finding my new york again.


to be honest, it really didn’t take too long. between seeking out some of my favorite treats, this unreal 70 degree weather we’ve been having and spending time with good friends and my tiny family, it sure does feel good to be back in this city. taking it day by day, and of course each day has a few hiccups, but today, i’m a happy girl. hiiiiiiii again, new york!

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hope you have an awesome monday!

  1. Rosie

    So glad to hear you’re feeling settled in NYC again. That homesick-even-though-you’re-home feeling is a funny one! I love love love these photos, they’re some of my favourite I’ve ever seen of the city on your blog! Beautiful!

  2. I’m a firm believer in that it’s the little things that make the city you live in home! Love the NY snapshots- full of personality!

  3. these pictures will definitely get me through my Monday all the way over in Texas :)
    the colors are so vibrant — it just makes my heart happy! thanks for sharing!

    have the best Monday!

  4. Bea

    These photos are wonderful!!!
    I’m sure you’ll find other thousands reasons for falling in love with your city!
    I love those sunflowers!

  5. Sabahnur

    NY is the one of my dream city ,i hope i could see one day!

  6. Rayani

    Beautiful pictures
    I wish you a sweet week


  7. Faith

    Beautiful shots of New York Naomi! So happy to hear you are your city are back in love :) your bright and positive post here and on Instagram have made my rainy Monday a little more cheery!


  8. Lovely photos. Going to NY in a few weeks. Will try to stop at some of you fave spots. Your pictures sure inspire me! Who knows, I might even get my hands on a cronut. HA

  9. I love these photos!!!

  10. new york seems to lend reasons to love so easily..
    happy monday to you!

  11. You make me love where I’m from. Thank you!

  12. Estelle

    Beautiful pictures as always.

    Have a nice week :)


  13. Irela

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!
    Happy Monday!

  14. amanda

    ahhhh the babies shaking hands! so precious.

  15. Susan

    Love! What on earth is that delicious treat in the early pics? Where can I get it??

  16. Ana

    Looks like a great weekend! I’m glad you’ve “re-found” the things in NY that make you happy :)

  17. kendall

    love these snaps! you captured the energy perfectly! x

  18. Sarah

    One of the most wonderful (and confusing) things about motherhood is one moment EVERYTHING seems inconvenient… and then the next moment is absolute bliss. The blissful moments totally make up for everything ;)

  19. Alice

    So glad you’re loving the city again. With scenes like this though, it’s hard not to love it! And oh my god, how cute is the baby handshake picture!? xx

  20. hanna

    These photos are so sweet. Makes me wish I lived in NYC Hanna Lei

  21. Briseidy

    thanks for sharing this stunning photos! good to know you are feeling better about NY!

  22. Rachel

    This post put a smile on my face! I always find the little things help me love the city I live in even more! These photos are beautiful!


  23. deana

    E’s hair is getting long :) so cute!
    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

  24. Chinta

    Oh yes! You nailed it with these happy pictures of NYC. I’m visiting the city soon and this post just makes me looking forward to it even more. Hoping the weather is still great!

  25. Kelsey

    These pictures are beautiful!! Glad you got your love for the city back :)

  26. maggie

    Glad you got your groove back! Enjoy the lovely weather!

  27. Beautiful photos!

    Brittanny //

  28. Jaana

    coming home from a wonderful vacay is hard, no matter where you live!! even when i get to come home to sunny southern california beaches, for some reason i want to stay in rainy seattle, or hot utah, or boring nebraska (no offense nebraska) for just ONE MORE DAY! glad you’re getting your groove back. :)

  29. ashley

    i’m glad you found your happy in new york again! these pictures emit joy :)

  30. Great photos of a great city. I knew you’d find your love for it again very quickly. And I’m glad you did, because it’s so nice to have you share it with us here online!

  31. So glad you’re loving NYC again! I’m living vicariously through you :)

  32. Phew! I was scared you were going to announce you were moving out of the city. I live vicariously through your pictures. ;) Speaking of pictures, these are some of the best I have seen on NYC on your blog yet! Hip hip hooray!

  33. Des

    I cannot wait to move to NYC next year for school ! ive always love the city and im so excited to call it my home soon :)))))

  34. Rosie

    Glad to hear you got your city back <3 I'd love to visit someday.
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  35. Sinead

    Aww love these pics, the babies shaking hands are too cute!

  36. YIPEE! Glad you’re feeling back at HOME. :) So much life…and you guys really take advantage to living in the city. I think that’s the key.

    I LOVED your Utah photos and I love that you have urban babies. I think it’s SO wonderful that your family gets to experience both! :)


  37. JM

    My goodness is that Eleanor in that last picture? She is looking so much older, out of that toddler phase now. Beautiful, sweet little girl :)

  38. vivian

    gorgeous photos. eleanor is looking so grown up!

  39. Erika

    This makes me fall in love with New York, too.

  40. These are so lovely! After following your blog for so long, I finally worked up the courage to start my own. It’s mostly veggie/vegan cooking and other distractions from being a law student, but I’d love any feedback you might have!

  41. Faith

    Glad you found your NY again. There isn’t anything quite like it.

    Beautiful pictures :)

  42. michelle

    I really like your family’s blog but can you please, please write about something other than NYC? Or maybe different foods in NYC besides donuts and burgers and pictures of bikes? There has to be so much more to NYC than that?

  43. Shirley

    You photograph New York City so beautifully; it makes me proud to live in such a colorful and dynamic city!

  44. lovely photos. Eleanor’s hair is getting so long, she’s looking less like a baby and more like a little girl everyday!

  45. jennifer

    We just got back from 2 weeks in Hawaii and I am having fun falling in love with my city again.

    These shots are superb.

    i chronicled our Hawaii trip and our first day back.

    xoxo from san francisco


  46. Sometimes, I get this crazy urge, a literal PAIN (well, just a heavy ache in my chest) to be in NYC… even for a day.

    Just yesterday, I heard my sister and her friends (who all lived in NYC for a couple of years for business school at Columbia) talking about how NYC really drains you after a while – I hope I don’t have to experience this part of NYC for a long, long time!

  47. You make me miss NYC so much. I can’t wait to come visit your beautiful city again and document it like you do!

  48. LOVE the “Step inside for happiness”. Saw it online a couple of months ago and told my boss to do it in front of his shop. It is so funny how playful people become trying to jump over the “sign” etc.

    oh and WELCOME BACK :)

  49. Mónica

    On Monday it was not bad at all, very stressful but in the end of the day has been better. When you return to your city after the holidays is like discovering a new city right?. Enjoy. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

  50. Bridget

    I was in NYC this weekend for the Jazz Age Party on Governor’s Island, and we stayed in the Lower East Side a block from Donut Plant – it’s so funny to see you eating donuts there a day after I did!

    (you should totally check out the party next year, it seems right up your alley!)

  51. I know exactly how you feel about city life – sometimes it breaks you down but then the smallest thing will make you fall in love with the city again. Sending love from Eastern Market!

  52. bailey

    You and little eleanor make the same faces and I think that is SO cute!

  53. Joanna

    Beautiful photos! So happy you’re finding that love for NY again! I think when Fall comes around and the yummy seasonal warm drinks start coming to our coffee shops, you will fall even deeper in love (happens to me every time!)

  54. molly

    Loved this post! you really help me refall in love with NYC.. however, I am not completely sure I was completely in love with it. It just seems so tough with my one babe! I can’t imagine how you do it with two!!!

  55. Viva Mangold

    Hi! I am currently in Boston at the Hubspot Inbound Marketing conference, and the keynote speaker this morning was Arianna Huffington. Her topic was leadership in business, and she referenced the above article! She was truly inspirational, and a few takeaways were: lean back, re-energize, slow down, and sleep matters! Noone can lead if they are not truly in tune with their own imagination and well being – both in business and in relationships, parenthood, etc.

  56. Thanks so much for sharing beautiful and expressive

  57. Jocelyn

    Beautiful photos, as always! I loove how crisp and clear every one of your photos turns out, I was just wondering how you manage to keep harsh shadows off of your faces? That’s always my biggest issue, no matter what time of day/weather I shoot in. I’d love to see another photography related post, your pictures are flawless!

    Happy to see your beautiful family back in NYC <3

  58. Tara Ann

    That “Happiness Is” is my absolute favorite part of my city! Your photos are beautiful as always and the kids look so joyous and happy! Wishing you love and success in NYC – I Know it can be a tough one! xoxo

  59. Lonka


  60. Renee

    Beautiful photos.. wish i got to see this side of New York when i was there to visit, unfortunately I got trapped in Hurricane Sandy

  61. I really like that New York it’s the kind of city where you can find a circle of happiness inviting you to step in, drawn on the ground. I wish I will be able to visit it soon, and I hope I find it as colorful as your pictures show <3

  62. amanda

    isn’t it funny how “the grass is always greener” is usually so true? deep down we know we’re where we are supposed to be, but we somehow have moments of aching for somewhere different! if it’s any consolation, i love being in utah, but my heart aches for a little nyc… i’m sure you’ll look back and be so grateful you captured so much of your life in the city! thanks for letting us on the other side live vicariously through you! :)

  63. Krystal

    Holy moly! Best post ever. These pictures are incredible! <3

  64. I think it’s time for me to say hi to you guys. I’ve been following your blog since a while ago, and I’ve never dared to leave a comment! First, let me just say your blog just became one of my favorites. The funny thing is that I’m only 20 years old and I’ve never though I would actually enjoy this much to follow a blog that is so different from the ones I usually follow (fashion blogs). I mean, all your pictures are drop dead gorgeous and just make me wanna go out there and start to photograph so I can improve my skills. Well, basically what I’m trying to say is that you guys inspire me a lot! Plus, when I see your posts the only think I do is daydreaming and wishing someday I could have such an adorable and cute family as you guys do! :) <3

  65. Dzień dobry, bardzo fajne informacje są wpisywane w tym blogu :) mam nadzieję, że będzie ich coraz więcej. We need it coming more and more!