flower crowns with anthropologie!

blogAnthropologie-Soho-Naomi-(1a few weeks ago, i hosted a fun morning of flower crown making at anthropologie’s soho store. a couple of my girlfriend’s and i spent the early morning hours of saturday in the flower district picking out all sorts of beautiful flowers and greenery for the event. i don’t know how i haven’t spent more time down in the flower district until now, but i’m making it a point to go back again soon. it’s awesome over there! in my next life, i’m going to be a florist.

flower crowns are one of my favorite things. they make me happy when i see someone sporting one and also, they can be simple and easy to make. i look forward to making many with eleanor as she grows older over the next several years.

i had such a fun morning with the ladies who attended the event. thank you so much for coming! a special thank you to anthropologie  for inviting me to host and also to photographer alexandra wolf for the beautiful photos you see in this post!


all photos by alexandra wolf. 

  1. tilly

    beautiful! these photos are so pretty and you just look stunning! xo

  2. Iva

    You are such a glowing person. The best accessory is your smile!

  3. ElsaSu


  4. What a fun activity. Wish I could have been there.

  5. Dana

    I love flower crowns. I would wear them the whole time if i could.

    xo dana

  6. Daphné

    Loved everything about this post ! I agree with one of the comments below : you are such a glowing person.
    Bisous from Paris, France !

  7. Gemma

    The dress, omg the dress.

  8. Feeling very inspired to make one of these for my wedding in June. They all look so amazing!

  9. Love the flower crowns! So many great and colorful ideas, especially now that fall is coming. I love how inspiring Anthropologie is, they really did a great job of branding their lifestyle to their customers. I used to work there and I felt like I was living inside a design magazine everyday.

  10. Claire R

    You all look absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to make many of these with my little girl over the years!

  11. Sarah

    Naomi you look absolutely amazingly stunning. Your hair compliments both your outfit and your makeup. I love how you styled the outfit and how natural your makeup looks. Also i know how random this is but your eyebrows look great!! Your such a natural beauty on the outside but especially on the in!! Have a great day because you have made mine xx

  12. Mónica

    The flowers are spectacular headdresses. These beautiful. Kisses and happy last Wednesday morning Friday.

  13. What a great looking workshop this is! I don’t think flower crowns are a thing here because I’ve never once seen anyone wearing one, but they should be! They are so pretty, as are you as you lead the way to perfect crown making.

  14. Beautiful crowns, you made a wonderful job! All the ladies look great with the flower crowns, Love Alexandra’s pictures as well :) specially the photo of the lady with the bird and cage tattoo, well seen! :)

  15. Nikki

    these are so lovely!

  16. So gorgeous, and those flowers are quite the lookers as well! ;)

  17. RoselyC

    What a cool event. Now I want my own flower crown too.

  18. Dana

    Beautiful crowns! And your dress is amazing- Is it Anthropologie?

  19. My very first comment here, Naomi.
    Although I read every single post here for about a year. It’s a shame, I know, that’s exactly what upset me about my own blog readers ;)

    I wish I could live in the US so I could have been here at this cool event !
    Paris is great, I can’t complain.

    Keep on blogging, I love your universe and pretty face.
    I’m just really frustrating you never mention where you’re clothes and accessories are from. This is not the point of your blog, but still…

    Bisous !


  20. Bea

    I wanna be a florist too!!
    But probably in this life!! :D
    Anyway your dress is wonderful…where can I find it?

  21. Hiroko

    I love your flock! And I also want to know how to make flower crown.

  22. Bianca

    Love this post! Love Anthropologie!

  23. lovely flower crowns and lovely ladies! I really wanted to go for this… but was too late and got put on the waiting list. oh well! glad you had fun :)

  24. i love these! i totally wish i could have you teach me to make one! also i love your new hair! :)

    xo, keena

  25. Kendra

    wish i could have been there … next time!

  26. These are adorable. I need to remember this :)

  27. Kelly

    They all look like them came out so well and I am jealous of everyone who go to attend, I am so sad I did not make it off the waitlist!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  28. Kelsey

    Your dress is absolutely gorgeous; I love it!x

  29. what a special and gorgeous day!

  30. Quyen

    What a fun little workshop! Everyone looks great. I think this would be a good idea for a little girls birthday party, maybe 8 or 9 years old?

  31. Alicia

    Beautiful dress! Where is it from?

  32. cortney

    beautiful dress! gorgeous flower crowns!

  33. Faith

    You look lovely Naomi and the flowers you picked are just stunning. I so wish I could have attended the event. (I would have loved to meet you!) I’m headed to New York next weekend, just a little too late! I will be definitely making a stop in the flower district for sure now after seeing this post! I wish DC had one, I have such a flower addiction.


  34. Cornelia

    Beautiful! We used to make flower crowns every May in college, and it was so much fun (and so much easier than I thought, to make something really pretty!). Great pictures, and thanks for sharing :) Hopefully next time I’m in NYC I’ll be able to attend one!

  35. Cornelia

    Also…where did you get your dress??

  36. Kelsey

    How FUN!! I used to do visual merchandising for Anthropologie in Scottsdale, AZ and I loved when they would let us do creative events. We did a lot of kids things, but this is amazing!! The crowns are beautiful.

  37. Teresa

    i love anthropology and these flower crowns!!! they’re so pretty and dainty. i think this dress of yours is photoshoot ready as well!

  38. what a beautifully COLORFUL post. I can’t wait to try that out sometime!

  39. Jessica Paugh

    This event was so fun! Thank you for “hosting”

  40. Taylor

    I love the dress you’re wearing here! So summery and beautiful. Believe it or not, I’ve never made a flower crown! Too bad I’m too far away to have attended the event.


  41. Megan

    This looks like so much fun! What a great start to the weekend.

  42. maggie

    Looks like you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing, as always.

  43. I had such a wonderful time at this event. Thank you so much, and thanks for the beautiful post. I had such fun wearing my flower crown all over Brooklyn.

  44. V Honey

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing a flower crown in a concrete jungle, but it would’ve been neat to make and put on my front door! :)

  45. You’re absolutely breath taking in that first photo !!!! Looks like it was a fun event!

  46. Rayani

    You look so beautiful and happy.
    You spread inspiration…

    Hugs from Brasil

  47. Billie

    Alexandra is so talented! I modeled for her once. It looks like this event was so much fun! I love your dress.

  48. Kate

    That dress looks gorgeous on you. May I please ask where it’s from?

  49. Clare

    Hi Naomi!
    Awesome event! I’m sure it was loads of fun and smiles!

    I’m actually from Hawaii and it’s a traditional thing for us to wear them for certain occasions :) I had one given to me during my high school and college graduation and a lot of older Hawaiian women wear them to parties and hula events too! (Oh and hula dancers wear ti leaf crowns)

    Thanks for sharing!

    <3 Clare

  50. Sophie Hinshon

    you are so beautiful, inside & out. love those crowns, they’re amazing!

  51. Meghan B.

    You should do a tutorial! I would love to know how you make them. You look radiant in these photos :)

  52. sarah

    Naomi those wreaths are gorgeous! and oh my are you one babe!

  53. Denise

    You look so stunning!
    I love your new hairstyle and your BEAUTIFUL dress.
    I’m very jealous that I couldn’t join your flower crown making, because I don’t live in the USA :(

    x Denise

  54. lisa

    everything about this is exquisite.

  55. Krystal

    Taza, you look absolutely stunning in these! You’re like glowing. :)

  56. Ashley

    Where is your dress from? Anthro? You look great! Thanks!

  57. Kaci

    LOVE the dress!!!! Where did you get it? Also, could you let me know the best clothing stores with cheap prices in the city? Thanks!!