a few more photos from our time in utah spent with family…

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^^^my baby brother isn’t really a baby anymore. he’s as tall as me and getting his learner’s permit for driving this month. oh my gosh that’s kind of freaking me out a lot.^^^


^^^my mom is always whipping up something delicious in the kitchen. this brownie cheesecake dish didn’t last long at the table.^^^


^^^utah and its amazing sunsets/ sunrises/ skies and now, pink clouds? enough already, utah!^^^


^^^lost count of how many times we shared a snow cone in utah. also, i tried my first dirty diet coke (added coconut syrup and lime) after hearing so much about it from utah friends the last several months. i’m not a big diet coke drinker in the first place and the taste reminded me of the smell of suncreen (???). regardless, i kept wanting another one during the rest of my trip but sadly never got it. just another reason to go back soooooon.^^^


^^^sister! sister!^^^


^^^told you. so many snow cones!^^^


^^^also, a lot of bubbles. thanks to a bubble machine from nana.^^^


^^^oh summer, i wish you would stick around at least one day a week this winter. i am already beginning to miss you and you haven’t even left yet…^^^


^^^feeding the kitties. and much to their papa’s dismay, they now love cats. (papa is allergic.)^^^


^^^samson and grandpa. we sure love you so much, dad.^^^

so thankful for the time we were able to spend with both of our families. family units sure are the most complex and frustrating  and influential and revealing and loud and loving units that ever did exist. that said, i’m incredibly thankful for mine and for josh’s. i got so selfish this trip home and didn’t see any friends. i really wanted to, but i also just wanted to soak up as much time as i could with our families. living across the country and only seeing them a few times each year is really getting to me. our families mean the world to us. thank you for such a wonderful time, family!

  1. Hannah Bo

    I love you, Naomi! I had such a great time with you all, and miss you every day! Can’t wait to come visit!

  2. Gosh, it really seems like all of you had a wonderful time back home…

  3. Justine

    So much fun! You have a really great family!
    Ps. Did you get a shave ice with ice cream at the place in Spanish fork? The fancy one with palm trees at the Segway parking lot? They are the best!

  4. Kelly

    It really looks like you had an amazing time in Utah – I love everything about out west, especially how clean the air is compared to here in NYC! At least we have summer for a few more weeks!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Nichole

    I love the pics of Samson in his floaties, nothing is cuter than a little babe in floaties!

  6. Carley

    Family is really the best! I live 6 hours from mine (driving) and I hate being that far! I know how you feel, we lived in Hawaii for a couple years and it was just HARD! It’s nice being closer, but I wish me and my sisters were all just neighbors. Wouldn’t that be the best?!

  7. Kelsey Yoki

    So many amazing and adorable photos! I love the one with Eleanor and your sister with the snow cones! Hope you adjust well with your family with being back at home. =)

  8. Kelsey

    What great pictures!! Isn’t crazy to see your younger siblings after a while, my little brother and sister are 14 and 12 and it blows my mind how fast they grow up!

  9. Lo

    my brother just got his permit as well, it made me feel soo old/couldn’t believe he is this old/ohmygosh. Your Utah sky / cloud photos are all soso pretty!

  10. N

    I have the same feelings about family. I live at the cold end of Australia whilst the rest live in sunny North Queensland. Lately it takes a bit of coaxing to get back to loving my home town after visit interstate,

  11. victoria

    Are you a twin? Seriously, perhaps should have noticed that about you, but not sure which one’s you!

  12. Yang

    I’m the same exact way when I go home, trying to soak up as much family time as possible. Trips home used to be about visiting with high school friends, these days it’s all about doing simple things like going to Costco with Mom or helping Dad in the yard.

    Thanks for the heartwarming pictures.

  13. Carla

    I’ll be going home this September with my baby boy and already I planned the things that we’ll do and the places that we’ll visit. I even contacted my friends but your post made me reconsider. Should I just spend all of our time there with my parents? This will mean a lot of family time. Hmmm…We’ll see.


  14. Family is so, so precious. I’m glad you had such a lovely time with yours! And yes, Utah is insanely gorgeous!

  15. Bea

    It really seems you had a wonderful time!!!
    I love the photo with Josh and Samson in the swimming pool! Samson is soooo happy!!
    Buon mercoledì!!!

  16. P

    Great pictures. We were also this year two weeks by my parents and it was great, I already miss it!!!

  17. Ariel

    This is really funny because I was just thinking of how long it has been since you went to see your family and then suddenly, you did! hahaha I cant even imagine honestly being away from my Mom. And I’m sure my Mom would kill me if I had kids so far away from her! ;)

    P.S. I feel for your kids and the cat thing… I always tell my fiancee I am going to feel like the worst parent EVER because I am so allergic to cats and dogs there is no chance we will have any.. :/

  18. Emma

    Aww Naomi, I LOVE these Utah pics, you seem really happy in them! I would hate to live so far from my family, I’m sure it’s really hard.

  19. Families are the best, even when you spend time to yell at everybody ^^

  20. Caitlin

    I know what you mean sometimes it’s nice to have just family time uninterrupted – even when you love your friends tons :)

  21. Amazing pictures! Glad you enjoyed your time with the family x

  22. Mónia

    Why did so many things to be shared with your family. I to my brother and I have far 15 days have been sharing everything with them has been a little stressful but it was worth the truth. I do not want just the summer we are going well and what remains. Kisses and happy last Wednesday morning Friday.

  23. Evelina

    You are really beautiful family (:

  24. Taylor

    The pictures are really great! Utah looks absolutely beautiful, and who doesn’t like going back to see their loving families??


  25. Vanessa

    Aw! I love these!

  26. Faith

    Isn’t it just so refreshing and wonderful to spend time like that with family?! I’m currently doing the same thing (even though I’m only a couple hours from mine) and it makes me realize how much I miss them! I can’t imagine being as far as you are!
    Lovely photos as always. Especially the one of you and your sister, you two look so much alike!!


  27. Sarah

    It looks like E is doing a little jig sitting next to her auntie eating that snow cone. So cute. Being away from family with you have kids… especially when you know how much your kids love them…. is a MILLION times harder than when you don’t have kids.

  28. kind of wish these utah pictures wouldn’t end… the place looks beautiful, but more than that, the love in your family is super beautiful and really really shows :) yay for family time! I live across the world from mine, so I know how it feels to FINALLY spend some quality time together.

  29. Emily

    How do you guys decide which pictures to frame? Your kids are almost *too* photogenic!

  30. Briseidy

    adorable photos! so much fun and love…and brownie cheesecake! i just died!

  31. Nicole

    Wow! Utah looks amazing! All of your photos have been breathtaking. Oh, and the brownie cheesecake, yes please!

  32. Laura

    MOVE! :) Utah looks like a beautiful place to grow up.

  33. Tracy

    Lovely pictures. My husband is too allergic to cats while my daughter is desperate for one. x

  34. Time with family is so priceless! Love these photos, and how they collectively represent summer so very well!

  35. Samantha

    So many people are raving about dirty Diet Coke and dirty Dr. Pepper ’round here. I finally tried one and thought the same thing you did, “This tastes like the smell of sunscreen.” Since then, I feel like i”m drinking some SPF but they are refreshing, fun and a change up from normalcy.

  36. I am so glad you guys got to spend time with your family. I can’t even imagine what it is like living across the country from everybody. Also, your pink lipstick! LOVE IT :)

  37. maggie

    All of these photos are so gorgeous – looks like you had an absolutely AMAZING time.

  38. kristen

    Do you think your mom would share her recipe? That’s my cup of tea!

  39. amanda

    I also just got back to NYC from a trip home to see family. Four and a half glorious days. It’s so hard to come back here, isn’t it? Your trip looks like it was absolutely wonderful. I feel like the longer I’m away from home the more important it is to spend all my time with my folks and not near as much with my friends.

  40. Sinead

    That brownie cheesecake looks amazing! Also loving Samson’s happy face, cutest smile ever!

  41. Sandy

    Naomi, where did you find your son’s swim vest/floatie combo? I’ve been looking all over for those!

  42. Carrie M.

    Do both of your families live in Utah? Would you guys ever move there to be closer to them, or would you miss city life too much? Beautiful pictures, as always!! :)

  43. amy

    after reading this post and your last, i think you should (one day) move back to utah. just sayin’


  44. Omigoshhh. that would be the best deal ever – summer just one day a week during the winter. :) Adorable pics AS ALWAYS. Those littles!

    Oh, and I know what you mean..my “baby sister” is now three inches taller than me and going to college in a few weeks. WHAT?!

  45. Omigoshhh. that would be the best deal ever – summer just one day a week during the winter. :) Adorable pics AS ALWAYS. Those littles!

    Oh, and I know what you mean..my “baby sister” is now three inches taller than me and going to college in a few weeks. WHAT?!


  46. giulia

    aw! i’m so happy for you and your families! it really looks like you had tons of fun!
    my family and i just moved from barcelona to washington dc. it’s kind of scary to know that the future it will be difficult because i’ll have all loved ones spread around the world…
    i guess i’ll just have to soak them all up in the summertime eating snowcones:)

  47. Lori H.

    Am I the only one that cried at the last photo?? So sweet! I live an hour from my parents and I can’t stand it! I couldn’t imagine being across the country. Thank God for these special moments of being together!

  48. Your sister looks so much like you.

  49. Candice

    I know how you feel, our family is scattered all across the U.S. NOT fun!! I look at people that have all their family at arms reach and constantly remind them to cherish it!! Its so hard. I live in Utah and was always plotting my escape as a kid, now as a parent I love it!!

  50. Tiffany

    Oh my word, naomi! If you have that recipe from your mom’s pie, I’d pay you for it. Serious, though! Googling over here.


  51. Rachel

    These are great photos! Time spent with family is always the best!


  52. Charissa

    Lovin all the awesome Utah posts! As a Utah gal myself it is super cool to see the rest of the world get a glimpse into what makes home so rad. Thanks for sharing!

  53. Loving all of your pictures lately. Can’t get enough of your adorable family!

    [email protected]

  54. looks like some much needed family time was had.
    this post and the one before it i can so relate to.
    i moved to edinburgh, scotland for university and instantly fell in love with the city, and subsequently with an amazing scottish laddie, my husband :)
    since i have had my son my homesickness has grown and grown. it saddens me the idea of my side of the family missing out on so much in my son’s life. it’s what inspired me start my blog, so that they don’t miss out on all the little things.
    ahh it’s hard sometimes when you’re heart is split in two when it comes to the place you call home.
    you’ll be back in your new york swing in no time :)


  55. looks like many precious and lovely memories were made!

  56. Hanna

    These photos are adorable. –Hanna Lei

  57. Mun

    Sweetness x

  58. Randi

    I sense a move coming!!! Eventually. Life is really short. It’s all about the people. :) I’m loving my move, but also can’t wait to move closer to my family again. Especially as I see my parents aging. I just want to be around everyone I love to the ends as much as I possibly can in this lifetime. Glad you got to spend some QT with them all!

  59. Angela

    hooray for sister time!

    I too just got back from a break with the family-and now back to city life in London! I feel you…its a catch 22!

  60. Kirsten

    Hi Naomi,
    I love your blog so much! You have a lovely family. I was wondering, what are those ray-bans your sister is wearing? They are fabulous!


  61. Marisa

    Where did you get your shaved ice in Utah at? Did it have the word Shack in the name? I work for a Shaved Ice place in California called Pura Vida and the owners are great friends with a couple that started one in Utah, I assume that’s the same one!

  62. Joss

    Hi There! I was wondering where do you purchase your floppy hats? Any good place you know of? Thanks!!

  63. JM

    Families sure are the best. My time with mine is coming to an end for the summer, which is hard. They also live far away. You never get used to it do you? I’m so glad you had a nice time with yours.


  64. lacey

    do you know where your sister got her black floppy hat from? thanks.

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  66. Emily

    It’s funny. My mom and I are both allergic to cats, too! But now we have 2 cats (short haired)…..ironic, right? I noticed our allergies went away at our house, but at friends houses my allergies still bug me. So…you never know!!!!! :)