we can’t really do that. so i figured the next best thing would have to be sending off a few boxes of my all time favorite new york city cookies, levain cookies! aka the best cookies in all the world.

we are giving away 10 boxes of cookies (with 4 levain cookies each!) we’ll be shipping these out ourselves to you with the fastest delivery method possible depending on which country or state you live so your cookies will still arrive fresh. levain has four kinds of cookies: the dark chocolate chip cookie (my favorite!), chocolate chip walnut, oatmeal raisin and chocolate peanut butter.  each box will be a variety with all 4 cookies!


to enter to win one of the ten boxes of cookies, please leave a comment below telling us a bit about your favorite food!

like we’ve been doing all week, this giveaway is also open on instagram. you may enter a second time by posting a photo of your favorite food and use the hashtag #lovetazafood .

the giveaway will close next thursday, september 5th. good luck! and thanks again for celebrating the last six years with us!

  1. Sonja

    A favorite!? Impossible!!! :o)
    But I have to say you cant go wrong with anything chocolate!!!

  2. Danielle

    I love pizza with prosciutto and arugula… mmmm

  3. Gina

    My hometown taqueria in Texas makes my favorite tacos. The best homemade corn tortillas you’ve ever had filled with shredded chicken, grilled onions, fresh cilantro and sliced avocado. I live in Virginia now, but every time we fly home to visit family, I have to go there at least 2-3 times!

  4. anna s.

    I love curry. Or just about anything with chocolate or coffee. yum.

  5. sadie

    Cheese. Especially with wine. And good, crusty bread. Red wine. :) (Thanks for the giveaway!)

  6. Meghan

    I have so many favorite foods! Any kind of baked good (chocolate croissant, cake, cookies, etc.), pizza, seafood, avocados, ice cream, and I’m a sucker for a club sandwich.

  7. Greg

    Fry bread tacos.

  8. Julie

    Anything sweet! Chocolate, cookies, ice cream, cake, cupcakes… mmm…

  9. heidi

    i love spaghetti… i’ll never get sick of it!

  10. lauren

    i hate to admit this, but my favorite food right now is the bacon cheeseburger at the sidewalk cafe in my neighborhood. they serve it on the most perfect bun, and it’s just all-around delicious in a really classic way. i would love to get my hands on some levain cookies, though!

  11. Claire R

    My favorite food is a Nutella cookie! I could snack on those puppies all day!

  12. I looooove sticky date pudding with ice cream. I make them in patty pans and then drizzle hot caramel sauce over it. Yum!

  13. Jenny

    Happy 6th Birthday!!! :-) I am a foodie so like like lots of food. It’s really hard to narrow down but I’ll try: Laura (lovely friend at work) makes these awesome caramel slices – no one does it better. Can I add one more? There’s this dish called special rice from Gamshara (in Sydney) that I love. It only costs $9 but can feed two people and is made up of rice, pickled cabbage, soft boiled eggs and pork with sides of pickled ginger and lots of chilli oil. Best things to eat after a dance class!!!

  14. Colleen

    I love any type of fruit pie! My husband knows that if there is pie on the dessert menu, I’m guaranteed to order it.

  15. Holly

    Greek food! Love fish, feta, tomatoes, olives, olive oil … all of it!

  16. Meridith

    Right now I’m loving all the fresh produce from our garden, especially garden tomatoes.

  17. anything with chocolate :) or cheesefries! you know, keeping it super healthy in here ;0)

  18. Kat

    I love love love pizza. pepperoni pizza. hot and cheesy. simple but so good :)

  19. ann

    so hard to choose a favorite food, but for now I will pick a just ripe avocado. soo yummy and they make everything else better. i especially love them with arugula, parmesan, olive oil and salt.


  20. Erica

    Mexican food has got to be my favorite ever. You guys need to head down to the Lower East side and try out Taqueria LES. The pork tacos are to die for!!

  21. Heather M.

    my favorite food is pizza, which is completely off limits right now because of my partial attempt at a wedding diet… sushi is a close second though!

  22. Mai

    My favorite food would have to be pancakes with banana topping. Most comforting food for me. I love it so much that I can eat this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! :)

  23. Hannah

    I love sweet treats, coffee, and anything my mama makes! ;) I’d have to say my mothers cookies are a staple as well as a Texas Brownie recipe I found!

  24. Erin

    I love all things popcorn! I like it plain and dazzled up with all the fixings!


  25. Rachel

    BEETS !! I couldn’t stand them as a kid and my Grandfather would eat them all the time..When his passed away I think he transferred his love of BEETS to me!!Miss you …Especially while eating Beets;]

  26. Wren

    Raspberry rugelach. I remember baking these cookies with my grandma when I was little. I have such good memories of helping her in the kitchen — pouring raisins in the batter, cutting the dough into wedges, rolling the dough into the little shapes of rugelach, and, of course, waiting by the oven for the cookies to come out!

  27. geena2486

    pesto gnocchi is a pretty amazing food– but I can really generalize that to any pasta! Thanks again, Taza for this opportunity, and here’s to 6 more :)

  28. Shadia

    I have serious love for pies. All pies! and all sweets. Send the cookies! haha! xx Happy Anniversary!

  29. Alex

    the levain cookies look and sounds delish! my favorite dish is hard to choose, but if i was stuck on a deserted island, i think i would be ok with eating pizza for the rest of my life. i mean there are so many different combinations, and let’s be serious, it’s just delicious.

    thanks for the opportunity to win and happy anniversary on the blog!

  30. Kim

    Yum! Yum! Yum! I do indeed enjoy a good cookie, but I also think I could eat pizza every week. Especially a wood-fired oven pizza. Yum.

  31. Angie

    I love chocolate cake. Is that a food? Because I so seriously love it.

  32. Nikki

    It’s hard to pick just one, but right now my favorite is Indian food! I love the spices and I could eat naan all day.

  33. Sarah

    My favorite food is cheese and a yummy french baguette….yummy!

  34. Kristie

    I am soooo obsessed with fish tacos right now! Yummy yummy yummy

  35. Sarah

    We love pizza and probably eat it once a week!

  36. Marci

    Cuban food!!! So delicious- either from my mamas kitchen – or Victor’s in NYC. I crave that place so much.

    And for the every day favorite: bread bread and more bread. Love Love love some homemade crusty bread. (Carboholic)

  37. jen

    we love pizza over here… and dim sum, and cupcakes, and i could go on and on!

  38. Karen

    I love discovering new dishes and new cultures with my favourite persons in the world, but I also love cooking and baking for others and tasting other people’s version of a dish. Having a dish prepared with love and sharing it with the people that I love, it enhances its flavour, and it becomes the best dish in the world, even if it is not in my top 5 list. :)

    Congratulations to you and your family, Naomi!

  39. Han

    My fave food in London (my hometown) is pizza from Homeslice in Covent Garden. AMAZINGLY DELISH – cannot be beaten! xx

  40. Jackie A.

    I am sucker for salty carbs. My favorite food would be bacon :) I love those little crispy yumminess.

  41. Katey

    Caesar salad will always have a special place in my heart. Those cookies look spectacular through this computer screen.

  42. Betsy

    My favorite foods are french bread with brie and then mashed potatoes. Not together. :)

  43. Ashley

    My favorite savory snack is just bread & cheese… a great crusty baguette with a creamy cheese…yum!
    And my favorite sweet snack is a french macaroon!


  44. Joanna Wochnick

    I love ice cream, especially if it is homemade.

  45. Sarah

    My favorite food are cookies and seeing as these are the best in the WORLD I would love them!

  46. Megan

    Sushi is my absolute favorite food! I live in Idaho right now, and the nearest sushi place is a bit far away and on the pricier side. So when I’m desperate I get sushi at our grocery store, which is actually pretty good! (I’m kind of an addict and get it about once a week, haha). I love anything salmon, tuna, and deep fried mmmmm!

    Thank you!!

  47. Oh – if only I DIDN’T love food so much. But, I do. My team at work just told me last week that they love how excited I get when we go out for lunch.

    Chocolate, cheese, bread and balsamic vinegar, buffalo chicken, pizza, sushi . . . I could go on.

  48. to be honest, i love popcorn with peanut mnms. it’s my husband’s and my go-to nighttime snack that we far too often. :)


  49. Elena

    I can live on french fries and sushi only!

  50. Dee

    ice cream. done.

  51. Jen F

    I just love ice cream and cookies! Yum!

  52. Corinne

    Italian food gets me every time and I have a big sweet tooth so cookies and brownies are my down fall. I’m a total foodie. :]

  53. brigid

    my favorite foods are my mom s homemade pesto and koronet’s jumbo cheese pizza slices. also, cheese!

  54. Breanna C

    My favorite food, by far, is strawberry milkshakes.
    I grew up in a small town and we had a burger bar that made the best strawberry milkshakes and now that I’ve moved an hour away for University, I still drive out there every once in a while just to have a milkshake and fries.