moab, utah. part III

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^^^this one will probably get printed and framed. or at least added to my to-do list of photos needing to get printed and framed…you know.^^^


^^^with their cousin, sammy. i want her to come live with us in nyc. she’s so good with them.^^^


^^^i mean….^^^


^^^there goes josh’s brother!^^^


^^^papa! you can’t really tell, but he’s flying down through the air in this photo…^^^


^^^nana pointing out papa coming down the cliff!^^^


^^^a shot of a few of the family members. and a family portrait. and ps. i’m wearing tennis shoes.^^^


^^^in addition to all the cloud pictures on my camera, there were also a lot of cactus shots. i don’t know what this means.^^^


^^^i spent a lot of time trying to fit my hips between two bulky toddler car seats to entertain these two while we drove. we have learned they despise the car (well, mostly samson) and their carseats (yeah, mostly samson) like no other. i guess they just aren’t used to cars anymore since we walk everywhere in the city. i don’t know – i get stressed just thinking about the next time we will have to get into a car together.^^^


 ^^^and my cute boys. i love them.^^^

we had such a good time, thank you for a fun family trip, granddad and nana davis and the davis family! and a few of these photos come from the family, so thanks to those who took them. :)

part I and part II of our moab trip HERE and HERE.

  1. Jenn I.

    Repelling down that red rock looks intense but breathe taking! I dont know if I have the courage to do that!
    Love the tennis shoes. Where can I find them?

  2. This was such a fun series.

  3. melly

    That’s got to be the best photo ever! You know which one I’m talking about ;) The first one! (Just in case you didn’t :x)

  4. Eli

    You’re soaking up the life you living, Rockstars. With the smile on your faces and occasional rocks in your shoes you make this web a little prettier. Notice I didn’t say anything about accessories, swimwear and nice lipstick yet? Yes, they are gosh darn cute.

    Have a fab weekend! xxx

  5. Flora

    Ahhh what courage that must have taken!!
    You guys all look so great & so full of energy – that first photo is incredible! So well shot! Get it in a frame asap! ;)


  6. Kristin

    Love the sunnies, where could I find/buy those – if ya don’t mind me asking ?

    • TAZA

      i’m not sure which sunnies you’re talking about but mine are from bonlook and eleanor’s are also from bonlook. they are frames we made in collaboration with bonlook for toddlers. josh is wearing ray bans. :)

  7. Faith


    That first picture!! Those colors are amazing! Such a great shot of little E and Josh. Definitely a print and frame for sure.

    All of your Utah pictures are so breathtaking, I’ve sure loved scrolling through them all!


  8. Naomi,
    These photos are beyond words! I fall in love with your little family every morning.

    I had a question, do you think you will ever give a few tips on Photoshop? I know you mentioned you play around with saturation, etc. But your photos always look professional ;) I mean, that blue sky, that orange rock.. pop! Sometimes my photos could use a kick (and I have a Canon Rebel), but I have yet to functionally maneuver through Photoshop.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    • TAZA

      you are really nice. i don’t think i am skilled enough at this point to do a post on photoshop. i really only lift the colors a bit to make them more vibrant. i’d love to learn more. it’s such a fun program to play around in.

  9. Cristina

    I so envy the bravery it takes to repel down a cliff like that!! I’m just curious, were you a total nervous wreck watching him do that?! Or were you cheering at the sidelines? My husband is so accident prone, I don’t think I could handle it. Giving me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it!

    Admirer from Massachusetts,

  10. My goodness … those repelling down the cliff shots are invigorating! I am not enough of an adventurer to ever try such a thing, but it sure looks neat to see others doing it!

  11. hanna

    You really do need to frame that first photo. So cute. Hanna

  12. Karen

    Hi there. Newer follower here. I take it based on this info that Josh grew up in Utah. Where did you grow up?

    • TAZA

      josh actually grew up in virginia and florida but his parents do live in utah now. i am from utah.

  13. Cori

    Great shots! Would love info on the style of your New Balances!

  14. Bri

    Amazing photos, the colours are unreal! And agree! First pic needs to be on a portrait in your house

  15. Rachel

    I love Moab so much and am so glad you got to have a good vacation. The red rock is breathtaking right? It feel like you’re in a different world and it’s awesome.

  16. Marie

    Samson is almost as big as E now! Love these photos, the environment is so different from the usual city life. So much more peaceful and lovely.

  17. Rachael

    Love the photos. I was in Moab last fall and stayed at the same place. Moab is fantastic, I bet it was hot though!!!

  18. Elizabeth

    You guys are too adorable. If I might ask, how far apart in age are Samson and Eleanor? And did you have to buy car seats just for this trip!?!

    • TAZA

      they are 16 months apart. we have car seats in nyc but we didn’t bring them with. our families have a few here for all their grandchildren to use when they come to town.

  19. Louisa

    Oh my goodness. Freaking about Josh’s Malta Bus shirt! I studied there for a year when I was in college — always obsess over the rare moment when I see something “Malta”. :)

  20. christian

    This trip looks amazing! You have the best pictures, they are always so interesting! Your babies are amazingly cute and your lipstick is always so pretty and you are always wearing it! Whats your fave color? Xo

  21. OH MAN…I seriously can’t stop scrolling through these Moab posts. Your photos are INCREDIBLE…and I don’t understand how you capture SUCH adorable shots of your littles. Really, your photos are so fun to flip through! :)

    I just posted on our little man in Dubrovnik, Croatia…it’s so fun seeing all these travels through the eyes of our kiddos. :) If you wanna check our toddler on the road (yes please!):

    Sad the Moab series is over…but luckily with those two cuties you’ll never run out of adventures to capture and share with us! :)


    • TAZA

      croatia! how fun. beautiful post. your little mateo is adorable!

  22. Carly

    I don’t even own tennis shoes. I would have pointed it out, too, if I were captured wearing a pair. :)

    • TAZA

      haha. i know. i bought them the night before our trip and it was a huge deal cause i really didn’t want to. but also, they are kind of the most comfy things ever? i can’t believe i just said that.

  23. Katie

    I’d love to know which New Balance’s those are!

  24. Dee

    looks like you guys had such a great time with the extended family! what a gorgeous place. I would love to visit there one time although I would probably skip the rappelling down the mountain because EEKS!.

  25. Kristi

    Where are your workout tights and shoes from? Love them! Too cute!

    • TAZA

      thanks! my pants are from lulu lemon and my shoes are new balance.

  26. Seriously, just the most precious, adventure-loving family ever :) I love that they don’t like the car… most kids I know loooove cars – my baby cousin would only fall asleep in a car and nowhere else for a good couple of weeks, ha :)

  27. Wow, Moab looks absolutely BREATHTAKING! I loved this series of little snippets from your trip. Moab, Utah is definitely on my list of must-do family vacations.

    Oh and I just I have to say, it’s so nice to see that I’m bit the only momma who squishes between carseats–trying to do all it takes to comfort little babes who hate the car. Our last family trip, my sweet Asher (6 months) was so distraught on our drive to go see family that we pulled over on the side of the road, so my husband could give him a blessing. I was on tears to whole drive because I felt so helpless. It’s so hard to be unable to console your little ones, you know? Anyway, I hope someone somewhere will figure our something to help with kids who hate the car. You’re a rock star for sitting back there with them–it’s definitely not comfortable! :)

  28. Bea

    Hi Naomi!!!
    Looking at your family is always a very happy and beautiful part of my day!!!
    I love how you are growing as a family!!
    And your photos?
    Buon sabato!!!

  29. deloom

    Beautiful photos! What an adventure, and what a fun family trip! :D

  30. Laura

    Haha oh gosh, I can relate fully to two things in this post! The list of photos to print and frame, and being in the middle of two car seats! Gosh dang, it’s uncomfortable isn’t it?!
    Beautiful photos as always xx

  31. Alice

    Wow, this looks like such a great trip! It’s always so lovely to spend some proper time with family- I bet they loved having your littles around!! xx

  32. Audrey

    Your family is so beautiful and so entertaining to watch. Thank you for sharing your moments and memories with us everyday. I am 21 and cannot wait for the day I am married with babies….and you make it look fun and fabulous!

  33. Hillary

    I can’t get enough of the these photos or your incredible family! Love all of your new posts. Thanks, also, for taking the time to answer questions posted here Naomi! Hope you all have a great weekend :)


  34. Lili

    For car journeys try stickers – my little girl (now 21 months) hated the car until she was allowed to stick stickers EVERYWHERE – then she started asking to sit in the car! And a car journey with friends so they see their little friends also strapped into car seats helps.

  35. LOVING Eleanor’s sunnies! I was going to ask where they’re from but I see someone beat me to it. Bonlook… I’ll have to look that up!

    I hope I’m as cool a mama as you are when I have little ones. :)

  36. RoselyC

    Looks like a fun trip. It’s so cool to expose your children to so many adventures at a young age.

  37. Jaana

    i feel ya on the carseats. in LA, we use them nearly every day, and i still hate thinking about driving more than 20 minutes with him strapped in. it’s too boring!! pretty pics. i lived in So UT for 3 years and never made it to Moab. gotta get back.

  38. cintya

    The photos look amazing. It’s nice to get away from this hectic city that is New York and just enjoy the outdoors. This post definitely makes me want to plan a vacation.

  39. Courtney

    Beautiful pictures!! I was wondering what hotel you guys stayed in. My husband and I are planning a trip to Moab and those views from the pool were amazing in your previous post.

  40. Courtney

    Also my baby hates his car seat! I’m always having to sit in the back with him and sing and dance my way through even the smallest car trips.

  41. such precious family photos! yep, the first one is definitely a keeper!

  42. Melissa VW

    I stayed at Red Cliffs Lodge in 2006 while working for an adventure race called Primal Quest. The athletes (in teams of 4) basically mosh around the desert for up to 10 days straight, climbing and rapelling and paddling and hiking and sweating and hallucinating…it was nuts. Anyway, I *loved* the lodge, and absolutely fell in love with that area. So gorgeous. Your pics come as close to doing it all justice as is photographically possible, I think. Thanks for sharing! Brought back a lot of great memories, and as always, such fun to see your sweet family.

    Also, SAMESIES ON THE CARSEAT SITUATION. My 9-month-old barely tolerates his, and unfortunately we live out in the ‘burbs where we have to use it all the time. Le sigh.

  43. Cayli

    Awww I love moab! Such cute pics! I came across you blog and fell in love! I cannot wait to read more frome you. following you on twitter. I would love it if you followed my blog! I would love to have you!


  44. Meg

    Beautiful photos. I’m sure you get this all the time but how do you stay so thin? I just had my second baby and my body isn’t bouncing back like it did the first time. I’d love to hear your tips!

  45. awesome pictures and what an awesome trip!!!

  46. Amanda

    Hi there! These are breath taking photos! I will be traveling next summer and want a camera that will capture scenery this way. May I ask which camera you used for these photos? Thank you and I love the blog. Beautiful family. xo

  47. Looks amazing.. I just got back from a trip to southern utah and the red rock and blue skies are so amazing! Glad you had a great time.


  48. Mau

    I did a double take when I saw Josh’s tshirt in the first photo! Where did he get one with the malta bus?! :-D I’m Maltese (gozitan actually) and we’re always amazed when we realise people know about our islands.

    PS-we no longer have those buses. They’ve been replaced by modern, comfortable and more Eco-friendly ones.

  49. bri

    my little man hates the car seat too! but living in the suburbs means driving everywhere and it’s getting exhausting. hopefully when we move in a couple months, it’ll be to the city so we won’t have to deal with the cars anymore!

  50. Jocelyn

    These photos, along with all of the photos you share, are incredible! You’re my number one inspiration these days photography wise, and I try so hard to get good quality photos like yours but they just don’t turn out quite so well! I’d love to hear tips from you settings wise on your camera, they’re just so sharp and the lighting is always perfect! This trip looked like a ton of fun though, it’s nice to see you all had a great time with your family :)